network maintenance


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network maintenance

  1. 1. TELINDUS PRODUCTS OVERVIEW 2005-2006 network maintenance & management TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS The combination of these complementary EVOLVE FROM YEAR TO YEAR, AND systems drastically improves the efficiency of INCREASINGLY PEOPLE RELY ON the day-to-day operation of those networks. The concept allows to co-ordinate the work of THESE NETWORKS FOR CONDUCTING the field engineer and the operations handled THEIR BUSINESS. AS A RESULT, by the network manager. PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY OF The field engineer is responsible for installing THESE INFRASTRUCTURES HAVE the access equipment both at the access point BECOME AN ESSENTIAL and at the customer premises. The field REQUIREMENT IN TODAY’S WORLD. engineer works very closely with the network manager, who is responsible for the IMPROVING EFFICIENCY supervision of the network. Telindus offers a complete range of The network manager detects network maintenance and management tools for problems in its earliest stages. However, only keeping its access products tuned to their the field engineer can solve some of those optimal performance level. problems because they require on-site intervention. At this point, when the field It includes both interactive and script-based engineer can use powerful maintenance tools software operating on a multitude of to verify locally the condition of the access operating systems. equipment, the co-ordination between the network manager and field engineer can be significantly improved.
  2. 2. FLEXIBLE TRANSPORT The controller device (1035 Orchid) is > TELNET INTERFACE OF MANAGEMENT equipped with a 10/100 Base-T INFORMATION connection for direct IP connectivity or it can encapsulate the IP management One of the traditional problems in the traffic directly into Frame-Relay and network management of access ATM PVCs or PPP serial links. This equipment is the multiplicity of permits the transport of the backbone networks in service. management information over different This can cause difficulties because the types of backbone installations without network management information needs the need for an overlay network. to be transported from the access equipment to a central management This Telnet interface offers an interactive centre. For practical and economic windows-like interface, offering full reasons, it is desirable to use the SNMP configuration possibilities for the device, backbone itself for this transport and not All Telindus equipment (for equipment and giving access to status and to use a separate overlay network. without built-in IP protocol stack statistical information. The Telnet through the use of the IP proxy interface also provides a command-line controller called 1035 Orchid) supports > FLEXIBLE TRANSPORT OF MANAGEMENT INFORMATION interface that allows the same actions in MIB 2 as well as a private MIB. script mode. It is ideal for performance monitoring IP Backbone Managed Equipment based on the polling of different Management parameters (e.g. noise level, line Station attenuation). Additionally, it offers an WEB BROWSER INTERFACE open interface for integrating the The 1035 Orchid and all router Frame-Relay management into third-party products implement a web server SDH IP ATM management platforms. protocol stack. Router 1035 Orchid Therefore, it is possible to use a simple web browser client to control any network TELNET element. The functionality of the web Most of the described maintenance browser interface is identical to the Telnet and management mechanisms below Every field engineer can use a Telnet interface described above. use IP as the underlying protocol to session (for equipment without built- communicate with the Telindus in IP protocol stack through the use equipment. Some units (such as the of the IP proxy controller called 1035 router range) have a direct IP Ethernet Orchid) to reach any Telindus access port, whilst other units (such as the device in the network. Aster and Crocus modem ranges) are connected through a controller device (1035 Orchid) which acts as an > WEB BROWSER INTERFACE IP proxy device. Only centrally installed equipment is connected to the 1035 Orchid. An out-band auxiliary channel on the communication-link is used to give management access to remote equipment. Also more complex configurations such as management on extended links are possible. Telindus access management is different from other systems because it directly supports many protocols for the transport of management information. This is possible because the 1035 Orchid, which acts as an IP proxy, can encapsulate the intrinsic IP information in a multitude of transmission protocols. >>>
  3. 3. > “EASY CONFIGURATOR” WEB INTERFACE the locally and remotely installed equipment (including also possible extensions of the link). Other topologies include connectivity over an IP network and the maintenance concentration through a concentration device (1035 Orchid), extending the maintenance access to a large number of network elements from one central location. TMA COMMAND LINE INTERFACE The Command Line Interface (CLI) module offers an open interface module that can be installed on different operating systems (Windows, Sun Solaris). The module allows the use of a simple The latest IP products from Telindus also The system offers not only configuration ASCII syntax for configuration, initiation can be configured through a web interface functionality, but also includes the of test-loops and retrieval of status or that can be tailored to the customer creation of configuration profiles stored statistical information for all equipment needs. This “Easy configurator” is an XML on the harddisk, a completely interactive present in the network. It is an ideal based web-interface where the layout picture of the connected device, real- base for the development of automated parameters that will be visible to the user time monitoring, interrogation and scripts or for the interfacing with custom can be fully controlled. export of status and statistics, test-loop network management developments. facilities, etc. One possibility to make a maintenance TMA COMMAND LINE TELINDUS MAINTENANCE connection to a device is a straight INTERFACE SPECIFICATIONS APPLICATION (TMA) serial cable between the equipment and MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS the PC. It will provide the TMA access to > Solaris 7, Solaris 8 TMA (Telindus Maintenance > Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.X, Windows Application) is a free Windows 2000, Windows XP software for the complete control of locally and remotely installed Telindus access equipment. > TELINDUS MAINTENANCE APPLICATION (TMA) INTERFACE TMA SPECIFICATIONS TMA SYSTEM FUNCTIONALITY > Password protected access > Reading and changing configuration of the equipment > Real time monitoring (e.g. of interface signals or line parameters) > Retrieving status information (current operation) of the equipment, including the current alarm status > Retrieving statistical information (e.g. covering a period of 24 hours) > Diagnostic tests > Configuration storage and retrieval on harddisk > Statistics storage and retrieval on harddisk > Software download to equipment with flash-memory (software upgrades) > Interactive pictures reflecting the equipment and the status of indicators and push-buttons MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS > One serial communication port or Ethernet adapter > Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.X, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  4. 4. TMA ELEMENT representation of the network, status > TMA FOR HP OPENVIEW ARCHITECTURE MANAGEMENT and alarm reporting, configuration, and performance monitoring. Clicking the TMA Element Management offers a HP Open View network icon opens the interactive stand-alone element management TMA graphical interface to the solution for Telindus access networks, selected device. running on Windows or Unix based HPOV Database platforms. > TMA ELEMENT MANAGEMENT ARCHITECTURE It is constituted of a background TMA Element process (Element Manager) and one or View Element more graphical user interfaces, called Manager TMA ElementView. It is ideally suited for the network management of small Alarm Log Table and medium size networks. TMA Element Management offers a complete network management Element Manager Network solution, including a logical Alarm Log Table TMA ELEMENT The system is designed to support large MANAGEMENT numbers of Telindus network elements SPECIFICATIONS Network and supports permanent performance TMA ELEMENT MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONALITY monitoring (alarms, status and statistics), > Guaranteed reception of alarm from the network network element configuration, and elements by connection oriented sessions > Alarm status and alarm history operator initiated actions (such as testing). > Alarm re-synchronisation after connection loss > Alarm history log file in Ascii format TMA FOR HP OPENVIEW All alarms on each individual network > Alarm visualization by coloured icons element are immediately logged in the > Alarm acknowledgement TMA (Telindus Management HP OpenView event-log, and the icon in > Start of TMA graphical user session by clicking on Application) for HP OpenView is the device icon the HP OpenView map reflects the the plug-in module for HP Openview > Auto-discovery of 1035 Orchid proxied devices resulting status. Network Node Manager (NNM) MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for the support of Telindus For this purpose, TMA for HP OpenView > Sun Solaris 7, Solaris 8 access equipment. fully supports the HP OpenView alarm > Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP levels (warning, minor, major, critical). The status of all network equipment is also easily visualised by an interactive picture (including LED and push-button > TMA ELEMENTVIEW INTERFACE status), where colour-codes allow for a quick identification of the cause of potential network trouble. TMA FOR HP OPENVIEW SPECIFICATIONS TMA FOR HP OPENVIEW FUNCTIONALITY > Individual network element configuration > Configuration distribution > Interactive picture of every network element > Alarm notification with user-selectable severity > Coupling of alarms to the HP OpenView® map > Private MIB for continuous performance monitoring MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS > OPERATING SYSTEM > Solaris 7, Solaris 8 > Windows NT 4.X, Windows 2000, Windows XP > MANAGEMENT PLATFORM > HP OpenView Network Node Manager 6.x or 7.0 native GUI) >>>
  5. 5. > TMA FOR HP OPENVIEW during office hours Central European Time. It also includes free upgrades for new releases for TMA inventory management. TMA INVENTORY SPECIFICATIONS INVENTORY DATABASE INFORMATION PER TELINDUS DEVICE > Most recent configuration files (default 3) > Device selection name: unambiguously unique nam for each device. Based on IP addresses and the name or position for proxied devices. > sysName: The SNMP sysName value as configured in the device > sysContact: the SNMP sysContact value as configured in the device > sysLocation: the SNMP sysLocation value as configured in the device > sysDescription: the SNMP sysDescription status attribute > sysObjectID: the SNMP sysObjectID status attribute > sysServices: the SNMP sysServices status attribute A user-friendly menu enables the > TMA INVENTORY MANAGEMENT ARCHITECTURE > Identification: the unique identification code for configuration of any individual network the device > Software table. this table contains the software element, and allows distributing the TMA Element View HPOV revisions in the device same configuration profile to a multitude HPOV > Interfaces table: lists all the interfaces. Per interface it Database TMA CMS2 of network elements. TMACLI contains the following information: > name TMA for HP OpenView can be installed > interface reference together with third-party management Inventory > ifAdminStatus: whether the interface is Management administratively up or down modules for HP OpenView, making it Element Manager Inventory Copy of Configuration Files > ifType: SNMP interface type Database possible to integrate the management of Alarm > ifSpeed: current interface speed of this interface Log Table Telindus access and third-party equipment on the same platform. CMS2 MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS > Sun Solaris 7, Solaris 8 > Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP Network > Installation of TMA for HP OpenView or TMA Element management TMA INVENTORY MANAGEMENT The database information is accessible TMA inventory management is an add-on product to TMA for HP from an outside application, using the TMA TDM PATH MANAGEMENT Telindus proprietary CMS2 protocol. This With the advent of devices with TDM OpenView or TMA Element is a CORBA-like protocol, thus making multiplexing features like Crocus Management. It provides a the integration with other network SHDSL Quad, Crocus DXC and Crocus communication interface to a database management platforms easier. TMA ADM 2P, users can build complete with inventory information on the inventory management includes complete backbone extensions and even points of Telindus access products in a network. protocol documentation. Once a session presence (POPs) with only Telindus TMA inventory management with an outside management platform is access products. automatically builds a database with a established, the outside application is number of inventory parameters from automatically triggered of any database Along with this there is an increasing each Telindus access device in the changes. demand to manage not only all devices network. It retrieves the information as separate entities (element The database information is also management), but to manage as well the automatically from the devices and the available on the TMA user interface. Any logical TDM connections within such 1035 Orchid concentrators. changes can be logged in a file. network. The database includes device information Subscription of a maintenance contract TMA path management is the answer to such as the name, the contact person, the for TMA inventory management is this. It is a software product for end-to- location, the description, the unique required. The maintenance contract end management (network management) identification code, the software version(s) includes web-based assistance between different Telindus access and the available interfaces. Additionally concerning the operation and the devices. TMA path management is an the most recent configurations of all application. The service is provided add-on product to TMA inventory devices are stored as well. management.
  6. 6. > PATH DEFINITION TMA TDM PATH MANAGEMENT SPECIFICATIONS PATH CONFIGURATION Active Section Passive Active Section > Each path has a name (uniquely refers to the path), a Section description and a section table. > Each section contains a description (optional), the end points for the section and whether the section is active or passive. > Each section end point is defined by the device’s SDH name in TMA inventory management, the interface name and either the path speed or its E2/E1/Time slot selection. ADM PATH MONITORING AND ALARMS > A status table gives the actual path status for all paths. Additionally the status for all individual path Path constituting links is listed as well, being one of the following: > Up: this link is working correctly for this path > Passive up: this link is passive and therefore always up > Down: this link is down > Unknown: no information could be retrieved from this link, i.e. at least one of the link end points is not reachable month and the last year. Changes in the > Not configured: due to a configuration error, this SALES CODES path status are logged and may be link cannot be up within this path > Applicable restrictions to automatically find the forwarded as alarms to other platforms. TMA FOR HP OPENVIEW (INCLUDING 3 YEAR MAINTENANCE) individual links in a path: TMA path management provides also > 186600 TMA_HP/OV Sun Solaris Entry > Only digital interconnections with G703 2Mbit/s Level (up to 250 devices) interfaces between different Telindus devices can the possibility to completely provision a > 186601 TMA_HP/OV Sun Solaris Unlimited be automatically detected path. Provisioning results in the correct > 186598 TMA_HP/OV Windows Entry Level > A performance table shows per path the creation (up to 250 devices) date, the total up and down times, the last time the configuration of all the equipment > 186599 TMA_HP/OV Windows Unlimited Version state changed and how many times the path state along the path. > 156986 Demo version for Windows/Solaris has changed. (Max 8 devices) > Performance tables show per path the up and down TMA path management has 2 different > 171269 TMA_HP/OV times and how many times the path state changed for Entry Level to unlimited upgrade user interfaces. For administration the following most recent periods: > 1 day (2 hour intervals) purposes (definition of the paths, > 1 month (1 day intervals) configuration) the TMA user interface is TMA ELEMENT MANAGEMENT > 1 year (1 month intervals) available. For operation and (INCLUDING 3 YEAR MAINTENANCE) > Log table with most recent path related alarms. > 187387 TMA element management Sun maintenance purposes a web interface Solaris Entry level PATH PROVISIONING is available with click-through (up to 250 devices) > 187388 TMA element management Sun > Only unused (but available) bandwidth can be used possibilities to the individual devices. Solaris Unlimited to provision a new path > 187385 TMA element management > Line speed configuration on modem links is not Subscription of a maintenance contract Windows Entry level automatically adapted (up to 250 devices) > Path provisioning logging for TMA path management is required. > 187386 TMA element management The maintenance contract includes Window Unlimited USER AND APPLICATION INTERFACES > 156986 Demo version for Windows/Solaris Web-based assistance related to the (Max 8 devices) > TMA for configuration (administration level) > Web interface (operator level). Supports click through operation and the application. It also to device level. includes free upgrades for new releases > CLI interface TMA INVENTORY MANAGEMENT for TMA path management.. (INCLUDING 3 YEAR MAINTENANCE) MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS > 177948 TMA inventory management > 156986 Demo version for Windows/Solaris > > Sun Solaris 7, Solaris 8 TMA PATH MANAGEMENT ARCHITECTURE (Max 8 devices) > Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP > Installation of TMA for HP OpenView or TMA HTTP CMS2 HPOV TMA Element TMACLI TMA Elements Management View HPOV TMA PATH MANAGEMENT > Installation of TMA inventory management Database Path (INCLUDING 3 YEAR MAINTENANCE) Alarm Log Management Path Table > 177952 TMA path management Database > 156986 Demo version for Windows/Solaris CMS2 (Max 8 devices) Paths are defined by reference to their Element Manager Inventory Management end points. For an existing path, TMA Alarm Inventory Log Table path management tries to find out the Database complete path given only the end points. CMS2 It continuously monitors the path status Network and keeps related performance information for the last day, the last MORE INFO: TELINDUS TEL +32 16 38 20 11 Geldenaaksebaan 335 FAX +32 16 40 01 02 broadband solutions B-3001 Heverlee E - MAIL Belgium