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Protect your family



A presentation to help protect your family from the evils that can be found on the internet.

A presentation to help protect your family from the evils that can be found on the internet.



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Protect your family Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Protecting your Family From the dark places on the Internet Going beyond the standard PC Filter, and dealing with the multiple devices that access the internet in your home
  • 2. First, the stats • • • • • • • • • The US porn industry generated $13B in 2006 12% of all websites are pornography related 25% of all internet searches are porn related 42% of internet users have viewed porn Average age of first exposure to internet porn, age 11 90% of boys have seen pornography by age 18 60% of girls have seen pornography by age 18 71% of teens hide online behavior parents Breakdown of visitors to porn sites o 72% Male o 28% Female Sources:,
  • 3. Some of the dark places • Pornography & adult themed sites • Social Media – Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram o Some studies suggest 20% of divorces are linked to Social Media usage o Social Networking sites are a common target for predators • Peer to Peer/File Sharing o Easy source for adult and illegal content • Proxy/Anonymizer o Tools that will allow a user to bypass filters/restrictions • Virus/Trojans/Malware/Bots/Spyware/Phishing o Can easily steal private information (identity theft) o Can be used to activate camera, microphone, etc.
  • 4. Develop a plan If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. -Benjamin Franklin There are two aspects of a plan to protect your family Spiritual/Mental Physical
  • 5. Let’s Get Started Let’s look at specific examples, and the tools needed to protect your family Internet Service Provider Cell Phone Provider
  • 6. Family PC If you have one central computer, then some common sense steps, and a few simple programs will work to protect your family Internet Service Provider
  • 7. Family PC • Keep the computer in an open area o Kitchen, Living room, Family room o Don’t put it in a room where a door can be closed • Utilize User Accounts to limit access o Admin account for full access o Kids account to limit program installs, set child friendly homepages • Utilize Parental Controls to limit content and time
  • 8. PC Level Protection Following is a list of recommended programs to use on individual computers Each program is free for personal use o WebContent Filter • o Virus Protection • o Ad-Ware/Malware Protection • o PC Optimization & Registry Cleaner •
  • 9. Whole Home Protection With so many cell phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices, the strategy has to change Internet Service Provider
  • 10. Basic Networking To understand how to protect your whole home, a simple understanding of basic networking will help • Internet Service Provider IP Addresses are the way devices communicate • Each IP address is unique, like a phone number • A gateway/firewall will have 2 IP addresses • Public (can be seen by the outside world) • Private public private
  • 11. Basic Networking Dynamic Name Servers (DNS) The Internet doesn’t understand Any time you enter a website in your browser, a DNS server is sent the information, and translates that into a public IP address. This becomes a point that you can intercept requests, and direct traffic where you want it to go. Not on my watch. Your mother wouldn’t approve I’d like to go to a bad place on the interwebs Home Computer DNS Server
  • 12. Whole Home Protection OpenDNS FamilyShield is an easy and free way to control web access for your whole home • Go to • Select Web Filtering for Home, and follow the steps to setup FamilyShield on a Router
  • 13. OpenDNS Once you’ve signed in, you can select categories of websites to restrict. You can also add websites as allowed or blocked.
  • 14. Routers with Parental Controls There are many commercial options for routers with parental controls. • Netgear o • • Linksys SkyDog is a new product just funded on KickStarter o Offers an online portal with user level control for content, time, etc. o Will notify you via email or SMS of events o Keeps a log of websites visited
  • 15. Cell Phones • Cell phones pose a unique challenge • If you have your home Wifi secured, they can easily be bypassed by using the cellular data network Cell Phone Provider
  • 16. Cell phones • Check with your carrier to see if they offer parental controls o Usually these controls are for limiting IM’s or calling patterns, not content • Utilize the phone settings to control content Each phone is unique Consult your user manual or google your phone and ‘parental controls’ to learn about your phone
  • 17. Cell phones • There are many apps that will also help you control content on your phone o K9 Web Protection Safe Browser • Available for free for iPhone and Android o iWonder Pro • Available for free for iPhone • Paid option for reporting
  • 18. Cell phones • There are also many location based apps that will help you track your child’s whereabouts, and offers some other extras, like locking the phone
  • 19. The Key to it all
  • 20. Communication • Talk about your plan as a family • Take the time to sit with each child and discuss their individual needs and resolve concerns • If you pay for their phone, then know their password and check it every once in a while o Check the internet history o Check IM’s and texts o Check social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc) • If a mistake is made, talk about it in love o explaining why you set up rules, and why they need to be followed • Have shared passwords with your spouse • Be accountable to someone beside yourself • DON’T FORGET TO PRAY!!! o This is a war between good and evil that started eons ago. You can’t win it alone, so don’t try.
  • 21. Thank you To download the presentation, go to Email: