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Team 1 midterm_w4_report_v2
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Team 1 midterm_w4_report_v2


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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement

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  • 1. II. Conceptualizing A. Designing a representation of the target system Based on the problems what we found before, the conception of smart fridge is easy as a smart householder. The idea of smart fridge is proposed to make users’ live easier. The main features of smart fridge include foods detection, expiration date record and notice, shopping list generation, online shopping and recipe recommendation. Descriptions of each feature are going to be extended in the following part. Three main part of hardware are going to be used to support this project. Firstly, the main hardware is the refrigerator. The fridge has a large touch screen on its door, LED status light, speaker, sensors and video detectors. It also has internet connection to access the server. The hardware allows users to do interaction directly. Secondly, the server controls the data exchange between the fridge and the user. The cloud server makes data flow easier. The manufacture also uses the cloud server to update firewall and expiration data base. Thirdly, we talk about user’s client. User can use their devices to get information from the server, whatever they use their personal computer, tablet, cell phone, and any devices have internet connection. B. Building objects and actions (defined abstractly and broadly) The design of “Smart Refrigerator” focuses on improving users’ life quality and user experience on fresh food shopping and storage. Fridge door is going to be used as a large display that allows users to do interaction. There is no existing solution in existed products for users’ needs in detecting foods, automatically generated shopping lists, and online shopping. 1. Hardware Support As the description of representation, the whole smart fridge system has three main objects. The three objects interact with the user, four elements acts to each other and get the information they need.
  • 2. Figure  2.1  Hardware  Support 2. Main Features The smart fridge is proposed to have five main features: foods detection, expiration date record and notice, shopping list generation, online shopping and recipe recommendation. The function of each feature is described as follows. l Detect food The smart refrigerator will generate item list by scanning shopping receipt. When a user removes an item from refrigerator, the refrigerator will detect the item by Video Image Detection (VID) technology. l Record expiration and notice users An expiration database is built into the refrigerator system. Expiration for each unique kind of food has been set in the system. After a shopping receipt is scanned, the system will start to calculate. When an item is close to its expiration date, the system will notice user. l Generate shopping list The system generates shopping list with users’ shopping habits and detecting the stock, by artificial intelligence. The system concludes a user’s shopping habits by saving and comparing a user’s shopping receipts. l Fresh food online shopping function
  • 3. Connect to e-commerce providers, such as and, the system supports online shopping function. The system predicts the food users may need in the following days, and suggests users to purchase on time. l Recipe Recommendation Recipe function helps users to make a good use of the food in fridge. Different recipes will also help users to improve their cooking skills. Recipes are mainly generated in three ways, cooking style, foods in fridge and foods expire soon. Users can set up their cooking style and choose from different recipes. After detecting foods in the fridge, the fridge will search in its database and then find out healthy recipes that can make good use of the foods. C. General proposal of the product’s objects and interactions 1. General Concept, Appearance, and Interface Metaphor l General Concept: The main system is built in a refrigerator, supporting touch input method and some display functions (screen and status lights). Fridge door is going to be used as a large touch screen that allows users to do interaction. The visible interface is based on functional design, with an easier interaction with the system. The system not only allows users to storage and organize food in fridge, but also detect food expiration and recommend shopping list and recipes for them intelligently. After users confirm online shipping orders, the system will help them to place the order automatically. Recipe function helps users to make a good use of the food in fridge, especially the food expiration date is coming soon. Data about users shopping habits and food storage are stored in server database, which provides a reliable backup for the main system. It also provides interaction intermediary for the user and system. The system can be automatically updated via the server. The manufacture also update the database (food expiration data, food nutrition fact data) to the server to make sure the system gets the latest version every day.
  • 4. l Appearance: Tablet  allows  users     l Confirm  online  shopping  orders   l l Review  recipes   Check  pop-­‐out  messages   LED   Screen   display   food  in  fridge   Change   color   when   there   are   massages  that  need  to  be  check.   Figure  2.2  Hardware  interface l Interface Metaphor: Fridge display: fridge shelf. Online shopping function: shopping cart. 2. Physical Components Screen (fridge door): A large, bright, touchable screen is necessary for a basic input interface for the system. LED status light: The LED lights show status in different color. The status includes food expiration, doors aren’t closed, connect error, etc…… Speaker: The mono speaker provides notice sound (food expiration, and warning
  • 5. status). It happens when the user open the fridge door. Door / Video detector / Sensors: The sensors and video detector records the food with VID (Video identify detection) technology. When user open and close the door, VID system will auto detect the difference. It also shows the message on the screen, user needs to confirm. The system also has learning module, it figures out the difference from the items in its database.