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Learning log

  1. 1. Nestly P. Tapia. EDUC 125 Learning Log- Activity 1 Questions and Answer. Question: 1.) How do I get students to pay attention and actively participating? Ans. --- As a teacher I will get the attention of the student by making my lesson more interactive. To avoid lull in the classroom. The instructional material must be interactive so they will participate and more interested in the lesson prepared. Question: 2.) How do I kept the flow of events moving with smooth and good transitions? Ans. --- To have smooth and good transition, I will ensure that every intructional moment is made use of wisely. So it will prevent unnecessary lull in classroom activities. Question: 3.) How do I communicate to students what I expect to them and are my expectations? Ans. --- In the first day of meeting I will impost the doe’s and don’t’s in the subject then give them an activity that relate to thier expectation to the subject and to the teacher. With their answer I can study what would they needs.
  2. 2. Question: 4.) How do I build good personal relationship with students? Ans. --- Every teacher are unique. We have different abillities how to handle students with different personalities. I will make my teaching more comfortable that they will not afraid to participate and they could learn. Question: 5.) How do I deal with very resistant student? Ans. --- We have different kinds of student with different personalities. To deal with resistant student we need to study were they came from. We have to know the family and cultural background of every student. To give us idea how to handle them. Question: 6.) What does it takes to explain things clearly? Ans. --- For me to explain things clearly make use of the word more familiar that are easy to understand so that the student will not get problem on the lesson you teach. Question: 7.) How do I make lesson more interesting and more effective? Ans. --- Making lesson interesting we must made the instructional materials more interactive and have the strategies and methods that would relate to the topic and be aware on the environment if it is not conducive in learning then it will affect the lesson.
  3. 3. Question: 8.) How do I get the most out of my space and furniture? Ans. --- Manage the physical environment of the classroom. Furniture must be positioned appropriately. Physical features in the classroom must be located in areas where the contents could be viewed well and be made available for use. Well arranged furniture will make the environment conducive in learning. Question: 9.) How can I vary my teaching style? Ans. --- I can vary my teaching style in making lessons that the students could learn and will appreciate the hardwork that made in making the lessons. Question: 10.) How can I adjust the student learning style? Ans. --- To adjust the student learning style we must know their multiple inteligences, make the lesson fit to the students MI, do not teach in the same way so that the students with varied inteligences will be developed. Question: 11.) How is my hidden curriculum? Ans. --- My hidden curriculum is modify behavior of influence learning outcomes.
  4. 4. Question: 12.) How do I know what students have realy learn? Ans. --- To know what students have realy learnin having evaluation or assessment in different phases of instruction. First the prior instruction by giving pre-test or pre-teaching assessment. Second the during instruction will be assessed in the process of teaching and the last is the after instruction having summative assessment. Question: 13.) How do I build / adjust curriculum for maximum effectiveness? Ans. --- To build / adjust curriculum for maximum effectiveness we must know and understand the curriculum, make a plan that would relate to what is aim in this curriculum to be more effective in Implementing this.