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The 10 worst pieces of advice you've ever had
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The 10 worst pieces of advice you've ever had


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  • 1. The 10 worstpieces of adviceyou’ve ever had.
  • 2. Commencement SpeechHoGent, 6/11/2012
  • 3. I have a confession to make.When they asked me to give the CommencementSpeech, I was a bit offended.I’m I really already in that stage of life?Source: when no source, leave this blank.
  • 4. In my head, I’m stilla young chick.
  • 5. Apparently,not anymore.
  • 6. Thanks, HoGent, for making me feel old.
  • 7. But then, I got nervous.Source: when no source, leave this blank.
  • 8. I have all theseimages of teenmovies from the80s & 90s in myhead.
  • 9. All the inspiringspeeches givenby great people.
  • 10. Truelygreatpeople.
  • 11. All I’ve done is work atsome fairly successfulcompanies.
  • 12. Fail at someother companies.
  • 13. And help out withsome startingcompanies.
  • 14. Who am I to try and give you some good advice?
  • 15. I’m still a young chick.So I won’t.
  • 16. The10 worstpieces ofadviceyou’ve ever had.
  • 17. 1. Work for a boss
  • 18. 1. Work for a boss‣ gain experience, knowledge and a network‣ limit your risks‣ specialise in 1 thing‣ secure your income
  • 19. We all know howimportant a cool car is.
  • 20. And what jobsecurity means.
  • 21. The most secure job is the one you createyourself.
  • 22. 2. Go for the money
  • 23. 2. Go for the money‣ in uncertain times: secure your income‣ start saving for your pension‣ “Erst das Fressen, dann die Moral!”‣ demand everything you can from your employer and your government‣ ignore your dreams - they’re not called ‘dreams’ by coincidence
  • 24. If you don’t build your dream, someonewill hire you to build theirs.Tony Gaskins
  • 25. 3. Take it easy
  • 26. 3. Take it easy‣ it takes 10.000 hours of practice to become good at something‣ start building (skills, savings, a book, a company...)‣ “you won’t get rich by working hard”
  • 27. “Stop watchingf*ckin’ Lost!”
  • 28. Ignore that people like GaryVaynerchuk get succesful byworking hard.
  • 29. If everything seems under control, you’rejust not going fast enough.Mario Andretti
  • 30. 4. Guard your work-lifebalance
  • 31. 4. Guard your work-life balance‣ family and friends are your tower of strenght‣ personal development outside your area of expertise is important‣ work is work, home is home‣ live by the clock, die by the clock...
  • 32. I know no one that has awork/life switch in his head.
  • 33. Screw work-life balance!Practice work-life integration.
  • 34. Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more yousweat, the luckier you get.Ray Kroc
  • 35. 5. Focus
  • 36. 5. Focus‣ you can only do 1 thing at once‣ focus on core business, outsource the rest‣ why would you try different things?‣ diversity is a distraction
  • 37. 6. Don’t make mistakes
  • 38. 6. Don’t make mistakes‣ in the long run, quality is all that matters‣ “better safe than sorry”‣ you only get 1 chance!
  • 39. “I have failed over and over again inmy life and that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan
  • 40. 7. Give up
  • 41. Business opportunities are like buses,there’s always another one coming.Richard Branson
  • 42. 7. Give up‣ launch fast, fail fast‣ there’s plenty of ideas - if one doesn’t work, on to the next one.‣ if you don’t like your job or your life: don’t nag! change!
  • 43. Be a bulldog.
  • 44. There’s only one difference between anamateur and a professional:A professional is an amateur that didn’tgive up.
  • 45. 7. Never give upEach day, you have 2 options: persist or give up.If you give up today, you will only have 1 option tomorrow.You can always give up tomorrow.
  • 46. 8. Don’t listen to others
  • 47. 8. Don’t listen to others‣ new ideas are new for a reason‣ “are you sure” (my parents when I gave up my job at the bank)‣ surround yourself with positive people - ignore negative
  • 48. 8. Listen to others‣ diversity in opinions is a strong thing‣ learn from more experience people‣ get a coach or a council‣ network - pay it forward!
  • 49. 9. Follow the rules
  • 50. 9. Follow the rules‣ learn the rules of the game asap - and beat them‣ enduring value is only created by sticking to values - ethics!‣ but remember: just as history is written by the victors, the rules are written by those who broke them before
  • 51. 10. Grow up
  • 52. 10. Grow up‣ playtime’s over - now it’s for real
  • 53. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life isabout creating yourself.George Bernard Shaw
  • 54. 10. Never grow up‣ treat the rest of your life as playtime‣ don’t listen to old farts like me :)‣ “we don’t stop playing because we grow old - we grow old because we stop playing“
  • 55. Never stop being ayoung chick.
  • 56. Good luck!
  • 57. Conversation
  • 58.