High Performance Cloud Computing
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High Performance Cloud Computing



Performance is more than just fast VMs.

Performance is more than just fast VMs.



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  • Poll question: Rank what is most important to you when you think of performance in the cloud? VM performance, deployment times, iterate, rebuild, API, network performance
  • Polling question #2: How to you interact with a cloud platform: 1) portal, 2) API; 3) Cloud Management software (e.g. RightScale)
  • Because this is your 3rd cloud, what types of lessons have you learned from the past and how did that affect the decisions you made when designing the architecture?
  • Telemachus takes over this slide and discusses architecture
  • Hand over to Tele for more input on how CloudScript allows you to treat infrastructure as code and how it creates a lifecycle
  • Have Telemachus mention that there is a blog post on the NephoScale website on this topic. Also use an example to highlight the importance of Elastic Networking. Bruce wants you to talk about the difference between cocktail straw and multiport & some examples of how this functionality allows certain apps to be supported in the cloud due to our support for multi-cast capabilities
  • Telemachus talks about pre-sales support, customer requirements, etc.
  • This needs to be the sell slide; compel people to BUY!

High Performance Cloud Computing High Performance Cloud Computing Presentation Transcript

  • Performance Is More Than Just Fast VMs November 6, 2012
  • Software Development Has Evolved• Agile methodology means rapid iteration• Collaboration between cross-functional teams• Responding to change over following a plan• Customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of useful software features• Welcome changing requirements, even late in development
  • Operations Must Evolve Too• Infrastructure must rapidly adapt to new requirements from new SW features• New applications like Big Data are driving unique networking & performance requirements• Rapid change in Dev & Ops drives need for more collaboration• Infrastructure must scale up & down quickly• Business stakeholders need visibility to systems• Fast evolution drives need for more documentation & greater dependence on predictable management tools View slide
  • Choosing a Cloud Provider Requirements Solutions Cost Effective Agility Price performance optimized for DevOps • Tiered configurations & automated deployment • Security, governance & compliance Predictable High Performance Specialized dedicated servers • On Demand Bare Metal servers • Optional SSD storage Deployment Capability Automated templates • 1-click deployment of applications & infrastructure stacks • Programmatic control using API Configuration Management Support for industry standard tools • Simplified management of server configuration • Inherent knowhow Robust System Flexible Networking • Unified broadcast domain • Built-in redundancy Project Management Self-documenting with audit trail • Single file configuration manager • Build language for the cloud Support High-touch support • Humans on a phone • 24/7 is required View slide
  • NephOS the Cloud for the Future
  • NephoScale Cloud Services A world where the cloud helps companies develop, deploy, and improve their applications faster & with greater predictability & efficiency than ever before. Vision Build the best performing cloud platform to provide more than scalable compute & storage resources by enabling collaboration between development & operation teamsThe Mission based on best practices from agile software development with unique compute, storage, & networking technologies.
  • NephoScale Provides the ONLY Full Solution• High performance cloud infrastructure – Fast VMs – Integrated virtual servers & dedicated servers• NephOS Platform – CloudScript – Standardized Templates – Elastic Networking• Collaboration between IT, Development & Business – Environment tailored for today’s DevOps methods
  • Fast VMs Aren’t The Only Thing, But…• NephoScale leverages our founders’ experience in building three previous generation cloud platforms• We believe speed is a secondary consideration in cloud performance, but our cloud flies• NephoScale’s architecture is a uniquely tuned infrastructure delivering industry leading performance – CPU, RAM, disk & RAID – Virtualization software, BareMetal servers & SSD – Cloud Storage – Elastic networking
  • NephOS Platform
  • CloudScriptThe industry’s first Build Language for the Cloud• Fully idempotent• Business readable domain specific language• CloudScript Templates – Library of recipes & template for popular environments – Build, customize & save templates• Catalyst for new paradigm – Collaboration - DevOps – Rapid iteration, prototype & deployment – Automation & continuous delivery
  • Treat Infrastructure as Code
  • Elastic Networking• Dynamic – Adapts as servers are added/removed & workloads moved• Flexible – Design & build unlimited isolated virtual networks w/layer 2 broadcast domains• Scalable – Unlimited broadcast domains/sub-domains (beyond 802.1Q VLAN spec of 4096 IDs)• Robust – Redundancy, intelligent self- healing routing, keeps traffic secure & rebuilds itself• Independent – Abstracted from the underlying hardware
  • NephoScale High-Touch TM Support• Market leaders often treat customers like numbers – Phone trees – Knowledge bases – Limited scope support• Industry leaders realize their customers’ success depends great support – Personalized pre-sales support to help customers succeed – Proactive support on how to leverage CloudScript to best deliver your application – Real-time operational support – US-based 24/7 phone support – Email, knowledge base, forum
  • Methods for Server DeploymentCustomer Portal • Login and Provision server(s)  Depending on the application complexity - • Locate Credentials end to end process could take up to 4 hours • SSH or RDC to server(s)  Best for lower volume static environments • Login to server(s) • Download and configure Apps RESTful API • From Host Make API calls to  Application configuration is same as Portal provision servers deployment • Login to server(s)  Provisioning is streamlined for larger server • Download and configure Apps deployments time reduced 50%  Best for higher volume deployments with limited modificationsCloudScript TM  • Define entire data center config in Single CloudScript file posted to NephoScale single text file - CloudScript API that deploys entire cluster and stack • Server parameters defined in one  With pre-configured template, process can be section (hostname, IPs, OS, etc) reduced to 15 minutes or less • Define Config Mgmt dependencies  Best for varied server deployments requiring such as configuring apps, and what frequent iterations data to inject
  • Customer Adoption Application SMB-Mid Sized Enablement Enterprise Developers Commercial Manage infrastructure as  Legacy infrastructure code  Internal and/or external infrastructure conversion to private Low legacy infrastructure cloud  Internal IT orgs leverage Dynamic Resource - external resources (MSP,  Mature IT practices based on application VARs, etc)  Hybrid cloud models for adoption rate non critical applications Today Tomorrow
  • NephoScale Compute Environments • Configuration Options TM  0.5GB 1 Core  32GB 16 Core VMs NephoScale Coudlet • Linux & Windows Server options Virtual Servers • Persistent Storage (RAID6) • Configuration Options TMNephoScale BareMetal  2GB 2 Core  144GB 8 Core servers • Linux & Windows Server options Dedicated Servers • Optional High Performance SSD TM • Object based cloud storage ObjectStor • Triple Replication – 99.999% uptime Cloud Storage • Accessible via Web Browser, Cloud Fuse, or NephoScale API
  • SummaryNephoScale delivers the highest performance in the cloud• Fast virtual servers• BareMetal Dedicated servers & SSD drives• Elastic Networking• CloudScript• Rapid deployments• Unmatched service and support• Rapid iteration—modify/update/reproduce environments• Finally…A solution for DevOps
  • Special Webinar Offer• 30-day Full Trial• Program Details: – Free High-TouchTM On-boarding – Up to ten (10) CS4.4 cloud servers for 30 days – Unlimited ObjectStor bulk cloud storage – 3TB of outbound data transfer & unlimited free inbound transfer• Total value of over $2,500• No obligations – If we are not the best, we don’t deserve your business
  • Changing the Way Software Applications areDeveloped & DeliveredFor more information contact us at:www.nephoscale.comsales@nephoscale.com855-637-4679
  • NephoScale Advantage NephOS Orchestration App Development Platform Suite and DeliveryElastic Networking Powerful Cloud Service • 3x PerformanceHybrid Environments Provisioning and • 10x ConfigurationVPS and Bare Metal management access efficiencyservers on single methods • Reduced time toprivate Network • CloudScript TM marketStatic IP Addresses • RESTful API • Lowest total cost ofOne Click • Web Portal deliveryConfigurationsWith over 20 years experience building Cloud Services, NephoScale’s technicalteam created NephOS - launching one of the industries most advanced cloudplatforms.