2006 New Faculty Orientation Slides

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  • 1. 2006 MBA Orientation Notebook Computer Training Session… Slide show available @: http://kelley.iu.edu/TS/ServicesSupport/CustomerSupport/Orientation/MBA_Orientation_2006.ppt
  • 2.
    • Notebook computer
    • IUB network cable (orange cord w/oversized phone plugs on the ends) – passed out during configuration session
    • AC adapter
    • UITS account information (generated through AMS)
    Training Checklist
  • 3. Training Session Agenda
    • Discuss Network printer locations and quota
    • Notebook computer maintenance
    • Check IU accounts (AMS)
    • Configure Outlook/Exchange
    • Provide general building network info
    • Notebook computer support – “Do’s & Don’ts”
    • Support available through Technology Services
    • Miscellaneous helpful information
    • Q & A & evaluation
  • 4. Network Printer Queues & Locations
    • cg0020prt – In CG 0020 lounge
    • cg1022prt – Outside of CG 1022
    • cg1034prt – In hallway between CG 1034 & 1040
    • cg1050prt – Across hallway from cg1034prt
    • cg2065prt – Outside of CG 2065
    • cg3075prt – In CG 3075
      • (not always available due to scheduling conflicts)
  • 5.
    • http:// itaccounts.iu.edu /
    • Used to check preferred e-mail address and confirm/request IU network accounts:
      • Network ID
      • ADS
      • Exchange
    IU Account Information
  • 6. Notebook Computer Maintenance
    • Update Antivirus definitions – set for auto update, run scans weekly
    • Update Ad-Aware/Spybot definitions weekly, run scans weekly
    • Windows Updates – set for automatic
    • Suspend/Hibernation/Sleep mode – use at your own risk
    • Carrying a Notebook Computer Safely
  • 7. Windows Update Information
    • Standard notebook computers are set to automatically download & install Windows updates every day.
    • Non standard notebook computers – To enable…
      • Right click on My Computer on the desktop
      • choose Properties from the menu
      • Select Automatic Updates tab and select checkbox to keep your computer up-to-date
  • 8. Symantec Antivirus Information
    • Standard notebook computers are set to auto update every day
    • Non standard notebook computers – choose File/Schedule Updates to enable this option
  • 9. Important Information for all Notebook Computer Users
    • VPN Login Information
      • Username: {your username}
      • Password: {your password/passphrase}
      • Domain: ADS
    • VPN Connection REQUIRED for printing and wireless network connection
    • Logging Out or Locking Your Computer (CTRL-ALT-DEL – click “Lock Computer”)
  • 10. Outlook/Exchange Configuration
    • Check for existing user profile
    • “ START ,” “ Settings ,” “ Control Panel ,” double click “ Mail ”
    • “ Show Profiles” – remove unwanted profile
    • Click Email accounts; Under "E-mail," select Add a new e-mail account
    • Under "Server type", select Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Under "Exchange Server Settings," enter ads.iu.edu 
    • Uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode . Tab to the next line and type your username. Click the Check name button
    • Click Next , then Finish
  • 11. Network Connection Availability
    • Classrooms in the Graduate & Executive Education Center (GEEC)
      • Available Mon-Thurs, 5:30-9pm (when not reserved); 9pm-2am; Fri, 8am-5pm (when not reserved); Sat & Sun, 12pm (noon)-2am
    • GEEC Breakout Rooms (29)
      • Available on a first-come, first-serve basis
    • GEEC Graduate Student Lounge & Hallway Connections
      • Available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
  • 12. Network Connection Availability
    • BUS/SPEA Library (PV150)
      • 155 Wired connections + wireless access
      • Available Mon-Thurs, 8am-12am (midnight); Fri, 8am-9pm; Sat, 10am-5pm; Sun, 11am-12am (midnight)
      • NOTE: They flicker lights 20 minutes before closing
  • 13. Wireless Information
    • Use VPN icon on desktop to login to IUB Network and to print to IUB printers
      • Username and password/passphrase are the same as all other accounts
      • NOTE: Wired access will ALWAYS be faster/better
  • 14. Wireless Coverage
    • Graduate & Executive Education Center
      • Available in all classrooms and most office areas
      • Bathrooms excluded – concentrate on other business!
    • Courtyard and Exterior Areas
      • Varied coverage – depends on signal penetration of exterior walls
    • Undergraduate Building
      • Available in all classrooms and most office areas
      • Business/SPEA Library
  • 15. What you Should Expect to be Able to do with your Notebook Computer…
    • Use it extensively in class the first year
    • Check your e-mail
    • Surf the “Net”
    • Take some exams on it
  • 16. What you Should Not Expect to be Able to do with your Notebook Computer
    • Use it in every class
    • Plug into the network anywhere on campus outside of designated areas (Kelley School of Business)
  • 17. What you Should Not Expect to be Able to do with your Notebook Computer
    • Use it in every class
    • Plug into the network anywhere on campus outside of designated areas (Kelley School of Business)
    • Take it on dates
    • Sleep with it
    • Use it as a lunch tray
    • Use it as a fly swatter
  • 18. Software on Standard Notebooks
    • Windows XP with SP2
    • VPN Client
    • DVD playing and CD recording software
    • Symantec Antivirus, Corporate Edition
    • Quicktime
    • Microsoft Office 2003 w/all current Office updates
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • IUB PPP (IUB modem dial-up software)
    • IUB printer locator
    • SSH Secure Shell (Telnet and FTP software)
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • SpyBot
  • 19. Standard Notebook Computers – Additional Information
    • One Hard Drive, Two Partitions
      • C: Used for Windows OS and applications
      • D: Used to store data files
    • System Warranties for Standard Notebook Computers
      • IBM ThinkPad T43 – 3 year EasyServ (return to depot warranty)
      • Dell Latitude D620 – 3 year next business day on-site warranty
      • IMPORTANT – Keep your invoice or E-mail confirmation (Dell)!!! This is your proof of purchase!
  • 20. Supplemental Info
    • Check with your manufacturer before you take your laptop out of the U.S. as some companies require U.S. registration prior to obtaining warranty service in another country.
    • If any software installation asks you to install a wireless bridge, DO NOT DO THIS!
    • If you receive email from TSHELP or SOBACCT asking you to contact our office (Tech Services), please do so ASAP! It’s very possible that you have a network configuration that is causing difficulties for other users.
  • 21. Top 10 Notebook Acts of Stupidity
    • My notebook computer fell out of my backpack and landed on the sidewalk – now it won’t boot
    • I left my notebook computer in the car overnight and the temperature dropped below zero, now it won’t boot…
    • I left my notebook computer too close to the lamp and it melted the case and screen…
    • I sat on my notebook computer and now the screen is blank around the pointer…
    • I left my laptop turned on & zipped it up in my carrying case while I drove home and now it won’t boot
  • 22. Top 10 Notebook Acts of Stupidity
    • I checked my notebook computer through baggage at the airport and a Samsonite case obliterated it in baggage claim…
    • I accidentally locked my notebook computer case shut and lost the key, so I had a locksmith drill the lock out (through the case), and now it doesn’t boot…
    • From a technician, “Where did this liquid dripping out of your notebook computer come from?”
    • My daughter destroyed/my dog ate my Ethernet cable
    • “ I spilled water on the keyboard and used a hair dryer to dry it up – I didn’t even put it on the hottest setting!” (6 keys on the keyboard were melted)
  • 23. Insurance & Surge Protectors
    • Renters Insurance - A MUST!
      • Some companies will cover your laptop under their standard policy; others may require an additional rider. Check with your agent.
    • Surge protectors with telephone cable protection – A MUST!
    • Complete Care (Dell), and ThinkPad Protection (IBM) plans DO NOT cover theft or intentionally inflicted damage (hammer marks)
  • 24. Network Access @ Home
    • On Campus –
        • Wired Ethernet (free) – fastest network option
        • Wireless Ethernet (free)
    • Off Campus –
        • $ Broadband DSL – Smithville (service fee)
        • $ Broadband DSL – Kiva (service fee)
        • $ Broadband ISDN – SBC (service fee)
        • $ Broadband Cable Modem – Insight (service fee)
        • Dial-up – IUB 56k modems (free) – slowest connection, two hour time limit ( http://iuware.iu.edu - Networking/PPP Wizards/PPP Wizard 4.0 for Bloomington)
    • For further options, see KB, Bloomington yellow pages, Web search engines, etc.
  • 25. Need Assistance???
  • 26. Services Available Via UITS Support Center - 855-6789, Information Commons
    • IU Account generation & maintenance
    • IU Network password resets
    • Software & Application installation & support
    • 24x7 telephone support
    • 24x7 IU Knowledge Base @ http:// kb.indiana.edu
    • Evening & weekend walk-in support
    • Online Chat Support @ https://ithelplive.iu.edu
  • 27. Services Available Via Technology Services (CG0013)
    • KSB school-wide computing issues
    • Hardware support (only) for KSB “Standard Notebooks”
    • Loaner Notebook computers available to any Kelley Graduate Student for up to 1 week (3 week max/semester)
    • Rebuild DVDs for standard units
    • Classroom technology, including video conferencing (students must have faculty/staff sponsor)
    • KSB Network Printer Paper & Maintenance
    • AV Equipment (with faculty sponsorship)
  • 28. Notebook Computer Support
    • UITS Support Center
      • Telephone: 855-6789 (free & available 24x7)
      • E-mail: [email_address] (free & available 24x7)
      • UITS on-line help – http:// uits.iu.edu (free & available 24x7)
      • Walk-in: The Information Commons (1 st floor of main library) 8am-midnight Mon-Thurs; 8am-9pm Fri; Noon-5pm Sat; Noon-Midnight Sun
      • Technology Services
      • TS Home page http://www.kelley.iu.edu/ts
      • Monday-Friday 7:30am-5pm
      • Contact Info: [email_address] or 812-855-4247
      • Walk-in: CG0013
  • 29. Alternate Support Options
    • During Summer break, Holidays, weekends, etc.
    • UITS Support Center 855-6789, Information Commons, [email_address]
    • Notebook Computer Vendors
      • Dell 1-800-WWW-DELL or (1-800-624-9896 )
      • IBM EasyServ 1-800-IBM-SERV (1-800-426-7378)
    • PC Max (337-0630)
    • PC Guru (336-4878)
    • Computer Clubhouse (333-4484)
    • Check local yellow pages/Internet for others
  • 30. Miscellaneous Helpful Information
    • Discharge battery fully once a month to sync with system fuel gauge (battery warranty is one year)
    • If computer locks up in suspend/sleep/hibernation mode, unplug notebook, remove battery, wait 10 seconds and reboot.
    • KSB Standard Notebook Start Menu assistance – instructions for changing machine name, Outlook Setup, and machine rebuild
    • Ghost is your friend!
    • Make sure your antivirus software and windows updates are current
  • 31. More Helpful Info
    • Backup your personal data regularly (CDR/CDRW, USB “flash” or “thumb” drive, etc)
    • Log Out or Lock Your Computer (CTRL-ALT-DEL)
    • Protect Your Password(s)!!
    • Physically Secure Your Laptop when you need to leave it unattended (Kensington Cable)
  • 32. Thank You!
    • Please Take a Moment to Fill Out our On-line Survey/Evaluation:
      • http://kelley.iu.edu/ts/survey/orientation2005/MBA/login.cfm
    • Questions??
    • Slide show available @: http://www.kelley.iu.edu/ts/MBA_Orientation_2005.ppt