HP ProCurve Networking


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HP ProCurve Networking

  1. 1. HP ProCurve Networking Demand more from your network.
  2. 2. “The solution was so easy to install, and up and running in no time. Its expandability and easy manageability have been key. We couldn’t be happier.” Kevin Belt, Senior IT Manager, Frontier Airlines The rapid pace of advancements in the ever-evolving arena of high-level, enterprise networking has created a set of unprecedented challenges for today’s network manager. Your workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, which means users need access to your networks anywhere at any time. The exchange of mission-critical knowledge via voice, video, and data requires convergence through a single network in order to simplify and streamline your communication systems. And now, with all networks The last thing network managers need is to spend time becoming public networks, your proprietary information configuring complex systems and troubleshooting is more sensitive than ever. Therefore, the need for the problems. Because HP ProCurve Networking is based highest security levels without compromising access— on open industry standards, it’s not necessary to be while providing the appropriate exchange of burdened by expensive proprietary products and information—has never been more important. architectures. HP ProCurve solutions are reliable and less complex. Rigorous quality testing on all our products has These issues compel you and other network managers helped achieve solutions that promote reduced costs, to rethink the status of your networks—which likely could better asset utilization, and increased productivity. lead to an extensive upgrade. Infrastructure solutions must be more robust than ever. They need to offer a superior While other vendors produce complex, expensive, return on IT, reduced complexity, trusted security, proven proprietary technology, HP ProCurve Networking reliability, and choice and flexibility. solutions offer: • Superior return on IT—price/performance leadership Why HP ProCurve Networking? • Reduced complexity—proactive networking and focused HP has been an industry leader in the networking innovation infrastructure business for more than a quarter century • Trusted security—secure solutions from a trusted partner and is recognized worldwide for legendary quality and commitment to its customers. HP ProCurve, with • Proven reliability—legendary HP quality for high its innovative HP ProCurve Networking Adaptive availability EDGE Architecture™, enables companies to effectively • Choice and flexibility—industry-standard solutions accommodate the enterprise network as it evolves into HP ProCurve Networking’s business is based on a resource that is available anywhere and at any time, innovation and service. Our solutions have always been and which seamlessly adapts to changing business driven with the customer’s current and future needs in requirements. mind. HP ProCurve provides a dynamic infrastructure designed to keep up with advancing technology and user needs while protecting your business investments. 2
  3. 3. “HP ProCurve’s open and standards-based architecture and modular design enable easy upgrades and the flexibility we need to remain at the forefront of the technology frontier.” Craig Kuzmeskus, Network Administrator, Frontier Regional School The HP ProCurve Networking HP ProCurve Networking’s comprehensive array of network solutions are the proven, affordable path to a Adaptive EDGE Architecture secure, mobile, multi-service network that can support HP ProCurve Networking’s solution offerings and product both current and future business needs. They are strategy are based on the HP ProCurve Networking designed to provide what you demand: more agility, Adaptive EDGE Architecture. This unique strategy is more accountability, and a better return on IT—while founded on the concept of command from the center with addressing three business needs: mobility, convergence, control to the edge of the network, which reinforces and security. security, enables important new applications, supports increasing user demand, and delivers outstanding Mobility—Control your network’s wireless and wired performance with superior return on IT. environment With HP ProCurve Networking, enterprises finally have The Adaptive EDGE Architecture strategy means that the opportunity to provide their mobile workers with secure, mobile, multi-service resources are established access to valuable information whenever they need it, through continuous command from the network center while also reducing security risks. HP ProCurve Networking with added intelligence at the network edge—where users solutions deliver precise control for both wireless and connect and policies are enforced. Access decisions are wired environments, along with dependable, persistent made automatically: known users attempting to access the connections in and out of the office. network, regardless of where they are connecting from, are identified and given access to the same VLANs and Industry-standard HP ProCurve Networking mobility network services they have always had. Unknown users solutions address the full range of customer needs, are denied all but the most rudimentary access. whether users are working from remote desktops or roaming the enterprise campus with a network-enabled This HP ProCurve Networking strategy enables enterprises notebook, tablet, or PDA. HP ProCurve solutions also to protect their digital assets with robust access control allow companies to address specific business imperatives based on user, group, time, and location. As a result, and technology requirements affordably and with reduced the organization is able to preserve its network data complexity. HP ProCurve mobility solutions extend the integrity while increasing productivity and efficiency. value and reach of critical business information By strategically deploying intelligence in this way, the throughout the enterprise while ensuring the network is network is better prepared to handle new traffic with manageable and secure. limited impact to performance or cost. 3
  4. 4. “HP’s leadership on the 802.1x protocol put them far The HP ProCurve Networking Adaptive EDGE Architecture enables all network traffic to run over an Ethernet/IP ahead of the competition. We worked with HP ProCurve infrastructure. In addition, these convergence solutions to implement a guest VLAN, which allows user access can leverage your current infrastructure by offering complete flexibility with a choice of tested and documented to certain systems and services based on their unique proven VoIP solutions that interoperate with a variety user profile. We can now ensure only verified personnel of vendor products and heterogeneous environments. gain access to sensitive information. The HP ProCurve The HP ProCurve network convergence strategy, based on open standards, leverages and extends the value of your solution has given us the opportunity to provide our infrastructure investment. This strategy offers impressive students and faculty with optimal bandwidth, in a peace of mind, advanced applications, enhanced traffic management, and device simplification. highly secure environment.” Security—Protect and enable your network Kees denHartigh, Systems and Network Protecting corporate information assets—while enabling Administrator Analyst/Supervisor, appropriate, network access anywhere and at any time— defines the ultimate in network infrastructure expectations. University of Alberta With intelligence enabled at the edge of the network, the center becomes more robust and better able to handle Convergence—Streamline and maximize your network increasing demands. Implementing voice, video, and data over a single The Adaptive EDGE Architecture allows for appropriate network allows organizations an affordable way to wired and wireless access, and security at the point of simplify and streamline their communication systems. access. This enables the enterprise to expand the value Converged networks are commonly used to support and reach of applications and data, and to increase business environments where employees and customers worker productivity without compromising network and are demanding access to advanced applications and data integrity. new ways of collaborating across business objectives. 4
  5. 5. HP ProCurve Networking offering Secure, mobile, multi-service networks Switches HP ProCurve Networking consistent value: Solutions: Wireless • Superior return on IT • Reduced complexity Mobility • Trusted security Convergence Software • Proven reliability Security • Choice and flexibility Services HP ProCurve Networking Adaptive EDGE Architecture™ The HP ProCurve Networking HP ProCurve Networking: offering The logical answer HP ProCurve enables secure, mobile, multi-service With more than 25 years of experience in the networking networks for the adaptive enterprise. With the infrastructure business, HP invests in solutions that meet— HP ProCurve Networking Adaptive EDGE Architecture and anticipate—customers’ needs. Further, the breadth as the foundation, a full range of solutions are available of the entire HP product line enables HP ProCurve to meet practically any networking need. Networking to gain insight and understanding into the evolution of enterprise technology. HP ProCurve uses The HP ProCurve family of products includes layer 2 this knowledge to create networking solutions that work through layer 4 switches, robust enterprise-class wired and today and will continue to empower your enterprise wireless mobility and secure access products, industry- into the future. leading service and support, and powerful management software. The entire product family is designed to provide HP ProCurve Networking is an experienced partner with high-performance, no-compromise functionality at a tradition of leadership in open standards for multi- affordable prices. vendor interoperability. This, along with industry-leading service and support and unbeatable price/performance HP ProCurve Networking services make HP ProCurve the best choice for networking solutions. The HP ProCurve team understands it is imperative to have your network working properly. With all its products For more information backed by a lifetime warranty, HP ProCurve Networking To learn more about HP ProCurve Networking solutions, offers a variety services—including a free design center— please visit www.hp.com/go/hpprocurve or contact your to install, configure, and support your networking local reseller. products. Our commitment to your enterprise goes well beyond a standard service agreement. With more than 65,000 Demand more from your network. Demand IT professionals worldwide and a longstanding tradition HP ProCurve Networking solutions. of superior customer satisfaction to uphold, HP takes the term “service” seriously. HP has been voted #1 in an independent survey by customers for our approach and successful delivery on our service-level commitments. 5
  6. 6. Demand more from your network. Demand HP ProCurve Networking solutions. To learn more, visit www.hp.com/go/hpprocurve. © 2003 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. 5981-9646EN, 08/2003