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TOK Presentation TOK Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • How to approach case studies
    And turn them into great presentations.
  • A contemporary issue: The basis for your presentation
    Choose a contemporary issue that you can relate to.
    If you have to spend 5 minutes explaining the situation / event to your audience – choose something else!!!
    What is the significance of this event for you the world, for your community, and for YOU as a knower.
  • Knowledge Claims
    What knowledge claims are you making about this event?
    i.e. What do you claim to know about it as the truth?
  • What is the basis for this knowledge claim?
    What evidence is there?
    What else do we know from AOK that might support this claim?
    What degree of certainty is there in this claim?
  • Counter-claims / different perspectives
    How could someone disagree with your claim or try to disprove it? (this forms a counter-claim.)
    What alternate ways could someone consider your claim?
    These alternative views are different perspectives – they do not directly try to disprove your claim.
  • What Knowledge Issues come out of your claims?
    What are the fundamental things you want to consider?
    This will mostly involve WOK and such words as: reliable, justify, evidence, certainty, truth, doubt, belief, knowledge / know
    They are very broad “umbrella” questions and should encourage evaluation:
    “To what extent………” is a good way to start a KI
    E.g. “To what extent can we be certain that reason gives us the truth in history?”
  • Knower’s Perspective
    Do you personally agree that this Knowledge Claim is justified?
    How do you come to this decision?
    What evidence do you use to reach this decision?
  • Validity of Knowledge Claims
    How valid are these knowledge claims in terms of determining the truth of what actually happened?
    Are they realistic claims with supporting evidence?