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Netbiz is an independent interactive agency offering creative and media services.

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NetBiz Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. l: vl| l "A": H°1‘= ‘- A “‘-"‘ " Hallé
  3. 3. WE MAKE CUSTDMEII EXPERIENCES MEMDIIABLE 3 E Sell-Reliant Tech Savvy We are a digital marketing agency serving local and international brands ranging from SMEs to multinational companies from various industries. We are an all-round agency with tremendous experience in digital activation, social media, websites, mobile applications, search engine marketing, experiential marketing, and media planning & buying. HETBIZ
  4. 4. IMAGINATIVE. CUIIIDUS. HUNCIIY NetBiz can be seen as a chemistry of great technological knowledge, awesome creativity, and deep analytics. We are an agile organisation consisting of TALENTED GEEKS, INCREDIBLE ARTISTS, and INSANE ANALYSTS
  5. 5. CLIENTS THEIR PRDDUCTS INSPIRE US. llIE WDRK TD INSPIRE. snafi IQNGI-TSHEK 42 HSRC 7:? ;E’; -} ‘ 1‘ wrangier cifibank flfir uuuuuuuuuuu vs Audi / rm’? |. is'_i_'_: _i2_i_N£ 305.3“ ‘@353 i. .mi. i.i. .g. .i. . 9 HF”! < ‘ i<, ; ,. . Si: ”. ?;“>°5I§3 wn__nSf_ Ar . Lee . . . '3 Pfg _ 4_ ‘ pm , . _: “_'“Iis- ‘ §Rl‘f? V;/ Icnovo @. ’(’f‘IQng5 5;‘ 3-. a - A: 7:312.» qL‘I1l| L'Il-Aq€: I,| IrCH fnstravch —2.". “.-’. !._ I: I‘ ' u. ..i. ... ‘ ‘ :2‘/ 'L'4:}; ,.'1 ‘ 1 . «mmum DIAGEO CORN Licastrol Re, .,. ,,ce . '/ um -* Ind uuuuu cs Lhnllrd
  7. 7. Website HUCCIES SDUTH EAST ASIA . w.. ..ry~r Illiirrilrriw —. 4-; E‘ . . Singflel ms PM ,1 , A ) J: ‘Tr(‘v; §T£ '. 'r: .1rii~~-. ';5|(: «.~4a * ‘ ‘ Weekl Cungvaiiulanons on ypur pregnancy‘ We wish ynir all we host in the noxl <2 ‘iiorilhs and we hope lliia amiss oi piugiizincy lips will be helplul ID you in me next 40 weeks we will walk you through you! pregnancy week py week raprcs iPhone App Huggies Diaper Packaging _ :1‘ ‘L711 I 7-.5 Huggies Wipes Packaging ’I_ui{__. —, .fl>; N‘| uri irrir, .vr .
  8. 8. * _. .. . . r>i-i-iw r rmiur i : u.« i l1I‘l§‘IDlt~ r : lIp‘I/ I/rli-Au i om. THE wonurs LARGEST SPIRITS COMPANY . ,,j3Y, voLuME WELCOMES You .3: ~iLF. z' 5;. EXPERIENCE UNITED SPIRITS P N mu ) ’-_-é, @ GI-1 ‘: '.». r.i-rrr. '.‘: riir. ~rr n--. r.r. iirrrr sin ow‘ Sr. - v-v—-uu—-~——: --——u--u-w-u-u--—: 'v——-‘*‘u: -rj- ‘ , 1 A a . WELCOME TO KBJ GROUP— 7 3 _‘jI " »' ‘ r Mfr"I)rs'rlf)VH7A'FE7lvER‘. l7 :1 , ' / rims; T1 A_. l,_ 55 years or IDA‘: ml: hertiuelleixiorlulromilze 1950501) 3. -"u. ..i"«Iiii'f. ~.‘*‘*Li: -Sr-' "
  9. 9. PDNDS KISSAN SDY POND'S -‘ _, ___. M Anvrvx nuwcv no . ... u.. .. l>oVNl. MD! RECAPTUNE THE RADIANCE OF YOUR YOUTH raj . ... . in. mmmmmm rm. .. . _.--n . ... . CALCIUM SANDDZ rm“ "' '* K’: .L. .., ... _. 'm'i . r.r. ... . M L. ‘zaidumsanauwoman helpedmerelteverviybadadlesu -r. n.. .im. .r '—. —‘F F ! %§$‘‘‘i5‘‘'€‘ Tim: in: B
  10. 10. T) R I " 1 ' ' i)()J! U.l- §‘A: TI"ELL—)" ‘- *2 xrrrgrfsrrer world . ‘I A , . gem Hutch my. in
  12. 12. itrum Challenge: Kotex introduced ‘I Know Movement’ campaign to address the physical changes that women undergo during puberty, which they looked to amplify on various platforms, generating huge buzz, ensuring their maximum TC (16 to 24 years) was reached. Solution: Q Considering the TC was highly active on Facebook, it was an obvious choice - Engagement plan was implemented with interactive wall posts and applications - Facebook ads were utilized to amplify the campaign and drive more traffic to the fan page Results: 5 40,000 fans within 6 months making it the 3rd most engaged and active brand Fan page in Singapore v 800 average visits per day v 6.30 average minutes spent by the user on the page A . . ,,, «,7 I PROPERTIES Challenge: 5 To identify and counter negative mentions about CPL. v To protect brand and project names on web. v To ensure brand and project names are not used unethically by competitors or non— channel partners in first 3 pages of search engines Solution: 5 Employ listening tool (free and paid) to capture all the mentions about Codrej properties and its projects. ~ Get in touch with the non—channe| partners to take down the listings. Guide channel partners to use brand name and designs correctly. -r Keep stringent tab on the sites contacted for taking down wrong content. Salient Features: 5 Create FAQs, list of existing mentions and way to close them. ~ Arrange a mechanism to ensure all the content posted is approved by client and is in sync with brand's ethics Results: 5 Complete control over brand's reputation online. -r Improve overall image of Godrej Properties on social media and search engines ~ Only right information about CPL is available online iwuxprus Easysluduwtlndta w. .. Pflzn r —. ... EKPRESSEASV mt uirnrssun SIIIIJEM -n---Qu Wm uuns Nrwlztx nrmu-unnuu-nun-n-nu — 20 . —-, r nui- < Tl-Oh III (in G393 1., aver ems. _. _._. := Challenge: Q Increase brand awareness v Increase engagement with the community (TG— 18 to 25 years) on Social Media 5 Syndicate news & information to the community in a timely manner v Create a referral program on Social Media Solution: Q We created a strong virtual DHL loop by integrating social channels that students potentially interact with online. V On Facebook interactive contests, wall posts and applications were implemented where concerns and news about studying abroad were discussed and prizes were given away. - Search engine optimized blogs and articles were published that guided the traffic to and from Facebook page. v Leading forums, where students discuss education, were utilized to link to blogs, articles and Facebook. - Facebook ads were utilized to amplify the campaign and drive more traffic to the fan page. Results: Q Number of fans— 2640 (3months) During contests fan interaction escalated by 461%
  13. 13. EMBRACE SAFE AND CLEAN ENERGY SAY YES TO N UCLEAR POWER Challenge: Q To establish NFF as a nuc| ear—friend| y organisation '6 To reach out and clear nuclear myths 7 To address negative mentions about Indian nuclear industry -v To build a strong pro nuclear community Solution: Q We created website platform, which acts as knowledge bank for nuclear industry where industry experts write regularly and news are updated daily. . . Encourage people to address their nuclear queries. ~ we have used leading Indian Social Media channe| s— Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Coogle Plus, bre. ad and S| ideShare to ensure maximum viewership and membership. -or SEO and related activities are a heavily used to ensure ranking and clean Search Engine image for NFF - Strong listening on agreed keywords for identifying and addressing negative mentions about NFF and Indian nuclear news. 5 Regular participation in Twitter Chat and other discussions. . Salient Features: Q Regular updating site of content. -or Check for queries (on site, social media and email campaign) and address them a. Apt and quick in response mechanism .7 Created small but strong set of influencers across channels Results: Q No. of Nuclear Friends within six months (across channe| ):— 2500 v Avg. monthly visitors: — 3000 ; . . Client: Vaseline Challenge: 5 ‘Men Crooming' is not pursued as ‘masculine’ v Men are ignorant about their skincare regime - Creating connect with TC (16 to 35 years) Solution: 5 We provided a platform to men empowering them to re—discover their spotless self. v The application allowed user to upload his picture and enhance it by removing the blemishes and dark spots with our magic tool - User could then share his ‘new spotless avatar’ on his wall and set it as a profile picture. Salient Features: 5 Ensuring that application correctly detects the face and allows user to remove desired blemishes easily. - Providing very instinctive and interactive interface to give him the product experience
  14. 14. MDDIIE APPLICATIDNS . — I 1‘ , ___. T J . 7 - . ‘ 2 _, CI, ___ , ,, __-Y, _ , _., _ R .4 .4
  15. 15. MDDILE PLATEDRMS 8 TECHNDLDCY CAPABILITY Platforms: (‘AA E-Mrcrosort symbuan Technology urui. a ; ,,_. 3 2 ios § - T «E 5 AI ‘ Q DPEEGL Adobe Java . =~+ CocoaTouch VsiialC++ Insights lAna| ytics: © i= Luniw Cu ‘SIC
  16. 16. CUSTDM MDDIIE SDLUTIDNS We build custom mobile solutions for a process that is unique or specific to an organisation, based on its industry structure, size, customers or other characteristics
  17. 17. | Welcome M1 Pradip Srun Entavthl r. r.a. nr. .urr¢. rr». . nqwludill ; .:: ~I M. .." Auiilivhtir-v -M. .-“ rr. ».. ,.r . ... r.r. rr . :r V‘ , :, ,.. ... ,.. ..: .,». «.. ... ... ... 1.1 h ' f“""". ‘-llfltll»
  18. 18. MDDIIE / WAP SITES $3 from life
  19. 19. MDDIIE / WAP SITES
  20. 20. Technology: Native for i0S and HTML5 for Android (responsive layout) ‘5(. ;Am‘ FESTIVAL M. Devices TOS and Android, both phones & tablets. IR About Di tal Asia Festival (DAF): Digital Asia Festival is a celebration and demonstration of the region's best digital marketing. The festival presents a compelling program ofseminars, digital showcases, networking and awards and offers a great platform for b. o.. ... and the online community to reach into new media and markets. About the App: The app enables you to be instantly updated about the latest news, events, DMAjury, shortlists, winners and more. You can also share photos and updates with friends and colleagues Scope / Deliverables: 1. TOS and Android application design & development using APl's from DAF official website > www. digita| asiafestiva| .com ’ , , GEVIION App Store C lc play
  22. 22. IIIITIIII ; ‘A‘stt. :I. l ‘tliftull ”I'IfIi. Stay updated ‘ ‘ ‘lItl_“°‘i r luau lnlematilwlzl ooia Convention N' lullobli orrrn. -0"- " App Store ~ Cmslway
  23. 23. client; codrej Properties Ltd. Devices: ios and Android (only tablets) | PROPERTIES Technology: Native for ios and Android About Godrej Properties: Godrej Properties umited (GPLI is areal estate company in india and is a part orthe Codrej Industries Ltd. Btablished in 1990, they are one ofthe major real estate development companies having projects in 12 cities across india. Currently, their business focuses on residential, commercial and township developments. CPL is listed on the Bombay stock Exchange (359 and The National Stock Exchange (NSE). About the Alan: The app is used by GPL sales executives to showcase company's projects and generate leads. This app is also available for end customer who wants to know more about their projects sii: ope/ Dellverables: 1. Independent apps for each project. 2. A mother app for all the projects managed using a CMS. Projects are updated using APT‘: 3. integration of enquiry ronri with company's salesrorce. com account 4. an room plans and 2D room planner 3D Room Plans 2D Room Planner: Move / Rotate / Delete furniture Enquiry form integrated with Sa| esForce. com Floor Plans D Available on the App Store Choose location > _ Residential / commercial
  24. 24. client: Jardine uoyd Thompson India Ltd. Devices iPad. Technology: Native for ios About Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT): JLT is an an intemaiional group of Risk Specialists and Employee Benefits Consultants and one of the largest companies of its type in the world. 0 About the App: The app keeps the senior management posted with presentations on recent projects handled by the company in various domains / categories, company news, etc. .. Available on the App Store scopei neliverables: 1. Design 3. development or iPad app 2. Content Management System (CMS) development 3. Features > add Notes to presentations, favorites, download, and share with colleagues 4. Flip through the news like in Flipboard Thumbnail View Favorite. Read Later. and Share Perspectives on "mute at Work” Wm mum nature ol collaboration relmr-ry 1-, ms
  25. 25. lllllllll EEOMMERCE SOLUTIONS C uuuuuu r: Try. Share. Buy Brand: Add. Sa| e.| nsights
  26. 26. Product: Try it on nevices ios and Android (both phones 8. tablets). Application is also available for Microsoft surface devices, desktop / laptops. o . Technology: Native for ios and Android, Face Tracking 3. Augmented Reality About the App: The app helps you in the decision process for the right eyewear. Browse catalogue, try the product using augmented reality, shortlist and share with your friends on Facebook or email them. Get their reviews to shortlist the right eyewear for you and make a purchase. Similar feature available for website and inStore kiosks Application is also available for desktop / laptop.
  27. 27. Product: Furniture Mall Devices ios and Android (both phones 8. tablets]. Application is also available for Microsoft surface devices, desktop / laptops. o . Technology: Native for ios and Android, Augmented Reality About the App: The app helps you in the decision process for the right home furniture. Choose a 3D product from furniture catalogue. Place the 3D product using your camera (augmented reality technology) in the live environment or click a picture and place the product on it. The app allows the user to change texture, move, rotate, scale or pan the product and share it with friends and family. Application is also available for desktop / laptop.
  28. 28. / y ii BRANDING SOLUTIONS W x u
  29. 29. .F, f‘ ll of , _ <£ ’ / A// D P ’: l:‘:7v~ l! '.‘. 'E! llR’ :57. YAAN “lllvZ l0l§l]S I l<I<{<? é/< ‘
  30. 30. STATIONARY
  34. 34. MllIlll]SOET KTNECT
  38. 38. PROJEGTION MAPPING r t zgl iogl . _ I —I' T. ..’ . I I ‘l ll, .
  39. 39. THANK YOU “What's your marketing plan? ” LETS OISGUSS ARVINO JAIN - +91 9588 EH 5656, ARYINO@NETBIZ. IN BUSINESS OIREGTOR, NETBIZ