The Most Anticipated New Fall TV Shows


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Discover the most anticipated new fall TV shows for 2012.

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The Most Anticipated New Fall TV Shows

  1. Most Anticipated New Fall ShowsAnalysis Date Range: 5/1/12-9/13/12 ©2012 Networked Insights
  2. Executive Summary Most Anticipated New ShowsNetwork Show Name Raison dêtre NBC The New Normal Funny, semi-realistic and like Modern Family meets Glee NBC Revolution Intriguing premise and fan favorite showrunners FOX The Following Kevin Bacon casted in a solid plot FOX The Mindy Project A nice mix of humor and realism ABC Last Resort Strong cast and crew ABC Nashville Connie Britton is a great actress CBS Elementary Sherlock Holmes stories in general are very enjoyable CBS Vegas The star-studded cast, particularly Michael Chiklis, is the draw CW The Carrie Diaries AnnaSophia Robb is worth watching for, and the plot works CW Arrow Familiar cast and style for current CW viewers ©2012 Networked Insights 2
  3. Behind the Art and the Science A quick definition of what’s included on each slide…Activation Opportunities/Brand Affinities: Contentlike brands, musicians, films,and even other TV shows are Audience Similarity:often siloed, but when Understanding what otherworking together they can pre-existing audiences areamplify the viewing interested in a show allowexperience. Networked networks and brands to tapInsights identifies these current audience affinitiesinterests by identifying and discover additionalviewers of a show and opportunities.overlaying them with our listsof pre-identified interests.Networked InsightsThematic Discovery:Advanced clustering Networked Insights Socialtechnology extracts the key Index (SI) definition: Asub-themes expressed in the comparative measure of acontent analyzed. Themes topic (e.g., TV show) relativelead to recommendations on to its peer group (e.g., all TVways to optimize the pilot shows) which combines Postand other marketing content. Volume and Sentiment. The SI normalizes each factor and combines them so that the “average” show receives a SI = 100. ©2012 Networked Insights 3
  4. The New Normal Key Takeaways Showrunner Ryan Murphy’s comedic style resonates strongly with viewers Viewers are excited to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member NeNe Leakes in a new acting role Show is being discussed across social by fans of Glee and Modern Family Activation opportunities/brand affinities: Ellen DeGeneres, Lacoste, White Collar, Foster the People Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment “I adore Ellen Barkin, and so 13% NBC fall schedule looking forward to this 3% conversations 64% show!” – “Ill probably watch the new normal when it premieres but only because of the gay 84% NeNe Leakes is a great couple and nene leakes” – addition 17% Positive Negative Neutral “@MrRPMurphy just watched the pilotRyan Murphy is my favorite for #TheNewNormal and its really Social Index 11% inspirational while still being fun. I love writer it just like I love Glee.” – “CAN YOU SPELL CENSORSHIP? GET over it and Salt Lake City NBC affiliate won’t air the show 8% Broadcast it, If people dont want to watch they can turn the damn channel them selves DO NOT TELL PEOPLE THAT THEY DON"T HAVE THE CHOICE!!!!!!“ – 702 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Themes are derived from 110,124 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 4
  5. Revolution Key Takeaways Viewers expressed excitement after watching the extended teaser during the Olympics Many viewers think the show has promise, but have doubts that NBC can resist cancelling the show Show is being discussed across social by fans of Supernatural, Alcatraz, Awake, Falling Skies Activation opportunities/brand affinities: The Avengers, Diablo 3, Fringe, Hidden Valley Ranch Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment “Dear NBC, if this Revolution is as bad ass as it looks, I will NBC fall schedule forgive you for the Olympics.” conversations 72% – 50% 46% “I’m kind of curious about Revolution, too, but in a much more reserved way. All the promos that NBCTrailer/teaser makes the show aired during the Olympics caught my interest, but 4% look interesting 23% we shall see if the show can keep it” – Positive Negative Neutral “I always felt that Esposito was Im happy Giancarlo Esposito underrated. Hope its a great Social Index is in the show 13% series.” – “Definitely checking out Revolution. 264 I mean, the creator of SupernaturalEric Kripke and J.J. Abrams are + the creator of Alias/Lost/Fringe?? great creators 10% I am SO IN.” – 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Themes are derived from 74,175 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 5
  6. The Mindy Project Key Takeaways Mindy Kaling has a large social following and is considered very funny in everything she does This show is very quotable and the situations are relatable to viewers Show is being discussed across social by fans of The New Girl, The Office Activation opportunities/brand affinities: Psych, Christina Hendricks, The Shins, Pabst Blue Ribbon Emerging Conversation Themes “Ha, I am embarrassingly excited about Fall Sentiment TV coming back. Im really excited for The Mindy Project, too! I also think The New FOX fall schedule Normal could be good. But I am most happy conversations 82% for my old fave - Parks and Recreation to 33% make a reappearance” – 61% “Loved her on The Office and loved her 6% book so I hope I love her show. Ill wait Mindy Kaling is very funny 37% to it premieres though.” – Positive Negative Neutral “First of all, its a Springsteen Show, not a Bruce Springsteen concert." Social Index Quotes from the show 11% #themindyproject #relevant” – “I just watched the project for The Mindy Project,Relatable and humorous show 9% too! I think it’s a really adorable and relatable show (at least for me), so it should pair really well with New Girl.” – 184 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Themes are derived from 23,160 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 6
  7. Elementary Key Takeaways Overall viewers are happy with the casting With Watson being a woman viewers discuss the possibility of a romance between her and Holmes Show is being discussed across social by fans of CSI Miami, Sherlock Activation opportunities/brand affinities: Ellen DeGeneres, Lacoste, White Collar, Foster and the People Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment “Elementary: Sherlock Holmes in New York with a female Dr. Watson ... Absurd... & yet CBS fall schedule 31% conversations 62% I LOVE IT...” – “I very much enjoyed Elementary! Jonny Lee 61% 8% Miller is always entertaining to watch and Im liking Lucy Liu as well. Ive only previously Show has an interesting cast 42% seen her in Charlies Angels (yay!) and Kill Bill (a movie I didnt like at all).” – Positive Negative Neutral “I will watch the first episode of Elementary but Im biased. I love Social IndexI love Sherlock Holmes stories 27% BBC! Sherlock.” – “The modern Sherlock Holmes is quite Watson being a woman is a good pick 13% fascinating in the pilot for # ELEMENTARY. Great choice of making Watson a woman in the form of Lucy Liu” – 173 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Themes are derived from 14,530 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 7
  8. The Following Key Takeaways Showrunner Kevin Williamson is drawing heavy viewer attention, but Kevin Bacon has him beat for leading viewer interests Show is being discussed across social by fans of Person of Interest, Burn Notice Activation opportunities/brand affinities: Jerry Seinfeld, Boardwalk Empire, Weightwatchers, Madonna Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment “@ TheFollowingFOX When is the FOX fall schedule conversations 77% premiere?.” – 35% 55% “I am looking forward to Kevin Bacons new show The Following, on Fox. Sounds dark 10% Kevin Bacon – end of and violent but I like the premise. And James discussion 27% Purefoy is easy to look at.” – Positive Negative Neutral “@kevwilliamson That is More Kevin Williamson, 00 because you are Kevin Social Index please 20% Williamson! ♥” – “Unbelievable new KevinMight be too scary to watch 6% Williamson pilot but it actually might be too scary for me to watch... The following” – 157 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Themes are derived from 54,368 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 8
  9. The Carrie Diaries Key Takeaways AnnaSophia Robb is a huge draw for tuning in Viewers think the show’s concept works very well Show is being discussed across social by fans of Gossip Girl, Revenge, Girls Activation opportunities/brand affinities: BlackBerry, Vampire Weekend, Spartacus, Lena Dunham Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment CW fall schedule “I cannot wait for The Carrie Diaries to start 71% airing on The CW!” – 31% conversations “Aside from that, the show looks like crap, 65% 4% probably teen girls will love it. Conversations about But hey, AnnaSophia Robb every damn AnnaSophia Robb 32% week is worth the sacrifice. .” – Positive Negative Neutral “Its a real testament to the author that sheConversations about Candace can take her characters back in time (and Im Social Index Bushnell and reading her 25% sure forward too) and they still feel books authentic.” – 83 “So bets on cancellations? I think only Arrow Comparing "The Carrie and The Carrie Diaries will survive of the Diaries" to other CW teen 13% news shows.!” – dramas 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Themes are derived from 2,928 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 9
  10. Arrow Key Takeaways Current fans of the CW like that the show has a familiar cast and aesthetic to what they’re used to on the CW Original Green Arrow comic fans are not impressed with the reinterpretation Show is being discussed across social by fans of Smallville, The Vampire Diaries Activation opportunities/brand affinities: Comedy Central, Bruce Willis, Maroon 5, Target Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment “It sounds like someone must be getting bitten pretty badly because the episode calls 12% CW fall schedule for a Coroner, who will be played by Nneka 9% conversations 71% Croal ("The 4400", "Arrow")..” – “I might see Arrow as well since I really like Katie Cassidy but Ill have at least 9 shows to 79% watch per week if I watch Arrow as well Conversations about Katie 24% woah.” – Cassidy Positive Negative Neutral “There were so many clichés in that ARROW trailer it was untrue! The casting looks as bland as it always is in these shows. Everybody looks like theyve been Social IndexComic fans are not big fans of cast based entirely on their abs and cheekbones..” how the show looks 13% – “I would like nothing more than a great TV show 74 starring Wonder Woman but I also think that there People still really want a are some things that Warner Bros. and the CW can Wonder Woman TV show 5% learn from the fustercluck of the NBC Wonder Woman pilot and the success of Arrow.” – 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Themes are derived from 4,939 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 10
  11. Last Resort Key Takeaways Press releases frequently advertise Scott Speedman, but Andre Braugher has more non-PR conversations Shawn Ryan is still remembered for his previous projects (e.g. The Shield) Show is being discussed across social by fans of Leverage, Burn Notice Activation opportunities/brand affinities: WWE Raw, Incubus, Anthony Bourdain, Hershey’s Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment “NYC - whos going to the @paleycenter Fall TV Preview tonight? @666ParkAve_ABC 21% ABC fall schedule @Nashville_ABC & @ LastResort_ABC are all conversations 77% being previewed!” – 9% 70% “Andre Braugher gives a powerfulI can’t believe they got Andre performance in about everything he does.” Braugher 18% – Positive Negative Neutral “Just saw the trailer for Last Resort love Andre Braugher & love that you used Nothing by the Water by @gracepotter & The Nocs Social Index Great cast and crew 15% @ShawnRyanTV” – 70 “Looks interesting, but I cant see how they Exciting concept – Is there can make a whole show out of it? Seems like longevity? 7% it would be a good film.” – 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Themes are derived from 8,385 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 11
  12. Nashville Key Takeaways Viewers think that Connie Britton is a great actress and will make the show very enjoyable There’s a lot of mixed sentiment around co-star Hayden Panettiere, but the majority think she fits Show is being discussed across social by fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, GCB Activation opportunities/brand affinities: Gossip Girl, Fiona Apple, Mark Cuban, BlackBerry Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment “Smash burned me with a great pilot and an terrible, terrible season. I’ll wait until ABC fall schedule this show is well under way… then we’ll 25% conversations 82% see.” – 5% “Whats going on? Just saw a commercial for 70% @ Nashville_ABC with the fabulous Connie Britton is a great @ConnieBOnline. What does that mean for actress 34% @AMHorrorStory?” – Positive Negative Neutral “maybe Nashville, since I love Not completely sold with Connie Britton, but I dont care for Social Index Hayden Panettiere 19% Hayden Panettierre” – “Don’t get me wrong, country music is one of the 66 worst things ever perpetrated on our civilization, butMixed feelings about country music 4% 00 Connie Britton is one of the greatest things ever bestowed on us lowly beings, plus Hayden Panettiere is nice to look at. .” – 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Themes are derived from 1,745 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 12
  13. Vegas Key Takeaways The show’s cast is much more of a draw to viewers than its proposed plot Shawn Ryan is still remembered for his previous projects (e.g. The Shield) Show is being discussed across social by fans of The Shield, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men Activation opportunities/brand affinities: Netflix, Sons of Anarchy, Neon Indian, Stephen Colbert Emerging Conversation Themes Sentiment “My take: I wasn’t excited about this show until that “folding is not an option” pun at CBS fall schedule the end. Now I’m hoping that Dennis Quaid 23% conversations 82% and Michael Chiklis can fill the void left from canceling CSI: Miami.” – 3% “@jason_omara Have I mentioned that Im 74% The cast has a lot of literally green (Wachowski style) with envy that recognizable names 45% you get to work with Trinity?” – Positive Negative Neutral “I know this show looks a little over the top in some of the promos, but I also think that Michael Social IndexMichael Chiklis is a great actor 27% Chiklis is too amazing in these sorts of roles to ever pass up.” – 60 “It will be interesting to see how old new Will this show appeal to period mob drama Vegas starring Dennis younger people? 5% Quaid would skew” – 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Themes are derived from 1,127 posts (from 5/1-9/12/12) ©2012 Networked Insights 13
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