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Chub2010 Catalogue Chub2010 Catalogue Document Transcript

  • 2010
  • INTRODUCTION Our aim is to stay at the forefront INTRODUCTION of innovation and design CONTENTS Specimen Carp anglers are amongst the most discerning and demanding of all customers when it RODS 4 - 11 comes to selecting the right gear. They want the best that modern technology can provide – outstanding BIVVIES & SHELTERS 12 - 29 quality but at an affordable price, we all want our hard BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS 30 - 35 earned cash to go further. Great products, at a great price, all representing great value for money. That’s BARROWS 36 - 37 what you get from Chub. HOLDALLS 38 - 41 We are now firmly established as one of Europe’s top Carp brands and have been a Specialist Innovator of ROD QUIVERS 42 - 43 Specimen Carp tackle for almost 20 years. Once again our team of new product development specialists and LUGGAGE 44 - 59 our highly respected and acclaimed members of the Chub Carp Academy, have come up with a wealth of COOKING 60 - 63 new product innovations for the 2010/11 season. For CARP CARE 64 - 69 example you only need to take a look at the new Vizor, S-Plus and S-Plus Max bivvys and shelters, some of the SCALES & FLOATS 70 - 71 new Carp Care products and the Compact Outkast 4 piece rods to see just how much flair and creativity has PRECISION gone into this superb new gear. And there’s more – like the new Classic and X-tra Comfy Bedchairs, extensions STAINLESS STEEL 72 - 73 to the best selling Snooper rod range including new Spod and Marker rods, along with the new Precision SMART BOX 74 - 75 Stainless, which includes bank sticks, buzz bars and LIGHTING 76 - 77 accessories. RIGS 78 - 79 But that’s not all. Many anglers would agree that Chub probably offers the industry’s best after-sales CLOTHING 80 - 81 service – providing you with not just help and advice, but also taking care of any customer service issues you might have, should you ever need it. At Chub, you the customer, has always been our main priority, whether you’re in store buying our products, fishing from the bank or at the end of a phone. We like to feel we always have your best interests at heart. That’s Chub – Specialist Innovation. Tight Lines. Richard Sanderson. Managing Director. WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 3
  • RODS GUIDE RODS Chub carp rods now have the Added this year is the first multi-piece Outkast. The Outkast Compact is an 11’ 4 piece rod that is truly CHOOSING YOUR enviable reputation as some of versatile and unlike any other multi-piece carp rod CARP ROD the best in the business. The it retains the light and crisp action of the standard Outkast is currently entering Outkast rods. If you’re looking for a quality carp rod to WHICH LENGTH AND TEST CURVE keep in the boot of your car or perhaps to pack into a its fifth year in production and IS RIGHT FOR YOU? suitcase, then this could be the ideal rod for you. this we believe is testament to WHAT CAN IT CAST? its groundbreaking design. The Our incredibly popular Snooper carp rod range now has result of evaluating and refining dedicated Spod and Marker rods. An essential part of With so many different lengths and test curves 3LB the modern carp anglers setup, these rods show that available, choosing a carp rod can be a real minefield. Out of all our test curves, this is now the most popular prototype after prototype to To make things easier for you, we’ve decided on a in our range. Excellent reserves of power make fishing dedicated application rods do not have to break the produce a finished rod that bank and these offer incredible performance previously few guidelines that should help you make the correct at range no problem, whether it’s single leads or a PVA pushed the boundary of both choice. bag. Don’t be shy about really winding these rods up to unheard of at this price point. During recent years there has been a trend towards get into the butt section to release the power. composites performance and more powerful test curves. This probably reflects the Like the 2.75lb, our 3lb test curves are particularly well anglers’ expectations. This passion for creating great fishing tackle is the fact that carp are getting bigger! This, coupled with the suited to medium-long fishing but with a touch more mainstay of our business and we are constantly introduction of PVA bags and Method Feeders, means power for punching out baits, or setting the hook at searching for ways to improve that process. There’s that some anglers require that extra ‘punch’ from their range should the need arise. In the right hands, and the Hardy & Greys rod simulator – a revolutionary carp rods. This is due to the Method Feeder and bag’s with the correct set-up, distances of over 130 yards can computer system that has changed the face of less than aerodynamic shapes. easily be achieved. composite technology and how rods are designed. Our While you read this, please remember these are only Finite Element Analysis system lets us experiment with guidelines and that length and test curve choice will 3.5LB potential materials, actions and tapers before blanks always remain a personal one. Both feel and comfort This test curve is ideal for the angler who wants to fish are even built and the unique Hardy & Greys Test Rig will play a big part – what suits one angler will not big baits and bags, at the limits of their casting ability. measures rod profiles, action, durability, balance and always be right for another. When using higher test curves like this, slightly more strength. For example, some of the more extreme rod lengths care will need to be taken while playing fish under the and test curves require a good casting technique, to rod tip. Every aspect of a rod can be tried and tested with compress the blank and release its full potential. With the correct casting styles and good compression, total flexibility. Of course, Hardy & Greys technicians With this in mind, other anglers prefer lower test distances of 150 yards+ can be achieved. During work hand in glove throughout the process with the curves to gain maximum feel during the fight. testing we have seen recorded distances of well in Chub academy members and consultants. Only when Whatever model, length or test curve, you can be sure excess of 200 yards using some of our models. The the design, prototyping and testing of each product is that it’s been tried and tested by our scientists, design extra power of these rods will be well appreciated by complete and we are confident that we have everything engineers, and our Chub Carp Academy members. anglers looking to set hooks well at range. That is why it carries the Chub name and the Chub right, we work with our manufacturing partners and the best carbon fibre suppliers from across the globe to Worldwide Extended Warranty. SHOCK LEADER GUIDE As a guide always use the 10x safety rule for your produce the level of expertise and craftsmanship that 2.5LB shock leaders, so for example, for a 3oz lead use a 30lb we expect and our customers demand. This test curve is ideal for fishing short to medium shock leader, 4oz lead 40lb shock leader etc. This will range. When fishing at close range a softer 2.5lb rod result in fewer crack-offs when striving for that extra At Chub our aim is to ensure that we continue to will absorb the lunges of a fighting fish. This also distance. provide anglers around the world with products that means excellent casting accuracy, especially with simply make the whole process of going fishing short-range baits. Don’t be deceived though, all our more enjoyable. Please check out the Chub website 2.5lb test curve carp rods have good reserves of power to keep up with all our latest in the butt section, should it be needed. developments. Don’t forget you can also use the While this test curve lends itself superbly for playing website to register your rod warranty and contact us fish, it’s not ideal for casting out large with any of your views, questions or even send us your Method feeders, or PVA bags. This is because the rod can easily be bottomed out (over stretched) under latest capture pictures. these high compression loads. As well as being a great CASTING WEIGHT Tight Lines medium-range fishing rod, this test curve is a popular GUIDELINES Chub Carp Development Team choice for surface fishing. LENGTH TEST CURVE CASTING WEIGHT 2.75LB A very popular test curve that’s able to cope with a 12’ 2.5lb 1oz to 3.5oz - optimum is 2.5oz multitude of situations. Ideal for fishing either single 12’ 2.75lb 1oz to 4oz - optimum is 3oz leads, or small Method Feeders and PVA bags. In the 12’ 3lb 1oz to 4oz - optimum is 3oz right hands these rods are capable of 100 yards plus, yet are also great fish players close into the bank. 12’ 3.5lb 1oz to 5oz - optimum is 3.5oz You can do all this without the fear of a high hook 13’ 3.5lb 1oz to 5oz - optimum is 4oz pull rate. A 2.75lb carp rod is a truly versatile tool, but particularly well suited to medium to long-range fishing. Lee Collings Kevin Benham James Temple WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 5
  • RODS The Outkast has fantastic casting performance OUTKAST RODS OUTKAST MARKER The perfect partner for the Spod Rod. The Outkast Marker Rod has a powerful butt section and very responsive tip to make feature finding so much easier. Whether you’re searching for weed beds, gravel bars or gullies, with this rod you will be able to feel and outline all these underwater features to perfection. The rod also has the power and ability to cast a lead and marker float long distances and features graduated depth marks set at 6” intervals. Product Length Weight Code ft/m (g/oz) CR29 12’/3.66 388/13.68 OUTKAST SPOD Built using the same technology as the Outkast Carp Rods, the Outkast Spod will help you achieve greater distances when casting the largest spods. Designed on a blank of around 5lb test curve, the rod is capable of casting most spods and bait rockets extreme distances with pinpoint accuracy when casting to a marker or feature. A progressive action and stepped- The Chub Outkast was the first in a line of expectations revealing a smooth progressive up butt section gives maximum compression and loading of the a new generation of Chub carp rods. These action but with plenty of power for long rod at the correct moment, to enable most anglers to optimise are built using the latest in-house technology casting, achieving some phenomenal the full potential of the powerful blank. Minimalist and modern in and also utilise the most up-to-date carbon distances yet still retaining a superb playing appearance the rod has five double legged slim SICs plus tip ring. processes never available before in rods action capable of handling big fish. So of this price range. Designed to cover all confident are we on the performance of Product Length Weight Pieces aspects of carp fishing, the rods are available these rods that they come with a Worldwide Code ft/m (g/oz) in four test curves from 2.5lb to 3.5lb. They Extended Warranty, also a first for rods in this CR28 12’/3.66 392/13.82 2 feature lovely slim, lightweight yet extremely price range. powerful performance driven blanks, which give a very minimal, modern look. The Outkast features five double legged SIC guides and tip ring, screw lock reel seat and abbreviated handle with a Japanese shrink- wrap butt grip, plus carbon line clip. During testing the Outkast exceeded all Product Length Test Curve Weight Pieces Code ft/m (lb) (g/oz) CR24 12’/3.66 2.5 291/10.26 2 CR25 12’/3.66 2.75 316/11.14 2 CR26 CR27 12’/3.66 12’/3.66 3 3.5 335/11.81 367/12.94 2 2 OUTKAST 50 CR30 13’/3.96 3.5 420/14.81 2 Now one of the most popular and respected rods on the market is available with 50mm butt guides. With matching guides throughout, just add a big pit reel to the Outkast 50 and you will be casting to the horizon, while still having the superb playing qualities that these rods have become famous for. Product Length Test Curve Weight Pieces Code ft/m (lb) (g/oz) CR26-50 12’/3.66 3 358/12.62 2 CR27-50 12’/3.66 3.5 394/13.84 2 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 7
  • RODS OUTKAST RODS OUTKAST STALKER 9FT The Chub product team decided that the • Soft easy to use action Outkast range would benefit from the inclusion • Powerful and slim blank of a designated stalking rod. By utilising the • Double leg SIC guides same successful design concept, the 9’ • Laser etched butt cap Outkast Stalker was born. The Outkast Stalker • Worldwide Extended Warranty has a powerful, yet easy action, that controls Product Length Weight Pieces the lunges of a powerful fish and reduces hook Code ft/m (g/oz) pulls at close range. C00002 9’/2.74 217/7.65 2 OUTKAST STALKER 10FT This 10ft addition to the Outkast range is a truly • 18mm gunsmoke grey reel seat versatile rod. Not only is the rod soft enough to • Double leg SIC guides be used as a stalking rod, but it still has enough • Full length Japanese shrink wrap handle power to be used as a short conventional carp • Anodised & laser etched butt cap rod, perfect for tight swims, floater fishing or • World Wide Extended Warranty the mobile angler. A must-have addition to any anglers’ set of rods. Product Length Weight Pieces Code ft/m (g/oz) COR010 10’/3.05 262/9.24 2 OUTKAST COMPACT The 11’ Outkast Compact is a multi-piece carp • Length 11’ / 3.35m 2.75lb TC rod that doesn’t sacrifice on performance. • Number of sections: 4 With the same powerful and crisp action as • Transport length: 87cm the standard Outkast carp rod; this Compact • Hook keeper ring version is perfect for the travelling angler or • Anodised & laser etched butt cap for storing in the boot of your car for those • Japanese shrink wrap butt grip opportunistic moments. A truly versatile • Worldwide Extended warranty rod with a wide range of applications from stalking to floater fishing and enough power to cope with heavy leads and distance when required. The rod itself has minimalist and modern styling to perfectly match the existing Outkast range. Product Length Weight Pieces Code COR020 ft/m 11’/3.35 (g/oz) 242/8.50 4 OUTKAST TWIN TIP Just take one look at the Outkast Twin Tip • Incredibly slim and lightweight and you will see that, not only are you getting • Excellent power to diameter ratio a truly versatile rod, but also a great value • Keeper ring package. As the name suggests the rod • SIC braid-friendly guides throughout comes supplied with two tip sections, one a • Excellent value for money full length Avon tip perfect for surface fishing • Supplied with Avon style 1.75lb test curve for carp or touch legering for barbel. It is also tip supplied with a quiver tip carrier section. With • Supplied with additional quiver tip carrier this you have the choice of either a 2oz or section that includes a 2 & 5oz quiver tip Product Length Test Curve Weight 5oz quiver tip, ideal for general feeder fishing • Graphite reel seat with screw down Duplon Code ft/m (lb) (g/oz) and legering. Generously sized SIC braid-safe hood C00003 12’/3.66 1.75 212/7.47 guides also make the rod capable of taking • Full cork handle (With Avon tip) lines up to 15lb. So whether your quarry is • Anti-flash matt finished blank barbel, tench, carp or chub, the Outkast Twin • Worldwide Extended Warranty Tip is at home with all these species. WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 9
  • RODS SNOOPER & ACCESSORIES RODS SNOOPER The all new Chub Snooper™ carp rod offers top performance and value for money. These rods are manufactured to a standard that any top angler would be pleased to fish with. The rod has an extremely comfortable feel and is perfectly balanced with a lovely fish- MARKER TIP ROD playing action. The slim and lightweight blank has plenty of power for long range casting The New Snooper™ Marker rod offers top performance and value for money. The TECTORS BANDS and is enhanced by the combination of the blank is well balanced and has considerable Chub Tip Tectors provide total rod Two bands per pack. Larger one to fit gloss black finish and gunsmoke grey reel reserves of power that enable you to punch protection and security during transit. the butt end and the smaller for the seat. The double legged SIC guides complete out large marker floats with big leads. The Each pack contains two padded non- tip. Velcro straps allow the bands to be the stunning minimalistic appearance of the progressive action and responsive tip allow crush rod tip and butt protectors plus a pulled tight stopping rod movement rod. you to pick up the subtle knocks and tell-tale rod band to keep. and possible damage during transit. changes in resistance that reveal exactly what • 18mm gunsmoke grey reel seat you are fishing over. 6” and 12” depth markers Product Code: CA36 Product Code: CR18 Quantity: x2 • Double leg SIC guides allow for accurate depth measurement. The • Japanese shrink-wrap butt grip rods have a minimalist style to perfectly • Duplon reel seat collars match the Snooper™ carp rods. • Anodised & laser etched butt cap • 18mm gunsmoke grey reel seat • Double leg SIC guides throughout Product Length Test Curve Weight Pieces Code ft/m (lb) (g/oz) • Japanese shrink-wrap butt grip • Duplon reel seat collars CSR010 CSR020 12’/3.66 12’/3.66 2.5 2.75 309/10.89 319/11.25 2 2 • • Anodised & laser etched butt cap Quality velvet rod bag ROV ROD A CSR030 CSR040 12’/3.66 12’/3.66 3 3.5 338/11.92 351/12.38 2 2 • Worldwide Extended Warranty BANDS CSR050 13’/3.96 3.5 351/12.38 2 Product Length Pieces Multi-functional rod bands with clip Code ft/m attachments that can be used to secure SNOOPER CSR060 12’/3.66 2 rods to most quivers that have D-Ring attachments. Three bands each pack. SPOD Product Code: CR19 Quantity: x3 Don’t be fooled by the budget price tag, the new Snooper™ Spod Rod offers serious performance. A powerful but also progressive rod action results in a Spod rod that is easy to compress with a wide range of different FOR NEW 0 sized Spods. This not only removes most of 201 the strain out of repeated casting but also improves accuracy. Built to cope with heavy use, the Snooper™ Spod rod is the perfect FINGER work-horse that will enable you to establish large beds of bait at distance. STALL FOR The Chub Finger Stall is manufactured • 18mm gunsmoke grey reel seat NEW 0 • Double leg SIC guides throughout 20 1 from supple, but hard-wearing leather that will protect your finger during • Japanese shrink-wrap butt grip long distance or repeated casting. • Duplon reel seat collars An adjustable elastic wrist band with • Anodised & laser etched butt cap quick release press stud ensures a • Quality velvet rod bag comfortable and secure fit. • Worldwide Extended Warranty Product Code: CFS010 Product Length Pieces Code ft/m CSR070 12’/3.66 2 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 11
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS The Chub range of bivvies and overwraps have gained in popularity over the last few seasons due to their high build quality, reliability and performance. The Chub range of bivvies and overwraps have gained in popularity over the last few seasons mainly due to their high build quality, reliability and performance. Climatex® is a high performance The Cyfish in particular is a classic which waterproof breathable fabric that remains has stood the test of time gaining an stable in varying climate conditions. Its enviable reputation along the way while Polyester construction reacts less in heat constantly being one of the most popular and also absorbs less water so stretches and respected bivvies out there offering less in wet conditions; offering increased outstanding value for a bivvy of such a high strength and durability. specification and dimensions. This year we are launching several new Its finely woven 150 denier polyester bivvies and shelters to the range with yarn structure increases the waterproof the top end Vizor being one of the most performance and a tough PU backing complete systems that we have produced. means that Climatex® will continue to The Vizor itself is manufactured from our perform season after season. own Climatex breathable material and is packed with many features including our Climatex has a DWR (Durable Water new and unique Back Draft Ventilation Repellent) finish, which increases water System which allows the angler to control beading on the surface of the fabric, the conditions inside the bivvy to suit stopping it wetting out and improving the personal preferences. With its cranked breathability. front porch the Vizor has a dramatic look while giving that extra protection needed whatever the weather throws at us. For the more price conscious angler we have introduced the versatile S-Plus range. These bivvies and shelters are based on the ever popular pramhood style system. All have very modern design features to give maximum protection and stability. Optional Overwraps for the complete range are also available so whether your fishing requires the use of a shelter or a bivvy there will be an option in the range to suit you. As with all our bivvies there are no added extras to buy, all come complete with pegs, poles and groundsheets. We are sure that the S-plus range along with all our bivvies will prove to be extremely popular with you this year. WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 13
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS VIZOR BIVVY FOR NEW 0 201 VIZOR EXTREME CANOPY Enhance the performance of the Vizor • Manufactured from Climatex® high bivvy with the matching Extreme Canopy, performance fabric 10,000 mm designed to give you even more room and Hydrostatic Head added protection in extreme conditions. • Unique Back Draft™ Ventilation System Manufactured from our exclusive Climatex® • Full front set of clear window panels (10,000 mm Hydrostatic head) breathable included fabric the Extreme Canopy virtually eliminates • Full zip-on/off mosi panel in ‘rip stop’ mesh condensation during changeable weather • Supplied with crescent porch groundsheet conditions. The versatile door system is fully • Completely removable door system removable and is complete with clear and • Full set of heavy duty T-pegs included mosi window options. Both the door and side • One and two man options available windows utilise our exclusive green mesh mosi-panels. The canopy also features our The Vizor Extreme Canopy also incorporates unique rear Back draft™ Ventilation System the Back Draft Ventilation System. that is double zipped and allows you to adjust the amount of airflow through the bivvy during warm or sunny conditions. Supplied with full set of T-pegs and porch groundsheet. Product Size Height Width Depth Weight Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) CVBEX010 1 man 1.35/4.43 2.8/9.18 3.45/11.32 4/8.80 CVBEX020 2 man 1.45/4.76 3.0/9.51 3.75/12.30 4.5/9.90 FOR NEW 0 201 At last an adaptable ventilation system that doesn’t leak. No more Velcro or rolling up of window panels. Simply unzip The Vizor, Chub’s latest advanced bivvy system has taken • Manufactured from Climatex® high performance the Back Draft™ panel from bivvy development to a new level with its radical and fabric 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head the centre to adjust the size innovative design concepts that offer even more comfort, • Enlarged Storm Peak for wider protection of the ventilation window for protection and adaptability. The Climatex® (10,000 mm • Unique Back Draft™ Ventilation System the level of airflow you require. Hydrostatic head) high performance breathable canopy is • Full front set of clear window panels included This system is extremely quick now complemented by the unique Back Draft™ Ventilation • Full zip-on/off mosi panel in ‘rip stop’ mesh and easy to adjust and is 100% System. This system allows you to quickly and easily • Supplied with In-line Bivvy Tension Bars with waterproof due to its contoured adjust the level of airflow through the bivvy to keep you double locking screws shape and fully elasticated zip comfortable whatever the weather throws at you. The • Completely removable door system protection baffle. cranked front pole enlarges the storm peak for wider • Heavy duty groundsheet with elasticated pegging protection and the full set of clear windows provides system improved visibility even during the wettest conditions. • Full set of heavy duty T-pegs included Built around a sturdy 16mm 5 section frame, engineered • One and two man options available from 6061 Aluminium with quick release joints and collars it’s guaranteed to be a rock solid set up. As with all Chub Product Size Height Width Depth Weight bivvies, the Vizor is extremely versatile and is supplied Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) complete with interchangeable front panels and a door CVB010 1 man 1.35/4.43 2.8/9.18 2.35/7.71 8.6/18.92 system that provides many options for whichever setup CVB020 2 man 1.45/4.76 3.0/9.51 2.8/9.18 10/22.00 you prefer. Inline tension bars, heavy duty ground sheet, tension strap and T-pegs also supplied as standard. WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 15
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS Three rib design for quick assembly and compact transport size CYFISH TRI-LITE BIVVY The new Cyfish Tri-Lite is a top spec, ultra lightweight bivvy that offers serious performance and a host of features for the most demanding angler. The three rib design utilises top quality anodised aero grade aluminium poles making the 3-section flexi pole design ultra lightweight and quick to assemble. The third rib is used to create a porch canopy that gives extra doorway protection in the worst weather. The Cyfish Tri-Lite is also manufactured from Climatex®, our exclusive high performance breathable fabric. The bivvy is super compact and lightweight for easy transportation, comes complete with aluminium tension bars, a full set of heavy duty T-pegs, removable two way door with interchangeable Climatex® clear or mosi window options and a full zip-on/off mosi panel in our exclusive green ‘rip stop’ mesh. The Cyfish Tri-Lite offers top specification with incredible value CYFISH TRI-LITE for money. EXTREME CANOPY • Manufactured from Climatex® high performance fabric The Cyfish Tri-Lite Extreme Canopy provides greater all-round • Top quality anodised aero grade aluminium poles protection during severe weather conditions. It is manufactured • 2-rib 3-section flexi pole design is quick to assemble from Climatex®, our exclusive high performance breathable fabric. • Bivvy weight 3.6kg (excluding groundsheet and pegs) The Extreme Canopy virtually eliminates condensation, keeping you • Supplied with lightweight aluminium Bivvy Tension Bars warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. The door system • Heavy duty groundsheet with elasticated pegging system is completely removable and comes with Climatex® clear or mosi • Full set of heavy duty T-pegs included window options. Both the door and side panel windows utilize our • Completely removable two-way door exclusive green heavy duty ‘rip stop’ mesh. Supplied with a full set of • Interchangeable Climatex®, clear or mosi window options heavy duty T-pegs. • Full zip-on/off mosi panel in ‘rip stop’ mesh • Extra, shock-corded pegging points • Manufactured from Climatex® high performance breathable fabric • Top quality anodised aero grade aluminium poles Product Size Height Width Depth Weight • Ultra lightweight at only 2.75kg excluding pegs Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) • Full set of heavy duty T-pegs included CCTL010 1 man 1.4/4.59 2.8/9.18 2.3/7.54 4.2/9.25 • Completely removable two-way door • Interchangeable Climatex® Clear or Mosi door options included • Door and side panel windows utilise heavy duty ‘rip stop’ mesh • Extra shock-corded pegging points provide increased internal space Product Size Height Width Depth Weight Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) CCTL020 1 man 1.4/4.59 3/9.84 3/9.84 2.75/6.06 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 17
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS Ultra lightweight, combined with serious performance. CYFISH LITE BIVVY CYFISH LITE EXTREME CANOPY The Cyfish Lite is a top spec, ultra lightweight bivvy that offers serious The Cyfish Lite Extreme Canopy provides greater all-round protection • Manufactured from Climatex® high performance breathable fabric performance and a host of features for the most demanding angler. during severe weather conditions. It is manufactured from Climatex®, • Top quality anodised aero grade aluminium pole The two rib design utilises top quality anodised aero grade aluminium our exclusive high performance breathable fabric . Climatex® is the • Ultra lightweight at only 3.0kg (excluding pegs) poles making the 3-section flexi pole design ultra lightweight and quick latest development in next generation breathable fabrics that remain • 3-section flexi pole design is super compact and quick to assemble to assemble. The Cyfish Lite is also manufactured from Climatex®, our stable in varying climate conditions and offer increased strength and • Supplied with lightweight aluminium Tension Bar exclusive high performance waterproof breathable fabric . Climatex® durability. The Extreme canopy virtually eliminates condensation, • Full set of heavy duty T-pegs included is the latest development in next generation breathable fabrics that keeping you warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. The • Completely removable two-way door remain stable in varying climate conditions and offer increased door system is completely removable and comes with Climatex® • Interchangeable Climatex®, clear or mosi door options strength and durability. The bivvy is super compact and lightweight clear or mosi window options. Both the door and side panel windows • Door and side panel windows utilise exclusive green heavy duty ‘rip for easy transportation, fitting easily into most quiver style holdalls. stop’ mesh utilise our exclusive green heavy duty ‘rip stop’ mesh. Supplied with a It comes complete with a heavy duty groundsheet, lightweight lightweight aluminium tension bar and a full set of heavy duty T-pegs. • Extra shock-corded pegging points provide increased internal space aluminium tension bars, a full set of heavy duty T-pegs, removable and protection during extreme weather two-way door with interchangeable Climatex®, clear or mosi window options and a full zip-on/off mosi panel in our exclusive green ‘rip stop’ mesh. The Cyfish Lite offers top specification with incredible value for Product Size Height Width Depth Weight money. Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) CCL020 1 man 1.4/4.59 3/9.84 3/9.84 3.0/6.61 • Manufactured from Climatex® high performance breathable fabric • Top quality anodised aero grade aluminium poles • 2-rib 3-section flexi pole design is super compact and quick to assemble • Bivvy weight 3.6kg (excluding groundsheet) • Everything you need included, no extras or add ons required • Supplied with lightweight aluminium Bivvy Tension Bars • Supplied with heavy duty groundsheet with elastic pegging system • Full set of heavy duty T-pegs included • Completely removable two-way door • Front panel features interchangeable Climatex®, clear or mosi window options • Full zip-on/off mosi panel in our exclusive green ‘rip stop’ mesh • Extra shock-corded pegging points provide increased internal space and protection during extreme weather Product Size Height Width Depth Weight Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) CCL010 1 man 1.4/4.59 2.8/9.18 2.3/7.54 3.6/7.92 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 19
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS Light yet sturdy, compact yet spacious, the new Chub MK2 Cyfish+ Bivvy is even better MK2 CYFISH+ BIVVY than its illustrious predecessor. The Cyfish+ was considered by many to be the most feature packed, • Full zip-off front panel, with three door window options included top performing and value for money bivvy available today. So how do • Full zip-on/off mozzi panel in our exclusive green ‘rip stop’ mesh you go about improving what many consider to be the best bivvy on • Dual zip-in front panel system that allows both front panels to be the market? attached at the same time Not an easy task, but over the last couple of years the Chub team • Completely removable two way door have developed a number of modifications that will keep the Mk2 • Supplied with heavy duty groundsheet with elastic pegging system Cyfish+ at the top of anglers most wanted list for years to come. The • Full set of heavy duty T-pegs included Mk2 Cyfish+ features slimmer 16mm aluminium poles which not only • Supplied with lightweight in-line Bivvy Tension Bars make the bivvy lighter but also more compact. Pole insert joints and collars prevent wear and allow a quick and easy setup. The fabric has Product Size Height Width Depth Weight been upgraded to 210D Oxford weave polyester which is extremely Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) tough, breathable and highly water proof with a 5000mm hydrostatic CCMK2010 1 man 1.35/4.43 2.8/9.18 2.35/7.71 5.8/12.78 head. The twin fronted zip system has been retained with the full CCMK2020 2 man 1.45/4.76 3.0/9.51 2.8/9.18 7/15.43 mozzi front being upgraded to our exclusive heavy duty green mozzi mesh. The front panel features an improved two-way door system with interchangeable clear and mozzi windows included. The Mk2 Cyfish+ also comes complete with a full winter wrap, offering the benefits of a two skin bivvy when required. Also included in the package are: inline tension bars with double locking screws, heavy duty groundsheet and a full set of heavy duty T-pegs. The number of back pegging points has been increased, giving more stability on uneven ground and during extreme weather conditions. If you want to travel light just use alternate pegging points for a standard setup. The Mk2 Cyfish+ two man has also seen some additional improvements. The frame has been redesigned with an extra large back rib. This not only increases the depth but also the height at the rear for extra comfort and head room on longer sessions. These changes make the Mk2 Cyfish + the first genuine two man, three pole bivvy system that offers the perfect balance between size, comfort, weight and transportation. MK2 CYFISH+ EXTREME CANOPY The Mk2 Cyfish+ Extreme Canopy has been designed to convert your 1 man Mk2 Cyfish+ bivvy into a spacious 2 man bivvy or in the case of the 2 man canopy it converts your 2 man Mk2 Cyfish+ bivvy into a large euro size bivvy suitable for the longest of sessions. It is supplied with a crescent shaped porch groundsheet and features front skirts that provide an overlapping seal for complete comfort. The canopy also features the same twin zip-in front panel system as the bivvy, with a full front zip-in heavy duty mozzi panel. When used without the front panel the canopy forms a large hood which helps prevent rain blowing into the open doorway. Also supplied with heavy duty pegs and zipped carry bag. • Converts Mk2 Cyfish+ (1man) into a True two-man Bivvy • Converts Mk2 Cyfish+ (2man) into a large Euro sized Bivvy • Full zip-in front panel with three door window options included • Full zip-in mozzi panel • Completely removable 2-way door • Supplied with crescent groundsheet & heavy duty pegs Product Size Height Width Depth Weight Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) CCMK2030 1 man 1.35/4.43 2.8/9.18 3.0/9.84 8/17.63 CCMK2040 2 man 1.45/4.76 3.05/10 3.5/11.48 10/22.04 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 21
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS S-PLUS MAX BIVVY FOR NEW 0 201 The S-Plus Max bivvy is the top of the range hooded version of the new S-Plus range. With its extended hood, storm side panels and rigid frame, the S-Plus S-PLUS MAX NEW 0 FOR Max provides maximum all-round protection from the elements. The 201 frame is manufactured from 5 section 6061 pre-formed aluminium tube which makes it quick and easy to erect. Supplied with a complete OVERWRAP set of in-line tension bars, T-pegs and shock corded pegging points the The S-Plus Max Overwrap will enable the bivvy to convert to a twin bivvy is very stable, even in strong and gusty winds. The S-plus Max skin system for all-season protection and added warmth during colder features a three way door system which offers many options. The door conditions. When pegged down correctly the overwrap will withstand can be opened from the top or bottom and even completely removed the worst of the weather. if preferred and is fitted with a clear vision panel, mosi window and The overwrap has a high performance cover, which has a cover. It comes complete with a detachable lightweight groundsheet hydrostatic head of 5000mm and is fully water and weatherproof. and carry bag. An overwrap and heavy duty groundsheet are available The front porch area has a roll up door and clear see through as optional extras. window. Side panels can be rolled and clipped back into position for increased visibility and ventilation if required. • Rigid 5 section 16mm 6061 aluminium poles • 5000mm Hydrostatic Head waterproof cover • 5000mm Hydrostatic Head high performance waterproof cover • Ultra stable in-line frame support • Roll up door with clear window • Detachable lightweight groundsheet • Roll back side panels which can be clipped back for increased • Shock corded pegging points visibility and ventilation • Supplied with T-pegs and carry bag • Shock corded pegging points • Supplied with T-pegs and carry bag Product Size Height Width Depth Weight Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) Product Size Height Width Depth Weight CBSPM010 1 man 1.35/4.42 2.8/9.84 2.8/9.84 8/17 Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) CBSPM020 1 man 1.3/4.3 2.9/9.5 2.4/7.8 2.4/5.3 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 23
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS S-PLUS BIVVY FOR NEW 0 201 S-PLUS SHELTER FOR NEW 0 201 The S-Plus Shelter forms part of the new • 5000mm Hydrostatic Head 210D Cover S-Plus range, incorporating the latest in • 16mm 6061 Aluminium poles and frame modern design and technology. support bars The open fronted shelter is perfect for • Shock-corded pegging points day sessions or summer overnighters and • Tension strap offers plenty of protection, with extended • Detachable lightweight groundsheet storm side panels that can be rolled back for added vision. Built around a strong and rigid 5 section 6061 aluminium pre-formed 16mm dual frame, the shelter is quick and easy to erect and comes complete with tension bars for added stability in strong winds. Fully supplied with inner skirts, lightweight detachable groundsheet, shock corded pegging points and T-pegs, the shelter represents excellent value for a product of this quality. An optional S-Plus Overwrap is also available The S-Plus bivvy is part of the new S-Plus range detachable groundsheet, shock-corded pegging to convert the shelter into a twin skinned incorporating the latest in modern design and points and T-pegs, the bivvy represents excellent bivvy. technology. value for a product of this quality in today’s market. The S-Plus is very versatile and can be used as An optional S-Plus Overwrap is also available to a full bivvy system with the front panel zipped convert the S-Plus into a twin-skinned bivvy or for Product Size Height Width Depth Weight in, as well as an open fronted shelter for day added warmth and protection in the winter. Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) sessions or summer overnighters. The removable CBSPS010 1 man 1.30/4.26 2.90/9.52 2.30/4.92 3.6/7.92 front panel has a clear window and the main • Rigid 5 section 16mm 6061 aluminium poles body has extended storm side panels which can • 5000mm Hydrostatic Head waterproof cover be rolled back for added vision and ventilation. • Lightweight 2 rib design FOR Built around a strong and rigid 5 section 6061 • Ultra stable frame support NEW 0 aluminium pre-formed 16mm dual frame, the • Removable zip-in panel with clear window 201 bivvy is quick and easy to erect and comes complete with tension bars for added stability in • • Detachable full lightweight groundsheet Shock-corded pegging points S-PLUS strong winds. • Supplied with T-pegs and carry bag Supplied with inner skirts, full lightweight OVERWRAP Product Size Height Width Depth Weight The S-Plus Overwrap is part of the new Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) S-Plus range and is designed to compliment CBSPB010 1 man 1.30/4.26 2.90/9.52 2.30/7.54 4.8/10.56 both the S-Plus Bivvy and Shelter. The overwrap will enable both the bivvy and shelter to convert to a twin skin system for all season protection and added warmth during colder conditions. When pegged down correctly, the overwrap will withstand the worst of the weather and with a Hydrostatic head of 5000mm it is 100% waterproof. The front porch area has a roll up door and see through clear panel window. Side panels can be clipped back for increased visibility and ventilation if required. • 5000mm Hydrostatic Head high performance waterproof cover • Roll up door with clear window • Side panels can be clipped back for increased visibility and ventilation • Shock corded pegging points • Supplied with T-pegs and carry bag Product Size Height Width Depth Weight Code (m/ft) (m/ft) (m/ft) (kg/lb) CBSPW010 1 man 1.30/4.26 2.90/9.52 2.30/4.92 2.3/5.1 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 25
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVY SPEC TABLE S Plus Overwrap Extreme Canopy Extreme Canopy Extreme Canopy Vizor Extreme S Plus Shelter Cyfish Tri Lite Cyfish Tri Lite MK2 Cyfish + MK2 Cyfish + S Plus Bivvy S Plus Max S Plus Max Cyfish Lite Cyfish Lite Overwrap Canopy Vizor BIVVY SPEC TABLE 1 Man COPY REQUIRED 2 Man Climatex Nylon Hydrostatic Head (mm) 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 5,000 5,000 10,000 10,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 Heavy Duty G. Sheet Lightweight G. Sheet Heavy Duty G. Sheet (optional extra) Winter skin inc. Overwrap available Extreme canopy available Tension bars inc. Tension strap inc. Mozzi full front panel inc. Mozzi side panels Mozzi door panel inc. Clear door panel inc. Zip off front 2 way zip door system Removable door Heavy Duty T-Pegs Heavy Duty Bag Weight excluding G. Sheet & pegs 4.2kg/ 2.75kg/ 3.6kg/ 3kg/ 1 Man: 1 Man: 1 Man: 1 Man: 3.6kg/ 3.6kg/ 2.3kg/ 8kg/ 2.4kg/ 5.8kg/12lb 12oz 8kg/17lb 9oz 8.6kg/18lb 15oz 4kg/8lb 13oz 9lb 4oz 6lb 6oz 7lb 14oz 6lb 9oz 2 Man: 2 Man: 7lb 15oz 7lb 15oz 5lb 1oz 17lb 10oz 5lb 4oz 2 Man: 2 Man: 7kg/15lb 7oz 10kg/22lb 7oz 10kg/22lb 4.5kg/9lb 14oz WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 27
  • BIVVIES & SHELTERS BIVVIES & SHELTERS STORM ACCESSORIES POLES Chub Storm Poles are available in 3 Product Length sizes and are an essential attachment Code (in/cm) for brollies and bivvies. The solid screw CM16 26/66.04 CYFISH points allow the poles easy penetration into the ground, ensuring a really rigid CM17 CM18 36/91.44 48/121.92 and stable set-up. Fitted with double BIVVY BAGS torque thumbscrews for positive locking and height adjustment. Most bivvies are difficult to fold and pack away after use, especially if wet or damp. The Cyfish bivvy bags make the task of packing away the bivvy and accessories much easier due to their increased size and full length zip which continues halfway down each side of the bag. The bags feature padded BIVVY 20 PEG BIVVY PEGS peg and tension bar pockets, which keeps the bivvy separate and helps TENSION PACK Chub Bivvy Pegs are manufactured using insert tooling to ensure that the avoid any damage to the bivvy skin. The bivvy bags are also designed to BARS The majority of peg rolls come with only 10 pegs. Due to clever design sure-grip T-handle stays firmly moulded onto the shaft while screwing the pegs accommodate the Cyfish bivvies plus overwraps, extreme canopies and BIVVY Bivvy tension bars are a must for all the new Chub Peg Roll is complete into the ground. Supplied in a rugged and well-designed carrying case, the heavy-duty groundsheets. Although pram hood bivvies. They offer support with 20 high tensile steel pegs in the designed primarily for the Cyfish TABLE in adverse weather conditions by same sized pouch. With many bivvies and overwraps needing more pegs, pegs come in two sizes 8” and 12”, the longer pegs being particularly suitable bivvies the bivvy bags will also take strengthening the spine of the bivvy. most bivvies and shelters of a similar This remarkably lightweight aluminium They are adaptable for use on a number we have increased the number of for use in soft ground. size and design. When packed away bivvy table is extremely robust in of our pram hood bivvy systems, and pegs available in each pack. The pegs everything can be made safe and construction, offering the angler a can also be used on most competitors’ feature a hard steel cap, moulded ‘T’ Product Code: CA28 secure by the two compression straps strong and level platform for storing one and two man bivvies in the market. head and spiral point, enabling them to Size (in): 8 situated each side of the padded a tackle box, accessories, phone etc. • Pack of three poles be screwed into the hardest ground. crossover carry handles. Supplied with The table is fitted with individually • Each pole consists of two alloy bars Dimensions: Product Code: CA29 removable shoulder strap. adjustable anti-twist legs, each with and an adjustable thumb screw. Pack Length - 27cm Size (in): 12 their own locking mechanism giving Overall dimensions: L - 82 cm Pack Diameter - 11cm Technical specifications: excellent stability even when fully extendable to 123cm Total Peg Length - 22.5cm Body Material: Heavy Duty Nylon extended. It’s designed to fold flat for Body material: Light alloy Handle Material: Duplon easy storage in its own carry bag and Screw Fitting material: Impact Product Code: CPR020 Zips: Heavy Duty comes fitted with non-slide feet. resistant plastic Buckles: Quick release • Lightweight flat design Overall weight: 688g • Powder coated aluminium top Product Code: C00065 • Adjustable fold down & anti-twist Product Code: C00020 Size: 1 Man legs Length (cm): 1x78/1x89/1x85 Length (cm/in): 115/45.27 • Fully adjustable leg-locking Height (cm/in): 25/9.84 mechanism Product Code: CA36 Depth (cm/in): 30/11.81 • Non slide feet • Carry bag Product Code: C00066 Dimensions - W 47.5cm x D 30.5cm Size: 2 Man H - 23cm - Extended Height 34.5cm Length (cm/in): 120/47.24 Weight - 1.075kg Height (cm/in): 32/12.59 Depth (cm/in): 34/13.38 Product Height Width Depth Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CBT010 13.58/9.05/ 47.5/18.7 30.5/12 SAFE ‘N’ TIDY 34.5/23 PEG TUBE A strong tube offering protection and secure storage for pegs with sharp points. Not only does it protect the pegs from damage, it also protects the pegs from damaging your equipment. Full perimeter zips at both ends allow easy access, while your pegs are stored in a crush proof tube. It can also be used for FOR storing spods and marker floats. NEW 0 201 Product Code: C00027 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 29
  • BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS BEDCHAIRS FOR X-TRA COMFY NEW 201 0 BEDCHAIR When on a session, being comfortable • Removable fleece covered mattress is vitally important. The X-tra Comfy • Three legs for stability bedchair, with its removable extra fleece • Swivelling mudfeet mattress, ensures that you get the level • Fully adjustable handwheel of comfort required at a relatively low • Extra padded removable fleece cover cost to enable you to relax and fish well • Hi-tensile coated steel frame during your time on the bank. The modern SNOOPER look and feel of the bedchair coupled with a three leg design gives greater stability, strength and luxury normally only associated with a more expensive type of bedchairs. The bedchair is manufactured from lightweight, COMPACT hi-tensile coated steel and features a hard wearing and well padded cover which is fully skirted and topped off with BEDCHAIR a full fleece mattress for total comfort. Built to the same standards as the Snooper™ Three Leg Bedchair, the Snooper™ Compact is designed for the angler who prefers short sessions or quick overnighters. Product Length Width As its name suggests, it is compact, lightweight and ideal Code (cm/in) (cm/in) for the angler who likes to travel light and follow moving CCB020 210/82.6 81/31.88 fish. Comfortable padded mattress and perimeter with integral pillow and removable welly wipe. Product Weight Length Width Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) (cm/in) FOR CB07 6.8/13.88 195/76.77 69/27.16 CLASSIC BEDCHAIR NEW 201 0 The Classic Bedchair is extremely robust • Steel Frame - solid, robust construction in construction and of modern design. • Fully adjustable locking leg mechanisms The frame is manufactured from hi- tensile steel, which is solid, durable and • • Independently adjustable legs Swivelling feet SNOOPER long lasting. The bedchair features a very • Mud protector well padded cover which is hard wearing and comfortable. Elastically sprung for • Soft grip hand wheel BEDCHAIR added comfort and support, the cover The Snooper™ Three Leg Bedchair has a generously is also fitted at the foot end with an padded mattress which is fully skirted and features an easy clean mud protector. With its three integral pillow which is zipped for easy access. The individually adjustable legs, swivelling mattress also has a wipe clean section at the foot end feet and soft grip hand wheel, the Classic and is supplied with an additional removable wellie wipe Bedchair offers comfort, value and for those extra wet and muddy occasions. The frame affordability. is manufactured from lightweight aero space grade aluminium which is strengthened at the stress points. Product Weight Length Width The legs are adjustable through our excellent plate lock Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) (cm/in) leg system and are fitted with swivelling mudfeet for CCB010 10.5/23.1 210/82.6 81/31.88 increased stability. The bedchair is finished off with a nice chunky easy grip ‘soft feel' handwheel for positive locking. Product Weight Length Width Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) (cm/in) CB06 8.61/18.95 210/82.67 85/33.46 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 31
  • BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS CHAIRS LO-LITE LOUNGER XTRA CHAIR RECLINING The Lo-Lite Xtra chair is both compact and light. This coupled with comfortable arms make this one of the most versatile chairs available. The chair has a fully padded cover and Snooper™ style leg brace to CHAIR ensure a very robust and strong construction for such a light chair. It is Designed for maximum comfort, the Lounger Chair has extra long also height adjustable with individually extending legs and swivelling individually adjustable legs with swivelling non-slip mudfeet for added mud feet. The lightweight aluminium frame folds down easily for height and stability. Fully adjustable reclining hi-back and arm rests compact storage and there are Velcro fasteners for added security make this chair ideal for many types of angling. Very strong steel during transportation. and aluminium construction. Equipped with a fully padded cover throughout. Product Weight Height Depth Width Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Product Weight Height Depth Width C00014 4.7/10.34 65/25.5 65/25.5 72/28.3 Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CC10 7.5/16.5 95/37.40 77/30.31 61/24.01 HI-LITE/LO LITE CHAIR Two new and extremely lightweight chairs designed to cover many aspects of angling. The chairs are ideal for the roving angler and day sessions or simply for use as a bivvy/ guest chair. Both have very comfortable padded covers and individually adjustable legs with swivelling fold flat mudfeet for easy storage. Each chair features a Snooper™ style leg brace for added strength. The main difference between the two chairs is the leg height. Velcro fasteners ensure total security during transit. Product Weight Height Depth Width Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Hi-Lite: CC12 3.7/8.15 76/29.92 72/28.34 53/20.86 Low-Lite: CC11 3.5/7.71 65/25.59 72/28.34 53/20.86 CLASSIC CHAIR The Classic chair is built around an extremely stable and robust SNOOPER steel frame. The chair is fully adjustable with folding front and rear legs which include swivelling mudfeet and individual plate lock leg RECLINING adjusters. The elasticated cover is both comfortable and durable with extra padding around the back area for added support. No other chair offers such a high specification at this price. CHAIR • • Robust steel frame Adjustable plate lock legs The perfect partner for the Snooper™ bedchair and built to the same • Swivel mud feet high specification. Part aerospace grade aluminium with steel at the • Extra back padding stress points, it also features the same leg bracing system for strength and durability. High back fully padded cover with extra head support. Product Weight Dimensions The four legs are fully adjustable and it is fully reclining. Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) CC010 4.2/9.26 47x75/18.5x29.5 Product Weight Height Depth Width Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CC08 5.5/12.13 100/39.37 90/35.43 64/25.19 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 33
  • BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS ACCESSORIES X-PEDITION 3 CHAIR MATE CHAIR/ SLEEPING BAG A simple and easy to use accessory which will help eliminate ‘bedchair back.’ Just place across your bedchair and secure in place by the straps. These straps allow the Chair Mate to be used on bedchairs BEDCHAIR The X-Pedition 3 is ideal for spring, summer and autumn use. Fleece lining and hollow-fill fibre filling give rapid warmth for comfort and cosiness. Bedchair fixing flap, retaining straps and two-way crash zips with padded perimeters giving more freedom than the clip type of chair. Universal size fits all bedchairs. PILLOW are included and the large rectangular design allows ample freedom of Fully padded pillow with luxurious fleece outer for extreme comfort Product Weight Height Depth Width movement. Supplied with nylon compression sack. Code (kg/lb) (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) and warmth. Fully adjustable straps to securely fit most bedchairs. Removable outer for washing. CC09 2.7/95.2 52/20.4 57/22.4 46/18.11 Product Length Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) Product Size Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CS01 215/84.64 80/31.49 CA13 Standard 40/15.7 32/12.5 CA27 Large 45/17.7 70/27.5 X-PEDITION 5 SLEEPING BAG This is a superbly designed bag, purpose-built for angling, with all the features necessary to give the comfort and protection required from a five season bag whatever the temperature. Suitable for use in extreme conditions it features a luxurious full fleece lining with double layer hollow-fill fibre for extreme warmth. Fitted with an integral pillow case for personal preference. Shoulder baffle and zip draught excluders eliminate air penetration. Full width and length to suit the largest of bedchairs and allow unrestricted movement. Adjustable bedchair fixing flap and side retaining straps combined with two-way crash zips ensure that the bag remains safely in position on the bedchair even during a quick exit. Comes supplied in a nylon compression sack. BEDCHAIR SLEEPING BAG Product Code Length (cm/in) Width (cm/in) CARRYSTRAP CARRY ALL CS02 215/84.64 80/31.49 Non-slip, padded, adjustable carrystrap for easier and more It’s a fact of life that the Chub team are all too familiar with ‘how do comfortable transportation of your chair/bedchair. you get your sleeping bag back into the compression sack’? Unless you are blessed with the arms of Arnie, this can prove to be a bit Product Code: CA12 difficult at times! So we decided to do something about it. This is a universal bag and it’s designed to enable you to put a sleeping bag BREATHABLE away, without struggling with compression sacks. It has a central, two way zip down the middle for easy access. It also benefits from two BEDCHAIR compression straps by the handle. This has been designed to take 90% of the sleeping bags on the market. COVER Product Code C00017 Length (cm/in) 62/24.40 Diameter (cm/in) 38/14.96 Superb soft feel cover with full thermal fleece lining for added warmth and comfort. Showerproof and ideal for keeping condensation and damp off your sleeping bag or for use as a wrapover in summer when a bag is not required. Fitted retaining straps allow the cover to be attached to either side of your bedchair. Product Code: CS04 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 35
  • BARROWS BARROWS ACCESSORIES CARP BARROW TIDY TRANSPORTER Made-to-measure hard based storage compartment which fits all Chub Barrows. The Barrow Tidy is a great space saver for those extra items of tackle and accessories and is easily attached with Velcro and clip Dedicated design gives excellent load carrying capacity. The large fastenings. No need to remove from the barrow when folded away. pneumatic wheel which attaches/detaches in seconds runs on ball bearings and is positioned in such a way that carrying is made easier. Product Height Depth Width Much of the load is taken off the arms which makes light work of Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) manouvering your tackle. The back legs have the Chub locking leg CW06 25/9.84 38/14.9 52/20.4 system fitted for safety and stability and the transporter comes supplied with two infinitely adjustable straps. Product Code: CW07 INFINITELY SPIDER ADJUSTABLE ELASTICS STRAPS Basically the Spider Elastics are 6 infinitely adjustable straps attached at one end to a central steel ring. This secures and stabilises any load quickly and firmly and is the perfect accessory for Chub Barrows. Strong and efficient elastic straps which can be adjusted to any position, required for holding tackle and equipment firmly in place. Product Code: CW03 The straps are fitted with ultra strong nylon claws at each end. Product Code: CW02 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 37
  • HOLDALLS HOLDALLS 6 STAR ROD 4 STAR ROD 3 STAR ROD HOLDALL HOLDALL HOLDALL The 4 Star Rod Holdall is designed to fill the gap Slimmer version of our very popular 5 Star The 6 Star Holdall has a massive carrying between the 5 and 3 Star versions. Manufactured Holdall. Fully padded for total protection, the capacity for up to six rods and accessories. to the same high standard, the holdall offers 3 Star has the same excellent features but is Based on the very successful and popular design all-round protection for both rods and reels. designed for the angler who only requires a three of our 5 and 3 Star Holdalls, the 6 Star combines Separate compartments, allow each set-up to be rod facility. Suitable for rods up to 13ft. excellent all-round protection for your rods and individually removed from the holdall. As with all reels with the versatility that a quiver provides, of the Star Holdalls the 4 Star will carry rods up due to the individually padded pockets that are Product Size Length Width to 13ft and has large front pockets for shelters integrated into the holdall and allow each rod to Code (rod) (cm/in) (cm/in) and bank sticks. be removed separately. Universal design allows CL52 3 220/86.6 24/9.44 the holdall to carry rods up to 13ft in length. Product Size Length Width Code (rod) (cm/in) (cm/in) Product Size Length Width C00072 4 220/86.6 27/10.6 Code (rod) (cm/in) (cm/in) C00073 6 220/86.6 37/14.5 5 STAR ROD HOLDALL Give your rods the five star treatment with this luxuriously padded holdall. Designed for the angler who likes to use a 3-rod set-up plus a Marker and Spod rod. The reels are protected by external pouches and the bag is fitted with zip baffles to protect and prevent any chance of line damage. Above the pouches is a fully padded flap, which provides complete protection and easy access to your rods. The two front pockets are fully zipped and will store all your equipment plus the largest of shelters. Suitable for rods up to 13ft. Product Size Length Width Code (rod) (cm/in) (cm/in) CL38 5 220/86.6 36/14.1 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 39
  • HOLDALLS HOLDALLS TRIPLE-S Product Code Length (cm/in) Triple-S 3 Rod Sleeve 12ft: ROD ROD SLEEVE CL37 208/81.8 Triple-S 3 Rod Sleeve 13ft: PROTECTION HOLDALLS The Triple-S Rod Sleeves have been designed as a lightweight rod CL51 218/85.8 carrying system that can hold and protect three, five or six fully Triple-S 5 Rod Sleeve 12ft: assembled rods. These sleeves accept all big pit reels and both 40mm CTSRS010 195/76.7 and 50mm rung rods. All rods are individually protected and have Triple-S 5 Rod Sleeve 13ft: These new hard case two or three rod holdalls are mega-tough and rubberised Velcro rod bands where needed. The 3 rod sleeves can be designed to fill the gap between quivers and conventional rod holdalls. CTSRS015 215/84.6 used on the Chub Carp Quiver, just remove the shoulder strap and the The holdalls will give excellent protection for expensive rods and reels Triple-S 6 Rod Sleeve 12ft: sleeve can be clipped into place on the quiver. The 5 and 6 rod sleeves during transport, whether carried on the shoulder or on a barrow. CTSRS020 195/76.7 Manufactured using high spec materials which are hardwearing feature a full length landing net pocket and a separate bankstick pocket. There is also a well padded adjustable shoulder strap placed Triple-S 6 Rod Sleeve 13ft: and designed specifically for long term use. The holdall’s sides are so that the sleeve can be carried easily on either shoulder. CTSRS025 215/84.6 constructed using PU board for extra protection preventing rod rings becoming damaged. The interior is fully quilted with protective inner dividers and reel pockets. Exterior pockets will house a complete landing net and brolly/day shelter. Product Length Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) 2 Rod Holder: CRPH010 190/74.8 16/6.2 3 Rod Holdall: CRPH020 190/74.8 25/9.84 SUPER PARTLY DELUXE PADDED HOLDALLS HOLDALLS A superb top-of-the-range rod holdall Accommodation for up to six rods with many features and comprehensively including three assembled with reels. padded throughout for total rod protection. The holdall has large reel compartments The main body is packed with super high and a full-length padded rod separator. density foam and has a full length rod Two large exterior brolly and bankstick separator with huge compartment reel pockets are fitted with full-length side pouches. There is accommodation for up zips and the holdall has a fully padded to six rods including three assembled with shoulder strap and carry handles. reels. Rods are held in position with Velcro Available in two sizes 12ft and 13ft. fasteners. The holdall has two large external pockets for brollies and banksticks and Product Length Depth have full-length side zips for easy access. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) A waterproof cover is also supplied which Part Padded 3+3 Rod Holdall13ft: is integrated in a zipped pouch for cleaner CL03 213/83.8 35/13.7 transportation. All zips are heavy duty and the holdall has a removable spine. Finished Part Padded 3+3 Rod Holdall 12ft: in Chub green with fully padded non-slip CL04 200/78.7 35/13.7 shoulder strap and carry handle. Available in 12ft and 13ft versions. Product Length Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) Super Deluxe Rod Holdall 13ft: CL01 213/83.8 35/13.7 Super Deluxe Rod Holdall 12ft: CL02 200/78.7 35/13.7 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 41
  • ROD QUIVERS ROD QUIVERS ROV QUIVER A PADDED ROD An excellent little quiver designed specifically for the specialist and mobile angler. Three-rod capacity with landing net pocket, it will hold more rods if required plus brolly and banksticks. All carrying straps are SLEEVES padded, multi-stitched and riveted. Designed to carry and protect assembled rods and reels. Well padded throughout, the rod sleeves have large reel pouches which will easily Product Length Diameter accommodate Big Pit reels as required. The heavy duty zip is situated Code (cm/in) (cm/in) on the opposite side to the reel pouch to prevent any possibility of catching the line during transport. Available in two sizes, 12ft and 13ft. CL41 125/49.2 23/9.05 Product Length Code (cm/in) ROV ROD A Padded Rod Sleeves 12ft: CLO8 198/77.9 SLEEVE Padded Rod Sleeves 13ft: CL07 217/85.4 Lightweight Rod Sleeve which is designed for use with the Rova Quiver. The Sleeve is padded around the tip and reel areas to keep weight down to the minimum for the roving angler. Product Code Length (cm/in) CARP QUIVER Rova Rod Sleeve 12ft: Outstanding top-of-the-range Quiver with many features, offering extreme quality and value for money. The Carp Quiver has four-rod CL54 200/78.7 ROVA pockets, Velcro ties and D-Rings. With a fully padded and adjustable rod-retaining strap it has the facility to carry more rods with or without padded sleeves. The quiver is supplied complete with three padded SPECIALIST 12ft rod sleeves and is designed for use with our 12 or 13ft Additional Padded Rod Sleeves which are also available separately. The Chub Triple-S Three Rod Sleeve is also compatible for use with the Carp QUIVER Quiver. Just remove the shoulder strap from the Triple-S and clip on. Another unique feature of the Carp Quiver is the height of the main central pocket. This is taller than most and designed to give more Small, very lightweight quiver designed to carry two made-up rods stability and protection when carrying the taller type of brolly systems without sleeves. The quiver has a landing net pocket and padded such as the Reflex. The two large exterior zipped front pockets will accessory pouch. Fitted inside the main compartment is a landing net accommodate storm rods, banksticks, landing net and all associated handle retaining loop. This compartment will also accommodate two items required for a session. The fully padded non-slip shoulder strap rod tubes. Zipped front pocket for banksticks etc. Carrying straps are and handle are well-balanced to give comfortable carrying and are also all padded, multi-stitched and riveted. multistitched and riveted. Product Length Diameter Product Length Diameter Code (cm/in) (cm/in) Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CL55 120/47.2 15/5.9 CL39 160/62.9 27/10.6 UNIVERSAL QUIVER A specialist type quiver for the carp and pike angler who prefers to carry his rods without sleeves. Rods are held in place by Velcro ties and twin adjustable retaining straps. The large main compartment has an extending waterproof hood with drawcord. Two large zipped CARP QUIVER 5 front pockets will easily accommodate banksticks, pods and other The Carp Quiver 5 is a larger version of the successful Carp Quiver but essentials. The quiver has a four rod capacity although, as with the with even greater capacity. Featuring five rod pockets the Carp Quiver Rova Quiver, it will easily accommodate extra rods if required. Padded 5 is built to the same high spec and comes supplied complete with carrying straps are multi-stitched and riveted for strength and reliability. four individual padded sleeves. Product Length Diameter Product Length Diameter Code (cm/in) (cm/in) Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CL40 125/49.2 23/9.05 CL53 160/62.9 27/10.6 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 43
  • LUGGAGE RUCKSACKS RUCKSACKS SNOOPER 55 LITRE RUCKSACK RUCKSACK Ideal for the mobile angler, the rucksack has a large main body compartment with two side and one large front pocket, which holds a deceptive amount of gear. A compression hood with a zipped pouch FEATURES A lot of thought and design went into pocket gives added capacity as required. The fully adjustable and the development of this rucksack padded shoulder harness with chest stabiliser makes the rucksack 1 Elasticated hood. and as a result the Snooper™ is very easy and comfortable to carry. A further feature is the padded Lifting hoop. versatile so whether it’s on your waistband which has an integral zipped pocket for keeping valuables 2 back or on a barrow all your and keys and the cushioned back and lumbar support give full All-in-one hassle-free waterproof cover integrated into zipped accessories can be carried safe and protection and support. 3 pouch. secure to your chosen swim. Product Width Height Depth Invisible shoulder bar helps form a complete supporting 4 structure and maintain the structure of the back. • Completely detachable front Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) bag CL11 44/17.3 55/21.6 35/13.77 Removable aluminium alloy stays transfer the load from • Zipped access to the front 5 shoulder to hip. The frame can be shaped to suit individual • Large interior elasticated needs and also removed for cleaning. The frame is specially pocket designed to avoid distortion. • Two meshed internal pockets Shoulder stabilising straps facilitate a snugger fit closer to the • Mobile phone pouch 6 back. • Meshed pocket integrated in hood Variable height adjustment levels for the ultimate comfort and • One long and two smaller 7 position. pockets • Bankstick pockets Padded shoulder harness is anatomically shaped to fit 8 individual back lengths and designed to hug the body • Waterproof base and rain cover comfortably without restricting shoulder or arm movement. • Detachable cover for carry harness Adjustable chest stabiliser harness keeps the rucksack closer Product Width Height Depth 9 to the body. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Extra thick padded waist belt with adjustable straps allow for CL59 44/17.3 55/21.6 35/13.7 10 even distribution of weight. Anatomically shaped spinal pad ensures comfort and extra 11 protection in the spinal area. SUPER DELUXE SUPER DELUXE 12 Super thick lumbar pad ensures total comfort and extra protection in the lumbar area. 90 LITRE 110 LITRE Built to the same high standard as our 110 litre rucksack but with This rucksack has an enormous slightly less carrying capacity. The rucksack still has a huge fully padded main body with expanding neck and drawcord and includes all load carrying capacity and is ideal for the session angler. The rucksack has an advanced DAYSACK the design features of the 110. Product Width Height Depth carrying system with mesh back cooling for comfortable carrying 20 LITRE Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) and also features a fitted rain The Chub Daysack is a stylish, lightweight and compact rucksack with cover. Massive fully padded a 20ltr capacity. Due to the many special design features the Daysack CL19 55/21.6 80/31.4 35/13.7 main compartment has an is extremely versatile for use on or off the bank. Ideal for the roving extending neck and drawcord or stalking angler who wants to travel light, the Daysack is fitted with which increases carrying very comfortable padded shoulder straps and chest harness with waist capacity. Five large exterior belt. Pocket for hydration reservoir with outlet pockets are all fully padded for added protection. The largest • Internal access music player pocket with headphone port front pocket will take the most • Top half zipped for easy access popular accessory boxes • Front zipped pocket with organiser including the Chub Smart Box. • Adjustable side bottle holder • Integral rain cover Product Width Height Depth Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Product Width Height Depth CL10 55/21.6 70/27.5 35/13.7 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) C00079 35/13.7 50/19.6 18/7.08 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 45
  • LUGGAGE CARRY CARRYALLS ALLS VANTAGE FRAMED CARRYALL The Chub Vantage Framed Carryall has been designed to provide efficient stor- age and easy access to your tackle whilst out on the bank. It features lightweight aluminium base plate and table top with a carpy green smooth finish. A powder coated and welded steel frame provides increased strength where it is most needed. All four legs are adjustable, raising the bag off the floor, keeping it level and out of the mud. The front panel is stiffened, zipped and gusseted allowing easy access to the main compartment while the table is in use. Once open, the overflap can be clipped into position keeping it out of the mud and dual zipped pockets give easy access when either open or closed. Two side quick grab carry handles allow easy placement onto a barrow or it can be carried using the well padded adjustable shoulder strap. Available in three sizes. Product Size Width Height Depth Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CVFC010 Medium 60/23.6 50/19.6 40/15.7 CVFC020 Large 70/27.5 50/19.6 40/15.7 CVFC030 X-Large 80/31.4 50/19.6 40/15.7 SNOOPER CARRYALL The Snooper™ Carryall is a new line of stiff-sided specialist carryalls. They are carefully designed to give maximum capacity and safe storage for many styles of fishing. As well as the stiff sides, the Snooper™ Carryall has a large front over flap for security and easy access to the main compartment. The carryall also features a large zipped front pocket and ergonomically designed carry handle. Well thought out internal, and external pockets give safe and tidy storage. We have even added a padded shoulder strap for perfect balance. For total protection it has a waterproof base for damp conditions. Product Size Width Height Depth Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) C00035 Medium 56/22.04 32/12.5 32/12.5 C00077 Large 68/26.7 28/11.02 32/12.5 C00078 X-Large 80/31.4 330/129.9 38/14.9 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 47
  • LUGGAGE BAGS BAGS SNOOPER BAG ROV BAG A RIGGER BAG Multi-use bag ideal for the specialist or stalking angler, the Snooper™ A very handy utility bag with a multitude of uses. Although designed Stiff-sided bag designed specifically for the carp and specialist angler. Bag has many features. The Snooper™ is supplied with a multi- for the roving angler, the Rova can also be used as a camera bag The Rigger Bag has a detachable rig and accessory pouch fitted at divisional tackle box which fits into the top pocket. The front pocket due to the padded, adjustable and removable separators in the main either end. The Rigger Bag also comes with a multi-divisional tackle is fitted with an integral rig wallet and pouch. The base unzips and compartment and elasticised retainers in the front pocket. The Rova box housed in the top pocket and has a zipped and waterproof forms an ideal compartment for storing weights, floats and other also features two external pockets. With fully padded interior and large moulded base for complete protection. The Bag has a non-slip padded accessories. With meshed side pockets, the bag has a padded and mesh pocket, this bag will store a deceptive amount of equipment. It shoulder strap and mesh style carry handles. adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles. is ideal for short sessions, stalking or as a spare bag for carrying extra amounts of kit as required. The Rova Bag is fitted with a padded and Product Height Depth Width Product Height Depth Width adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CL60 44/17.3 30/11.8 55/21.6 CL56 25/9.84 32/12.5 35/13.7 Product Height Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CL31 26/10.2 30/11.8 42/16.5 XL RIGGER COOLSTYLE BAG The XL Rigger Coolstyle Bag is the all-round multi-purpose bag, it is a must for all roving and session anglers. A key feature of the bag is its removable and washable lining. This is ideal for hemp and other particles and pellets you may require. The main bag can also act as a cool bag for your food and drinks. You can be assured of maximum performance thanks to the insulated, reflective foil, coolstyle lining. The whole bag benefits from the new design and several easy carry handles. The bag incorporates the new logo, and zip pullers. The waterproof wipe clean, plastic moulded base, stops water penetrating/ leaching into the bag. DOC BAGS Product Code Height (cm/in) Depth (cm/in) Width (cm/in) The new Chub Doc Bags set the standard for design and innovation. The Chub Doc C00016 28/11.02 59/23.22 37/14.56 Bag is a multi-purpose and extremely versatile carryall which has fully adjustable and removable interior dividers. The bag also features a stiff integral work shelf and has a wide mouth opening for easy access. Designed and manufactured to give maximum use of space the roomy exterior pockets give additional storage and capacity for storing a full range of accessories and are fully zipped. The front RIGGER COMPACT of the bag features an overflap with built-in pocket for added protection. The whole bag has a fully lined interior for durability and features padded shoulder strap and meshed carry handle with waterproof base. Product Code Size Height (cm/in) Depth (cm/in) Width (cm/in) COOLSTYLE CDB010 CDB020 Medium Large 32/12.5 32/12.5 27/10.6 27/10.6 40/15.7 50/19.6 BAG CDB030 X-Large 32/12.5 27/10.6 60/23.6 The Rigger Compact Coolstyle Bag is a half moon shaped bag designed for the stalking or roving angler. The main compartment is insulated with a coolstyle lining to keep baits fresh. The bag comes with two detachable pouches fitted at each end. One is a mini rig pouch and the other an accessory pouch with dividers. The base of the bag has a zipped and moulded EVA base. Product Dimensions Code (cm/in) C00015 47x30x21/18.5x11.8x8.3 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 49
  • BAIT BAGS & BUCKETS LUGGAGE BAIT BAGS & BUCKETS BITS & BAIT BAG INSULATED COOLSTYLE The new Bits & Baits Bag is a multipurpose accessory and bait bag designed for anglers who travel light, with minimum tackle. Fitted with a rubberised removable interior liner, suitable for particles and other BAIT BAG BAIT BAG bait, the Bits & Bait Bag has a heavy duty waterproof base, external A dedicated Bait Bag designed to keep frozen baits fresh and in top A large bait bag featuring a fully insulated coolstyle metallic liner, zipped pocket that can hold a Chub Smart Box, removable padded condition while fishing. The main compartment is fully insulated and designed to keep bait in perfect condition. The easy clean, removable shoulder strap and carry handle. Perfect for carp anglers who want a features a zip-in removable liner which is washable and easy to wipe hookbait tray will hold six dip/pop-up containers and accessories. ‘stalking’ bag or specialists who fish on the move. clean. The bag also features external pockets and padded Comes supplied with six containers for hookbaits and pop-ups. Large shoulder strap with carry handles. capacity 6 kilo with tray in position, 10 kilo without. Product Height Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Product Height Depth Width Product Height Depth Width CBB020 38/14.9 20/7.8 38/14.9 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CIBB010 25/9.8 29/11.4 40/15.7 CL32 22/8.6 21/8.2 45/17.7 FOR NEW 0 201 COOLSTYLE POP-UP & BAIT & BOILIE BAIT BAG POUCH The Pop-Up & Bait Bag is a small Coolstyle insulated bag that has enough capacity for a couple of kilos of bait in the lower section. The separate upper section, with full zip closure, stops the mixes drying The Coolstyle Bait and Boilie Pouch is a compact, coolstyle insulated out after preparation or can be used for carrying prepared particles. bait bag. Its compact size means that a few bags can be packed The buckets also feature waterproof EVA bases and Velcro carry together - great news for the angler who wants to carry a number handles. Available in two sizes: Standard and Large. of baits, but is limited on space. The highly efficient coolstyle lining keeps bait fresh. Product Height Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Product Height Depth Width CBB030 32/12.5 27/10.6 60/23.6 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) C00029 25/9.8 7/2.7 28/11.0 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 51
  • BAIT BAGS & BUCKETS LUGGAGE BAIT BAGS & BUCKETS UNIVERSAL GROUNDBAIT BAIT BUCKETS BOWLS Extremely handy and hard-wearing collapsible buckets with many Two sizes, collapsible and easy clean, manufactured from hard- uses. Full zip top and waterproof base. Ideal for carrying all particles, wearing PVC. pellets and groundbaits. After use just simply push together and collapse for easy storage. Available in two sizes. Approx capacity Product Size Height Diameter Standard 2 kilo and Large 6 kilo. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CL48 Small 18/7.08 30/11.8 Product Size Height Diameter CL49 Large 17/6.69 40/15.7 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CL44 Small 20/7.8 25/9.8 CL45 Large 36/14.1 28/11.0 COOLSTYLE BAIT CADDY AIR DRY BAG BAIT BUCKETS A simple yet ingenious idea. Perfect for the roving/stalking angler or even the session angler who wants to bait up an area away from their swim. Easily to clean, with a quick release buckle, you will wonder SETS Manufactured from the same hard-wearing materials as the Universal how you ever managed without one! Now available in two sizes, the Standard size has a 6 kilo capacity Buckets but fully insulated with a coolstyle metallic liner, these buckets and the Large can accommodate up to 12 kilo of boilies. The bags are suitable for use with all types of frozen baits. Available in two sizes. Product Height Diameter are supplied with a hookbait/pop-up bag which can be Velcroed onto Approx capacity - Standard 2 kilo and Large 6 kilo. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) the front. Manufactured from strong mesh, the bags have reinforced webbing handles and D-ring for carrying or hanging. Each bag comes C00068 23/9.0 35/13.7 Product Size Height Diameter supplied with its own storage pouch. Standard: Height 45cm x Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) 45cm. Large: Height 65cm x Width 50cm. CL46 Small 20/7.8 25/9.8 CL47 Large 40/15.7 30/11.8 Product Height Diameter Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CL57 45/17.7 45/17.7 CL63 65/25.5 50/19.6 SPOD MIX BUCKETS Collapsible, strong and hard-wearing, these buckets are designed to carry all kinds of bait ingredients for making up Spod and Method mixes. The buckets have a removable inner which is tape seamed and fully waterproof. The inner has a webbing and clip system which stops the mixes drying out after preparation or for carrying prepared particles. The buckets also feature waterproof EVA bases and Velcro carry handles. Available in two sizes: Standard and Large. Product Size Height Code (cm/in) CL61 Standard 30/11.8 CL62 Large 40/15.74 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 53
  • LUGGAGE ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES BITS BAGS Waterproof bags with a top flap which is fastened with Velcro. These are ideal for storing all your bits and pieces from lead weights to PVA bags and are so useful you will wonder how you ever did without them. Three bags per pack, one large and two small. Product Code: CL50 RIG & BITS POUCH The Chub Rig & Bits Pouch will safely store all your ready-tied rigs and rig components in one place. The top compartment contains a double- sided rig board with the capacity for over 50 rigs. The integral moulded bar protects hook points from damage and compact easy-grab pins keep your rigs neat and tidy. A rigid divider also prevents tangles when the rig boards are closed. The second compartment contains 10 large PVC wallets that are zipped for easy access and will accommodate all the necessary rigmaking accessories. There is also a generous zipped mesh pocket and retaining loops that hold your rig tools firmly in place. Product Height Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CRBP010 30/11.8 160/62.9 20/7,87 RIGGER POUCHES A purpose-made pouch designed to carry all rig components and tied rigs in one unit. The integral moulded bar protects hook points from damage and compact easy-grab pins keep your rigs neat and tidy. The other side is for storing rig accessories. The pouch comes supplied with PVC wallets for hooks, swivels etc and a generous zipped mesh COMPACT RIG pocket in which to keep spools of hook length materials, lead core and tubing. Stitched in elasticated loops hold baiting and stringer needles, nut drills and braid blades firmly in place. The XL and XXL are designed WALLET and constructed on the same lines as our standard Rigger Pouch but The Chub Compact Rig Wallet has a hard protective outer case to keep longer in length. All the same features are included but due to the your rigs safe and secure. Although compact in size this double-sided increased length there is more accessory space available. Extra PVC wallet has the capacity forover 40 rigs and is perfect for all short type wallets are also provided. rigs such as stiff and chod rigs. The integral moulded bar protects hook points from damage and the small easy-grab pins keep your rigs neat and tidy. A rigid divider also prevents tangles when the wallet is Product Size Height Diameter closed. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CRP010 Standard 29/11.4 18/7.08 Product Height Depth Width CRP020 XL 35/13.7 18/7.08 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CRP030 XXL 47/18.5 18/7.08 CSRW010 25/9.84 4.5/1.77 16/6.29 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 55
  • LUGGAGE ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES PV POUCH A At last a dedicated pouch designed specifically for use with PVA. As we all know PVA is one of the most useful and popular products accounting for numerous catches of carp and specimen fish over the years but until now nothing had been manufactured solely for the pur- pose of protecting the product from the damp environment. The Chub PVA Pouch has now changed this. PVA is supplied in many different styles including bags, tape, string and the ever popular stocking/web type PVA tubing which comes supplied in plastic tubes and refill packs. NEOPRENE REEL WRAP The PVA Pouch has a place for all these. The pouch comes supplied with large integral PVC wallets and two waterproof plastic containers in which to keep the PVA safe and dry. The containers will take refills REEL POUCH In the hectic world of specimen angling, your kit is always pushed to the limit. Nobody knows that more than the team who develop products for Chub. They wanted a Reel Jacket that combined high from the most popular manufacturers and are held securely in position The Chub Neoprene Reel Pouches are manufactured from hardwearing performance and protection, with flexibility. Reels can be more with elastic loops. The pouch also comes supplied with a stylish micro- and waterproof 3mm green neoprene. They are padded for extra expensive than rods and need to be cared for if they are to work fibre quick dry towel in a watertight pocket to ensure that hands are protection and are large enough to carry a reel and spare spool. when they are needed, on demand, without question. The Reel Jacket clean and dry before use. Zipped top half for easy access and available in two sizes: Standard for ensures the reel (and rod) combination is secured in a protective, smaller free spool type reels and Large for use with Big Pit reels. padded jacket, allowing the angler complete peace of mind while their Product Height Depth Width equipment is in transit. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) • Padded lining for extra protection CL29 11/4.33 20/7.87 26/10.2 • 3mm neoprene construction Product Quantity Dimensions • Capacity for reel and spare spool Code (cm/in) • Zipped top half for easy access C00031 x1 56x30/22.04x11.81 C00032 x3 - Product Height Depth Width ACCESSORY Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CNRP010 20/7.87 100/39.37 200/70.87 CNRP020 23/90.55 140/55.12 240/94.48 BOXES These handy accessory boxes are fully padded and are manufactured in three sizes. Compact design affords protection and safety of various items of tackle from lead weights to bite alarms. The boxes have zip tops with removable Velcro dividers which allow the compartments inside the box to be adjusted to different sizes. An excellent product for the safe storage and transportation of tackle. Product Height Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) C00024 7.5/2.95 17.5/6.88 12/4.72 C00025 7.5/2.95 17.5/6.88 24/9.44 C00026 7.5/2.95 17.5/6.88 36/14.17 BITS BELT REEL CASE The Chub Bits Belt is perfect for the roving or stalking angler Fully padded with zipped top. Available in two sizes: Standard which who likes to keep tackle accessories close to hand. The dual will accommodate the average size reel and Large for use with Big Pit adjustable belt has four zipped pockets of varying sizes. It is reels. also ideal for keeping personal items and essentials safe and secure. Product Size Dimensions Code (cm/in) • Dual adjustable waist belt and quick release buckle CL35 Standard 18x19x9 / 7.08x7.48x3.54 • Mesh back cooling for comfort CL36 Large 22x23x13 / 8.66x9.05x5.12 • 4 zipped pockets Product Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) C00068 12/4.72 65/25.5 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 57
  • LUGGAGE ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES SPOOL PROTECTION TUBE A spool tube with rigid casing providing extra protection in a compact size. This spool tube provides extra protection and easy access via the dual zips. Product Size Length Diameter Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CSPT010 L 28/11.02 9/3.54 MARKER & SPOD TUBES These Spod and Marker Float Tubes offer excellent protection. The heavy duty tubes prevent Spod and Marker flights being crushed during transit. WASH BAG Handy roll-up carry bag for all your wash kit, deodorant etc. Complete with hook to hang inside the bivvy and mirror for shaving. The ideal Product Size Length Diameter travel companion. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) C00022 S 26/10.2 10/3.93 Product Height Depth Width C00023 L 26/10.2 12/4.72 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CMST030 XL 41/16.1 10/3.93 CL64 18/7.0 9/3.5 22/8.66 CAMERA GADGET BAG The perfect bag to carry your camera. Whether you use film or digital, this is the perfect camera bag for a compact camera. There is lots of additional storage for batteries, memory cards, films, filters, straps, etc. The perfect way to keep your photographic equipment organised, and instantly to hand. Product Code Height (cm/in) Depth (cm/in) Width (cm/in) CAUGHT SHORT C00067 17/6.69 14/5.51 16/6.2 TOILET ROLL BACCY POUCH HOLDER A Baccy Pouch with a very quick access Velcro top opening. It will It’s a purpose designed toilet roll holder, which can be hung from seal in an instant if you have to drop everything because your bite a tree or bush when in use. You may laugh but when you’re fishing indicators are going off! We think it’s far more comfortable than a a session, what better way to go to the toilet in style? The hanging hard tin in your pocket, no more digging into your backside, or ribs. hook also means that it does not have to be put down on wet or dirty It’s also ideal for other small items, such as mobile phones and keys. ground. Product Height Width Product Weight Height Depth Code (cm/in) (cm/in) Code (kg/oz) (cm/in) (cm/in) C00021 13/5.11 19/7.48 C00028 13/5.11 13/5.112 16/6.29 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 59
  • COOKING COOKING ALL SEASON GAS CANISTER SLEEVE This is a simple but ingenious sleeve that provides two vital functions. The first is that it will stop your stove from freezing up. When this happens, it’s usually the time that you don’t want it to. Having ready access to a stove that functions properly in freezing conditions, while fishing, is vital to the angler’s comfort. The second is that, due to its padded construction, it protects your stove from knocks and dents. This not only prolongs the life of your stove, but it ensures that you will have a stove that works, when you need it. Product Height Diameter Code (cm/in) (cm/in) C00018 16/6.29 15/5.90 COOLSTYLE GREEDY PIG GREEDY PIG FOOD BAG SESSION BAG SESSION SET Featuring Coolstyle insulated metallic lining to guarantee food The Greedy Pig Session Bag is a new and cleverly designed pouch A full cutlery set combining two knives, forks and plates with a protection and freshness. Easy clean. Ideal for the session angler. with two complete cutlery sets, two mugs, two plates, a bottle opener multiuse tool and a hand towel. Flat packs easily to fit into most Zipped front pocket contains complete utensil set with cup and bottle and two hand towels. The low profile is practical and fits easily into the rucksacks/carryalls. Similar in design to the standard Chub Session Set holders, hand towel and integral pocket tidy. External padded stove top of carryalls and travel bags. but featuring two larger plates for the angler who requires that little bit bag and fuel construction, it protects your stove from knocks and extra. dents. This not only prolongs the life of your stove, but it ensures that Product Height Depth Width you will have a stove that works, when you need it. Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Product Height Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) C00071 29/11.4 9/3.54 52/20.4 Product Height Depth Width CL58 38/14.96 5/1.96 28/11.02 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CL33 30/11.8 30/11.8 70/27.55 SESSION BAG SESSION SET A new and cleverly complete utensil set designed pouch with all the A very neat and extremely useful product from the Chub team. A full cutlery you need for a serious session. The pouches are low profile for cutlery set combining two knives, forks and plates with a spoon and practicality and will fit quite easily into the top of carryalls and travel multi-use tool with bottle opener. The session set is also supplied with bags. Supplied with two towels and mugs. a hand towel and packs flat to easily fit into any rucksack/carryall. Product Height Depth Width Product Height Depth Width Code C00070 (cm/in) 26/10.23 (cm/in) 9/3.54 (cm/in) 38/14.9 Code CL34 (cm/in) 25/9.84 (cm/in) 5/1.96 (cm/in) 27/10.6 STOVE BAG The Chub Stove Bag comes complete with a mug, two teaspoons, hand towel housed in the front pocket, two padded external pockets for storing tea, coffee and sugar. These pockets also have handy mesh pockets fitted on the outside. The fully zipped and padded stove compartment has an adjustable and removable separator to make this bag suitable for use with gas or petrol stoves. Inside there is plenty of room for a stove, mug, kettle and equipment. Supplied with two external fuel bottle holders, this bag will carry a large amount of gear. Fitted with padded carry handle and shoulder strap. Product Height Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CL30 25/9.84 30/11.81 40/15.74 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 61
  • COOKING COOKING FOR NEW 0 201 STAINLESS GUNMETAL MICRO-WEAVE STEEL GREY ANTIBACTERIAL HAND TOWEL KETTLE KETTLE Good quality antibacterial handtowels are popular with carp anglers who need to dry their rigs before attaching a PVA bag or just to dry their hands after weighing and photographing a fish. • • • Antibacterial No smell Lightweight Stylish stainless steel two-cup kettle with strainer. Complete in its own A stylish gunmetal grey kettle, supplied in its own convenient carry The Chub Micro-Weave Antibacterial Hand Towel has an advanced • Super absorbent carry case. case. Will hold enough water for two small, or one large cup. fine woven, super absorbent mesh structure. Perfect for quickly • Roll up mesh bag included drying rigs whilst using PVA, or, cleaning your hands after weighing Product Height Diameter Product Height Diameter and photographing a fish. The hand towels’ antibacterial component Construction: Code (cm/in) (cm/in) Code (cm/in) (cm/in) prevents odours from lingering and the easy roll up mesh bag helps Material: 85% Polyester 15% Nylon CM14 8/3.14 15/5.90 C00069 7/2.75 15/5.90 the towel to dry out after use. The cross weave construction is super Dimensions: 80cm x 40 cm strong and tear resistant offering exceptional durability. Product Code: CHT010 STOVE WIND SHIELD Lightweight foldable windshield with built-in prongs to push into the ground for extra stability in strong winds. Folds down to a very compact size. Size when folded 260mm x 100mm. Product Height Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CM15 16/6.29 10/3.93 TOASTER COOK SET Make a perfect slice of toast while fishing. Easy to use with fold flat The Cook Set has two saucepans and a frying pan which have fully design. Folding handle and lock with heat diffuser and griddle. folding handles. The whole set cleverly and neatly folds away into its own carry case. Product Code: CM20 Product Code: CM19 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 63
  • CARP CARE CARP CARE FOR NEW 0 201 X-TRA PROTECTION CRADLE Completely re-vamped re-designed and re-styled version of the Carp care cradle, the Protection Cradle now has a unique fold flat design which allows the padded side panels to be stiffer and stay upright affording even more protection than the original types. The new design makes transportation of the mat even easier while still retaining the complete all round protection and safety that the cradles are famed for. The integral mat is extremely well padded and removable for easy cleaning. The Protection Cradle is still fitted with a calming cover but now has a new feature in the shape of a roll up kneeling pad for use when unhooking or photographing. Supplied complete with carry bag, webbing straps and handles. The ultimate in fish care and protection. Product Length Width Height Weight Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) (kg/lb) CPC010 96/37.8 60/23.6 22/8.7 3/6.6 FOR NEW 0 201 EURO X-TRA PROTECTION CRADLE As with the Xtra Protection Cradle this Euro version has been completely re-vamped, re-designed and re-styled. A huge cradle just right for those European monster Carp. The euro cradle now has a unique fold flat design which allows the padded side panels to be stiffer and stay upright affording even more protection then the original types. The new design makes transportation of the mat even easier while still retaining the complete all round protection and safety that the cradles are famed for. The integral mat is extremely well padded and removable for easy cleaning. The cradle is still fitted with a calming cover but now has a new feature in the shape of a roll up kneeling pad for use when unhooking or photographing. Supplied complete with carry bag, webbing straps and handles. The ultimate in big fish care and protection. Product Length Width Height Weight Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) (kg/lb) CPC020 120/47.2 75/29.5 24/9.4 4.5/9.9 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 65
  • CARP CARE CARP CARE FOR NEW 0 201 BARROW MAT A very large mat dedicated for use with barrows. Based around the design of our Snooper™ X-tra Protection Mat this mat is sure to become popular with barrow users and syndicate owners alike due to its large size and added protective features. The mat has extra thick base padding plus semi rigid raised sides which are also well padded for extreme protection. It also features a full sized safety flap for securing and calming. The flap is fully secure to ensure total control of the fish while on the mat. Webbing straps with padded carry handle allow the fish to be safely returned to the water after unhooking. Product Height Length Width Weight Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) (kg/lb) CBM010 18/7.1 110/43.3 80/31.5 3.8/8.4 SNOOPER X-TRA PROTECTION MAT COMPACT EAZI-FLOW This is a superb mat for even the largest of fish. A lot of thought has gone into the design of this product, by some of the best anglers in the industry. To start with, we’ve built-in some peg straps to stop the mat blowing away. Follow this with a super soft foam base with ridged sides to keep your catch safe. We have also included a fish securing/ calming/protection sheet secured by a simple Velcro type fastening. BEANIE MAT BEANIE MAT This is the perfect addition to make sure that your fish stays safe, A mat which is simple in use but very effect when it comes to fish The latest edition to our Easi-flow range of Carp care products and and is not unduly stressed. The mat folds for easy transportation and safety and care. The middle section is built around 25mm foam with accessories. A large mat which offers all round protection and safety features the new Chub logo. raised outer edge generously filled with polystyrene beads. Folds for Carp and all other large species. The mat has a thick high density together with velcro fastening for easy carrying. foam inner for extra padding and ultimate protection. Outer perimeter Product Height Length Width is filled with polystyrene beads to form a raised cushion and keep the Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Product Height Length Width fish safely in position. C00074 10/3.93 140/55.11 90/35.4 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) A safety/ calming flap is built in and this features a mesh panel to CUM020 7/2.75 110/43.3 70/27.5 easily keep the fish wet during warmer months while unhooking or retaining ready for weighing or photography. Complete with carry handles and pegging points for windy conditions. Product Length Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CUM030 132/52 85/33.4 COMPACT X-TRA NEW FOR 0 201 PROTECTION MAT The Compact X-tra Protection Mat is a smaller version of our popular Snooper™ mat. Manufactured to the same high standard the Compact protection mat is designed for the angler who does not require a large mat and is ideal for day sessions or for stalking. The mat has raised and cushioned sides and is fitted with an over flap which Velcro’s down the sides of the mat for calming and added protection of the fish. Pegging point on all corners for security in windy conditions. Product Height Length Width Weight Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) (kg/lb) CPM010 10/3.9 110/43.3 75/29.5 2.5/5.5 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 67
  • CARP CARE CARP CARE EAZI-FLOW ZIP SACK The Chub Eazi-Flow® Zip Sacks are manufactured from our Eazi-Flow® material which is light, strong and allows maximum passage of water and oxygen through the sack. The sack is fitted with a safety ‘zip-clip’ system for total security and a wide opening allows easy placement of fish into the bottom of the sack. The Eazi-Flow® sacks are supplied with a 5m extension cord complete with bank stick screw attachment and there is also a safety float attached for easy location should the sack be lost. Available in two sizes: Standard measures (cm) 105 (w) x 80 (h) Large measures (cm) 145 (w) x 100 (h) Product Weight Height Width Code (oz/g) (cm/in) (cm/in) Standard: CWS030 15.9/450 80/31.5 105/41.3 Large: CWS040 21.2/600 100/39.8 145/57.1 EAZI-FLOW SAFETY EAZI-FLOW ZIP SACK/ WEIGH SLING WEIGH SLINGS The Chub Eazi-Flow® Safety Weigh Sling has been designed to accommodate the largest of carp. Its support arms are constructed The Chub Eazi-Flow® Zip Sack / Weigh Slings are manufactured from from top quality anodised aero grade aluminium poles which break our Eazi-Flow® material which is light, strong and allows maximum down and fold at the centre, allowing compact storage and easy passage of water and oxygen through the sack. The zip sacks/weigh transportation. The Eazi-Flow mesh on the sides and base of the sling slings have handles that are stitched completely around the sack for allows quick drainage making it suitable for resting fish in the water support and have a safety ‘zip-clip’ system for total security. A wide zip and ensures accurate weighing. Zips at both ends have protection opening allows easy placement of the fish into the bottom of the baffles for easy release with additional Velcro tabs just below the sack/sling. The Eazi-Flow® sacks/ slings are supplied with a 5m support arms for added security while carrying and returning fish to extension cord complete with bank stick screw attachment and there the water. is also a safety float attached for easy location should the sack be lost. Available in two sizes: Product Length Depth Standard measures (cm) 95 x 65 Code (cm/in) (cm/in) Large measures (cm) 100 x 75 63/24.8 CWS020 123/48.4 Product Weight Height Width EAZI-FLOW Code (oz/g) (cm/in) (cm/in) Standard: CWS050 14.1/400 65/25.6 95/37.4 Large: CWS060 15.9/450 75/29.5 100/39.4 WEIGH SLING The Chub Eazi-Flow® Weigh Sling is perfect for the angler who wants to travel light. The Eazi-Flow mesh on the sides and base of the sling allows quick drainage for accurate weighing and is also quick drying. 3M SACK The ultra strong handles are stitched completely around the sling to give total support for even the largest of fish. The internal PVC coating EXTENSION CORD is fish-friendly and easy to keep clean. Comes supplied with carry case. Product Length Depth The 3 Metre Sack Extension Cord has a standard 3/8 BSF screw fitting Code (cm/in) (cm/in) at one end and a durable, high impact plastic, quick release/ quick CWS010 100/39.8 65/25.6 fixing clip. Product Code: C00034 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 69
  • CARP CARE CARP CARE SPECIALIST LANDING NET UNHOOKING MAT STINK BAG A large but lightweight unhooking mat with foam padding for Imagine you are catching fish all day and it’s time to go home. Your protection and fish safety. Manufactured from fish friendly materials, net is covered in fish slime, and dripping wet. Would you want to just the mat features four pegging points, strong elasticated straps which throw it in your car? Imagine water dripping everywhere and fish slime allow the mat to be folded for compact carrying and is supplied oozing around the boot of your car... we thought not, so we produced complete with its own carry bag. a net stink bag. This is so at the end of the day, your net can be put away in your rod bag without fear of making your car, and/or rod bag Product Height Depth Width stink! Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CUM010 2.5/0.98 50/19.6 93/36.6 Product Length Diameter Code (cm/in) (cm/in) C00019 115/45.2 11/4.33 UNHOOKING MAT WEIGH SLING The Chub Weigh Sling is manufactured using the most up-to date Featuring 25mm thick foam padding covered in a fish-friendly fish-friendly materials which provide total assurance for security and waterproof material on both sides which is also easy to wipe clean. safety of the fish. The design and shape of the sling combined with Pegging points on all corners for the low profile pegs that are also the ultra strong handles, which are stitched completely around the supplied. The unhooking mats come in two sizes, Standard and Large. sling, including the underside, give total support for even the largest The Standard mat will take the majority of carp and barbel. The Large of fish. The weigh sling has excellent drainage facilities which allows is a real monster mat suitable for the largest carp and pike. Both mats water to disperse easily for accurate weighing. PVC coating prevents are supplied in waterproof carrybags complete with peg holders and any damage to the fish and is also easy to keep clean. Comes supplied pegs. with carrybag. Product Height Depth Width Product Length Depth Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CA32 2.5/0.98 50/19.6 98/38.5 CA14 100/39.4 62/24.4 CA33 2.5/0.98 67/26.3 105/41.3 NET FLOAT SAFETY Simply unscrew the block and fit the Net Float onto the handle. Replace block and secure by using the elastic strap. Once in position tighten drawstrings and trim to suit. If your landing net does not have WEIGH SLING a detachable block just slide the Net Float up from the bottom end of Built to the same excellent standard as our weigh sling but the handle and secure as above. Extremely useful when netting fish incorporating reinforced support bars along the top edge. Zips at both single-handed as the Net Float will support the net making it easy to ends have protection baffles for easy release and the Safety Weigh manoeuvre. Sling also features Velcro strips just below the support bars for added security while carrying and returning the fish to the water. Fine mesh Product Length Diameter patches below the zips allow the sling to be used as a retainer while Code (cm/in) (cm/in) preparing the fish for weighing or photography. At the base there is a safe drainage system which allows water to escape quickly for C00030 22/8.66 6.5/2.55 accurate weighing. Manufactured with a fish-friendly PVC coating and strong webbing handles which are stitched completely around the sling for total support. The Safety Weigh Sling comes supplied with a waterproof carrybag and rolls up neatly to fit easily into a rod bag or quiver. Product Length Depth Code (cm/in) (cm/in) CA30 106/41.7 50/19.7 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 71
  • SCALES & FLOATS SCALES & FLOATS DIGITAL SCALES LOCATOR LONG The Chub Digital Scales are perfectly designed for the modern day specialist & specimen angler. A 30kg/66lb capacity in 25g/1oz divisions provides a high level of accuracy and the generous zero/tare facility MARKER DISTANCE will accommodate the largest of weigh slings. The load stability recognition and hold facility makes the weighing and recording process quick and simple to use. The scale has a large backlit digital FLOATS LOCATOR LCD display which is easy to read and can be simply converted from Kg to Lbs. Scale operation is via four push buttons which are also backlit for easy use in darkness. A dedicated on/off switch and auto Manufactured from a very dense but buoyant material, both Markers cast extremely well and have a hi-vis finish. The Markers come in two sizes, the size 1 is a slimmer FLOAT model designed for use at distance. The size 2 is a bulkier Designed for use at extreme range. Super buoyant high power off function ensure maximum battery life. A compact and more buoyant float ideal for medium to close range impact body ensures that the float rises rapidly giving yet tough polycarbonate body and stainless steel hook and and for fishing weedier areas. exceptional visibility even in rough open water conditions. weigh bar point complete the impressive list of features. The steel spine and aerodynamic shape increase air Product Code: LM[+ Size] Size: 1/2 stability during casting, this, combined with the unique • 30kg/66lb x 25g/1oz Capacity rotating flights, allows the float to fly like a dart giving • Load stability recognition and hold maximum range and pinpoint accuracy. • 50 weight memory • Generous Zero/tare facility Product Code: LM4 • Large easy ready digital LCD display • Active backlit buttons and display • Dedicated on off switch • Auto power off function maximizes battery life • Polycarbonate Body with stainless “A COMPACT, steel hook and hang point • Dual power source for memory backup TOUGH AND RELIABLE SET Product Code: CDS010 OF SCALES THAT I HAVE TOTAL FAITH IN AND LOCATOR WOULD HIGHL Y RECOMMEND.” SURFACE CONTROLLERS SCALES POUCH Manufactured from a dense but buoyant and hard-wearing material like the Marker Floats. The controllers are individually made and tested to maintain the correct ‘ride Neatly padded pouch that is specifically designed for the safe and height’ on the surface. Weights are fitted internally and easy transport of Chub digital scales. The pouch has two double the controllers are tapered to ensure smooth casting and zipped compartments which allow accessories such as weigh bars, less splash on entry. Available in three sizes. forceps and medication to be stored alongside the scales for use when unhooking and weighing. The pouch is manufactured from 600D Product Code: LC[+ Size] Size: 1/2/3 waterproof material and also features 5mm foam padding for added protection. Chub lining, zip pullers and logo come as standard. • 600 D waterproof material • Chub lining • Chub embroidered logo • Chub zip pullers • Black trim • 24 x 13 x 7cm Product Height Depth Width Code (cm/in) (cm/in) (cm/in) CDSP010 13/5.11 7/2.75 24/9.44 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 73
  • PRECISION STAINLESS PRECISION NEW 201 FOR 0 STAINLESS STEEL STEEL DIGGING WEIGH BAR/ STICK (BANK CROOK Chub have designed a comprehensive and STICK AUGER) Dual purpose weighing system that can be used as a standard weigh bar or adapted to be used as a hook crook by simply unscrewing one handle and revealing a threaded section, this can then be attached to a modern range of robust stainless steel bank Designed to compliment the Precision range of stainless steel storm pole/landing net handle for accurate weighing and support. The sticks, buzz bars and accessories. Manufactured products. For drilling holes in extremely hard or rocky ground. Suitable bar is supplied complete with weighing hook. from polished stainless the range has a very solid for use with bank sticks, bivvy poles etc. Complete with removable T-Bar and solid screw Auger point. Product Code: CSS120 feel and will last for many years. Product Code: CSS050 The Precision range is designed to be extremely versatile so whether your preferred set-up is using single bank sticks, buzz bars or goalposts then the Precision range of products will supply you with all these options. FIXED BUZZ ADJUSTABLE BARS BUZZ BARS When used with the Precision bank sticks the fixed buzz bars give a very solid and stable set-up. All buzz bars are sold in pairs and feature As with the fixed buzz bars the adjustable sets have protective thread collars but feature extending arm extensions if a wider spread is BANKSTICK REAR ROD STABILISER REST screw on collars to protect the threads when not in use or during required or when using a goalpost style set-up on large waters. transit. Two, three and four rod designs available. Sizes: Sizes: 2 Rod Front 7 inches Back 6 inches The Chub robust bank stick stabiliser forms part of the Precision range The Chub Precision rear rod rest has been machined from a solid piece 2 Rod Front 8 ½ inches Back 7 ½ inches 3 Rod Front 10 inches Back 12 inches of stainless steel products. of stainless steel and has been designed for use with abbreviated 3 Rod Front 15 inches Back 13 inches 4 Rod Front 17 inches Back 19 inches Anti-twist. An invaluable aid when using a buzz bar type set-up while or slim Japanese shrink-wrap rod handles. Built to last a lifetime 4 Rod Front 22 inches Back 20 inches fishing on hard or unstable ground. Twin prongs for added stability. and styled to match our ‘chunky’ precision range of stainless steel Product Rod Front Back products. It also includes a 20mm stainless steel locking collar for Product Rod Front Back Code (in) (in) Product Code: CSS040 perfect alignment and a non-slip rubber lining to protect polished rod Code (in) (in) CSS090 2 7 6 blanks. CSS060 2 8.5 7.5 CSS100 3 10 12 CSS070 3 15 13 Product Code: CSS130 CSS110 4 17 19 CSS080 4 22 20 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 75
  • SMART BOX SMART BOX ACCESSORIES BOXES The accessory boxes have a unique one touch easy out system with snap shut individual clear lids which allow easy access and help avoid Unique one touch easy out tackle loss. Each pack contains three different large boxes which system. have 2 – 4 and 8 compartments plus two smaller boxes which have 4 individual compartments. Product Code: CSB030 Model: Internal Boxes (Pack of 5) SHALLOW Individual clear lids with flat hinge system. INTERNAL BOXES The boxes have a curved base that allows them to be easily removed SMART BOX from your tackle box and each compartment has an individual snap tight lid to give quick access. Comes supplied in a pack of two. The Chub Smart Box™ is a comprehensive tackle box, which allows the angler to be Product Code: CSB040 organised and keep all the necessary rig items and components stored safely and Model: Shallow Int 8 Box (Pack of 2) securely. The systematic design has many features, which have been carefully thought out to ensure the best use of space. Internal accessory boxes have a unique one touch system, making them easy to access. Moulded rulers are graduated in Included with the complete set are, 2 - 4 and 8 compartment large accessory boxes SPOOL mm and inches for precise rig and two smaller 4 compartment boxes. There are also two shallow 8 compartment tying. boxes that are perfect for storing very small items of tackle such as swivels, beads and rig rings. The complete system also comes with 8 spool dispensers, perfect for the angler who needs to store a multitude of hooklength materials, PVA or leaders. A cleverly designed hinge system allows the box lid to fold flat forming a tray for rig DISPENSERS assembly. Also built into the lid are two rulers for precise rig assembly and a groove The dispensers allow the angler to store their own choice of seal around its edge that is water resistant when shut. The box is safely and tightly hooklength materials, PVA or leader and also come with a sharp cutter sealed with two flush fitting “sure-shut” clips. which will deal with the toughest of hooklength materials. Each pack contains three dispensers. The Chub Smart Box™ is supplied either as a complete system featuring seven Spool dispensers complete with Product Code: CSB050 assorted internal accessory boxes and eight spool dispensers or just the Smart Box™ its own cutter and spool. Model: Spool Dispensers (Pack of 3) base on its own to suit personal preference. The internal accessory boxes are available separately in an assorted pack of five and pack of two for the shallow accessory boxes. The spool dispensers are available in packs of three. Product Model Dimensions Code (cm/in) CSB010 Smart Box (Complete) 29x24x5.3/11.41x9.45x2.09 CSB020 Smart Box - Individual snap tight lids allow easy access and help avoid tackle loss. WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 77
  • LIGHTING LIGHTING SAT-A-LITE Sat-A-Lite SL100 Head Torch Sat-A-Lite SL200 Head Torch Sat-A-Lite SL300 Lantern SL100 One of the smallest and compact headlights on the market the Overall Dimensions 66 x 42 x 30.2mm 40.5 x 59.5 x 35mm 84 x 84 x 1855mm Sat-a-lite100 is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The SL100 has a very slim profile and features an adjustable flip up head fitted with dual light sources. These include a focused white LED long beam Weight 72g (with batteries) 118g (with batteries) 862g (with batteries) plus two soft night vision red LED’s with a flashing mode facility for emergencies. Instant off switch for use at any mode and an Battery Type 3 x 1.5V AAA size Alkaline 3 x 1.5V AAA size Alkaline 3 x 1.5V D size Alkaline adjustable single head strap. 3x AAA Duracell alkaline batteries Batteries (included) Batteries (included) Batteries (included) included. • Compact & lightweight • Extensive battery life, Up to 100hrs continuous use • Adjustable tilt mechanism Battery Life 100hrs White 10hrs HIGH 1W LED 3 days HIGH • Focused white LED long beam 25hrs Red 20hrs LOW 6 days LOW • Soft night vision red LED’s Product Code: CSL100 50hrs Flashing 25hrs FLASHING ø5mm 10 days FLASHING • Duracell AAA Alkaline batteries included Weight Inc. Batteries (oz/g): 2.53/72 LEDs 2yrs Green LED Indicator • Water resistant 40hrs (Red, White) Bulb Type 1 x ø5mm Nichia White LED 1 x 1W Luxeon White LED 3 x 1W Nichia White LEDs 2 x ø5mm Red LEDs 3.5 lumens (1 x ø5mm Up to 51 Lumens Up to 300 Lumens SL200 Output Power The SL 200 headlight utilises the most sophisticated and up to date Nichia White LED) controlled technology to give maximum output of light intensity 2 lumens (ø5mm Red LEDs) and battery life. With a maximum output of 51 lumens the SL200 provides a more focused and smoother main beam with additional LED settings designed to give dual light sources for both night vision and close up use. Featuring a pivotal head which can be easily adjusted during operation to alter the projection angle of the beam whether using in a bivvy or netting a fish. The SL200 has a slim power pack fitted to the back of the head band which is fully adjustable for hands free operation. Water resistant. 3x AAA Duracell alkaline batteries included. • Powerful 1W Luxeon® LED with 51 Lumen output • 2 main beam power settings • 10hrs continuous use in High mode (20hrs in low) • Adjustable tilt mechanism • Focused white LED long beam • Soft night vision red LEDs • Independent rear safety LED • Duracell AAA alkaline batteries included Product Code: CSL200 • Water resistant Weight Inc. Batteries (oz/g): 4.16/118 SL300 The Sat-A-Lite® SL300 Lantern has a powerful output of 300 lumens and is perfect for providing ultra-bright all round illumination. The three 1W Nichia White LEDs offer 3 days continuous illumination in high mode and 6 days on the low setting. The lens is removable to provide a forward directional beam when required and there is a built in hanging hook on the lantern base to allow wider light dispersal when elevated. The SL300 also features 3-mode electronic switch that provides ‘instant off’ in any mode, and a small green LED indicator is fitted for easy location in the dark. Product Code: CSL300 Weight Inc. Batteries (oz/g): 30.4/862 WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 79
  • RIGS RIGS SHARP END RIGS Professionally hand-tied to the highest standard the Chub range of rigs are all top fish-catchers. Manufactured from highest quality materials including Japanese hooks which are ultra strong and wickedly sharp. All hooklink materials are thoroughly tried and tested. The rigs are neatly finished with the addition of clear shrink sleeving and clear tapered swivel sleeves. Each rig is tied to perfection and even the most competent of anglers would be happy to fish with these. Each rig consists of a size 8 swivel that will fit most safety clip and in-line systems. Braid Product Description Code CBR02 Braid Hair Rig Size 2 Micro Barb CBR04 Braid Hair Rig Size 4 Micro Barb CBR06 Braid Hair Rig Size 6 Micro Barb CBR08 Braid Hair Rig Size 8 Micro Barb CBR10 Braid Hair Rig Size 10 Micro Barb CBR04B Braid Hair Rig Size 4 Barbless CBR06B Braid Hair Rig Size 6 Barbless CBR08B Braid Hair Rig Size 8 Barbless CBR10B Braid Hair Rig Size 10 Barbless Combi Link Product Description Code CCR02 Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 2 Micro Barb CCR04 Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 4 Micro Barb CCR06 Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 6 Micro Barb CCR08 Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 8 Micro Barb CCR10 Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 10 Micro Barb CCR04B Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 4 Barbless CCR06B Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 6 Barbless CCR08B Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 8 Barbless CCR10B Coated Combi-Link Hair Rig Size 10 Barbless Mono Product Description Code CMR02 Mono Hair Rig Size 2 Micro Barb CMR04 Mono Hair Rig Size 4 Micro Barb CMR06 Mono Hair Rig Size 6 Micro Barb CMR08 Mono Hair Rig Size 8 Micro Barb CMR10 Mono Hair Rig Size 10 Micro Barb CMR04B Mono Hair Rig Size 4 Barbless CMRO6B Mono Hair Rig Size 6 Barbless CMR08B Mono Hair Rig Size 8 Barbless CMR10B Mono Hair Rig Size 10 Barbless WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 81
  • CLOTHING CLOTHING FIELD BOOTS The Chub Field Boots feature a tough waterproof moulded sole with hardwearing leather upper. A Thinsulate™ thermal lining provides comfort and warmth. The sole has been reinforced for durability and the deep non slip tread can be used in all terrains. A large black pull tag allows you to slide these boots on quickly and easily. Available in UK sizes 6 to 12. • Tough waterproof moulded sole • Hardwearing leather upper • Thinsulate™ thermal lining • Deep all-terrain non slip tread • Very comfortable and durable • Large back pull-tag Product Code: CFBUK[+ Size] Sizes (UK): 6/7/8/9/10/11/12 FLEECE HAT Need to keep your head warm in all conditions? Then you need one of these! A classically styled beanie hat in 100% polyester pre-piled fleece with turn back brim. • Beanie hat • One size fits all • 100% polyester pre-piled fleece • Turn back brim with Chub logo icon Product Code: C00011 Colour: Green Product Code: C00010 Colour: Black NECK WARMER Made from 100% polyester pre-pilled fleece, to achieve maximum warmth, this Neck Warmer has a cord adjustment to allow the user to seal out drafts, with a cord lock to secure in place. The cord can be drawn in and locked in place to create a fleece hat. • 100% polyester pre-pilled fleece in green • Cord adjust neck collar with cord lock • One size fits all Product Code: C00013 Colour: Green WWW.CHUBFISHING.COM 83
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