Sample Detail Aid for Flomax (Tamsulosin)


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This pharmaceutical detail aid was developed for a medical writing class at Concordia University (Montreal). I thought of the visual design and wrote the copy. You're welcome to leave comments and download the material. Flomax CR is a product of Boeringer Ingleheim. Images from istock.

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Sample Detail Aid for Flomax (Tamsulosin)

  1. 1. Let it FloTamsulosin HydrochlorideFor the effective &convenient treatment ofLower Urinary TractSymptomsdue to Benign ProstaticHyperplasia (BPH)Controlled-releaseTablets 0.4 mgFLOMAX CR
  2. 2. Canada Statistics:Lower Urinary TractSymptomsdue to BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)is distinguished by the progressivedevelopment of LUTS which startsto affect men in their forties andis prevalent in men in their sixties and older.1 The number of Canadian men aged 50 or morewas 4.7 million in 2005 and this group is projectedto rise to 6.6 million by 2018, a 39.5% increase.1 The number of men aged 50 and older estimatedto have moderate to severe LUTS in 2005 was 1.8 million.By 2018, this number is predicted to grow to 2.6 million,a rise of 41.3%. 1 Need for a effective and convenient drug forthe treatment of LUTS: Obstructive Symptoms Irritative SymptomsControlled-release Tablets0.4 mgFLOMAX CRTamsulosin Hydrochloride
  3. 3.  Poor stream Hesitancy Incomplete Voiding Terminal dribblingObstructive SymptomsFor the effective &convenient treatment ofLower Urinary TractSymptomsdue to BPHControlled-release Tablets0.4 mgFLOMAX CRTamsulosin Hydrochloride
  4. 4. Irritative Symptoms Frequency Urgency Nocturia IncontinenceFor the effective &convenient treatment ofLower Urinary TractSymptomsdue to BPHControlled-release Tablets0.4 mgFLOMAX CRTamsulosin Hydrochloride
  5. 5.  Effective• Significant improvement in bothirritative and obstructive symptoms.Effect on Total I-PSS in the 3 month studies2Controlled-release Tablets0.4 mgFLOMAX CRTamsulosin Hydrochloride
  6. 6.  Effective• Fast onset of action with significantdecrease in I-PSS at 2 to 4 weeks.Mean Change from Baseline in Total I-PSSover Time in the Placebo and Active-Controlled Study2Controlled-release Tablets0.4 mgFLOMAX CRTamsulosin Hydrochloride
  7. 7.  Convenient• Each tablet of 0.4 mg to be takenjust once daily with or without foodReferences:1.Rawson N, Saad F. The aging malepopulation and medical care for benignprostatic hyperplasia in CanadaCan UrolAssoc J. 2010 April; 4(2): 123–127.2.Narayan P, Evans CP, Moon T. Long-termsafety and efficacy of tamsulosin for thetreatment of lower urinary tract symptomsassociated with benign prostatic hyperplasia.J Urol. 2003 Aug;170(2 Pt 1):498-502.3.Chapple CR, Baert L, Thind P, Hofner K,Khoe GS, Spangberg A. Tamsulosin 0.4 mgonce daily: tolerability in older and youngerpatients with lower urinary tract symptomssuggestive of benign prostatic obstruction(symptomatic BPH). The EuropeanTamsulosin Study Group. Eur Urol.3Controlled-release Tablets0.4 mgFLOMAX CRTamsulosin Hydrochloride
  8. 8. Product InformationFlomax CR is a medication used to treat the symptoms of an enlargedprostate by relaxing the muscle of the prostate and the opening of thebladder. Flomax CR does not, however, shrink the prostate or treat theunderlying cause.Side Effects of Flomax CRThe more common side effects include an abnormal ejaculation,diarrhea, back pains and head aches, dizziness, a stuffy or runny noseand body weakness. Less common side effects include decreasedsexual performance, drowsiness, nausea, sleeplessness and faintness.Serious but rare side effects include chest pains and priapism. If theserare side effects occur a doctor should be contacted as soon as possibleto avoid possible medical problems. Its possible to experience sideeffects other than those listed. Any troublesome or painful side effects ofFlomax CR should be discussed with a doctor.Safety Information:Flomax CR should not be taken by everyone. Women, children andthose sensitive to tamsulosin should avoid taking this medication. Inaddition, a number of other drugs may interact with tamsulosin. Thesemedications include the following: blood pressure-lowering medicationslike enalapril, doxazosin, ccimetidine, prazosin, warfarin and terazosin. Ifyou are taking any of these medications its important to speak with adoctor about possible interactions. Your doctor may recommend youdiscontinue use of one medication, change to another, change how youtake both medications or do nothing. Individuals with a history ofprostate cancer, priapism or orthostatic hypotension should also speakwith their doctor before beginning Flomax CR.Dosage:Tablet/pill 0.4mg dailyVisual Description:Flomax CR is available in tablet form only at 0.4mg strength. Tablets aresmall and coated and must be swallowed whole.Warnings and PrecautionsRarely, fainting can occur during the use of FLOMAX CR, as with othermedicinal products of this type. At the first signs of dizziness orweakness you should sit or lie down until they have disappeared.FLOMAX CR should not be used in women or children.Controlled-release Tablets0.4 mgFLOMAX CRTamsulosin Hydrochloride