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Facebook contest creation is a ten-part process but can become a massive lead generation tool for any business. There are ways to target your customers even if you give away no-targeted prizes, such as a $1,000 Walmart card! View our presentation slides for more information on how many leads you can generate through creating a viral Facebook contest of your own.

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  • Welcome everyone! I’m “Chatty Cathie” and I’m here to show you how to create a Facebook contest application.
  • Facebook has over 800 million loyal users. By hosting your contest on Facebook, you can gain an extremely targeted audience. Learn how to create a contest on Facebook.
  • If used correctly, a Facebook contest how to canbecome a massive lead generation tool. Whether your goal is to get more fans or collect Facebook login email addresses, yourFacebook contest can go viral!
  • If you want to know how to create a contest onFacebook, so your ad will land on your contest page, where there will be an incentive to “like” your page.To enter yourFacebook contest, each participant will be automatically entered into your autoresponder, resulting in new fans and subscribers.
  • Here are a few examples of how to create a contest on Facebook.
  • Mastercard launched theirFacebook contest in January to run through December, 2012. Just imagine how many subscribers they will accumulate over the next year!First, you have to “like” their page. Learn how to create a Facebook contest like this.
  • Then, you still have to enter theFacebook contestapplication.
  • During this process, you need to allow them to access your basic Facebook information. You must do this to enter the contest on Facebook.
  • Then, they still want you to sign up for their winner notification system.Facebook contest applications aren’t enough! This way, they might be able to get yet another email address from you, as well as your telephone number.
  • Here’s how yourFacebook contest will go viral. That’s why you want to learn how to create a contest on Facebook right? So you can create a viral contest on Facebook? As soon as you “like” their page, they will post an advertisement on your Facebook wall for all your friends to see. Each time they post a status update, these posts will appear on your wall.
  • Let’s take a look at some recentconversions of a viral Facebook contest. This contest was 30 days in duration and generated over 20,000 clicks. Resulting in nearly 3,000 registrations, and ultimately 134 sales which brought in over $100,000 in profits.
  • This contest generated 42,092 leads in just three weeks. This was a good example of a viral Facebook contest.
  • This campaign was a little more targeted, and brought in 500 leads. This is a viral Facebook contest, but much more limited to targeted consumers. Each lead averaged $51, so their overall profit was in excess of $25,000.
  • This pizza company created a buzz in their area, by creating a viral Facebook contest, and brought in over 3,000 leads their first week just by people sharing it with their friends.
  • Remember the pink profiles? Telus donated $1 toward the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign last year and is a good example of a viral Facebook contest because for every fan that turned their profile pink, and generated over $250,000 in two weeks. That’s a viral contest on Facebook!
  • Herbal Essance targeted females and gave away shampoo products. Their campaign went viral to the point where they were bringing in 30 fans every 2 seconds! This is a great example of how a contest goes viral. This is a viral contest on Facebook that went wild!
  • Any business can create a buzz through a viral Facebookcontest. You can give something away from your business, or even offer a $500 Walmart gift card!
  • Hotels can give away vacations so their Facebook contest can go viral. It’s easy to make a viral Facebook contest once targeted visitors start sharing!
  • Restaurants can give away free food and drinks or a even a party. If you want a viral Facebook contest, the better the offer, the more people will sign up.
  • Imagine how many targeted leads a dentist can generate by giving away free dental work for a year for an entire family. This company can host a viral Facebook contest for all the families in their area.
  • Any business can create a viralFacebook contest and target their audience right down to their zip code.
  • If you want to learn how to create a contest on Facebook, there are ten steps to creating a viral Facebookcontest, from brainstorming what your contest is going to be about to the prizes you are going to give away.
  • You need to take into consideration your desired outcome, who your targeted audience is, and even your advertising budget before you proceed in creating a viral Facebook contest so that it will meet your needs.
  • Then, narrow down your choices from each list. Inlearning how to create a Facebook contest, there are many lists you’ll have to create in order to narrow them down to the right choice.
  • You’ll not only need to determine yourtimeline and deadline, but also take into consideration the viral Facebook contest rules and other compliance requirements to run your contest on Facebook.
  • You’ll need to plan what yourFacebook contest will look like, if you’ll use images you have or have custom graphics created. There are a lot of graphics with buttons and arrows that go into learning how to create a Facebook contest.
  • You should consider a video to encourage more participants to enter and turn into a viral Facebook contest.
  • You will not only need to write your ad and email copy, but you’ll also need to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. Facebook contest app, custom tab, email addresses, will all need to be spell checked, for example.
  • Do you already have an email list or a lot of Facebook fans, or are you going to advertise via Facebook? Facebook contests will gather a lot of fans through Facebook ads.
  • Facebook ads are extremely targeted, right down to your preferred zip codes, but someone will need to set up and manage the ads…. Or are you going to do a viral Facebook contest yourself?
  • As with Facebook ads, someone will need to setup and manage your contest application, your page tab, and implement and test all the graphics. A viral Facebook contest needs to be managed to ensure that it goes viral very quickly to be successful.
  • When you determine your overall budget for your Facebookcontest. The average cost is between $5,000 to $10,000 but could be as little as $2,500 or less, depending on what you allocate for app creation, graphics, video, advertising and management.
  • Now you need to think about whether you are going to run a viral Facebook contest on your own, or hire a professional to do it for you. You could waste time checking around, or contact us for our best price today.
  • We are currently running a special for new clients, and offering 50% offFacebook contest creation services. These services normally cost between $1,500 and $3,000 as a basic fee, but for a limited time only, we are offering a custom contest application for just $795.Contact us today to discuss your goals. You can either call us at (877) 786-9576, or click on the link below for more information. While we can’t include a “share button” on this video presentation, allow me to remind you that if you know of someone else that might be interested in setting up a viral Facebook contest or sweepstakes campaign, do them a favor and forward them a link to this video. Thanks for watching!
  • How to Create a Facebook Contests

    1. 1. How to Create a “Viral” Facebook Contest Appfor Massive Lead Generation
    2. 2. Why Facebook?• Reaches Everybody (800+ Million Users);• Average User Spends 30 Minutes Per Day;• Extremely Advanced Targeting;• Massive Lead Generation;• National Branding;• Local Business CommunityBuilding.
    3. 3. Why Facebook Contests?Massive Lead Generation Tool:• Customized FB Ad to Target Your Audience;• AddsMore “Likes” to Your FB Page;• Get FB Log-In EmailAddresses;• Attention Grabber GoesViral on Their Wall;• People Start Talking About Your Page…
    4. 4. Facebook Contest Marketing•Facebook Ad;• Custom Landing Page;• Incentive to “Like” Your Page;• Sign Up for Offer via Your Autoresponder;• Results in (1) New Fans and (2) Subscribers;• Lather, Rince& Repeat…
    5. 5. Here Are a Few Examples:
    6. 6. They Acquire Your Information
    7. 7. Here’s the MagicWhen Someone Enters the Contest, It Automatically Postson Their Facebook Wall - for all Their Friends to See:• The Post Stands Out From All Other Posts;• It Includes Whatever Image You Want to Display; and• Advertises for You In a “Viral” Fashion With a Full Description and aDirect Link to Enter Your Contest!
    8. 8. Contest Conversion Example 1:Here is a Report From One Contest in 30 Days:• Over 20,000 Clicks;• 7,037 Registration Clicks;• 2,937 Actual Registrations;• 1,856 Unique Sales Clicks;• 134 Sales at 7.2% Conversion Rate;• Over $100,000 ($102,998) in Profits!
    9. 9. Contest Conversion Example 2:• This Contest Generated Over 40,000 Leads!
    10. 10. Contest Conversion Example 3:
    11. 11. Contest Conversion Example 4:Small Pizza Company in Localized Area:• Ran a Facebook Contest for Free Pizza;• Generated 3,000+ Leads in Its First Week;• Their Facebook Contest Went “Viral” Throughout Their Area – Just by Facebook Users Sharing it With All Their Friends!
    12. 12. Contest Conversion Example 5:Remember the Pink Profiles last November?• Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign;• Telus Donated $1 for Every Fan that Turned Their Profile Picture Pink;• In Just Two Weeks, $250,000 Was Generated from 250,000 Facebook Fans!
    13. 13. Contest Conversion Example 6:Herbal Essence’ Campaign:• Targeting Females Between 25-45;• Gave Away Shampoo Products;• Their Facebook Contest Went “Viral”…Generating 30 Facebook Fans Every 2 Seconds!See How Effective This Could Be for Your Business?
    14. 14. Contest Conversion Example 7:What Could a Facebook Contest Do for You?• Restaurants Can Give Away a Family Meal;• Hotels Can Give Away Weekends;• Airlines Can Give Away Round-Trip Air Fare;• Department Stores Can Give Away Gift Cards;• Anyone Can Give Away a Walmart Gift Card, iPads, Androids, or even Free Gas!
    15. 15. What Could You Give Away?
    16. 16. What Could You Give Away?
    17. 17. What Could You Give Away?
    18. 18. Any Business Can Start a Buzz
    19. 19. 10 Steps to a FB Contest• Brainstorming;• Choosing from List(s) of Choices;•DeterminingPrize(s);• Implementing Custom Application;• Setting up FB or Other Advertising;• Custom Graphics, Buttons, Etc.
    20. 20. Facebook Contest – Phase 1Brainstorming More Detailed Particulars:•Desired Outcome;• Determine Who is Your TargetedAudience;• List of Contest Ideas& Prize Ideas;• Identify Platform/Hosting Options; and• Outlining Your Budget for Each Phase.
    21. 21. Facebook Contest – Phase 2Narrowing Down theParticulars:• Choose Contest Type;• Choose Prize(s) or Giveaway(s);• Choose Primary Promotion Activities;• Choose ContestName; and• Choose a Voting Style.
    22. 22. Facebook Contest – Phase 3Facebook Compliance Issues:• Determine Your Timeline/Deadline;•Outline Your Contest’s “Official Rules”;•Outline a Summary / Description; and• Write a Privacy Statement;• Write Out the Terms of Service for Your Contest;•Outline YourGuidelines for the Contest.
    23. 23. Facebook Contest – Phase 4Custom Tab & Overall Graphic Design:• Create Contest Logo and Design;• Create Images of Each of the Prizes;• Create A Branded Custom Contest Page Tab;• Create Buttons (Enter Contest/Share);• Include Leaderboard (“Who is Winning” List);•Create Email Opt-inForm Code.
    24. 24. Facebook Contest – Phase 5Video Introduction/Details of the Contest:• Create an Engaging Script;•Shoot the Video; and• Edit the Video.This in Itself is a Great Deal of Work!
    25. 25. Facebook Contest – Phase 6Write/Edit Copy (Everything in Writing):• Custom Tab;•Welcome Email;•Reminder Emails;• Winner Announcement Email; and• Thanks for participating Email.
    26. 26. Facebook Contest – Phase 7Determine Promotional Methods:•Networking Methods Currently Available;• Fans, Email List, Newsletter, Website; In-Store or On-Site Consumers;•Facebook Ads for Targeted Audience.
    27. 27. Facebook Contest – Phase 8If Promoting Via Facebook Ads:• Determine Who Will Manage Ads;• Determine Your Budget ($100/Day or $__/Day);•Create FB Ad for Targeted Area / FB Audience;• Determine an Effective “Attention Grabber” Image;• Narrowing it Down Even Further;•Manage FB Advertising (Tweak Ad for Greater Response,tweak for more targeted audience).
    28. 28. Facebook Contest – Phase 9Creation, Maintenance&Management:• Determine Who Will Manage Your Contest;• Custom App Creation;• Graphics Contest Page + Video, Buttons, Entry;•Test Buttons, Video, Entry (All Possible Links).
    29. 29. Facebook Contest – Phase 10Determining Your Budget:• Custom Contest Creation $1,500-$3,000(+);• Custom Graphics $495-$995;• Custom Video Creation $495-$995;•FB Advertising ($100/day for __ days);• FB Ad Management $349-$495/week;• Contest Management $349-$495/week;
    30. 30. Where Do You Go From Here?Your “Decision Making” Process!• Are You Going to Run a Contest on Your Own?• Search for Someone to Do it For You?• Waste Time Comparing Prices?• Put it Off Until You Have Time to Do It?• Or, Contact Us for Our Very Best Price Today?
    31. 31. Our Contest Creation Service:We Are Offering “50% Off” For a Limited Time Only:• Contest App Implementation Alone Normally CostsAnywhere from $1,500-$3,000.• For a Limited Time Only, We Are Offering a CustomFacebook Contest App Creation for Just $795.• Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Goals.• Call Us @ (877) 786-9576(Or, For More Information, Click on the Link Below.)