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NetSquared Mumbai Local Group launch meetup presentation

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  • Hi! My name is I’m here to share with you how NetSquared is creating local chapters around the world to help support social change locally and globally.
  • Hi! My name is I’m here to share with you how NetSquared is creating local chapters around the world to help support social change locally and globally.
  • NetSquared is an initiative of TechSoup Global, started four years ago. NetSquared focuses on the wide intersection of social change or social benefit work and technology – whether it’s web, mobile, platform or application.
  • NetSquared works at this intersection in three ways: The online content of the Community Blog (which is free for any registered member to contribute to) is driven by Community Members sharing information about campaigns, projects, tools and strategies; Project teams updating the community about their work and ideas; and information and news about the larger nonprofit technology sector, innovation awards, and opportunities to get involved. Offline events called Net Tuesdays Challenges that function as ongoing open innovation calls focused on mining innovative approaches to solve problems facing communities everywhere.
  • NetSquared Local events are a chance for people to gather locally who are interested or already working at the intersection of social change and technology. This can be staff from a registered nonprofit organization, social entrepreneurs, funders and philanthropists, developers and designers, government agency representatives or others. These monthly events take place in restaurants, pubs, offices and co-working spaces, and provide a regular opportunity for people to talk about local projects, discuss tools and strategies from the ever-changing landscape of social technology, and generally learn, share and collaborate.
  • That’s pretty easy: there aren’t a lot of other opportunities for foundation staff to talk to nonprofit staff and government or political groups to talk to entrepreneurs and developers to talk to campaigners all focused on technology for social good. And what’s even more, NetSquared Local groups around the world can talk to each other, opening and continuing the conversation even wider.
  • We already have 80+ groups meeting in 25 countries, as of November 2010, with more groups starting every month!
  • NetSquared Local events are monthly, and usually fall the same time each month (the first Tuesday of the month, and so on) to help people remember and count on participating. They are not, though, all on Tuesdays! A few groups found that their community was more available on a Wednesday or Thursday, so meet then. Case in point: we are flexible and want local groups to have absolute control over creating an event and network that reflects the needs and opportunities of the local members.
  • NetSquared covers the cost for organizers to use the platform. We do this to be sure organizers have a free tool that allows for group member registration, messaging, event scheduling, file and photo sharing, forums, and more. Everything and anything you may want to use online for your group. You are welcome to use another tool if your local community does not want to use Meetup – a few other groups use Facebook or a Google Group.
  • We encourage local groups to have co-organizers, or assistant organizers so that one person isn’t left trying to do it all. It’s more fun with more people. Local Organizers also have a Google Group so they can ask questions to other organizers around the world, share information, and so forth. There is also a wiki and periodic opportunities to get together offline, like before the annual conference. (These pictures are from the organizers training days at N2Y3 and N2Y4 Conferences.)
  • Again, we let local groups choose the venues that work best for them. Some groups like to meet in a restaurant or pub, others in nonprofit office spaces, some in co-working or community areas. Since events are most always in the after-work hours, your flexibility and options are as wide as your members’.
  • NetSquared Local groups are organized by volunteers. Events are free to attend, unless participants pay for food or drink, like when meeting in a restaurant. Some groups to choose to find sponsors as a way of finding free event space or for a low price to cover drinks or refreshments, in exchange for showing the logo, thanking the sponsor, and generally showing them some love.
  • How do you pick a topic for your event? All that NetSquared asks is that it falls in the realm of technology for social good. From podcasting to blogging, mobile applications to CRM, wiki to social networking – whatever your group wants to learn about, talk about, and come together around.
  • The NetSquared Community on and offline is already huge and continues to grow with innovators, changemakers and passionate people from around the world joining every day, sharing their ideas, and connecting with others. The NetSquared team is here to help your local group grow and flourish. Amy Sample Ward is the Global Community Builder who can help you get started today!
  • Excited? We hope so! I know this was a lot of “boring” information but hopefully some of your questions about the group are already answered and you are ready to dive in! You can see if there is a group in your city or connect with Amy to start your own. Then get going in your local community!
  • Thanks so much for your time – really hope to hear from you soon! Join NetSquared at to check out innovative projects, contribute to the community blog, and learn about what others are saying.
  • If you have questions, ideas, or want to talk more about what you learned here, feel free to visit or email Amy at Thanks again!
  • NetSquared Local Group - Mumbai

    1. 1. Amit NetSquared Community Member NetSquared Local: Mumbai
    2. 2. Agenda: What? Why? Where? When? How? Who? NetSquared Local: Coming to a city near you!
    3. 3. What is NetSquared?
    4. 4. What is NetSquared? Content Community Challenges
    5. 5. What is NetSquared Local? Image: cafepress
    6. 6. Why NetSquared Local? Photo from NetSquared Group: Flickr net2photos
    7. 7. Where is NetSquared Local?
    8. 8. When is NetSquared Local? Photo from Atlanta Net Tuesday: Flickr cambodia4kidsorg
    9. 9. How does it work: Platform
    10. 10. How does it work: Organizing
    11. 11. How does it work: Venues Photo from Houston Net Tuesday: Flickr schipulites
    12. 12. How does it work: Sponsorship Photo from Net Tuesday: Flickr chrisheuer
    13. 13. How does it work: Focus Photo from NetSquared Group: Flickr rocketcandy
    14. 14. Who is involved? Photo from NetSquared Group: Flickr chrisheuer
    15. 15. What’s next? <ul><li>There is a Net2 group near you! </li></ul><ul><li>2. Gather your local community and collaborate! </li></ul>
    16. 16. Thank you! We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication. You are the community driving NetSquared!
    17. 17. Let’s Connect! If you have questions about NetSquared or Local events, please email: [email_address] [email_address] [email_address]