Packages Computer Application in Business
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Packages Computer Application in Business






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Packages Computer Application in Business Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A package make the computer a useful device for the people. It is the computer application which can consist one or more program.
  • 2. Word processing packages – WordStar ,Akshar ,MS-Word, Leapoffice. Spreadsheet packages – MS-Excel ,Quattropro ,Lotus 1-2-3 Database Management packages – dBASE ,FoxPro ,MS-Access or acle Desktop publishing packages –PageMaker ,Ventura Graphics & Presentation - PowerPoint , CorelDRAW
  • 3.  A word processor enables you to create a document, store it electronically on a disk ,display it on a screen, modify it & print it on a printer. The great advantage of word processing over using a typewriter is that you can make changes without retyping the entire document. We can edit the document very easily. We can send a file to the printer to get a hardcopy.
  • 4. Examples of Word processing programs : WordStar ,Akshar ,Leap office , WordPerfect, MS-Word ,AbiWord etc…. o MS-Word is a powerful word processor of Microsoft corporation, which can be run on Windows platform. oFor windows OS ,word was first released in 1989. oIt has a variety of features. oMS-word has removed all the limitations of simple editors & typewriters. oIt is available in various versions.
  • 5.  MS-Word can accommodate documents of several pages. The margins can be easily set in MS-Word. Automatic page break up is available when amount of text exceeds certain limit. Editing of text is quite easy in MS-Word. Text can be added, deleted or changed anywhere in the document. MS-Word provides variety of text formatting features. Text can be highlighted, underlined & italicized. Size of the text & font type can be changed according to our need.
  • 6.  Spelling & grammatical mistakes can be corrected using autocorrect option. MS-Word provides the facility of pasting objects in the documents. This feature is called OLE(Object Linking & Embedding).You can insert charts ,objects, pictures in the documents. Mail Merge facility is available. A number of letters can be sent to a number of persons in a single run.
  • 7. •A spreadsheet is a worksheet in which we can manage data in the form of columns & rows. A Spreadsheet can solve our problems of data handling & tedious calculations. • A spreadsheet, in fact ,is a software package which facilitates in doing various calculations, inserting charts,analyzing,formula manipulation etc. •Spreadsheet programs : Gnumeric , Neoffice ,Starcalc, Microsoft Excel ,Apple numbers etc..
  • 8. Facilitates drawing of graphs & charts as per requirements. 2. Reports can be created in MS-Excel. 3. Arithmetical & mathematical calculations can be easily done. For this formulas can be used. 4. MS-Excel also provides the facility of pasting objects in the documents called OLE-Object Linking & Embedding. 1.
  • 9.  Presentation programs are those programs which enable a user to create a slideshow & present his topics in the form of slides. • It is often used in businesses & schools to help in discussions about a topic. • Mostly the users who use presentation programs also use a projector to project the slides up on a screen. • Examples : Microsoft PowerPoint ,iWork keynote & Open office impress.
  • 10. Graphics package that comes with MSOFFICE. Using this we can make professional looking presentations easily. Stored with an extension .ppt Movies & sound effects can be added in slides.
  • 11.  A database management system(DBMS) is a computer software that manages databases.  DBMS is a set of software programs that controls the organization,storage,management & retrieval of data in a database.  MS-Access is the popular database application.  First version of access was released in 1992. The latest version is Access 2010.
  • 12. Examples of DBMS Programs: Alpha five Microsoft Mark Access logic FileMaker Teradata