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Integrating Technology in a Childhood Obesity Prevention Program: A Practical Application for Clickers and SharePoint
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Integrating Technology in a Childhood Obesity Prevention Program: A Practical Application for Clickers and SharePoint



by Sondra Parmer, Barb Struempler, Sarah Smith

by Sondra Parmer, Barb Struempler, Sarah Smith



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  • Body Quest: Food of the Warrior, a childhood obesity prevention program, is incorporating technology in practical ways for Extension education. Body Quest is being implemented with more than 2,800 third graders and uses multiple assessment instruments. To reduce data entry burdens, clickers are being used for individual data collection, and data are managed via a SharePoint site.
  • Traditional use of clickers not what was needed!!
  • Limited # of responses
  • AFRI – Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (NIFA/USDA)on and off campus...guest accts for non-employees)
  • State staff, depelopersiPad app development (assets, builds)Website designArchive
  • BasicConsent forms, lessons, instructions, curriculum infoWorkflow to move uploaded clicker evaluation filesDownload new appsTemp shared workspaceWiki to reduce email
  • CSV, Excel, SPSS, M+

Integrating Technology in a Childhood Obesity Prevention Program: A Practical Application for Clickers and SharePoint Integrating Technology in a Childhood Obesity Prevention Program: A Practical Application for Clickers and SharePoint Presentation Transcript

  • Integrating Technology in a Childhood Obesity Prevention Program: A Practical Application for Clickers and SharePointJune 1, 2012Greg Parmer, MEdSondra M. Parmer, PhD
  • Introduction• Body Quest: Food of the Warrior ▫ Childhood obesity prevention ▫ Third grade population ▫ Goal = increase fruit and vegetable intake ▫ 17 week program ▫ Rigorous evaluation  Pre/post-assessments  13 fruit and vegetable tastings  Daily school lunch consumption ▫ SNAP-Ed funding
  • Clickers• Traditional usage (real-time) vs. BQ usage (testing)
  • Why Clickers?• Over 2,800 third grade students statewide• 19 different assessments per student• Over 1,000,000 data points• Limited manpower• Attempt to avoid “tests”• Portable (network independent)
  • Clicker Choice• Turning Technologies ▫ ResponseCard RF LCD (clicker) ▫ ResponseCard AnyWhere (receiver) ▫ ResponseCard AnyWhere Desktop & TurningPoint (software)
  • Data Collection (classroom)• Each student assigned specific clicker• Each assessment coded (student entry)• Educator controls “voting” while holding receiver
  • Data Collection (office)• Responses downloaded from receiver• Responses merged with demographics• Files uploaded
  • Limitations• Handheld receivers limited to 100 responses• Matching demographics to responses required multiple software packages – cumbersome!• Fine motor skills (or “Little Johnny” effect)• Educator comfort level
  • Successes• Large amounts of data collection with minimal manpower• Estimated 25% more time per educator for instruction• Portability requirements met• Fun activity instead of boring test
  • Body Quest Site Beginnings• Personal "MySite" for collaboration on Body Quest AFRI grant proposal• After AFRI rejection, funding received through SNAP-Ed grant
  • Storage Needs• Keep private copy of original proposal• Collaboration during development• Administrative/managerial collaboration• Material delivery to educators• Data collection
  • Network Drive• Basic function• Familiarity
  • SharePoint• Permissions• Revision history• Alerts• Workflows• Search• End-user management
  • Would SharePoint Create MoreHeadaches or Solutions?• Guide project in a way such that SharePoint could be eliminated if not meeting needs
  • SharePoint• "MySite" moved to normal project site with higher space quotas• Redesign for simplicity, because it is not• Assign permissions• Site owner/administrator(s)• Members• Educators• (Later added Visitors)
  • Critical• Training and more training for site owner/administrator(s)• Administrator(s) must thoroughly understand permissions and what that really entails!
  • Security Trimming• WYSIWYG, not WYSIWTS• Create 2nd account for "Educator" vs "Administrator" roles, if needed
  • Site Design (Administrative)
  • Site Design (Educators)
  • Incoming BQ Clicker Data • SharePoint workflow • To be exported for analyses• CSV file header• ID,First Name,Last Name,County,School,Teacher,Gender,Race,Ethnicity,Grade,Item Type,Path,Group,13-4,13-5,13- 6,13-7,13-8,13-9,13-10,13-11,13-12,13-13,13-14,13-15,13-16,13-17,13-18,13-19,13-20,13-21,13-22,13-23,13-24,13-25,13- 26,13-27,13-28,13-29,13-30,13-31,13-32,13-33,13-34,13-35,13-36,13-37,13-38,13-39,13-40,13-41,13-42,14-4,14-5,14- 6,14-7,14-8,14-9,14-10,14-11,14-12,14-13,14-14,14-15,14-16,14-17,14-18,14-19,14-20,14-21,14-22,14-23,14-24,14-25,14- 26,14-27,14-28,14-29,14-30,14-31,14-32,14-33,14-34,14-35,14-36,14-37,14-38,14-39,14-40,14-41,14-42,14-43,14- 44,23-4,23-5,23-6,23-7,23-8,23-9,23-10,23-11,23-12,23-13,23-14,23-15,23-16,23-17,23-18,23-19,23-20,23-21,23- 22,23-23,23-24,23-25,23-26,23-27,23-28,23-29,23-30,23-31,23-32,23-33,23-34,23-35,23-36,23-37,23-38,23-39,23- 40,23-41,23-42,24-4,24-5,24-6,24-7,24-8,24-9,24-10,24-11,24-12,24-13,24-14,24-15,24-16,24-17,24-18,24-19,24- 20,24-21,24-22,24-23,24-24,24-25,24-26,24-27,24-28,24-29,24-30,24-31,24-32,24-33,24-34,24-35,24-36,24-37,24- 38,24-39,24-40,24-41,24-42,24-43,24-44,24-45,Item Type,Path,Group,51-4,51-5,51-6,51-7,51-8,51-9,51-10,51-11,51- 12,51-13,51-14,51-15,51-16,51-17,52-4,52-5,52-6,52-7,52-8,52-9,52-10,52-11,52-12,52-13,52-14,52-15,52-16,52-17,53- 4,53-5,53-6,53-7,53-8,53-9,53-10,53-11,53-12,53-13,53-14,53-15,53-16,53-17,54-4,54-5,54-6,54-7,54-8,54-9,54-10,54- 11,54-12,54-13,54-14,54-15,54-16,54-17,55-4,55-5,55-6,55-7,55-8,55-9,55-10,55-11,55-12,55-13,55-14,55-15,55-16,55- 17,56-4,56-5,56-6,56-7,56-8,56-9,56-10,56-11,56-12,56-13,56-14,56-15,56-16,56-17,57-4,57-5,57-6,57-7,57-8,57-9,57- 10,57-11,57-12,57-13,57-14,57-15,57-16,57-17,58-4,58-5,58-6,58-7,58-8,58-9,58-10,58-11,58-12,58-13,58-14,58-15,58- 16,58-17,59-4,59-5,59-6,59-7,59-8,59-9,59-10,59-11,59-12,59-13,59-14,59-15,59-16,59-17,61-4,61-5,61-6,61-7,61-8,61- 9,61-10,61-11,61-12,61-13,61-14,61-15,61-16,61-17,63-4,62-4,63-5,62-5,62-6,63-6,63-7,63-8,63-9,63-10,63-11,63- 12,63-13,63-14,63-15,63-16,63-17,64-4,64-5,64-6,64-7,64-8,64-9,64-10,64-11,64-12,64-13,64-14,64-15,64-16,64- 17,59-18,62-7,62-8,62-9,62-10,62-11,62-12,61-18,63-18,58-19,64-18,64-19,Item Type,Path
  • Limitations• Learning curve• End-user management not for every end-user• File size• Bandwidth• CSV file uploads
  • Successes• Achieved multiple storage needs• Off campus availability• End-user management possible• Easy for educators
  • Questions?