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2 fa   authentication - secure & simple
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2 fa authentication - secure & simple


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Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Secured Log-inSecured Log-in Two layers of Authentication
  • 2. Passwords are secure, right?  Passwords as the only means of authentication aren’t enough  In 2012 alone, major companies have suffered password breaches Mar 2012 TD Bank, USA 260,000 accounts Jun 2012 LinkedIn 6.46 million Jul 2012 Yahoo! 450,000 Jul 2012 Dropbox Undisclosed Jul 2012 Gamigo 8 million Nov 2012 HSBC Undisclosed Nov 2012 Adobe Undisclosed Feb 2013 Twitter 250,000 2 A service by netCORE Solutions
  • 3. 2-factor authentication = SECURED!  Two sets of credentials must be presented  Something you know – a password  Something you have – hardware tokens, mobile phones  Authentication is now a two-step process  Even if passwords are stolen/hacked, the attacker cannot log in with these passwords without all the second tokens 3 A service by netCORE Solutions
  • 4. Two-factor authentication is way ahead!  Dropbox and Twitter introduced two-factor authentication IMMEDIATELY after their security breach  The best in class uses Two-factor authentication  In 2011 the RBI in India issued clear guidelines for two-factor authentication:  In view of the proliferation of cyber attacks and their potential consequences, UCBs should implement two-factor authentication for fund transfers through internet banking. 4 A service by netCORE Solutions
  • 5. Netcore’s Proposition – 2FA  Adds a second factor to your password-enabled applications  Uses unique missed call as 2nd factor of authentication  No up-front costs of hardware tokens  No SMS costs for one-time password 5 A service by netCORE Solutions
  • 6. 2FA – the OTP killer  OTP can be delayed - latency  A missed call is customer-initiated and instantaneous  OTP costs can add up!  A missed call is free – for the customer and you  An error in typing OTP  re-start transaction  A missed call can always be re-initiated in case of error 6 A service by netCORE Solutions
  • 7. 2FA can be used for  Login Authentication 7 A service by netCORE Solutions  Cash on Delivery Authentication  Registration Authentication  Online Payment Confirmation
  • 8. 2FA – Economical & Easy A service by netCORE Solutions8
  • 9. Partner with Netcore’s advantage A service by netCORE Solutions9  Robustness  Missed call infrastructure has handled dozens of clients  India Against Corruption’s 2011 campaign: 7.7 million missed calls  Hindustan Unilever’s Active Wheel campaign: 15 million missed calls  Experience  Over 15 years managing digital infrastructure for enterprises  AcrossVoice, SMS and Email  Trust  Over 2000 enterprises trust Netcore with their digital infrastructure  24x7 Support  netCORE offers dedicated support 24x7 over phone & email
  • 10. Interested?  Get in touch with us  Give a missed call on - 022 3938 6804  10 A service by netCORE Solutions