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Case study e bay

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Neurosciences Expertise for Bottom-Line Results | Case Study |

Neurosciences Expertise for Bottom-Line Results | Case Study |

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  • 1. Answer centreEvolution and results
  • 2. ProblemMetrics “Can count on eBay to help w/ problems” (GUSS) much too low eBay provides several ways to get help but fails at making them visible, relevant (targeted) and comprehensiveFurther engage the community by leveraging “member-help- member”Too many avoidable CS contactsUsers do not make the difference between help content and other useful content on the site the way we doFinding the new information hubs is very difficult2
  • 3. ObjectivesIncrease GUSS satisfaction metric by 4%Increase the Member help Member supportDecrease the exit rate by 15%Decrease the number of avoidable CS contacts by 10%3
  • 4. Internal attempt: “going green design” Fold-out menu’s targeting 3 different user segments: • New (0 Feedback) • Beginner (< 5 Feedback) • Experienced (> 5 Feedback) Provide three types of content: • FAQ’s relevant for that segment (for buyers and sellers) • Different ways of contacting eBay (Help > Forums > CS) • Information per theme (short intro of most important hubs) Remove search box4
  • 5. Results of “going green design”Exit rate increased by 10%Highly erratic behaviour clicking in the header or the footer, leaving the page, …People want a search box They tried to use the category search box that still featured in the top cornerUsers did not open other sections Based on user profile, a certain section was already open. Users did not switch sections This  is  why  we  contacted  Netway5
  • 6. New help index page 3 buckets Buy, Sell, My Account Top questions centrally featured Member-help-member links Links to most popular boards Search box moved To right nav, to avoid confusion with general search box Contact us links moved Also to right nav Links not underlined This would create a completely underlined page, which tires the eyes too much6
  • 7. Overall resultsObjectives Obtained resultsusers’ satisfaction rate must increase by 4% users’ satisfaction rate increased by 9%members helping level must increase by 1.7% members helping level increase by 10%exit rate must decrease by 15% exit rate decrease by 15%help and support calls must decrease by 10% help and support calls decrease by 29% 7
  • 8. ® Do you want the same results ? Contact usMarc Van Rymenant Alain Dewispelaere CEO & Founder Sales Director +352 621 31 22 07 +352 621 31 22 04 except where otherwise noted, content on this presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License 8
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  • 10. Having the right elements is not enough … ® Simplifying interfaces. TM except where otherwise noted, content on this presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License