Social Media Networks for Business


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Social Media Networks for Business

  1. 1. The number of social media networks isgrowing rapidly. Facebook, Twitter,Foursquare, and LinkedIn are some newer,more popular platforms just to name a few.For businesses, its important to chooseyour social platform wisely and keep yourultimate business goal in mind.
  2. 2. ?But whats thedifference?This slideshow will cover7 social media platformsthat can be used toaccomplish a marketinggoal and provide specificideas to help you getstarted in your socialmedia marketingcampaign.
  3. 3. Facebook has remained oneof the most popular socialmedia platforms for smallbusinesses trying to createa presence in the socialword. Why?
  4. 4. Everyones on it.
  5. 5. Understanding the purpose ofFacebookIts important to understand thepurpose of Facebook before assumingthat your business should establish apresence in the community.
  6. 6. Facebook is all about stayingconnected, not getting connected.Think about it. How often do you get friendrequests from people youve never met? Facebookisnt a place to meet people or make friends, andthrough effective branding development themajority of users keep it that way.Connecting with businesses is no different.
  7. 7. Benefits of FacebookFor social media marketingAlbumsA lot of businesses, big and small, havetons of pictures on their website. Since a lotof people wont think to check back to thewebsite for new pictures (or dont careenough) these pictures get very little traffic.
  8. 8. Benefits of FacebookFor social media marketingPollsCreating a poll on Facebook can help youget to know your customers and their needs.
  9. 9. Social Media GoalsThat Facebook can help you accomplish • Creating a community • Branding • Customer service • Market research
  10. 10. You can find out what people are talkingabout across the platform by just typing akeyword into the search box. Thisincludes what people are sayingabout your business.
  11. 11. Reputation ManagementTwitter’s search barWith the power of Twitters transparency,businesses have found that it can be a greatplace to respond to negative feedback.Growing companies should practice thisreputation management technique.
  12. 12. Reputation ManagementTwitter’s search barHootsuite and TweetDeck are great resources tohelp you moderate whats happening on Twitter(I use TweetDeck because its free).
  13. 13. Engage with CustomersThrough TwitterI see a lot of companies using Twitter only forthe purpose of responding to users tweets.Small businesses can leverage this techniquefor the purpose of creating a buzz bymonitoring tweets that are relevant to theirproduct or service.
  14. 14. The platform can beused in a lot of ways tofulfill a marketing goalwithout ever evenuploading a video. Infact, you may not evenhave to join.
  15. 15. Quick TipsFor leveraging YouTubeFirst, type your brands name in the search bar.You might already be on YouTube. This is especially true for businessthat host events, and Ive seen examples such as horse shows, musicfestivals, home remodeling companies and even bands.
  16. 16. Quick TipsFor leveraging YouTubeWant to post videos?Putting a video on your site with you just talkingabout what makes you different can make peoplefeel emotionally connected to your company. Thisis a great technique for conversion whether youoffer a product or a service because people canunderstand so much more about your businessvalues from seeing your face.
  17. 17. Make Yourself PersonalWith a videoWe see more and more dentists putting videos ontheir site.With a video, people can get a feeling for how thephysician communicates, what he believes in,and decide quickly whether or not that is a personthey would be willing to invest their trust in.
  18. 18. "LinkedIn... you mean the job networking site?"No, I mean the company networking platform. Even though a lot ofindividuals joined the network because there were job postings, LinkedInhas a greater purpose."Over 120 million professionals use LinkedIn toexchange information, ideas and opportunities"According to their website, LinkedIn exists for the purpose of allowing you to: 1. Stay informed about your contacts and industry 2. Find the people & knowledge you need to achieve your goals 3. Control your professional identity online
  19. 19. Should I be on LinkedIn?Does your business offer a product orservice to other businesses?If you answer is Yes, then get on LinkedIn.
  20. 20. Boom. Done.
  21. 21. The Reciprocation EffectFind people youve done business with and writerecommendations.Write recommendations for the people who haveused your service and talk about yourexperience with them. Theyll love it, and bemore willing to recommend you as well.
  22. 22. Google+At the moment, Google+isnt allowing brand pages.Some companies,however, have beeninvited to the platform andcan give us a good idea ofwhat brand pages will looklike in the future.
  23. 23. First, proceed with caution.Breaking Googles terms and conditions couldresult in termination of your entire Googleaccount, which means no Analytics, Adwords,or other recourses you already depend on.
  24. 24. How to get on Google+ nowAnd get ahead of the gameTake a look at what we do and also look at what Mashable does.There are a few things you can do now to get started. Create organizedcircles, try chat groups, and +1 publicly.
  25. 25. To read detailed informationregarding the social media networksalready listed and more platforms notcovered in this slideshow,click here.
  26. 26. Thanks for reading!-Netwirks team