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Netquest Online Panels are the first regional panels recruited by invitation only in Iberia (Spain, Portugal) and Latin America (17 countries).

"We are totally commited to providing scientific and representative online samples in LatAm & Iberia, developing high quality panels for market researchers worldwide". Germán Loewe - Netquest CEO

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Netquest Panel Presentation 2010

  1. 1. Advanced Online Panels 1 Advanced Online Panels LatAm & Iberia netquest
  2. 2. Advanced Online Panels 2 About Netquest Propietary technology for survey software and panel management. A team of highly skilled survey scripters handling complex survey designs. Programación Informes online Online Panels recruited “by invitation only” and managed locally by country experts in Latinamerica and Iberia. Offices Spain Portugal Mexico Brazil Argentina Independent fieldwork provider with local panel operations in Spain, México and Brazil and 10 years of experience. 55 Employees Last update: oct 2010
  3. 3. Advanced Online Panels 3 Our mission and values LATAM & IBERIA We are specialists in the Latinamerica and Iberia regions with proprietary panels, with expertise providing sample for international global companies. INDEPENDENT We work for the main research agencies in LATAM and IBERIA as a “fieldwork only” provider. We do not provide full-service research to end clients. QUALITY High quality in sample delivery is our main objective. With our “by-invitation-only” recruitment process, we avoid professional panelists and minimize the bias of online sampling. At the same time, we are totally committed to providing scientific and representative online samples.
  4. 4. Advanced Online Panels 4 Netquest is not… ≠ We are not a MARKET RESEARCH COMPANY ≠ We are not a EMAILING COMPANY / ONLINE AGENCY / ONLINE COMUNITY • Survey scripting (own tech.) • Data Hosting • Incentives • Online reports ONLINE FIELDWORK Market researcherDATA ANALYSIS Market researcherProject design
  5. 5. Advanced Online Panels 5 Our decissions for quality in our Panels 3 E-survey regarding specific interests is conducted: Candidates receive a personal and unique invitation to participate in the survey, and no incentive is previously announced (again to minimize self-selection) . 4 Would you like to become a member? At the end of the survey, respondents are offered one possibility of becoming members of Netquest. At this point, we incentive registration in order to maximize convertion rates. 2 Candidates are selected: Netquest chooses the profiles that better represent the spanish population and invites them to participate in a survey related to the interests of the portal where they are registered (to minimize self-selection and professional panelists)  40% to 65% response rate in every project  Highly profiled panelists: more than 200 variables p.p.  Multisource Recruitment: 200+ websites  Strict Quality Measures to avoid professional respondents  Survey incentivated with gifts (no sweepstakes) Actively Recruited (“by invitation only”) members, pre- identified from validated databases avoiding Spam.  Recruitment is the key to quality We do not use monetary incentive to avoid undesirable bias and panelist profesionalization. Panelists receive points and exchange them in our panel plattform for very valuable presents. Every survey and filtered out is rewarded with points. Netquest Panel Plattform  No Monetary Incentive  “By-invitation-only” How it works 1 Websites with registered users: we close Agreements with a wide range of website types in order to reach highly representative segments of the population. Some examples:
  6. 6. Advanced Online Panels 6 Panels in LatAm & IBERIA  Speciallist sub-panels Design, Recruitment and Incentivation are managed locally. This yields high quality samples, fast completion times and lower costs.  Local Panel Operations Own Panels in: Brazil:Spain N=120.000 R.R.=40% Portugal N=13.000 R.R=65% México N=50.000 R.R=55% N=45.000 R.R=65% Other Panels in development: Healthcare Panels 3.000 Physicians in Spain 40+ specialities 12.000 Patients in Spain 31+ illnesses Continuous Profiling PROFILING Filter-outs / Quotafulls Basic Profile Telecommunications Healthcare Household Videogamers Retail Finance/ Banking Media/ Technology Beverages/ tobacco Work – B2B Automobile – Motorbikes Travel Filtered-out and Quota-Full panellists are invited to answer additional questions on diferent information modules: Last update: oct 2010
  7. 7. Advanced Online Panels 7 Key strategies that guarantee our quality  40% to 65% response rate  Longer permanence in the panel = more profiling variables identified  Multisource recruitment: Phone-to-Web, Online, Postal  Strict quality measures to avoid professional respondents Active recruitment (“by invitation only”). Allows to directed recruitment of desired targets, pre-identified from validated databases. 1 - Controlled Recruitment We do not use monetary incentives to avoid bias and panelist professionalization. Panelists receive points, redeemable in our proprietary platform for valuable presents. Every survey pays points, even when filtered out. 2 - No Monetary Incentive 3 – Local Management • We invest in completely functional and autonomous offices in every significant market where we conduct business. • This assures that the panel is built, maintained and incentivized by local people and in perfect fit with local reality and needs. • The result is not just being close to our client, but being also close to our panelist. This builds trust that transform into quicker and more sincere responses.
  8. 8. Advanced Online Panels 8 What makes us different
  9. 9. Advanced Online Panels 9 By invitation only • No duplicated panellists • Less Fraud/professionals What makes us different *Estimated data for a passive recruited panel by True Sample OPEN PANEL CLOSED PANEL
  10. 10. Advanced Online Panels 10 Multisource recruitment • Heterogeneus profiles = more representativeness • Higher conversion rates = profile diversity 35% conv.rate Banner recruitment: 0,01‰ Multiple sources INTERNE T What makes us different
  11. 11. Advanced Online Panels 11 Local panel operations  Local panel support • Panel members trust their participation = better data quality • Local incentives = competitive prices  Local panel operations • Close to our clients • Competitive prices Offices in: • Madrid • Barcelona • México DF • Sao Paulo • Buenos Aires (coming soon) • Different/local targets = more representativity • Better knowledge of local sources  Local recruitment sources (Ex.: What makes us different
  12. 12. Advanced Online Panels 12 Capacity: Continuous profiling More panel diversity Panel information modules What makes us different
  13. 13. Advanced Online Panels 13 Propietary technology • Recruitment • Panel management • Incentives • Survey Scripting •Faster scripting times •Multimedia items •Advanced surveys •Sample and quota controls •Competitive prices In house developed software for: What makes us different
  14. 14. Advanced Online Panels 14 A nice experience for our panel members In order to maximize panellist willingness to participate in online surveys and create a new experience in online research, Netquest has created its own panel plattform – PPI. PPI is an online platform where Netquest Panel Managers create, manage, incentive and encourage panellist participation. “The reason why we decided to create our own panel plattform was strategical: we just wanted to be not only the leaders in active recruitment but also in retention and loyalty. In four years creating panels we have experienced that a nice survey experience linked to a fair incentive system leads to mantained 40% to 60% response rates in all panel segments”. Germán Loewe General Manager Own panel plattform What makes us different
  15. 15. Advanced Online Panels 15 Direct incentives • Higher response rates • Higher response quality VS What makes us different
  16. 16. Advanced Online Panels 16 Our healthcare panels Patients & Nurses Physicians Total Sample: over 4,000 Spanish physicians Distribution: 70% specialists / 30% primary care Recruitment Methods: • Phone to web: After a first phone call, doctors receive an email with a personal invitation. • Online specialist portals: allows Netquest to send personal invitations to potential participants. Uniqueness Controls: • Postal: Doctors receive a present at home after they subscribe online to the panel. • Telephone: Netquest calls every doctor personally to double-check their personal information. • College Number: Every active physician as a personal ID College Number. Veracity of this number is controlled. Total Sample: over 12.000 patients (31 illnesses registered) / 400 Professional Nurses Recruitment Methods: • Screening from Netquest Consumer Panel: Invited to participate in health projects from our consumer panel in Spain • Web Portals: agreements with specific sites to invite targeted profiles Privacy and Data Quality: • Comply with the highest security level of the data protection agency in Spain (LOPD) • Anonymity in online healthcare research is the key factor to higher response rates (>55%) and low drop outs (< 2%) • No monetary incentive to avoid undesirable bias and panelist professionalization. Valuable gifts instead.
  17. 17. Advanced Online Panels 17 Advanced panel capabilities Top-ups and Multipanel Collaborations 4  Automatic Redirect System  Filter outs and quota full controls  Fieldwork time below 2 days  Sample guaranteed Complex Survey Scripting 1  Highly skilled scripting team  Advanced Multimedia Items  Propietary technology and hardware Difficult targets 2  Mothers + babys  Patients / Doctors  A/B Segments  Low incidence targets Strict anti-fraud rules 6  Average of 2 surveys per month  Consistency checks per panelist  Time consistency  Sociodemographic data consistency checks  IP + email domain check  Regular contact with panelists  Basic information frequently updated Efficient Representativeness  All segments represented  Hard/Soft quotas  Quota Optimization Algorithm  Low incidence profiles 3 5 Multicountry Projects  One Project Manager – Multiple countries  All LATAM countries covered  Local expertise  No “best efforts” projects quoted
  18. 18. Advanced Online Panels 18 Deep profiling Sociodemographics Date of birth Gender Personal Post Address State / Habitat Post Code Level of education Marital Status Size of household Number and age of children Responsibility for decisions at home Household income (monthly) Social Class (constructed – AMAI): Number of computers Education level Heating system Number of rooms Number of Cars Other Profiling Categories •Technology •Health (habits, pathologies) •Leisure •Automotive •Internet Demographics •Financial •Travel Household Pop. of city lived in Metropolitan Area Car ownership Mobile and landline phone user Pet ownership Gaming profile Shopping profile (consumer goods) Employment Employment status Profession / Industry Company Role Individual monthly net income Decision making authority Nr. of employees Continuous profiling actions are carried out to identify, the common (and not so common) variables required by the researcher. So we’ll already have the target in our panel, before he even requests it.
  19. 19. Advanced Online Panels 19 Spain Country Profile • Population = 46,000,000 Est. Population Online = 27 Million Internet Users • Internet Penetration Rate = 66.8% • NETQUEST ACTIVE PANEL MEMBERS = 120,000 Panel Profile • Response Rate: 50% • Recruitment: Active, by invitation only Socioeconomic Age Gender Last update: oct 2010
  20. 20. Advanced Online Panels 20 Portugal Country Profile • Population = 10,676,000 Est. Population Online = 4.3 Million Internet Users • Internet Penetration Rate = 39.8% • NETQUEST ACTIVE PANEL MEMBERS = 13.000 Panel Profile • Response Rate: 65% • Recruitment: Active, by invitation only Socioeconomic Age Gender Last update: oct 2010
  21. 21. Advanced Online Panels 21 Mexico Country Profile • Population = 100,000,000 • Est. Population Online = 30.6 Million Internet Users • Internet Penetration Rate = 32.5% • NETQUEST ACTIVE PANEL MEMBERS = 50.000 Panel Profile • Response Rate: 55% • Recruitment: Active, by invitation only Socioeconomic Age Gender Last update: oct 2010
  22. 22. Advanced Online Panels 22 Brazil Country Profile • Population = 200,000,000 • Est. Population Online = 72 Million Internet Users • Internet Penetration Rate = 36.2% • NETQUEST ACTIVE PANEL MEMBERS = 45.000 Panel Profile • Response Rate: 60% • Recruitment: Active, by invitation only Socioeconomic Age Gender Last update: oct 2010
  23. 23. Advanced Online Panels 23 Rest of Latin America Last update: oct 2010
  24. 24. Advanced Online Panels 24 Clients
  25. 25. Advanced Online Panels 25 Contact Netquest Barcelona Headquarters Joaquim Bretcha International Business Dev. Director Office: +34 93 205 00 63 E-mail: Web: Quotations: Jordi Girona, 29 Barcelona 08034 Spain