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  1. 1.
  2. 2. <ul><li> is a popular Internet radio site formusic, founded in 2002.
  3. 3. Itclaimsover 30 millionactiveusersbased in morethan 200 countries.
  4. 4. Users can createcustomradiostationsandplaylistsfrom</li></ul>any of theaudiotracks in'smusiclibrary, <br />andareableto listen tosomeindividualtracks on demand, ordownloadtracks<br />iftherightsholder has previouslyauthorised it.<br /><ul><li>The site has an estimated monthly traffic of 1.8 million people,</li></ul>most of them being male and teens. <br />
  5. 5. Geographic Data<br /><br />
  6. 6. The most popular page is the ‘Music’ page, where you can find popular groups, as well as, underground and unknown artists. There is also a ‘Videos’ pagethat features videos of live performances and music videos. On the site you can also find a ‘Radio’ page with a search engine where you can search for radio stations online. There is also an ‘Events’ page, where you can search for dates and times of local events and a ‘Charts’ page that has artist and track charts. On the sites main page there is a ‘Featured Radio’ column, along with ‘The Hype Chart’, which has artists that are becoming popular<br />
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  8. 8.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. for iPhone<br />
  11. 11.<br />
  12. 12.  Connect<br />JoinShare<br />9,318 members|804 shouts<br />Leaders:Han and afonsoduarteJoin Policy: Open Created on: 21 May 2009 Description:<br />Get pro tips from staff on how to connect your music profile to the rest of your online life!<br />Connect<br />Share, broadcast & listen on the go<br />Choose a service and spread the love:<br /><ul><li>Facebook</li></ul>Share your loved tracks and events Find out more…<br />Twitter<br />Broadcast every time you love a track Find out more…<br />iPhone<br />Listen, love tracks and share on the go Find out more…<br /><ul><li>Spread the Love</li></ul>Every time you love a track on (with the heart icon) it gets added to a playlist of your über-favourite tunes. Connect and broadcast your loved tracks to all your friends, not just the ones on<br /><ul><li>Facebook Feed▼
  13. 13. Love Tweet▼
  14. 14. Friendfeed▼
  15. 15. LastTweet▼
  16. 16. Share your gig calendar</li></ul>Connect to other event services and let your friends know which gigs you're attending! Are your gigs and events all over the shop? Find out how to organise your social life into one place and never miss a gig!<br /><ul><li>Facebook Application▼
  17. 17. Events Calendar Feed▼
  18. 18. Google Calendar SMS▼
  19. 19. Flickr Machine Tags▼
  20. 20. Show off your top charts</li></ul>Track what you listen to The Scrobbler and get personal top charts. There's a Scrobbler for almost every player on the planet, so hook up the ones you use and get top charts to share online.<br /><ul><li> Scrobbler▼
  21. 21. iPhone▼
  22. 22. Pandora Scrobbler▼
  23. 23. Hype Machine Scrobbler▼
  24. 24. Image Charts▼
  25. 25. Tweekly FM▼</li></ul>Connect<br />Share, broadcast & listen on the go<br />Connect your profile up to Twitter, Facebook and more! Learn how to tell all your friends when you love a track; add your recent tracks to your blog and tweet your weekly top tracks.<br />
  26. 26. Popularity<br />• •<br />BusinessModel / Purpose<br /> 30 May 2006 , Music site Last.fmboughtby CBS 23 2008,Adam Ostrow,Last.fmAnnouncesMajorFreeMusicInitiativeand New Business<br />Model 2, 2008 R.Macmanus, InterviewWithLast.fmFounder Richard Jones: Part 2, Online MusicBusinessModels on January 23, 2008 , Last.fmtriesthesubscription model 25, 2009 DavidChartier , Last.fmstrugglesforstreaming, internationalrevenue<br />Foundation<br /> 2006-03-07,TheMusicalMywareO'ReillyMediaEmergingTechnologyConference 4 November 2006,LeoBenedictıus,, Martin Stiksel<br />FeatureandDesign<br /> 3, 2008 ,R.MacManus,InterviewWithLast.fmFounder Richard Jones: Part 3, Design & Features 21 may 2008,StanSchroeder 21, 2008.CoreyDeitz,Last.fmOffers New FeaturesforListeners, RoyaltiesforUnsignedArtists Jul 2008,Last.fmrevampcriticised<br />Monetise<br /><br />Imagesforslide<br />••••••<br />