Suf سوف


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تاريخ بلدة سوف في محافظة جرش في الاردن وتسليط الضوء على بيت علي باشا الكايد التاريخي

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Suf سوف

  1. 1. SUFThe city of rivers
  2. 2.  Location : on the western side of Jerash, at a distance of 8kilometers, longitude 35 degrees 50 minutes east longitude, andlatitude 32 degrees 19 minutes north. Area : 39 thousand dunums, one of the areas of the municipalityJerash major.
  3. 3.  Name: Suf is Latin word meansthe city of springs, or resort , thereis more than 40 springs . the village was called also asmonastery Yasuf, and Kafr Yasuf,and Yasuf. Ottomans named as Khanoukhor Hanouk .
  4. 4.  At the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of thetwentieth century Suf played a role in Great Arab Revolt and wereone of the largest conurbation in Jerash and Ajloun that make Suf fullof fluctuations and political events in that period. many of the menwho participated in the revolution and had been in contact withPrince Abdullah Bin Al Hussein have become important later in thegovernment of TransJordan like Ali Pasha Al Kayed.
  6. 6.  Ali Al Kayed Al Otoum Born in 1875in “Al mi’rad” in Suf , studied in Suf in“Al Kuttab” then he studied in Jershschool , traveled to Damascus to study in“Anbar office” whichconsidered the most prestigiouseducational institutions in the Levant inthe Ottoman Empire he died in 1958
  7. 7.  He built his Famous palace in theMiddle of Suf In the late nineteenthcentury … the builder at that time inJerash was called “ attayan Mohammadal Deiry” it was built within 4 stages ,many of people I met said they weretake stones from old kherbit ; may itwere Roman Frederick Peake in hiswritings thought that Suf is Deon theneighbor of old roman Jerasa .
  8. 8.  The first stage of the buildingwas the main hall with crossvault roof on the southern sideof the complex The second stage he add thestables and another hall the hallcomposition create a court
  9. 9.  The third stage : they go tothe second floor and addanother rooms The final stage was the chapelon the west façade it were visualattached to most of farms itwere there
  10. 10.  Ali pasha was a representative of Jerash then he become Mayor ofJerash Ali Pasha Participate with Prince Abdulah I to found “Al Sharq AlArabi Govement” Which called later “TranseJordan” He played a Reconciliation role between Prince Abdullah and KuliebAl Shraideh after “ Al Korah Problem”
  11. 11.  Ali Basha was the Director of land area in Jerash Participated in a parliamentary system in 1923 The first minister of transport in Jordan in Tawfik Abu Al Hudagovernment on August 6, 1939 Fight with the people of Madaba in their war against the Wahhabiinvasion
  12. 12. T H E P A L A C E V I S I T E D B Y M A N Y L E A D E R S A N DP O L I T I C I A N S : Prince Abdullah Bin AlHussein was spending abouttwo weeks every year and livesin the attic in a the house (at thewestern side of it), he was readthe Koran, and from that atticsees the village and around.
  13. 13.  the palace visited by King Faisal of Syria and his brothers Ali andZaid Hussein sons, were greeted and celebrated them, and older of thevillage indicates that supervision talked, exchanged crowns in the palace . Visited by King Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who hosted by thePrince Abdullah Bin Al Hussein. Visited by the poet "ARAR" Mustafa Wahbi Al Tall
  14. 14. For all that The Ministry ofTourism considered the houseas local political icon andhistorical memory so theyacquired the house from theheirs but until this time they didnot decide his fate or take anyaction to conserve it .
  15. 15. 
  16. 16. REFERENCES-
  17. 17. HASHE MIT E UN IVE RSIT Y /ARCHIT E CT URE D E PART ME NTST UD E N T: N E SRE E N DARAD K ASUPE RVISOR : D R. RAMA RABADYThis presentation prepared for Heritage Management course