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Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
Intelli Finger Presentation
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Intelli Finger Presentation


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IntelliFinger Presentation

IntelliFinger Presentation

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  • 06/08/09
  • Transcript

    • 1. eMedicalFiles, Inc. December 2008 Hector Reyes, MD, MBA Sr. Vice President IntelliFinger Presentation
    • 2. eMedicalFiles, Inc. Objective
      • Update on the Regulatory Requirements
      • Provide a Snapshot of the Unique Technology
      • Demonstrate how IntelliFinger™ provides a:
        • Global Patient Identifier
        • Controls Costs and Improves Operations
        • Improvement in Revenue Cycle Management:
          • Real Time Insurance Eligibility Checking
          • Reducing Insurance Fraud and Abuse
          • Better Identity Management of Charitable Care
    • 3. Growing Importance of Electronic Health Data Exchange
      • 1996 HIPAA requires Privacy and Security
        • Enforced in 2004
      • April of 2004 Bush Mandate for a Nation EHR
        • Enforced by 2014
      • CCHIT Certifies the First EHR in 2006
        • Renew every 3 years
      • 2007 Office of the National Coordinator (ONC)
        • Requires biometrics by 2010
      IntelliFinger™ is in full compliance or enabled
    • 4. Pending Regulatory Requirements
      • In 2007, the Office of the National Coordinator of Healthcare Information Technology (ONC) recommended to the CCHIT that an EHR be required to:
        • Have the capability to capture a unique physical identifier, such as a photo and/or a biometric to validate patient identification by 2009
        • Demonstrate in the EHR system the ability to support biometrics or tokens as the minimum e-authorization by 2010
      IntelliFinger™ fully meets or exceeds these requirements
    • 5. Biometric Scanner IntelliFinger™ Patient Authentication Image Processing Template Biometric Capture Secure Storage Image Unique Patient Identifier
    • 6. IntelliFinger™ Image Processing Biometric finger image immediately converted to mathematical data string of 0’s and 1’s that cannot be reverse engineered to match a finger image. Protected Health Information Secure Data Warehouse Web-Based 24/7 Anywhere IntelliFinger ™ Biometric Scanner Real-time Patient Authentication
    • 7. Product Form-Factors
      • Form Factors to Meet Any Environment
        • Biometric Scanner
        • Touch Screen
        • Camera
        • Mag Stripe Reader
        • Document Scanner
        • Bar Code Scanner
        • Mobile Unit / Wi-Fi
        • Printer
        • All in one device
    • 8. Patient Benefits Advisor™
    • 9.
      • Connectivity to Legacy System
        • Successful with 8 Provided Test Hospital ID’s
      • Ease of IntelliFinger™ Biometric Enrollment
        • Improved Check-In & Check-Out Streamlining Operations and Revenue Cycle Management
      • Reduction in Duplicative Patient Records
        • Demonstrated (see next slide)
      Benefits from Integration
    • 10. Unique Patient Identifier applied biometrically to link previous duplicate records and to prevent it from occurring in the future Duplicate Record Reduction/Avoidance
    • 11. System Architecture Physical Diagram
    • 12. IntelliFinger™ Summary
        • IntelliFinger™ the Biometric Authentication and Identity Manager that :
          • Definitively identifies patient at initial enrollment and subsequent visits.
          • Reduces risk and improves operations.
          • Reduces fraud, abuse and creates a timed dated audit trail.
          • Speeds up the patient registration process reducing wait times.
          • Promotes better revenue cycle management.
          • Automated real time insurance eligibility at point of care.
          • Complies with federal recommendations for 2009 and 2010
    • 13.