Servicedesk plus 8 Overview


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Apresentação do ServiceDesk Plus, solução completa para gerenciamento de helpdesk, aderente ao ITIL. Além das tarefas normais de controle de chamados, possui Catálogo de Serviços, GMUD, Gestão de Problemas, Base de Conhecimento e agora com Gerenciamento de Projetos de TI

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Servicedesk plus 8 Overview

  1. 1. ServiceDesk Plus Overview Rodrigo Miranda Certified Professional ManageEngine Netrunner Tecnologia
  2. 2. ServiceDesk Plus HelpDesk • Ticketing • SLA • Knowledge Base Asset Mgmt • Discovery • CMDB • Software & license Mgmt ITIL Processes • Service Catalog • Incident Mgmt • Problem Mgmt • Change Mgmt Completely Web Based
  3. 3. Working with ServiceDesk Plus
  4. 4. Users- Technician/Requester Other User based functionalities Active Directory LDAP CSV Import Manual Addition Modes of Importing Users Users are classified as Requesters & Technicians Predefined & Custom Roles User & Technician Grouping
  5. 5. Channels of Creating a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus o Email o Phone Call o Self Service Portal o Network Monitoring Tool Integration o API Integration o Web Portal o Email Command
  6. 6. Automations In ServiceDesk Plus
  7. 7. Automations Automatic Ticket Dispatch Business Rules Service Level Agreement Notification Rules Preventive Maintenance
  8. 8. 1.Automatic Ticket dispatch Round Robin Load Balancing Distributes equally to all technician Distributes based on the technicians load
  9. 9. 2.Business Rules o Allows you to customize workflow o Follows an Event / Condition / Action model o Automating Dispatch with Groups and Business Rules o Categorize your Frequent occurring tickets.
  10. 10. 3.Service Level Agreement o Four Levels of Proactive Escalations o Response based Escalation o Set up Rules based on many available criteria
  11. 11. 4.Notification Rules o Requester/ Technician based Notification o Alerts for Incident, Problem, Change & Asset mgmt o Both SMS & Email Alerts
  12. 12. Operational Hours Holidays Departments Users and User Groups Requests Business Rules Service Level Agreements Assets Reports Site-based Configuration Sites provide you with the flexibility of configuring various aspects in your site
  13. 13. Service Catalog In ServiceDesk Plus
  14. 14. Service Catalog o Showcase all the offered services like a Menu Card o Configure Workflow for each Service Category o Set up Approval process specific to each Service Request
  15. 15. Incident Mgmt In ServiceDesk Plus
  16. 16. Incident Management • Reduction of incidents improves quality of service • Improve quality of Service by tracking SLA performances. • Improve productivity with efficient incident workflows
  17. 17. Knowledge Base • Search Solutions with simple keywords • Individual Knowledge Base for Requesters & technicians • Approve each solutions on addition • Categorize the solutions specific to topic.
  18. 18. Problem Mgmt In ServiceDesk Plus
  19. 19. Problem Management Purpose • Eliminate Root cause • Avoid repetitive Incidents Engagement Rules • Multiple Incidents • Unknown Error
  20. 20. Change Mgmt In ServiceDesk Plus
  21. 21. Change Management Purpose of Change To ensure structured procedures are followed to implement all IT infrastructure changes in a low risk and controlled manner. Change Types Changes can be classified based on their severity. We can customize the color coding and also set necessity of Approval for each change type. Change Advisory Board CAB is a group of experts/advisors who can recommend on the change proceedings, both requesters & technicians can be part of CAB. Change Manager He is the key decision maker of the change request, who has the authority to approve or reject a change.
  22. 22. Asset Mgmt In ServiceDesk Plus
  23. 23. Asset Management Operating Systems • Windows • Mac • Linux • Unix IP Devices • Printer • Switches • Router • Access Points & more Software • List of all s/w • Software Licensing • Software Usage
  24. 24. Modes of Asset Discovery • For Windows Machines only Windows Domain Scan • For Windows, Linux, Mac Os & other IP Devices • Ability to Scan a Range of IPsNetwork Scan • Light Weight Agent to scan Accurate Details Agent Based Scanning • Scan remote networks and with an AE installation in the remote N/WDistributed Asset Scan • Scan a workstation which is not in the N/w by running a script.Stand alone Scan • Import from a excel or CSV file Import From CSV
  25. 25. CMDB Relationships Find Relationship between Asset/Services Find out who is affected when a Service goes down
  26. 26. Software Categories in ServiceDesk Plus Managed Excluded Unidentified Prohibited Freeware Shareware Categorize your software into different software types
  27. 27. Software Licensing and Metering License Types supported Metering Rarely Used Occasionally Used Frequently Used Manage your software licenses as Individual or Enterprise license and track the software usage on each workstations Individual Enterprise OEM Concurrent Node locked Volume CAL
  28. 28. Software Compliance in ServiceDesk Plus Compliant Over Licensed Under Licensed
  29. 29. Purchase Order lifecycle
  30. 30. Contract Management Maintenance Contract Create and Track Contract with your Vendors Attached Scanned Copies of the Actual Contract Timely Reminders for Renewing the Contracts
  31. 31. Other key features • Robo technician – Auto password Reset tool • API Integration • Mobile Client • Survey • Flash Reports
  32. 32. In-built Reports More than 100 canned reports in all possible modules and categories More than 100 inbuilt Reports Get Reports on the Fly
  33. 33. Dashboards
  34. 34. Customized Reports Customize Reports on your own Choose what you want to see Multiple options to view Reports
  35. 35. Query Reports Graphical Representation of Data Structure Create your own Query for Reports
  36. 36. Scheduling and Exporting Reports Schedule Inbuilt or Custom Report Support Multiple Formats
  37. 37. Mobile Client for iPhone and PDAs
  38. 38. Editions  Trouble Ticketing  Multi –Site Support  Self-Service Portal  SLA Management  Business Rules  Reports Standard Edition +  Asset & Inventory Management Software Asset Management  Purchase Mgmt.  Contract Mgmt.  Software License Compliance Professional Edition +  Incident Mgmt. Service Catalog  Problem Mgmt.  Change Mgmt.  CMDB All Purpose Help Desk Software IT Help Desk + Asset Management ITIL Ready Help Desk Software Standard Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
  39. 39. ServiceDesk Plus Advantage No Modules Integrated. Out of the box ITIL – Implementation in less than 5 Days Almost all the major features of the Big 4 And Of Course, the price
  40. 40. The Elite List And few thousands more…
  41. 41. Thank You • Website – • For Technical Queries (11) 4964-6060