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Infrastructure update 2003-12-17.ppt


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  • This is a general overview presentation about Internet2. Internet2 is a consortium, led by US universities, which is recreating the partnership among academia, industry and government that fostered today’s Internet in its infancy.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Internet2 Infrastructure Update Rick Summerhill Associate Director, Backbone Network Infrastructure, Internet2 CANARIE and GEANT Meeting Ann Arbor 18 December 2003
    • 2. Infrastructure Projects
      • Develop/provide advanced production infrastructure
        • Abilene Network
        • MAN LAN (Manhattan Landing)
        • Abilene Observatory
        • Engineering (IPv6/multicast, measurement, transport, demos)
      • Enable/explore next generation optical networking
        • Internet’s role in NLR
        • FiberCo
        • HOPI (Hybrid Optical Packet Infrastructure – Chris will discuss this project)
    • 3. Advanced Production Infrastructure
    • 4. Abilene Network – Upgrade Completed!
    • 5. Abilene router node Power Out-of-band Ethernet Switch T640 router M5 router Power (48V DC) Measurement Servers SPACE! Observatory Rack
    • 6. Abilene Financial Model - 2004 $480k $490k $490k (2003) 10 Gbps (SONET/ Ethernet) $360k $430k $495k (2000) OC-48c (2.5 Gbps) $280k $325k $325k (2001) Gig E (1 Gbps) $240k $270k $320k (1998) OC-12c (622 Mpbs) ($110k) ($110k) $110k (1998) OC-3c (155 Mbps) 2004 2003 Original
    • 7. Abilene Participants December 2003
      • IP-over-DWDM (OC-192c) and IP-over-SONET OC-48c Backbone
      • 47 Connectors (OC-3c  10 GigE), may drop to 39 over the next year
        • 2 10 GigE connections, expected to increase next year
        • 6 OC-48c, probably will remain the same
        • 2 GigE connection, expected to increase next year
        • 14 OC-12c, probably will remain the same next year
        • 23 OC-3c, expected to decrease next year
      • 224 participants – research universities & labs
        • All 50 states, District of Columbia, & Puerto Rico
        • Aggregation on the rise!
      • Expanded access
        • 92 sponsored participants, expected to increase
        • 32 State networks, expected to increase
    • 8. SC2003 Bandwidth Challenge
    • 9. MAN LAN Exchange Point
      • Internet2/NYSERnet/Indiana U partnership
      • Ethernet Switch
        • Cisco 6513 (with new fabric/backplane soon)
        • Located in 32 Avenue of the Americas
          • same building as Abilene New York City router node
        • CA*net (Canada) bringing in OC-192 to same building
      • Transatlantic (Abilene/SURFnet) connection
        • OC-192c from Amsterdam
        • Enabled by IEEAF and Tyco
      • GLIF (Global Lambda Integration Facility)
        • Installing Cisco 15454 switch – more on this later
    • 10. Abilene Observatory
      • A program to provide enhanced support of computer science research over Abilene
        • Create network data archive
          • Consists of many separate databases on a variety of servers
          • Forms a large correlated database
          • Create tools to access the database
          • Support from/for network researchers
        • Provide data views for a real-time snapshot of Abilene
        • Provide server collocation for direct network measurement and experimentation
          • Resources reserved for additional servers
            • Power (DC), rack space (2RU), router uplink ports (GigE)
          • Initial deployment is PlanetLab overlay network
          • Additional requests from SDSC AMP project and research team from Japan
    • 11. Advanced Engineering
      • MPLS Experiments – Teragrid examples
      • Large MTUs
      • Security and the REN-ISAC
      • Advanced Restoration Techniques
      • FAST TCP Experimentation
    • 12. Advanced Engineering - Example
      • FAST TCP is an advanced, delay-based TCP flavor being developed at Caltech
        • Internet2 is working with Caltech, SoX, PNW, NC-ITEC, and PSC to test FAST TCP over a production network - Abilene
        • Results include:   - Congesting 2.5Gb/s OC-48 link going into SoX with FAST TCP traffic with no adverse effects on conventional traffic
          • no packet loss during 1-hour test with a delay increase of only 5 ms
        • Evidence that FAST TCP plays nicely with production traffic
        • Concurrently, a useful network performance test tool was developed - i2perf  
    • 13. Next Generation Optical Networking
    • 14. One underlying hypothesis: the rise of the RONs
      • The fundamental nature of regional networking is changing
      • The GigaPoP model based on provisioned, high-capacity services steadily is being replaced – on the metro and regional scales
      • A model of facility-based networking built with owned assets – Regional Optical Networks (RONs) – has emerged
      • Notably, the importance of regional networks in the traditional three-level hierarchy of U.S. advanced networking for R&E is not diminished
    • 15. RONs will influence Infrastructure Efforts
      • Abilene Network
      • FiberCo
      • Internet2’s role in NLR
      • HOPI
      • Quilt (Fiber project)
    • 16. FiberCo
      • Designed to support optical initiatives
        • Regional
        • National
      • Not an operational entity – Will not light any fiber
      • Fiber options
        • Holding company for any future initiatives
        • Assignment vehicle
          • Regional initiatives
          • National initiatives (e.g., NLR)
      • FiberCo progress: assignments underway and anticipated
        • NLR
        • Wyoming, Indiana, and Michigan
        • Pursuing Texas, upstate New York, and Florida
      • Expect to cover Internet2 investment ($2.7M) in 2004
    • 17. Hybrid Optical/Packet Infrastructure (HOPI)
      • Need to converge the two worlds of packet (Abilene) and optical circuit (GLIF) networking
        • Concern about IP packet network scaling (lack of >10 Gbps transport) and drawbacks (security, large data flows)
        • Widely recognized that the current GLIF optical networking model does not scale beyond a limited number of sites
        • However, dedicated capabilities allow a vehicle for advanced testing (transport technologies beyond TCP) and very high-end requirements
        • Potential end-states:
          • Hybrid model – with centrally and perhaps ‘user’ driven allocation of dedicated capabilities
          • Impact of hybrid experience on packet network design
    • 18. HOPI – Chris Heermann
      • Abilene high-performance IP network
        • Capabilities for MPLS tunnels
      • 10-Gbps  over full NLR footprint
        • Expect some type of ‘TDM’ infrastructure to be provisioned by Internet2 in collaboration with NLR
          • Additional capital investment required
      • Tie points for international collaboration
        • MAN LAN (NYC) and IEEAF  (NYC-Amsterdam)
        • StarLight collaboration (Chicago)
        • Expect similar capabilities to emerge in Seattle (Pacific Wave)
    • 19. Internet2 MAN LAN 15454
    • 20. Infrastructure Priorities for 2004
      • Drive process to develop HOPI architecture and begin testbed efforts
      • Accelerate RON paradigm/deployment
        • Quilt Fiber project
        • FiberCo
      • Expand Abilene Observatory to support a broader set of network researchers
      • Expand Abilene services (security & performance) and encourage connector upgrades
      • Play a critical role in NLR development
        • Governance and implementation
    • 21.