How ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer helped Boston Properties Save Bandwidth Costs


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This presentation is about how ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer played an effective role in managing network bandwidth at one of America's leading real estate companies Boston Properties.

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How ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer helped Boston Properties Save Bandwidth Costs

  1. 1. MANAGEENGINENETFLOW ANALYZERSAVES BANDWIDTHCOSTS AT BOSTONPROPERTIESHow ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer savedbandwidth costs and helped monitornetwork traffic
  2. 2. About the Company• Fully integrated, self-administered and self- managed real estate investment trust• One of the largest owners and developers of class-A office properties in the United States• Focus on 5 markets – Boston, Washington, Mid-town Manhattan, San Fransisco & Princeton• They monitor over 80 sites
  3. 3. Business Challenge• Viewing information on network health and availability without spending hours and hours on a daily basis• At-a-glance view of the network traffic in terms of applications, talkers and conversations• Quick analysis and troubleshooting of network slowdown
  4. 4. Business Requirements• To pinpoint the root cause of network sluggishness• Top applications, talkers and conversations• Time of usage of specific applications• Verification of DSCP marking for VoIP packets to ensure that priority is given to them• At-a-glance view of network health and availability
  5. 5. They needed a tool that: • Provided network snapshot • Drilled down to pinpoint source, destination, convers ations etc. on devices and interfaces • Showed DSCP marking information • Scaled to a high extent • Was affordable
  6. 6. Enter ManageEngine: Exit Problems
  7. 7. What ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer did?• Drilled down into the devices and interfaces• Provided high visibility into network traffic behavior• Had the ability to view and understand traffic patterns in customizable timeframes• Categorized top applications, conversations etc. in customizable dashboards• Saved precious troubleshooting time by pinpointing exact cause of network slowdown
  8. 8. Icing on the cakeExceeding expectations!
  9. 9. Additional benefits of NetFlow Analyzer• Ability to create alert profiles based on thresholds• Automatic scheduling of reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis• Trend analysis of bandwidth utilization on the network• Saved much more time and bandwidth• 30 day fully functional trial version for easy evaluation
  10. 10. Business Benefits
  11. 11. About Implementation• Monitor 750 interfaces• Across 80 sites• Evaluated for 500 Interfaces and are currently using NetFlow Analyzer for 750 interfaces• Currently use Enterprise edition• Extensively use alerts, NBAR reports and its deep packet inspection ability to track applications using dynamic port
  12. 12. Benefits That They Enjoyed• Saved troubleshooting time• Minimized downtime a great deal• Drilled down to the root cause of the problem in minimum time• Cisco NBAR reports helped tracking applications using dynamic ports and conserved bandwidth• Bandwidth usage was much more streamlined and saved costs by minimizing wasteful usage
  13. 13. Contact:NetFlow Analyzer Support: nfs@manageengine.comVisit: www.netflowanalyzer.comTo download the case study: Click here
  14. 14. THANK YOU- Presentation by: Sai Sundhar P