Social Intelligence Report: Kim Kardashian


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Social Intelligence Report: Kim Kardashian

  1. 1. Kim Kardashian Wedding Social Intelligence ReportAnalysis of July 1, 2011 – November 1, 2011
  2. 2. The winner is…. Summary Earned Brand Value Brands that sponsored Kim Kardashian’s luxury wedding hoped to earn a return on their investment. As Earned Rank Brand Investment ROI expected, some performed better than others, with Vera Brand Value Wang posting the highest return. The brand doubled its investment of $60,000 in wedding dresses to $120,000 in earned brand value from social media conversations. Vera 1 $60,000 $120,000 +100% Perrier-Jouet came in second, with a 48% return based Wang on social chatter. Due to a relatively low increase in total conversations resulting from the wedding, People Perrier- 2 $500,000 $740,000 +48% Magazine did not surpass its original investment of Jouet $2.5M. People 3 $2,500,000 $1,115,000 -45% Magazine© 2011 Networked Insights
  3. 3. Social Lift – Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Vera Wang Conversation* On Aug. 20, 2011, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tied the knot Vera Wang Social Lift from Earned Media On that day, Kim wore three500,000 Vera Wang Branded Conversation (without Kim) donated Vera Wang dresses that450,000 were estimated at $20,000 apiece400,000 The day after the wedding, Kim- related conversation represented350,000 93% of the total Vera Wang300,000 conversation250,000 This was a 200% increase in200,000 conversation from the previous150,000 week100,000 Vera Wang earned approximately $120,000 in Media Value after the 50,000 first week, which is twice the - value originally gifted * Conversation is measured in Impressions, which is the approximation of the number of exposures a visitor had to a product/brand on blogs, forums and other social networking sites© 2011 Networked Insights
  4. 4. Social Lift – Kim Kardashian’s Wedding People Magazine Conversation* People Magazine reportedly spent $2.5M for exclusive photos of the People Magazine Social Lift from Earned Media Kardashian wedding 350,000 The day after the nuptials, Kardashian-inspired conversation 300,000 represented 59% of the total People Magazine conversation 250,000 People Magazine experienced a minor 200,000 lift from Kim’s wedding, resulting in a 150,000 46% increase the week following the event 100,000 The relatively low increase in 50,000 wedding chatter and high investment led to a low Media Value return of - approximately $1,115,000 the week immediately following * Conversation is measured in Impression, which is the approximation of the number of exposures a visitor had to a product/brand on blogs, forums and other social networking sites© 2011 Networked Insights
  5. 5. Social Lift – Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Perrier-Jouet Conversation* Guests at the Kardashian Wedding Perrier-Jouet Social Lift from Earned Media celebrated with $500,000 worth of Perrier-Jouet champagne25,000 Perrier-Jouet Branded Conversation (without Kim) One day after the wedding, Kardashian-related conversation20,000 represented 90% of the total Perrier-Jouet chatter Kim contributed a 148% increase15,000 to total champagne conversation from the previous week10,000 Perrier-Jouet earned approximately $740,000 in Media 5,000 Value after the first week, which is almost 1.5 times the value originally sponsored - * Conversation is measured in Impressions, which is the approximation of the number of exposures a visitor had to a product/brand on blogs, forums and other social networking sites© 2011 Networked Insights
  6. 6. Methodology Audience definitions Audiences are defined by identifying sites that exhibit strong contextual relationships and/or are visited by users with shared affinities. This set of sites consists of locations that most effectively capture the audience engaging around topics within a specified domain. Defining an audience allows Networked Insights to reduce the noise prevalent in social media, including spam and duplicate data, allowing for identification of true insights. Where Twitter data are selected based on users influence, Networked Insights uses Scores as a factor in defining audiences. Impressions Impressions are a calculation of the number of social mentions of a product/brand that visitors to social networking sites, forums, blogs and microblogs were exposed to. Impressions provide an estimation of how social media are consumed, are a way to account for the vast majority of social media users who do not actually create posts, and enable us to look beyond post counts to gain a better understanding of how much social reach a topic truly has. Impressions are a passive measurement tool and do not necessarily demonstrate engagement. As with other basic metrics, it is important to layer thematic insights upon impressions in order to understand what drives the conversation and what actions are required. Sentiment Keywords are used to describe brands and products. Each keyword is defined by Boolean-search strings tuned to accurately capture volume of conversation. Ratings of positive, negative and neutral are assigned to a random sample of posts in order to gauge the sentiment for a given keyword. Topic discovery A mathematical approach is used to understand what themes drive engagement. Advanced clustering technology extracts the key sub-themes expressed in the content related to a keyword. A qualitative analysis is included to expose what is really driving the engagement and how different sub-themes interconnect.