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Social media optimizes your ad dollars!

When networks publish upfronts in the spring, advertisers are waiting with baited breathe to see gross rating points, target rating points, total households of the most popular programs. But that's the problem, isn't it? They're all looking at the same information and vying for the same advertising action. Want to get the jump on your competitors when the new line-ups are aired this fall?

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Networked insights Outfront of the Upfronts Report

  1. 1. NETWORKED INSIGHTSFueling Intelligent Brands
  2. 2. Outfront of the upfrontsUse social media to optimize your ad dollarsSpring brings more than flowers in the TV business. It’s theseason for upfronts, and amidst the star appearances andpreview clips, advertisers will pour over familiar numbers –gross rating points, target rating points, total households.Today, though, a new metric is assuming an all-importantrole in how ad execs calculate the value in buying a particulardaypart – social impressions. Social impressions are anindicator of the social media discussion under way arounda show.Importantly, social impressions represent more than justthe raw volumes of posts appearing on blogs, Facebookpages, Twitter feeds and the like. Built on a NetworkedInsights-developed formula, social impressions emergefrom analysis of conversation volume, page views, frequentvisitors, and the traits of the posters and forums where the Idol recently delivered 14.2 GRPsdiscussions are happening. for a 30-second ad, at a cost of nearly $600k.What does this mean for you? Social impressions areindispensable complementary data for more traditional An alternative approach tomeasurements. They deliver insights on brand integrations capturing a like audienceand validate leftover daypart inventory for spot buys. Social would be to buy a combinationimpressions are a word-of-mouth machine that can identify of shows with lower GRPs, andhidden diamonds that a sampled households approach thus lower costs, but with highernormally buries. social impressions.American Idol (Idol) remains on a roll, reaping a hugeIdolize, chuck it or live on the fringe?harvest of viewers every week. But is it really the mostefficient investment of advertising dollars?Idol recently delivered 14.2 GRPs for a 30-second ad, at acost of nearly $600k. An alternative approach to capturinga like audience would be to buy a combination of showswith lower GRPs, and thus lower costs, but with highersocial impressions.For example, purchasing a week’s ads on episodes ofSaturday Night Live, Chuck, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries andSupernatural would deliver GRPs equivalent to Idol (see tableSocial Impressions – The Top 20). But for the same GRPs, youwould reach an audience 60 percent more engaged than theIdol audience. And those five buys together would be lessthan half the cost of Idol, leaving you $300,000 to invest ineven more ads, impressions and 608.237.1867 © 2011, Networked Insights, Inc. 2
  3. 3. From a raw GRPs per household-to-social impressions ratio, Chuck receives 60 percent more value from every GRP than Idol. The Vampire Diaries is even more impressive with an incredible 215 percent more social impressions per GRP than Idol. Many Idol viewers are unquestionably engaged in the It’s more than numbers, too competition, contestants and judges, and they take to social media channels to talk about it. However, the show doesn’t have a monopoly on viewer passion. Chuck and Fringe enjoy dedicated fan bases that have been campaigning with viewers and the networks for two years to keep the shows on the air. Fringe has waged a particularly inspiring battle, keeping up the fight in a Friday night slot that has been a dead zone for previous Fox shows except From a raw GRPs per household- The X-Files. Little surprise, then, that the two shows together to-social impressions ratio, Chuck capture 10 percent more social impressions than Idol, whose receives 60 percent more value near-term viability is unthreatened, at a quarter the cost. from every GRP than Idol. Social impressions reveal the power of good storytelling in The Vampire Diaries is even more creating and maintaining viewer engagement. Four of the five impressive with an incredible 215 shows in the alternative buy, the late-night workhorse SNL percent more social impressions excepted, are generating extensive fan fiction. Fans are per GRP than Idol. writing stories that involve the programs’ characters, help- ing keep them top of mind and expanding mentions. Story sharing and peer-reviewed material are building community, helping sustain the franchises. The story-driven shows in the alternative buy also offer ad- vertisers the chance to integrate their products and services into programming in clever ways. Subway sandwiches have become a fixture on Chuck, with characters’ discussions of fresh ingredients taking product placement to a new level. Because Chuck continues to live under the guillotine of potential cancellation, fans accept this commercialism as a small price to pay for keeping the program on the air – which Subway’s sponsorship deal has done – and to even embrace it. In contrast, Idol fans may simply have become inured to the ever-present Coke glasses at the judges’ table and the rolling-down-the-road sing-alongs for 608.237.1867 © 2011, Networked Insights, Inc. 3
  4. 4. Where’s the ad value? Analyzing social impressions can reveal trends that lead you to more efficient placements and higher viewer engagement. Social Impressions – The Top 20 Networked Social Est. Avg. Total Est. Avg. 30-sec. Insights Rank Network Show Impressions Households Ad Cost 1 FOX Glee 82,399,089 6 $214,300 2 CBS Two and a Half Men 45,714,274 8.2 $226,600 3 FOX American Idol 31,746,773 14.2 $599,900 4 ABC Dancing with the Stars 29,934,923 13.6 $590,100 5 ABC Modern Family 23,722,073 7.1 $108,300 6 NBC Saturday Night Live 19,831,993 4.3 $69,400 7 NBC Chuck 19,655,604 3.5 $72,700 8 NBC The Office 15,343,751 4.2 $103,200 9 FOX Fringe 15,033,387 3.8 $63,000 10 CW The Vampire Diaries 11,983,281 1.7 $59,700 11 CW Supernatural 11,310,245 1.6 $23,500 12 NBC 30 Rock 7,858,690 3.1 $100,400 13 CBS How I Met Your Mother 7,156,432 5.8 $157,300 14 ABC Greys Anatomy 6,707,748 7.5 $90,300 15 CBS The Big Bang Theory 6,255,278 8.6 $191,500 16 CW Smallville 5,063,450 1.6 $27,300 17 FOX House 4,380,371 6.5 $183,400 18 FOX The Simpsons 3,912,207 4.4 $174,200 19 FOX Bones 3,519,712 6.7 $107,700 20 FOX Family Guy 1,625,128 4.4 $153,600 Estimated Average Total Households based on averages of daily and weekly HH numbers published by Estimated Average 30-Second Ad Cost based on averages published by AdvertisingAge. Report data collected from posts made 12/25/2010 through 3/25/ 608.237.1867 © 2011, Networked Insights, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Questions about this report? Want a free consultation on how social data can improve your media planning and other marketing? Contact us. Email: Phone: 608.237.1867 Web: Networked Insights was founded in 2006 by industry leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs in the fields of social media and customer intelligence. Headquarters are in Madison, WI, with offices in New York and 608.237.1867 © 2011, Networked Insights, Inc. 5