2011 New Fall TV Show Report Card


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The 2011 Fall TV New Show October Update is now available. This is a follow-up to our popular Social Audience Report originally released during the Upfronts Season that examines the online conversations around each program across the social web. We aggregate this information and rank it allowing you to compare the shows within a network to optimize your TV media spend.

Skilled marketers are continuously gathering data to inform media buys and maximize ROI. A growing trend is the use social data to measure fan engagement and determine if an audience aligns with your brand's target consumer.

Networked Insights’s October update reviews the five broadcast networks and the individual new television shows. Download the full report for $299 or view a sample of the 2011 Fall TV New Show Update and discover how leveraging social data allows you to maximize your spend.

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2011 New Fall TV Show Report Card

  1. 1. New Fall ShowsNetwork Strengths Weaknesses ü  NBC has the first “diamond in the rough” with the Maria Bello ü  NBC has challenges with viewer loyalty driven Primes Suspect ü  Many NBC shows, like Up All Night, need some tweaking to ü  Up All Night has launched as the strongest comedy in really catch fans conversations across all the networks and was picked up for a ü  Whitney is suffocating Prime Suspect, and we are calling this full season show the “social turkey” of the season ü  Of the 5 new shows, only 2 have promise for the season on ü  NBC cancelled The Playboy Club (which was recommend to be NBC avoided in earlier reports) ü  The X Factor and Terra Nova have a high number of ü  The new FOX shows are struggling with creating their own niche impressions audiences, and viewers are having a hard time committing to a ü  New Girl was given a full-season order and has a strong show following ü  All of the new FOX shows are recommended as “tentative” since ü  The X Factor judge L.A. Reid impressed viewers and is a break- they all have very polarized conversations out hit with fans Knowing the strengths and ü  ABC’s new dramas have been some of the most successful ü  ABC’s new shows don’t have as much conversation as The CW weaknesses around a and FOX with viewers ü  Revenge’s plot and acting were far richer than what viewers ü  The reboot of Charlie’s Angels has flopped heavily despite high network’s programming viewer anticipation and Facebook Fan Page “likes.” The content expected and as a result viewers are excited to see more has not lived up to viewer expectation. lineup allows you to pick the right partner for your ü  Person of Interest, despite low volume of conversation, is a recommended show ü  CBS dramas have the lowest volume of conversation out of all the new dramas broadcast and online ü  Poppy Montgomery’s acting in Unforgettable is attracting viewer attention ü  All of CBS’s new shows have highly polarized discussions ü  A Gifted Man is tentatively recommended, but based on the low media investments. This ü  Kat Dennings is the reason for watching 2 Broke Girls conversation this program is not a good investment slide provides guidance based on social data for ü  By premiering the shows earlier than other networks, CW shows were able to increase conversation and is the go to ü  H8R is disliked by viewers each of the five broadcast network to reach Millennials ü  Ringer is the most discussed new drama of the fall season ü  The Secret Circle is not making as much of an impact as predicted, and struggles to find viewers that aren’t already The networks based upon their ü  Rachel Bilson and Hart of Dixie reminded fans of early popular WB dramas like Gilmore Girls Vampire Diaries fans news shows premiering in the fall. Go to www.networkedinsights.com/tvreport to buy the complete report that includes every new show on all 5 networks. ©  2011    Networked  Insights  
  2. 2. New Fall ShowsSummaryü  CW shows, particularly Ringer, had the largest amount of pre-air conversationü  CW and NBC shows with early season premieres gave them a great advantage and their conversation is higher than the other networksü  The X Factor premiere had the largest impact on the FOX network conversationü  Despite ABC shows having the largest number of Facebook fans and CBS the lowest number of “likes”, new shows for both networks performed the same in the overall conversation  Network-Level Comparison ABC  120,000     CW  show  premieres   CBS CW  releases  new  show  trailers   CW  100,000     FOX  80,000     The  X  Factor  premiered    60,000      40,000      20,000      -­‐         8/27   8/29   8/31   9/2   9/4   9/6   9/8   9/10   9/12   9/14   9/16   9/18   9/20   9/22   9/24   9/26   Go to www.networkedinsights.com/tvreport to buy the complete report that includes every new show on all 5 networks. ©  2011    Networked  Insights  
  3. 3. New Fall Comedies Summary ü  The early premieres generated higher conversation ü  Free Agents had more conversation during the premiere and afterwards than Up All Night, a large majority of that conversation was discussing the show’s poor performance and the chances of its cancellation ü  Of all the new comedies to premiere, Whitney had the weakest and most negative conversation ü  2 Broke Girls and New Girl’s content and performances are frequently compared, but due to volume and sentiment 2 Broke Girls is the clear winner Show-Level Comparison  30,000     Season  Premiere    25,000     2 Broke Girls Free Agents  20,000     New Girl Season  Premieres   Up All Night  15,000     Some  blogs  menGon  the  plot  of  Free  Agents   Whitney  10,000      5,000      -­‐         8/27   8/29   8/31   9/2   9/4   9/6   9/8   9/10   9/12   9/14   9/16   9/18   9/20   9/22   9/24   9/26   Go to www.networkedinsights.com/tvreport to buy the complete report that includes every new show on all 5 networks. ©  2011    Networked  Insights  
  4. 4. New Fall DramasSummaryü  Dramas generate more conversation than comediesü  The second episode of Ringer had more conversation than any premiere of the new dramasü  The other two CW dramas, Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle, were also highly discussedü  The Playboy Club’s conversations were focused on how viewers disliked the show. As of October 4th, the show was officially cancelled.Show-Level Comparison A Gifted Man Charlies Angels Hart of Dixie Pan Am At a glance see each Person of Interest Prime Suspect Revenge Ringer broadcast network’s lineup of  90,000     New  Ringer  trailer  released   new sows - their genre,  80,000     Ringer  premieres   social impressions, sentiment  70,000     and commentary based on  60,000     research performed for each  50,000     individual program by Season  Premieres    40,000     Networked Insights Analysts  30,000     who specialize developing  20,000     strategies to optimize  10,000     broadcast advertising.  -­‐         8/27   9/3   9/10   9/17   9/24   Go to www.networkedinsights.com/tvreport to buy the complete report that includes every new show on all 5 networks. ©  2011    Networked  Insights  
  5. 5. Facebook FansSummaryü  Shows with successful premieres, like Pan Am and Up All Night, have the largest post-premiere fan growthü  Shows that flopped with audiences, like Charlie’s Angels and Free Agents, have almost no fan page growth post-premiereü  Charlie’s Angels and The Playboy Club also prove that having lots of Facebook fans does not guarantee a show will win over viewers; the show’s content is still kingü  ABC shows on average have the highest number of fans while CBS shows on average have the least amountWeek by Week Fan Growth 8/31/2011 9/9/2011 9/16/2011 9/23/2010 9/30/2010 200,000   150,000   100,000   50,000   0   Am els tor ght Ring er ls ie e Gir rt of Dix e Suspe ct h8r d Ma n Pan rlies Ang he X Fac Up All Ni Brok a m Gifte Cha T 2 H Pri A Go to www.networkedinsights.com/tvreport to buy the complete report that includes every new show on all 5 networks. ©  2011    Networked  Insights  
  6. 6. Whitney NBC, Comedy “To me, it seemed like the typical ‘new’ romantic-comedies that NBC has been doing lately. Not my style of TV Summary programming. Whitney Cummings is a lot funnier doing her regular nasty While Whitney had a great lead-in with the season premiere Recommendations stand-up comedy act.“ of The Office, the social conversation related to the show has - Avsforum.com ü  Avoid this program as the GRPs been trending negatively since NBC’s poorly received are being inflated by The “Community premiered after the Office summer ad campaign. This attitude has only increased Office’s season premiere and originally too, and it was the highest dramatically since the premiere. Recently the show was the social conversation is ratings of the shows history, so I dont picked up for a full season by NBC, but due to it’s terrible trending very negatively take those Whitney numbers seriously.“ sentiment it has been picked as our “social turkey.” - Absolutepunk.net “Just saw the pilot for that Whitney Conversation Cummings show on NBC. Good lord,  10,000     the laughs were awful. I could only stand a few minutes of it.“  8,000      6,000     A TOTAL IMPRESSIONS: 71,633 - Imdb.com  4,000     A.  (9/22/11)  –  Season  Premiere    2,000     “One of these things is not like the  -­‐         others: Community, The Office, Parks & 8/27   9/10   9/24   Recreation and Whitney.“ - Democraticunderground.com SenGment   27%   70%   PosiGve   NegaGve   Neutral   Themes Better understand the social Whitney audience developing around unaired broadcast programs to 30%   28%   22%   20%   uncover advertising opportuni- Questionable Fit for TV Good Rating Unreliable Live Audience was Distracting Bad Fit with NBC Comedies ties and better inform ad buyingü  Viewers enjoyed Whitney ü  Viewers suggested other NBC ü  The laughs of the studio ü  Viewers discussed only decisions. This report provides a Cummings and will watch comedies inflated the ratings for audience was hard for some watching Whitney because the show just to see her Whitney viewers to sit through it is on around the other comprehensive profile of fanü  Viewers found that her ü  Advertisements brought viewers in, ü  Viewers discussed that this NBC comedies they prefer sentiment, the volume of online humor was a bad fit for TV but may not keep them style doesn’t fit time slot conversations, the key topics within those conversations and recommendations. Go to www.networkedinsights.com/tvreport to buy the complete report that includes every new show on all 5 networks. ©  2011    Networked  Insights  
  7. 7. MethodologyAudience DefinitionsAudiences  are  defined  by  idenGfying  sites  that  exhibit  strong  contextual  relaGonships  and/or  are  visited  by  users  with  shared  affiniGes.  This  set  of  sites  consists  of  locaGons  that  most  effecGvely  capture  the  audience  engaging  around  topics  within  a  specified  domain.  Defining  an  audience  allows  Networked  Insights  to  reduce  the  noise  prevalent  in  social  media,  including  spam  and  duplicate  data,  allowing  for  idenGficaGon  of  true  insights.    Conversation MetricKeywords  and  phrases  are  used  to  categorize  topics  and  themes  that  appear  in  social  media  conversaGons  on  blogs,  forums,  microblogs  and  social  networking  sites.  Categories  are  idenGfied  by  Networked  Insights’  proprietary  Topic  Discovery  Engine  (TDE)  in  conjuncGon  with  analysis  from  our  social  media  analyGcs  team.    Once  individual  topics  have  been  isolated,  TDE  is  used  to  discover  sub-­‐themes,  and  various  metrics  (post  volume,  impressions,  senGment,  etc.)  are  provided  as  needed  for  each  topic.    ImpressionsImpressions  are  a  calculaGon  of  the  number  of  social  menGons  of  a  product/brand  that  visitors  to  social  networking  sites,  forums,  blogs  and  microblogs  were  exposed  to.    Impressions  provide  an  esGmaGon  of  how  social  media  are  consumed,  are  a  way  to  account  for  the  vast  majority  of  social  media  users  who  do  not  actually  create  posts,  and  enable  us  to  look  beyond  post  counts  to  gain  a  be_er  understanding  of  how  much  social  reach  a  topic  truly  has.    Impressions  are  a  passive  measurement  tool  and  do  not  necessarily  demonstrate  engagement.  As  with  other  basic  metrics,  it  is  important  to  layer  themaGc  insights  upon  impressions  in  order  to  understand  what  drives  the  conversaGon  and  what  acGons  are  required.      SentimentKeywords  are  used  to  describe  brands  and  products.  Each  keyword  is  defined  by  Boolean-­‐search  strings  tuned  to  accurately  capture  volume  of  conversaGon.  RaGngs  of  posiGve,  negaGve  and  neutral  are  assigned  to  a  random  sample  of  posts  in  order  to  gauge  the  senGment  for  a  given  keyword.      Topic DiscoveryA  mathemaGcal  approach  is  used  to  understand  what  themes  drive  conversaGon.  Advanced  clustering  technology  extracts  the  key  sub-­‐themes  expressed  in  the  content  related  to  a  keyword.  A  qualitaGve  analysis  is  included  to  expose  what  is  really  driving  theconversaGon  and  how  different  sub-­‐themes  interconnect.     ©  2011    Networked  Insights