Is Cloud relevant for SOA?


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SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) has been an absolute hype topic in the enterprise a couple of years ago. In the mean time it has grown much quieter around the topic. The track record is also quite mixed. Some organizations have successfully achieved the adoption of SOA, other organizations have failed miserably.

And now comes the Cloud... The pressure is increasing on IT organizations to integrate Cloud services and migrate their homegrown services to the cloud. SOA is the basis for this. But are the enterprises and their IT organizations and architectures ready for this step to the Cloud? Or will the Cloud be their demise?

In this introductory talk we will talk about the big risks and success factors for the integration of Cloud services and the service-oriented architectures of enterprises.

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Is Cloud relevant for SOA?

  1. 1. Is Cloud relevant for SOA? 2014-06-12 - Corsin Decurtins
  2. 2. Abstract SOA (Service-Orientierte Architektur) war vor einigen Jahren ein absolutes Hype- Thema in Unternehmen. Mittlerweile ist es aber sehr viel ruhiger darum geworden. Die Erfolgsbilanz ist denn auch sehr durchzogen. Einige Unternehmen haben die Umstellung auf SOA geschafft, andere sind kläglich damit gescheitert.
 Und nun kommt die Cloud... Der Druck auf IT-Organisationen Cloud-Dienstleistungen zu integrieren und eigene Services in die Cloud auszulagern nimmt stetig zu. Und SOA ist die Basis dafür. Doch sind die Unternehmen mit ihren IT-Organisationen und - Architekturen bereit für den Schritt in die Cloud? Oder wird die Cloud ihnen den Todesstoss versetzen? 
 In diesem Einführungsvortrag wollen wir darüber sprechen, was sind die grossen Risiken und Erfolgsfaktoren sind für eine Integration von Cloud-Dienstleistungen in die Service-Orientierte Architektur von Unternehmen.
  3. 3. Service-Oriented Architecture
  4. 4. Service-Oriented Architecture Big hype topic a couple of years ago SOA was predicted to be the future for the organization Everybody was talking about SOA, everybody was moving to SOA Organizations invested a lot of time and money into SOA
  5. 5. What is SOA about?
  6. 6. Decomposition Encapsulation Interfaces
  7. 7. What is SOA about? Decomposition Business logic and data of an enterprise is decomposed into services Decomposition is based on what a service provides, not on how it is used and by whom Encapsulation The service is the only means to access the data and functionality Interfaces Functionality and data is made availabe through well defined interfaces Interfaces are available through the network, i.e. remote access
  8. 8. Why are we doing this?
  9. 9. Composition Decoupling Flexibility
  10. 10. Why are we doing this? Composition Build applications based on a service landscape Applications are more fragile than the services Faster creation of applications, due to the reuse of services Decoupling Decouple applications, particularly frontends and service providers Independent evolution Flexibility Decoupling of service consumers and providers allows for more flexibility Service implementations can be changed without affecting the consumers
  11. 11. SOA State of the Union
  12. 12. SOA State of the Union Very mixed track record Some organizations have succeeded with the SOA strategy A lot of organizations have basically failed SOA has a lot of challenges that are not technical organizational legal security / privacy reliability
  13. 13. SOA and the Cloud
  14. 14. Service as a Service
  15. 15. SOA and the Cloud Perfect match Using services from the Cloud in an enterprise's SOA is the logical continuation The Cloud offers even more flexibility to the enterprise Make vs. Buy ! SOA is the basis for using the Cloud in the enterprise The pressure to include Cloud services is growing
  16. 16. Challenges and Risks
  17. 17. Non-Cloud SOA Challenges and Risks ! … but a lot worse
  18. 18. Non-Cloud SOA Challenges and Risks a SOA has the same challenges and risks whether a services is provided in-house or in the Cloud the Cloud actually makes the existing challenges and risks even worse less control over the provider more independent parties involved same for all different types of challenges and risks technical and architectural legal operational privacy and security access control …
  19. 19. New Challenges and Risks
  20. 20. Privacy Security
  21. 21. Privacy / Security organizations are entrusting 3rd party providers with their data data of their customers privacy and security are crucial … and out of control of the organization core idea of the cloud is virtualization and abstraction users are not supposed to care where, how and by whom the service is provided but organizations do and have to care about this cloud providers have to be able to guarantee and prove certain security and privacy standards
  22. 22. Legal Aspects
  23. 23. Legal Aspects I'm not a lawyer, but anyway core idea of the cloud is that you care about what service is provided, not how, where and by whom the service is provided but the law cares about how, where and by whom data exposure: who has access to my data employees of the service provider jurisdictions that have access to any of these employees jurisdictions that have access to any of the hardware and software involved
  24. 24. Reliability
  25. 25. Reliability trustworthiness and reliability of the service provider … and all other entities involved in the provision of the service a lot more parties are involved reliability becomes much more difficult to achieve the more parties are involved, the more difficult it is to solve problems the "more parties" does not just include all the entities in the service provisioning chain, it also includes other parties that share resources
  26. 26. Wrapping up…
  27. 27. Yes
  28. 28. Make or Break
  29. 29. Yes The Cloud is relevant for SOA … and the other way around Services from the cloud fit in perfectly with a well-established SOA The Cloud puts a lot of pressure on enterprises to succeed with SOA
  30. 30. Main challenges and risks are not technical
  31. 31. Privacy and Security are key
  32. 32. Some companies are ready A lot of companies are not
  33. 33. Most Cloud providers are not ready
  34. 34. Readiness Some Companies are ready to include Cloud services in their SOA SOA is well-established A lot of Companies are not ready SOA is not well-established within the organization A lot of problems still exist and have to be solved The pressure to use services from the cloud could be the make or break ! Most Cloud providers are not ready for the Enterprise Technical issues are not the problem Lots of incompatibilities of what Cloud providers can offer and what Enterprises need
  35. 35. Chief Technology Officer Corsin Decurtins Contact