==== ====Hello from Brentinfo1st.netfirms.com/paleo-diet/==== ====Raw Paleo Diet is the original human diet before agricul...
When my 2nd child was born in September 2003 I was obese at 170 pounds, I desperately wantedto lose weight to look sexy en...
very helpful for newbies like me.I experimented with various raw land animals with duck, chicken, goat, lamb, frogs and li...
At the end of this year 2009 I will have been 2 years on raw paleo diet and I now weigh a morerespectable 128 pounds with ...
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Grain Restrictions on the Paleo Diet - How to Successfully Cut Out Grains on the Paleo Diet


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Information about weight loss & diet tips focusing on the Paleo Diet.

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Grain Restrictions on the Paleo Diet - How to Successfully Cut Out Grains on the Paleo Diet

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Brentinfo1st.netfirms.com/paleo-diet/==== ====Raw Paleo Diet is the original human diet before agriculture. Raw Paleo Diet is raw fruit, rawvegetables and raw organic / wild fatty animal food. The theory is that the human body is one ofnatures best creations. We are self healing and always healthy given the original human diet. As afoundation to curing most diseases, sticking to a raw paleo diet every day will bring dramatic,sustainable results.My raw paleo diet adventure came about with my desperate search for the cure for everything thatafflicted me. The challenges to my life always needed a solution. Being trained as an engineer, acomputer geek, a problem solver, led me to finding ultimate solutions or else.Born in 1969, I grew up just like every urban kid on baby formula, drugs, some fast food, lots ofcooked food and following the debunked food pyramid of high cooked carbs and low fat.When I was a child I was diagnosed with asthma and doctors prescribed anti-histamine drugs.When I had cystic acne at 16, dermatologists bombarded me with steroid injections and creams.Finally one decided I should take an experimental drug called Ro-Accutane. We had to go to thedrug company main office and sign a waiver for their drug was experimental and severe sideeffects were possible.In 2004 while visiting the beaches of Boracay I got bit by sandflies and suffered for 2 whole yearsof itching all over my arms and legs. After months on steroid injections and steroid creams, I gaveup and just let it be and in 2006 the suspected leishmaniasis went away.All throughout my life I had foliculitis, got red splotches on my body when I took a bath, got easilyfaintly tired with strenuous activity, had heart burns, left rotation shoulder pain, was hospitalized forvarious unknown viral diseases and had some heart murmur called mitral valve prolapse andbecame obese at 170 pounds and wore 38″ waistline pants.Beginning with my spouse and Is secondary infertility adventure in 2002 led us to clean up ourdiet eliminating junk foods and eliminating anything not edible from being put on our skin andthrowing away the microwave oven. And using raw oysters to increase sperm counts.In the same 2002 while trying to conceive I came down with an unknown viral illness, washospitalized for 3 days, then suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for 1 month. The heart doctorwho ordered a battery of tests said nothing came out of the tests so he wanted to shape my heartby prescribing a heart shaping medicine called beta blockers but it may kill off my erections! Thiswas so unacceptable to my core personality as I only had one child and my life goal was at leastmore than 4. I sternly refused the drugs and found out that by merely eliminating all sources ofcaffeine I was able to cure myself in 3 weeks.
  2. 2. When my 2nd child was born in September 2003 I was obese at 170 pounds, I desperately wantedto lose weight to look sexy enough to have more children. I blindly attempted to follow a cookedAtkins diet. I then sought the teachings of a mainstream western medicine nutritionist and shetaught me the way to reduce weight was to reduce the starches and up the vegetables. I did loseweight and maintained some 140 pounds for some time. But I still was not healthy.In 2003 a small eczema began on my lower right leg, it was a good itch, I paid no mind to it. Itbecame full blown in middle of 2005 I had full blown eczema with the size of a steak on my rightleg, on my whole face, my ears, my left arm. I was a mess, I could not work, I could not go out, all5 doctors I saw told me I was INCURABLE and I was going to be this way for the rest of my life.The incurable diagnosis was unacceptable for me. I was always the open minded type. NoDOGMA was my motto in life. Im an engineer, a problem solver, if these so called "doctors" said Iwas incurable, it only meant THEY DID NOT KNOW the cure and that their common educationalfoundation was AMISS. I had to find people who DID KNOW the cure... NON-DOCTORS so Idrove to a far away town where there were NO western medical doctors, and my true healthlearning journey began with a 3rd generation herbalist named Manang Lorna.I learned about electro-medicine, herbs and detoxing: kidney cleanses, liver flushes, coloncleanses and many other cleanses which eliminated my eczema symptoms. Free of eczemasymptoms. But I wanted more. I wanted vibrant health. I knew there was more and I wanted to behealthy so bad I just had to learn more. All detox and no diet change meant no real cure.In 2007 I had stumbled onto raw veganism through Dr. Tam Mateo. I tried 2 months of rawveganism his way, his recipes, his consultation, but I got too thin and finally gave up rawveganism. I added cooked meat and rice again to my diet and to gain weight.I was then ready for fasting and I tried a 14 day orange juice fast under the tutelage of BarefootHerbalist MH. It was an eye opener. I got rid of cooked meat and rice addiction. I was ready to tryraw fruitarian. And I did try raw fruitarian which only lasted me 2 months. I was getting thinner onraw fruitarian than raw vegan plus I felt cold and I was living in a tropical country, in warm Manilaat 25 to 30 degrees celcius. What finally knocked me to stop the fruitarian madness was when Iasked for support as to when my cold feelings would stop. A long time fruitarian said it would take5 years! That did it, I had to find something else.I stumbled onto the Wai Diet by Wai Genriiu (A form of Raw Paleo Diet). It was an easy step fromfruitarian to Wai Diet, just add extra virgin olive oil and raw fish sashimi and raw egg yolks to mytropical fruits. Bam! Instant feeling of good health! I gained sane enough weight from 112 to 120pounds on Wai Diet. The addition of raw meat to my meat less 4 months was a life giving breath tomy health.After 3 months on Wai Diet I got bored with just sea food, why not try land animals? I stumbledonto Aajonus Vonderplanitz who went on and on about the benefits of raw land animals, raw beef,raw chicken, plus raw dairy.I needed some hand holding, some support to get me started and I found Geoff Purcell (in the UK)at AllExperts.com very accessible. He and Craig Bates started up Raw Paleo Forum which was
  3. 3. very helpful for newbies like me.I experimented with various raw land animals with duck, chicken, goat, lamb, frogs and liked raworganic grass fed beef the best... the legendary grass fed Batangas beef with yummy yellow fat istrue! I experimented with many kinds of raw dairy from goat, cow and carabao and all failed, I justcould not digest dairy, I realized I was lactose intolerant. My tummy also disagreed with raw greenjuicing.I got curious about the Homo Optimus Diet involving cooked pork, I made my one monthexperiment and felt my health was inferior on cooked meat compared to raw meat.I found out that on raw paleo diet of organic fruit and raw fatty organic animal foods, I never gotsick for a whole year. I felt invincible. This was a first for me, going on and on everyday expectingnot to get sick. The only times I felt sick were the times I tried eating a non-raw paleo diet. Plus forthe first time Ive got bicep muscles on my arms and Im a sedentary computer geek. Gosh, thattalk about eating raw meat will make you put on muscles without gym exercises are true.In 2009 I shifted to a high fat low carb raw paleo diet and I found it to be even more comfortable.Gone were the shaky hungry feelings characterized by hypoglycemia which I thought was normalthroughout my life when every meal time comes.Raw paleo diet is the easiest diet I have been on although high quality organic fruit and organicmeat is expensive. Raw Paleo Diet is even easier than regular SAD or cooked paleo diet. Beingfree from the shackles of cooking is a dream that must be experienced. It seems I have found"home" as raw paleo diet is so easy even a caveman can do it.To even further my access to the best foods possible I moved my company office to Cubao, justbeside my favorite wet market "Farmers Market" for daily fresh marketing.My diet these days is a high raw fat, low carb diet composed of:* raw organic low glycemic local fruits in season - high vitamin C fruits (guava, papaya, indianmangoes), hydrating fruits (watermelon, melon), fatty fruits (durian, coconuts) we follow theseasons* raw fertilized duck eggs flown in from Palawan* raw grass fed fatty Batangas beef and sometimes raw goat or raw lamb* various raw sea food like oysters, clams, small and big fish, sea prawns, etc.* No supplements. No supplements can match the power of real food.Raw paleo diet and its variants is curative. My own small children have experienced eating rawpaleo diet themselves. When the kids are sick I put them on a raw paleo diet same as mine, theyknow the cure for their illness is RAW because they experience immediate relief. The kids knowwho the healthiest person at home is these days.
  4. 4. At the end of this year 2009 I will have been 2 years on raw paleo diet and I now weigh a morerespectable 128 pounds with a short height of 5′5″ and 31″ waistline pantsize. Always expecting to achieve new health heights over the next years as I fine tweak andcontinually adjust. All my health issues have been resolved. It has only been these 2 years I haveever felt truly healthy.Today at 40 years old I look younger, slimmer and have more strength than when I was 30. It is onraw paleo diet that I realized that humans were meant to be healthy and stay healthy, effortlessly.Edwin Casimero is an "everything that works" altruistic healer. He has helped friends and familyget well from eczema, psoriasis, heart disease, acne, diabetes, obesity, infertility, cancer,pneumonia, acid reflux, kidney problems, yeast infections, and more. He has authored manywebsites that educate people how to cure themselves with self tested methods that are safe,cheap and effective. Visit his central website that ties all his websites together at[http://www.curemanual.com]Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eli_Edwin_Casimero==== ====Hello from Brentinfo1st.netfirms.com/paleo-diet/==== ====