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Networked Insights Press Highlights
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Networked Insights Press Highlights


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A look at Networked Insights' many appearances in national news outlets. (Jan - Feb 2013)

A look at Networked Insights' many appearances in national news outlets. (Jan - Feb 2013)

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  • 1. NETWORKED INSIGHTSHits the HeadlinesPress Highlights – TV Analysis ©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 1
  • 2. THE BIG PICTURE©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 2 1/29/13
  • 3. Social media abuzz with Super Bowl commercials; GoDaddy tops list the Super Bowl anymore; companies aim to start Internet buzz. Networked Insights , a marketing analytics company, analyzed viewer conversations across the social Web during Sundays Super Bowl XLVII to discover what people thought about the ads and celebrities. The New York firm found that more than 24 million real-time social media conversations took place about the game across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums for the duration of the game. When it came to advertisements, GoDaddy Group Inc.s "Perfect Match" commercial came atop the list. The ad, which features an extreme close-up of supermodel Bar Refaeli making out with an archetypal nerd, drew 255,121 mentions. 6 - Oreo "Cookie v Cream" (65,373) 7 - Wonderful Pistachios "Crackin Style" (58,938) Networked Insights list: 8 - Tide "Miracle Stain" (55,770) Top 10 Most Discussed Ads (number of social mentions) 9 - Doritos "Goat" (51,053) 10 - Doritos "Fashionista" (47,962) 1 - GoDaddys "Perfect Match" (255,121) 2 - Taco Bell "Viva Young" (213,125) As the Los Angeles Times reported Monday morning, advertising for the 2013 3 - Calvin Klein "Concept 30" (209,539) 4 - AB InBev (Budweiser) "Brotherhood" (154,037) 5 - Ram "Farmer" (96,326) Complex blog.©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 4 1/29/13
  • 4. “Whitney Did It, Too”: Lip Syncing Not Knocking Luster Off Beyoncé Halftime Show Leading up last years Super Bowl, Ad Age worked with Networked Insights, a leading social-media analytics company that advises brands and agencies on media planning, to track social sentiment surrounding Madonnas halftime show. Networked Insights , a marketing analytics company, analyzed viewer conversations across the social Web during Sundays Super Bowl XLVII to discover what people thought about the ads and celebrities. Though the Material Girl largely ended up redeeming herself with an age-defying, hyper-athletic extravaganza -- which included that bizarre nut-bouncing tightrope guy (see: "Super Bowl Slack Line Guy Andy Lewis -- Dont Worry, My Nads Are Fine!") -- there was a lot of negativity beforehand. The reception for Beyonce has been considerably warmer -- though the controversy over her lip syncing of the National Anthem at President Barack Obamas inauguration has muddied the picture Fans of Beyonce who mention her in social media along with the brands shes associated with seem somewhat. Scroll down below the graphic for some notes. most aware -- by a wide margin -- that shes a Pepsi spokesperson. Networked Insights also tracked social-media conversations about Beyonce specifically in the wake Networked Insights tracks sentiment across the social web, including Twitter and of her performance of the National Anthem at President Barack Obamas inauguration. Some 31% Facebook, as well as forums and blog posts. In general, more people (19% of the total) talking about of such conversations mentioned the lip-syncing controversy, but fans didnt necessarily condemn Beyonce in relation to her coming Super Bowl gig are positive about it than negative (4%), while 77% her for it. ("Whitney Houston did it, too" was a common refrain, as people pointed out that Houstons are neutral -- i.e., they havent been expressing strong opinions one way or another.Given that legendary Super Bowl XXV National Anthem performance was also lip synced.) Among those Beyonces halftime show seems pretty certain to include a Destinys Child reunion, fans have been mentioning Beyonces Super Bowl performance, only 13% were concerned about whether shed lip taking to social media to discuss the girl groups latest song, "Nuclear" (consensus: Its sync again. And, hey, lets get real: If her performance is as dance-tastic (er, bootylicious) as weve disappointing), as well as classics like "Bootylicious" and "Survivor." come to expect, shed be crazy not to lip sync -- unless everybody wants to hear hoarse, winded renditions of "Love on Top" and "Single Ladies.©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 5 1/29/13
  • 5. #SB47 The Super Bowl is tomorrow, but the social conversation has already started. Talk surrounding the hashtag #SB47 and social mentions of both the Baltimore Ravens and the San Fransisco 49ers (and respective players, coaches) is as Networked Insights has traced and There have been more than 3 million social cataloged the social conversation conversations about Ray Lewis in the past surrounding the Super Bowl and put all of month. their findings into an interesting and Also, 64 percent of fans want to see Colin informative infographic (inserted below). Kaepernick as the starting QB for the Niners, seven percent of individuals talk about Lewis Among the highlights: as a “legend” (while another seven percent The number of social conversations about the are chatting about the 2000 murder trial). Ravens and the 49ers is almost equal The infographic shows some great “trash (Ravens get slightly more talk overall, but talk” culled from the public social comments 49ers get more negative talk). of fans like you, and even includes a list of Over the last 30 days, Jim Harbaugh (49ers) Super Bowl snack suggestions for your has driven twice as much conversation #SB47 party. compared to his brother John (Ravens), and Jim is a much more polarizing figure.©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 6 1/29/13
  • 6. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 7 1/29/13
  • 7. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 8 1/29/13
  • 9. Grammys 2013: Jay-Z joke, Rihanna top social media buzz Millions of tweets and Facebook posts flooded the Internet during Sunday nights Grammy Awards, but despite a slew of live performances, the moment that earned the most online buzz was an onstage joke. According Networked Insights , a social media analytics firm, the shows most popular moment -- at least for Twitter users -- occurred while Jay-Z, The-Dream and Frank Ocean were onstage accepting the Grammy for rap/sung collaboration. Jay-Z leaned to the mike and said, "I want to thank the swap meet for his hat," mocking The-Dreams headgear: a "parental advisory" beanie topped with a Boyz N the Hood cap. The joke generated 116,400 tweets per minute, the most of any Grammy moment, according to Networked Insights . The other most-tweeted-about artists were singers Frank Ocean (more than 972,000 tweets), Taylor Swift (more than 946,000 tweets) and Ed Sheeran (more Other spikes in Twitter traffic took place during Rihannas solo performance than 884,000 tweets). (114,800 tweets per minute), Princes announcement of Gotyes "Somebody That I Used to Know" as record of the year (109,400 tweets per minute) and Fun.s triumph Thousands of Twitter users chimed in using the official event hashtags -- which in the hotly contested best new artist category (100,600 tweets per minute). were frequently plugged by host LL Cool J -- with 146,690 tweets using the Rihanna took the prize of most-talked-about-celebrity on Twitter, with more than 1.6 #GrammyLive hashtag and 149,410 using the #TheWorldisListening hashtag million tweets being sent mentioning her: no doubt, with many discussing her dress, since Jan. 1. her performance and her Grammy win for short form music video.©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 10 1/29/13
  • 10. WHAT TO WATCH. WHERE TO WATCH IT. Grammys 2013: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, or Frank Ocean - Who won the twitter wars? The Recording Academy handed out plenty of Grammy Awards during Sunday nights telecast, but the #winning didnt stop on the Grammy stage -- it spilled over into Twitter territory. The folks at Networked Insights , a leading provider of social media analytics technology, did a super fancy analysis to determine who took home the prize for the nights unspoken category: Most Tweeted About. And the winner is ... Rihanna. The "Stay" singer nabbed her seventh Grammy Award while becoming the most discussed musician on social media with nearly 1.7 million online conversations. Here are the total number of mentions garnered by RiRi and her competition: Top 10 Most Discussed Musicians on Social Media win, as Jay-Z threw some shade on The Dreams "swap meet" hat. At that point, users 1. Rihanna -- 1,673,513 risked spontaneous combustion of their smartphone keyboards, sending around 116,400 2. Frank Ocean -- 972,352 tweets per minute (TPM). Rihannas solo performance drew the next largest wave of activity 3. Taylor Swift -- 946,459 at 114,800 TPM. The televised reaction shots of Chris Brown probably didnt hurt. Prince, 4. Ed Sheeran -- 884,768 as you might have guessed, inspired Twitter fans to post 109,400 TPM when he appeared 5. Chris Brown -- 650,881 with his blinged-out pimp-walking cane. 6. Beyoncé -- 630,077 7. Bruno Mars -- 510,703 As everyone within the sound of the internet knows, Justin Bieber also made a mad grab at 8. Mumford & Sons -- 480,253 the spotlight during the awards telecast after being snubbed by the Academy. So, how did 9. Carrie Underwood -- 451,135 he do? 10. Katy Perry -- 423,053 Wait, is anyone else surprised Katy Perrys tatas didnt get more fingers moving? (Typing, Networked Insights tells Zap2it that Biebs raked in the wanted attention with 1.3 were talking about typing.) million conversations during the Grammy broadcast. 134,000 of those convos were about his new track "You Want Me," and 8,000 were about him being shirtless. Go get em, Bieber. The company says Twitter activity saw its biggest spike during the Best Rap Collaboration©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 11 1/29/13
  • 11. The 10 Most Talked About Celebrities During the Grammys The Most Discussed Celebrities During The Grammys Rihanna and Chris Browns public displays of Katy Perry 423,053 affection, Katy Perrys revealing sea foam green Carrie Underwood 451,135 dress, and Taylor Swifts opening Grammy Mumford & Sons 480,253 Bruno Mars 510,703 performance were all among the most talked about Celebrities Beyoncé 630,077 moments from the 55th annual Grammy Awards. Chris Brown 650,881 Ed Sheeran 884,768 Taylor Swift 946,459 If youre wondering which musician had people talking the most, the social Frank Ocean 972,352 media analysts at Networked Insights measured the number of Rihanna 1,673,513 celebrity mentions across Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to figure out who 0 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 1,400,000 1,600,000 1,800,000 was discussed the most online last night. Number of Social Media Mentions Weve recorded the top ten below. Surprisingly, Jay-Z and Justin Rihanna nearly doubled the amount of online buzz of singer Taylor Swift. Timberlake are missing from the list despite Timberlakes first wide public According to Networked Insights , the Barbados singers solo performance of songs from his new album, "The 20/20 Experience." performance of "Stay" had 114,800 tweets per minute last night. It was the second largest spike in Twitter activity during the show other Instead, Jay-Z and Timberlake came in 17 and 15 on the list respectively than Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and The Dreams win for best with 348,621 and 375,514 mentions. rap collaboration (seeing 116,400 tweets per minute). Also missing from the top ten are Adele and Kelly Clarkson. Check the Top Ten on the bar chart.©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 12 1/29/13
  • 12. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 13 1/29/13
  • 14. Networked Insights Samsungs big Oscars ad buy was a huge success on Grey Poupons stab at going retro was evidently a bonafide hit with Gen Xers and other social media consumers. With the brands agency, Crispin Twitter, according to data from Networked Insights, Porter+Bogusky, deciding to breathe life into "Pardon Me," the brand which found that the brand had the largest volume of received four times the social media conversations compared to its daily social media chatter and highest positive sentiment average, according to Networked Insights . among ABC advertisers last night. Using its SocialSense analytics system, the company broke down 8.9 Grey Poupon also performed well on the big TV stage by going back in million social media conversations about Oscars advertisers, with 98 time with its 1980s "Pardon Me" theme, per the New York-based analytics percent living on Twitter and most of the rest on Tumblr. firm. Other key results, per Networked Insights data: For Samsung, Hollywood director Tim Burtons cameo drove a substantial —JCP had the third-most-positive social media response for its "Yours portion of the conversation, said Networked Insights . Burton appeared Truly" campaign, which entailed six Oscars spots. in a :90 spot that continued a "Unicorn Apocalypse" theme introduced —Apple drew the second-highest amount of chatter, but saw polarizing earlier this year by 72andSunny. The commercials creative is designed to results. highlight how Samsung Galaxy products can be utilized for work, in —Coca-Colas ads performed similarly to Apples. addition to play. It was one of six spots Samsung ran during the big —McDonalds effort created the fourth-highest degree of buzz, but television event. sentiment was middling©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 15 1/29/13
  • 15. 8.9 million social media conversations mention Oscars during telecast, red carpet 700,000 681,291 Top ten most discussed celebrities at the Oscars 600,000 Jennifer Lawrence was the most tweeted celebrity 500,000 during the Oscars. 473,037 400,000 Grey Poupon also performed well on the big TV stage by going back in 300,000 232,445 time with its 1980s "Pardon Me" theme, per the New York-based analytics 221,264 209,024 200,000 166,521 157,499 firm. 131,697 96,760 93,052 100,000 Actress generated 681,000 mentions on Twitter, followed by 473,000 for 0 e ay ne t um k is on an o ar Anne Hathaway and 232,000 for Seth MacFarlane, according to nc ec tin ew w rla m er ew t ffl re Ta an ha ck -L Th Fa St A aw r at ay Ja g Networked Insights , which tracked social media activity during the Ta ac en ze in n H rL lD te h M nn rli B in e ug ife ris nn ie nt ha th ha an H nn ue K A Se Academy Awards, Sunday night. Kristen Stewart (221,000), Channing C C D Je Q Tatum (209,000) and Ben Affleck (167,000) also generated a considerable Networked Insights saw the highest traffic spikes when Michelle number of tweets. Wahlberg revealed a tie in the Best Sound Editing category. Overall, more than 8.9 million conversations mentioning the Oscars took place during the live telecast and red carpet. performance (13% did not), while 18% gave his singing and dancing Company used its SocialSense technology, also utilized by advertisers, skills a thumbs up. Around 17% liked his sock puppet sketch and 12% marketers, and entertainment companies to extract consumer insights and approved of his “Boobs” song. real-time trends from social data.©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 16 1/29/13
  • 16. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS©2013 Networked Insights Data | Page 17 1/29/13
  • 17. For more information, please contact:Dave StruzziPR Managerdave.struzzi@networkedinsights.comO: 646.545.3901M: 646.963.5062