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Netbiz is an independent interactive agency offering creative and media services. ...

Netbiz is an independent interactive agency offering creative and media services.

Visit to know more.

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    NetBiz Corporate Presentation NetBiz Corporate Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • 1  
    • 3  NetBiz  uses  digital  pla2orms  for  brands  to  build  rela9onships  with  their  consumers  using  fun,  engaging  and  immersive  tools.  
    • 4  NetBiz  Creden4als   •  4  offices  in  2  countries  >  India  &  Singapore   •  Approximately  100  employees  with  an  average   experience  of  3  years   •  Good  balance  of  Crea9ve  &  Technology  exper9se   •  Maximum  clients  are  Super  Brand.   •  Market  leaders  in  technology  exper9se  amongst   digital  agencies.   •  Strong  applica9on  development  &  customiza9on   exper9se  
    • 5  Interac4ve  Services   Crea4ve  /  Content   Technology       Crea9ve  Development  /  Execu9on   Developing  project  architecture  &   Usability  Analysis   frameworks   Designing  Persuasive  Architecture     Custom  Media  Crea9on   Support  on  MicrosoZ,  PHP,  Java,  Ruby  on  STRATEGY   Rails  &  Zend  framework   Search  /  Social   Analy4cs       Search  Engine  Marke9ng   Web  Analy9cs   Search  Engine  Op9miza9on   Social  Analy9cs   Social  Channels   Campaign  Analy9cs   Online  Reputa9on  Mgt.   EXECUTION  
    • 6  Tools  Capability   Program  Tracking   Analy4cs   Program   Analy4cs   Tracking   Customer   Planning   Insight   Customer  Insight   Planning  
    • 7  CLIENTS  
    • 8  Key  Clients   Client   Since  (Year)   Kingfisher   2007   UB  Group   2007   Pepsi  Holdings   2007   Unilever   2007   Titan  (Tata  Group)   2007   LG   2008   Godrej   2008   Kimberly  Clark  (South  East  Asia)   2009   AIG  (South  East  Asia)   2009  
    • 9  Key  Clients  -­‐  Engagements   •  LG  –   –  Maintenance  of  website   –  Crea9ve,  Data  Op9miza9on,  New  tools,  CMS  management,  Quality  tes9ng,  Online   surveys,  etc…   –  CMS  architecture  strategy  &  deployment   •  Godrej  Group  –   –  Godrej  group  website  strategy  and  deployment   –  eComp  analysis  and  Usability  tes9ng   –  CMS  architecture  strategy  &  deployment   •  Kingfisher  World  –   –  Portal  strategy  (for  Youths  to  engage  with  the  brand)   –  CMS  development   –  Sugges9ng  and  building  brand  assets   –  Maintenance   –  Integra9on  of  social  tools   –  Social  Media  strategy    
    • 10  Key  Clients  -­‐  Engagements   •  Huggies  (  +  all  South  East  Asia  websites)   –  Community  site  strategy  (for  parents)   –  Usability  tes9ng   –  eComp  Analysis   –  Developing  tools  strategy   –  CMS  selec9on  &  Implementa9on   –  Social  Media  Strategy   –  Mobile  Strategy   •  Kotex  (   –  Website  crea9ve  produc9on   –  Campaign  Strategy  &  Microsites   –  Social  Media  strategy   –  Social  media  applica9ons  
    • 11  All  Clients…  
    • 13  Project  Excellence  Model   PROJECT  MANAGEMENT   PROJECT  EXECUTION   Planning  /   Crea9ve  Produc9on   Strategy   Op9mize   Deliver   Define   Concept   Technical  Produc9on   RESOURCES   Launch  
    • 14  We  believe,  great  ideas  comes  from  the  merger  of  Human  values,  Business  &  Technology  
    • 15  Design  Thinking   Human  Values   Design  Innova9on   Need  Findings:   Psychology,  Anthropology,  Sociology   Human  Values     (Usability,  desirability)   Design  &  Interac4vity   •  Human  Computer  Interac9on   •  Visual  Thinking   •  Design  for  sustainability   •  Art     Technology   Defining  feasibility  framework   Business   Technology     (Viability)   (Feasibility)   Business   Finance   Marke9ng  
    • 16  PORTFOLIO  
    • 17  
    • 18  
    • 19  Website:  
    • 20  
    • 21  Website:  
    • 22  
    • 23  
    • 24  
    • 25  
    • 26  
    • 27  
    • 28  
    • 29  
    • 30  
    • 31  
    • 32  
    • 33  Client:  United  Spirits  Limited  (USL)  Website:  Deliverables:  Website  design,  development  &  maintenance  
    • 34  Client:  Unilever  Website:  Deliverables:  Website  design,  development  &  maintenance  
    • 35  Client:  Unilever  Website:  Deliverables:  Website  design,  development  &  maintenance  
    • 36  Client:  Talwalkars  Website:  Deliverables:  Website  design,  development  &  maintenance  
    • 37  Client:  PepsiCo  Website:  Deliverables:  Website  design,  development  &  maintenance  
    • 38  Client:  Century  Ply  Website:  Deliverables:  Website  design,  development  &  maintenance  
    • 39  Client:  Novar9s  Website:  Deliverables:  Website  design,  development  &  maintenance  
    • 40  
    • 41  
    • 42   Kotex  –  iKnowMovement  (South  East  Asia)   Social  Media  Marke-ng   Challenge:     Kotex  introduced  ‘I  Know  Movement’  campaign  to  address   the  physical  changes  that  women  undergo  during  puberty,   which  they  looked  to  amplify  on  various  pla2orms,   genera9ng  huge  buzz,  ensuring  their  maximum  TG  (16  to  24   years)  was  reached.   Solu4on:     –  Considering  the  TG  was  highly  ac9ve  on  Facebook,  it   was  an  obvious  choice   –  Engagement  plan  was  implemented  with  interac9ve   wall  posts  and  applica9ons   –  Facebook  ads  were  u9lized  to  amplify  the  campaign  and   drive  more  traffic  to  the  fan  page   Salient  Features:   –  Ensuring  the  applica9on  can  handle  huge  Results:   traffic  to  cater  to  mul9ple  logins  a  given   –  40,000  fans  within  6  months  making  it  the  3rd   point  in  9me   most  engaged  and  ac9ve  brand  Fan  page  in   –  Ensuring  high  security  standard  so  that  the   Singapore   personal  data  shared  is  not  leaked  and   –  800  average  visits  per  day   misused   –  6.30  average  minutes  spent  by  the  user  on   –  Providing  highest  security  and  supervision   the  page   system  to  make  sure  that  the  no   manipula9on  of  results  take  place,  leaving   no  room  for  chea9ng  or  short  cuts;  so  that   the  final  results  are  not  tampered  and   honest.  
    • 43  Nuclear  Friends  Founda4on  360  degree  SMO,  SEO  and  ORM   Challenge:     •  To  establish  NFF  as  a  nuclear-­‐friendly  organisa9on   •  To  reach  out  and  clear  nuclear  myths   •  To  address  nega9ve  men9ons  about  Indian  nuclear  industry   •  To  build  a  strong  pro  nuclear  community   Solu4on:     •  We  created  website  pla2orm,  which  acts  as  knowledge  bank  for   nuclear  industry  where  industry  experts  write  regularly  and  news  are   updated  daily.  Encourage  people  to  address  their  nuclear  queries.   •  We  have  used  leading  Indian  Social  Media  channels-­‐  Facebook,   Twiber,  Linkedin,  Google  Plus,  and  SlideShare  to  ensure   maximum  viewership  and  membership.   •  SEO  and  related  ac9vi9es  are  a  heavily  used  to  ensure  ranking  and   clean  Search  Engine  image  for  NFF   •  Strong  listening  on  agreed  keywords  for  iden9fying  and  addressing   nega9ve  men9ons  about  NFF  and  Indian  nuclear  news.     •  Regular  par9cipa9on  in  Twiper  Chat  and  other  discussions..     Results:-­‐   Salient  Features:   •  No.  of  Nuclear  Friends  within  six   •  Regular  upda9ng  site  of  content.   months  (across  channel):-­‐  2500   •  Check  for  queries  (on  site,  social  media  and  email   •  Avg.  monthly  visitors:-­‐  3000   campaign)  and  address  them   •  Apt  and  quick  in  response  mechanism   •  Created  small  but  strong  set  of  influencers  across   channels  
    • 44  Godrej  Proper4es  Limited  Online  Reputa-on  Management  (ORM)   Challenge:     •  To  iden9fy  and  counter  nega9ve  men9ons  about  GPL.   •  To  protect  brand  and  project  names  on  web.     •  To  ensure  brand  and  project  names  are  not  used  unethically  by   compe9tors  or  non-­‐channel  partners  in  first  3  pages  of  search   engines     Solu4on:     •  Employ  listening  tool  (free  and  paid)  to  capture  all  the  men9ons   about  Godrej  proper9es  and  its  projects.   •  Get  in  touch  with  the  non-­‐channel  partners  to  take  down  the   lis9ngs.  Guide  channel  partners  to  use  brand  name  and  designs   correctly.   •  Keep  stringent  tab  on  the  sites  contacted  for  taking  down  wrong   content.   Salient  Features:   •  Create  FAQs,  list  of  exis9ng  men9ons  and  way  to  close  them.   •  Arrange  a  mechanism  to  ensure  all  the  content  posted  is   approved  by  client  and  is  in  sync  with  brand’s  ethics   Results:   •  Complete  control    over  brand’s  reputa9on  online.   •  Improve  overall  image  of  Godrej  Proper9es  on  social  media  and   search  engines   •  Only  right  informa9on  about  GPL  is  available  online  
    • 45   DHL  Express  Easy  Student  (India,  Pakistan,  Bangladesh  &  Sri  Lanka)   Social  Media  Marke-ng   Challenge:     -  Increase  brand  awareness     -  Increase  engagement  with  the  community  (TG-­‐  18  to  25  years)   on  Social  Media   -  Syndicate  news  &  informa9on  to  the  community  in  a  9mely   manner   -  Create  a  referral  program  on  Social  Media       Solu4on:     -  We  created  a  strong  virtual  DHL  loop  by  integra9ng  social   channels  that  students  poten9ally  interact  with  online.   -  On  Facebook  interac9ve  contests,  wall  posts  and  applica9ons   were  implemented  where  concerns  and  news  about  studying   abroad  were  discussed  and  prizes  were  given  away.   -  Search  engine  op9mized  blogs  and  ar4cles  were  published   that  guided  the  traffic  to  and  from  Facebook  page.   -  Leading  forums,  where  students  discuss  educa9on,  were   u9lized  to  link  to  blogs,  ar9cles  and  Facebook.   -  Facebook  ads  were  u9lized  to  amplify  the  campaign  and  drive   more  traffic  to  the  fan  page.  Results:-­‐   –  Number  of  fans-­‐  2640  (3months)   Salient  Features:   –  During  contests  fan  interac9on  escalated  by  461%   –  Ensuring:     •  that  user  was  part  of  the  DHL’s  virtual  loop   •  messages  sent  on  all  social  channel  were  in  sync.   •  ensuring  offline  and  online  ac9vity  go  hand  in  hand   by  keeping  users  updated.  
    • 46  Vaseline  –  Be  Prepared  (India)  Applica-on   Challenge:     –  ‘Men  Grooming’    is  not  pursued  as   ‘masculine’   –  Men  are  ignorant  about  their  skincare   regime   –  Crea9ng  connect  with  TG  (16  to  35  years)     Solu4on:     -  We  provided  a  pla2orm  to  men  empowering  them  to   re-­‐discover  their  spotless  self.     -  The  applica9on  allowed  user  to  upload  his  picture  and   enhance  it  by  removing  the  blemishes  and  dark  spots   with  our  magic  tool   -  User  could  then  share  his  ‘new  spotless  avatar’  on  his   wall  and  set  it  as  a  profile  picture.       Salient  Features:   -  Ensuring  that  applica9on  correctly  detects  the  face  and   allows  user  to  remove  desired  blemishes  easily.     -  Providing  very  ins9nc9ve  and  interac9ve  interface  to  give   him  the  product  experience.    
    • 47  MiD  DAY  –  Smoke  Free  City  (India)  Applica-on   Challenge  :     •  To  encourage  par9cipa9on  in  Mid-­‐Day’s  Smoke  Free  City   campaign  for  31st  May  2011.     Solu4on:     -  Facebook  was  used  to  capitalize  on  25000+  fans  of  Mid-­‐Day   Fan  Page.   -  We  created    a  pic  badge  applica9on  which  could  be  added  to   their  profile  pic  in  support  of  Smoke  Free  City.  Engagement   plan  was  implemented  with  interac9ve  wall  posts  and   applica9ons   Salient  Features:   -  Ensuring  the  applica9on  can  handle  huge  traffic  to  cater  to                  mul9ple  logins  a  given  point  in  9me   -  Ensuring  high  security  standard  so  that  the  personal  data                  shared  is  not  leaked  and  misused  Results:  (Between  May  18  to  May  31  2011)   -  Captured  and  stored  the  details  about  the  pledges  and  -  Applica9on  was  used  by  540  users                  badges  used  by  the  user  in  our  database.  -  Boosted  Fan  base  by  61%  from  previous  month    -  Conversion  Rate  of  57%  was  recorded  which  is   good  as  compared  to  the  standard  conversion     rate  of  28-­‐41%  (as  revealed  by  Facebook).  
    • 48  
    • 49  
    • 50  
    • 51  
    • 52  
    • 53  
    • 54  
    • 55  MOBILE  
    • 56  Client:Godrej Properties Ltd.Project:iOS and Android appLaunch Date:Ongoing
    • 57  
    • 58  Client: Scope / Deliverables:Godrej Properties Ltd. The deliverables included design and development of:Project:iOS and Android app - Independent apps for all Godrej Properties projectsLaunch Date: - Central CMS which syncs and updates each app with relevant contentOngoing - A Room Planner tool where customers can visualize their dream home
    • 59  Available  on  iTunes  
    • 60  Client: Background:Haymarket Media Group   Now  in  its  sixth  year,  the  Digital  Media  Awards  once  again  offer  clients,  agencies  and  Project: media  owners  the  chance  to  display  their  digital  offering.    iOS and Android app   The  DMAs  are  now  part  of  a  larger  programme  called  “The  Digital  Asia  Fes9val”,  which  Launch Date: presents  a  compelling  programme  of  seminars,  digital  showcases,  networking  in  Oct, 2012 addi9on  to  the  DMAs.  The  fes9val  is  an  opportunity  for  brands  and  the  online   community  to  reach  into  new  media  and  markets.           Keep  up  to  speed  with  the  DAFs  agenda  including  seminars  and  networking  events.   Be  instantly  updated  about  the  DMA  jury,  shortlists,  winners  and  more.  Share  photos   and  updates  with  friends  and  colleagues.           The  fes9val  is  organized  by  Lions  Fes9vals  and  Haymarket  Media  Asia.         Scope / Deliverables: Development of Apple and Android application for Digital Asia Festival
    • 61  Available  on  iTunes  &  Google  Play  store  
    • 62  WAP  SITES  
    • 63  Client:AudiProject:WAP Site Development
    • 64  Client:ITCProject:WAP Site Development
    • 65  Client:SaffolaProject:WAP Site Development
    • 66  Thank  You    Arvind  Jain  Business  Director    |    |    +91  9867019501  Follow  us  on:   @netbizsystems