2014 Online Behavior Poll [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Technically savvy users answered questions about their online behavior, use of devices for media, and social media habits. I used the Pyne iOS app. as a polling platform. - See more at: http://visual.ly/2014-online-behavior-poll-infographic#sthash.umvfH1lC.dpuf

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2014 Online Behavior Poll [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. w/ Pyne Q2. The last time you wrote an online review of a product or service, you were ____. Q3. The last time you used your phone in a store, you used it to ________. Pleased Angry 46 answers 41% 59% 48 answers Take a picture of a product in the store 10% Call someone 42% Conduct online research about a product in the store 48% Q1. When researching products online, which reviews/ratings do you read first? The following is independent research that I conducted, using Pyne App (http://getpyne.com) as a polling platform. Pyne did not sponsor, and is in no way afilliated, with the study. I. Retail and Ecommerce Editor’s ratings/reviews 56 answers 14% User ratings/reviews 86% Q4. Which of the following best describes why you own certain movies on DVD or digital download? II. Media and Entertainment 40 answers “It’s a collector’s edition” 12% “I want to watch it again” 60% “It is better resolution or hi-def, or 3D” 13% “It’s for my child(ren)” 15% Q5. For Music, I use ________. Q6. I watch more movies and TV shows on my ________. by @userexperience 40 answers 42% 53 answers A turntable 2% mp3s or iTunes 34% Pandora 22% Spotify 58 answers Computer/Laptop 29% TV 50% Tablet 12% Smartphone 9% Q8. I’m most likely to give out my personal info., (name, date of birth) when ___________. III. Privacy Q7. I watch movies based on ________. The trailer 37% Online reviews 26% Netflix recommends 4% Friends’ recommends 33% 54 answers I’m making a purchase 27% I’m creating a profile for a social network 43% 56 answers 57 answers All of the above 25% I’m editing my preferences 5% Q10. Which posts to your Facebook newsfeed, from your friends, are you most likely to “Like”? IV. Social Media Photos of friends and family 43% Status updates that support your political views 5% 54 answers All of the above 35% Humor/ entertainment 17% Q9. When asked to provide personal info. online, what is most important to you? That my info. will be kept private 61% What I get in return for the info. 39% Q11. Which types of “tweets” are you most likely to “retweet”, on Twitter? Tweets about your profession 30% Humorous tweets 40% 44 answers Both 30% Q12. Which types of “pins” are you most likely to “repin”, on Pinterest? Fashion/Apparel/ Cosmetics 17% Products/ Decor/Gadgets 25% 36 answers Other 36% Photograph/y/Art/ Design 22% 2014 Online Behavior