Pfizer company analysis


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Pfizer company analysis

  1. 1. Working for a healthier world Presented BY: Abiade Adedoyin Haley Fabricant Brian Neary
  2. 2. Company timeline 1849 : the company is founded in Brooklyn, NY- by Charles Pfizer & Charles erhart 1880 : Pfizer begins manufacturing citric acid 1882: Pfizer opens offices & warehouse in Chicago, Illinois 1900: Pfizer pioneers mass-production of citric acid from Sugar by mold fermentation 1941: Pfizer Mass Produces penicillin using fermentation technology 1942: Pfizer goes public, when 240,000 shares of new common stock were offered 1950: Terramycin® antibiotic becomes the first DRUG sold in the U.S. under the Pfizer label 1951: offices open in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, England, Mexico, Panama, & Puerto rico 1955: The first overseas fermentation plant is opened in England. Pfizer partners with Japan's Taito to manufacture and distribute antibiotics. 1958: plants begin production in Mexico, Italy, & Turkey. Intl. personnel increases over 7,000. 1961: Pfizer establishes its new worldwide headquarters in midtown Manhattan 1971: Pfizer acquires German manufacturer mack Illertissen. 1972: Global Sales cross the billion-dollar threshold. 1995: Pfizer opens a pharmaceutical plant in China & expands markets in the Pacific Rim 1998: Pfizer's launches Viagra® (sildenafil citrate) 2000: Pfizer and Warner-Lambert merge 2003: Pfizer and Pharmacia Corp. merge.. A $7.1 billion dollar r & D budget is created. 2004: Pfizer is included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
  3. 3. Stock Performance Pfizer Corporation Last: 26.67 7.9 % 5 Yr Income Growth 10.8 % 5 Yr Sales Growth 12.2 Forward P/E 17.6 Current P/E 2.34 FY(12/08) EPS Estimate 2.19 FY(12/07) EPS Estimate 2.67 Current EPS 188.7 Bil Market Cap 7.1 Bil Total Shares Outstanding 22.8 % Net Profit Margin 11.0 Bil Income 48.4 Bil Sales Fundamental Data
  4. 4. Global sales Distribution Pfizer Australia Sydney
  5. 5. International growth foreign expansion Discovery of the antibiotic, Terramycin in 1950 World war iI and Competition in the us market Foreign direct investment – series of Acquisitions and Partnerships international networks Pfizer In Europe - acquisition of Pharmacia corporation in U.K Pfizer IN THE western hemisphere - monopolistic control? Pfizer in the far east region - Partnership in Asia Pfizer in the middle east & Africa - importing, exporting & Greenfield strategy financing of foreign Efforts self-financing of its investments - internal cash flows lower debt ratio than industry average short-term loans & low interest rate advantage credit ratings – triple a Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte . Malaysia
  6. 6. international operations pharmaceutical manufacturing 3 primary sectors (human medication- Animal health- consumer healthcare) 4 geographical areas (U.S.., Europe/Canada, Japan/Asia, & Latin America/Africa/Middle East) research & development 7 primary campuses (Michigan, France, California, Japan, England, New London Connecticut- the R&D headquarters) 11 therapeutic categories 2 streams of development (human consumption, & vaccines/medications for 30+ animal species) 250 partners in academia / joint ventures Pfizer Brazil sao Paulo
  7. 7. international operations Marketing & distribution Central business unit Regional business units Global supply chain characteristics Animal health vaccines, medication, and healthcare products directly manages r&D, production & distribution Shares pharmaceutical supply chain network Pfizer Switzerland Marketing & Distribution
  8. 8. Global Strategy & Targets 2006 Foreign Revenue: $22.5B or 46.6% 10 countries outside the U.S. with more than $500M Global revenues are 8.7% of world market Market Cap almost $50M more than nearest competitor Pfizer Senegal
  9. 9. Business Strategy New Products & technologies 2006 R&D spending: $7.4B Worldwide development efforts Replace expiring patents Intellectual Property Protection Legal efforts Limiting foreign business practices GATT advances Pfizer Pakistan Manufacturing
  10. 10. Business Strategy Financial Strategies International capital markets Foreign Exchange trading Political Influences Government partnering Regulatory oversight Global Coordination Chairman and former CEO Henry McKinnell with supplies donated by Pfizer to a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital