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  1. 1. RadiusCode India’s Largest Hyperlocal Microtargeting Service
  2. 2. RadiusCode is 1. A unique profiled database of every adult Indian (70+ crore  India’s largest) 2. An end-to-end direct mail marketing execution service based on this data RadiusCode can target customers based on Demographics • Name • Age • Gender • Family Size Location • Locality • Landmark • Society/Building • Pin Code Likeness • Find prospects with profiles similar to your customers’
  3. 3. Unique RadiusCode data set Netcore does not purchase data sets from 3rd party providers Source Source Source Source Source Source Processing Layering Toolset Relationship graphing Geo-tagging De-duping Data extraction Character encoding Translation Transliteration Text processing Natural lang. processing Map-based search interface Fuzzy logic ‘likeness’ tool RadiusCode • RadiusCode continuously mines massive amounts of public, online citizen data • And processes it via a multi-step mechanism with in-house proprietary tools • The RadiusCode application and data set live on a redundant cloud-based infra paper pdf excel binary English 11+ local lang.
  4. 4. RadiusCode is a generation ahead of ‘database’ providers Others RadiusCode Data set - Profile of every adult Indian No Yes - Verified data sources No Yes - Continually updated No Yes Micro-targeting - Demographic profiling Yes Yes - Geo-tagged to building level No Yes - Family mapping (intra-family relationships, size, head) No Yes - Neighbor relationships No Yes RadiusCode  map-based application and relationship prediction DB providers  traditional database with filters
  5. 5. Using RadiusCode – Location-based Example 1. Drop a pin on a map (e.g. your store) – Define a radius (200m to 20km) – Include/exclude specific neighbourhoods 2. Segment further on – Age – Gender – Family size (min/max/exact) – Include other family members/neighbours Define a location, a radius and your demographic segment Retail chain targets housewives in the catchment area of their flagship store in BangaloreReal use case 
  6. 6. Using RadiusCode – Likeness-based Example 1. Upload a list of your existing customers – Name – Address 2. Receive a list of their neighbours – “Like people live in like areas” – Similar education, affluence levels, preferences Find people with profiles similar to your existing customers A DTH provider targets people resembling the subscribers of their premium product in Gujarat Real use case 
  7. 7. The RadiusCode data application (1/5) 1. Select an area at any location in India 2. Filter by demographics Example: the ability to locate all women named “Radhika” in their thirties within a radius of 2 kms in Delhi’s Lodi Colony
  8. 8. The RadiusCode data application (2/5) View list of precisely filtered list of results View search results with their demographic details and exact address
  9. 9. The RadiusCode data application (3/5) For the first result on the previous slide, “C Radhika”, clicking on the house number drills down into her household One can derive family relationships using the “Name”, “Relative” and “Age” fields. In this case we can see that C Radhika lives with her husband M P Srikanth
  10. 10. The RadiusCode data application (4/5) Clicking on the “Locality” field for C Radhika, we can also view all 107 residents of her apartment complex. Can drill down into each of their households as well. One can derive immediate neighbours based on house numbers.
  11. 11. The RadiusCode data application (5/5) Each person in RadiusCode has been geo-tagged, and can be viewed on a map. In this case, our first result C Radhika in Lodi Colony.
  12. 12. Digital Marketing • Email Marketing • Mobile Marketing • Affiliate Email Marketing • Affiliate Mobile Marketing • Multi-channel Response Management Enterprise Communication • Messaging & Collaboration • Cloud Email • Anti-spam & Anti-virus • Email Archiving • Triggered Email & SMS Delivery Engine • 2 Factor Authentication • Database & SMS Gateway Connector Marketing & Communication Solutions About netCORE Solutions: Business Verticals
  13. 13. Awards & Recognition 17th Jan, 2013 • Best Mobile Voice Advertising or Marketing for Hindustan Unilever (HUL) - Active Wheel • Best Digital Integrated Campaign for India Against Corruption (IAC) 22nd Nov, 2012 • Best use of Mobile Media in Advertising for Hindustan Unilever (HUL) - Active Wheel • Best Multi-Channel Integrated Marketing Campaign for Colgate Active Salt 21st Sept, 2012 • Gold in Cross-Media Integration category for Colgate Active Salt • Best Advertising or Marketing on Mobile for Hindustan Unilever (HUL) - Active Wheel26th Feb, 2013
  14. 14. Awards & Recognition 4th June, 2013 • Gold in Media - Mobile category for Hindustan Unilever (HUL) - Active Wheel • Gold in Mobile - SMS/IVR for Hindustan Unilever (HUL) - Active Wheel • Industry - Consumer Products & Services for Hindustan Unilever (HUL) - Active Wheel 11th June, 2013
  15. 15. About netCORE Solutions: Key Clients
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. Contact Us • Email : sales@netcore.co.in • Call : 022- 6628 8403