Resumen Hiring for Attitude - Jurgita Sarkovaite


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Resumen de Jurgita Sarkovaite sobre el libro Hiring for Attitude

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Resumen Hiring for Attitude - Jurgita Sarkovaite

  1. 1.   Resumen del Libro “Hiring for Attitude” de Mark Murphy A continuación se presenta un breve resumen en inglés de Jurgita Sarkovaite sobre el libro “Hiring for Attitude”, escrito por Mark Murphy. El autor comenta que cerca del 89% de nuevas contrataciones fracasa debido a problemas actitudinales, y no necesariamente debido a problemas de falta de habilidades. Entonces, si bien los conocimientos y las habilidades son importantes; la actitud de un candidato a ocupar un nuevo puesto es esencial ya que esta no se puede cambiar mientras que sí se pueden desarrollar nuevas habilidades. Por: Jurgita Sarkovaite The book “Hiring for Attitude” is oriented towards HR specialists in the middle-size or big corporations, where HR department has a significant freedom and sufficient resources to experiment in developing innovative Talent Hunting and Retention models. Mark Murphy, a head of a HR Consulting company Leadership IQ, presents a new approach to successful recruitment process discovering the real star performers to fit into the specific organizational environment. The framework presented and analyzed in the book – metaphorically called Discovering Your Brown Shorts – based on the Southwest Airlines best recruitment practices focuses on analyzing the unique characteristics of an individual company and identifying qualities that best represents its high performers. Although it may sound pretty much familiar, the model contains important differences in its development and creation. While most traditional recruitment systems focuses mainly on the candidate’s professional and technical skills, the Brown Shorts puts emphasis on personal values and attitudes, based on the belief that professional skills can be trained, while attitudes and values are for life. Once finished, your Brown Shorts policy should serve the HR department as a practical guide for hiring the best-fit talents for the organization. I personally found Brown Shorts model interesting and appealing even for smaller organizations such as the one I work in. The style of the book is friendly and easy to read. I already applied some of the principals described when conducting job 618-­9494 T: (511) 421-­1090 / T: (511) 421-­1090 / 618-­9494
  2. 2.   interviews, however could never finish reading the book until the end. It seemed after a half that everything important has already been said. However, without spoiling the reading with the disclosure of any more details, I recommend to take a look at “Hiring for Attitude” for everybody who is concerned about the true value of the people we are bringing in our organizations and the impact they can make. Maybe you’ll have different point of view and opinion to share! More about the book: Summary in Forbes Happy Reading! 618-­9494 T: (511) 421-­1090 / T: (511) 421-­1090 / 618-­9494