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Interkulturelles Zentrum Schoolnetworks
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Interkulturelles Zentrum Schoolnetworks


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Presentation wasdelivered duing the open conference of teachers' study visit in Lithuania in the frame of the project "South Caucasus - a Part of Europe"

Presentation wasdelivered duing the open conference of teachers' study visit in Lithuania in the frame of the project "South Caucasus - a Part of Europe"

Published in: Education
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  • 1. International School Cooperation Международное сотрудничество школ Intercultural Center, Vienna, Austria Межкултурный центр, Вена, Австрия
  • 2. Interсultural Center Intercultural Center stands for -Encounters and communication between people with different cultural backgrounds - Education and training on intercultural competencies - Cross-border cooperation between schools, international youth work, as well as intercultural education, diversity management and integration work in Austria - Active participation, intercultural dialogue, peace education, human rights, democracy
  • 3. International school projects   Creation and management of mulitlateral school networks   Support of school partnerships and provision of small grants on behalf of Austrian Ministry of Education   Educational material on intercultural and global learning, democracy and peace education   Eductational activities for pedagogues and mulitpliers
  • 4. International School Partnerships - On behalf of Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture - Organisational and methodological support for schools to implement international school projects and build school partnerships - Small grants for school partnerships with non-EU countries
  • 5. International School Partnerships in practice… International School Network Nigeria – Czech Republic – Austria New International School Network - Since 2008 –3 primary schools Egypt – Georgia – Austria - Several working meetings with director from Nigeria - Started 2010 - Topics: Fair trade, Right to education, Climate - Music project Change, Water - Curricula, Educational methods & contents, Teacher training International School Network Senegal - Austria - Since 2008 - Primary schools (2 Senegal, 1 Austria) - Working meetings between teachers in Austria
  • 6. Thematic School Networks Peace Education – Conflict Resolution (1994-97) School Network Human Rights (1999-2001) Education for Global Citizenship (2003-06) EuroMediterranean School Forum (2006-2009) ARTiculating values ACES – Academy of Central European Schools (since 2006)
  • 7. Guiding Principles  Connection through a lead topic relevant for all  Constructive dealing with differences   Organisational Cultures: NGOs – schools; schools-schools   Economic framework conditions   Experience with international cooperation  Promotion of new forms of learning and teaching, which can meet the challenges of a globalised environment   Partnership and participation   Process orientation   School as a „learning“ organisation  Openness   No prescribed curricula, joint development   Interdisciplinary   Involvement of different types of actors (Parents, Communities, NGOs, ..)
  • 8. International School Network: Peace Education and Conflict Resolution   1994 – 1997, 15 Schools   Countries: Argentinia, Chile, India, Macedonia, Nigeria, Australia, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain (Bask region), Netherlands, USA, Austria   Topics: Conflicts at school and at home   Support:   2 International Teachers‘ Seminars (Planning, Mid-term evaluation)   Internationale Evaluation Conference with Delegations (Schools and Teachers)   International coordination (Management, Communication, PR, educational materials, Fundraising, ...)   Austrian Ministry of Education, MoEs of all other countries, Austrian Airlines.   Methods:   Action research   Foto documentation, drawings   Presentations of Experts, Visits of Institutions and NGOs   Poetry workshops
  • 9. School Network Human Rights   1999 - 2001, 28 Schools   Länder: Argentinia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brasi, Chile, India, Ireland, Italy, Kamerun, Columbia, Mexico, Palestine, Russia, Sweden, Uganda, Uruguay, Austria   Topics: Human Rights, Participation, Racism, Children‘s Rights   Support:   2 International Teacher Seminars (Planning, Evaluation)   „Tour“ Pupils of partner schools visit each other   Workshops for schools   International coordination (Management, Communication, PR, educational materials, Fundraising, ...)   Austrian Ministry oE, MoEs of all other countries, Austrian Airlines.
  • 10. School Network: Education for Global Citizenship   2003-2006, 6 NGOs, 25 Schools   Countries: Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Cameroon, Chile   Topics: Global Citizenship   Awareness of global issues   Development of practical concepts for the education of Global Citizens   Improve knowledge, understanding of the meaning of global citizenship   Influence values and attitudes   Develop competence of action   Support   2 International Teacher Seminars (Planning, Evaluation)   International coordination (Management, Communication, PR, educational materials, Fundraising, ...)   Networking and support on national level by NGOs   EC/EuropeAid, MoE
  • 11. EuroMed School Forum   2006-2009, 21 Schools   Countries: Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon   Topics: „Intercultural Dialogue“, Diversity, Art, Sustainability   Support:   International Teacher Seminar   5 Dialogue Meetings in the Middle East   International General Coordination   MoE, Anna-Lindh-Foundation Egypt UNESCO National Commissions   Publications   Short film „EuroMed School Forum“   EuroMed School Forum: A Handbook of Next Practices 
  • 12. ARTiculating values   2009 - 2011, Schools and NGOs   Countries: Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon   Topics: Values with a focus on interreligious dialogue   Unterstützung:   International Training seminar for Multipliers (Youngsters, Teachers, Youth workers)   International General Cooridnation   MoE, MFA, Anna-Lindh-Foundation, UNESCO National Commissions, Partner organisations   Methods:   Theatre (A. Boal)   Writing workshops and common publication „Pages for Peace“   Workshops and Presentations
  • 13. aces – academy of central european schools   Since 2006   Countries: AT, SK, RO, CZ, HU, SL, SR, CR, AL, BiH, MC, BU, MO, BU, KO   Topics: European Citizenship and European Integration   Creation of a Central European Network of Schools   3 Levels: Teachers – Pupils – (School) Administrations   Support scheme for cross-border school: project competition   Support   International general coordination   Support by national MoEs in all partner countries   Grants for school projects – yearly project competition: call each February   Network Meetings: Teachers and pupils from supported projects   aces Academy   Initiative of ERSTE Foundation 
  • 14. Intercultural Center Support with finding partner schools Project consultation Small grants for school projects with „non EU-countries“ Development and coordination of pilot projects Interkulturelles Zentrum Mag. Barbara Helm Bacherplatz 10 A 1050 Wien Tel: 43 1 586 75 44 Fax: +43 1 586 75 44 9