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6. Google presentation 2011
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6. Google presentation 2011


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Bài phát biểu của Google tại Hội thảo CyberAgent Net-Impact in Ho Chi Minh 2011 ngày 16/9 tại Sheraton Hồ Chí Minh.

Bài phát biểu của Google tại Hội thảo CyberAgent Net-Impact in Ho Chi Minh 2011 ngày 16/9 tại Sheraton Hồ Chí Minh.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • And last but not least, a tool that was already mentioned, Google Insights.This is a free tool which is fantastic for providing a measurement of how search volumes for particular terms that you specify have evolved over a set time frame and how the trends compare between countriesSo, for instance, in this example, I picked the search term wedding dress, time frame last 12 months and US, UK, AUS and Italy as the target markets and as you can observe Australia is the country where users are the most likely to search for the term wedding dress relative to the others.Insights for search is a great tool to understand the dynamics of the markets you operate in and can also give you insights into your competitors and different seasonality patterns for your business.
  • Search Screen Capture
  • Let’s walk through how Contextually Targeting by topic works. In this scenario, let’s say you’ve chosen to target the Gardening sub-category. To determine whether a given web page is about gardening, our crawler analyzes web content, including such factors as keywords, word placement and linguistics. Based on this information, our crawler is able to determine that this page is, indeed, related to gardening, and your ad becomes eligible to serve on it.We understand the meaning of a web page based on factors like: Keywords Frequency of words Font sizes Word placement Linguistics/languageTargeting is done at the page level, not site level.
  • When the ad running for some time, with or without room for improvement we would like to have more data to support our department decided to do next when you can refer to. Google Analytics (analysis) to be willing to help you quickly and accurately to the desired information1 How do I know my shop, friends, magazines, publicity, set just after2, how many customers a day, stay a few long, interest in the longer mean stay, the greater the chance of a successful purchase3 Department of guests staying the longest side of a showcase, the best selling products edges up4 guests per day to mainly locals or foreigners, while countries who are more side languages
  • Transcript

    • 1. Growing Your Business with Google
      Sergio Salvador, Head of Business Development Southeast Asia
    • 2. Growing Your Business
    • 3. Almost 2b People Online Globally
    • 4. Information
      20 Years AgoLocal libraries, morning papers
      Now4+ billion global searches per day
      Source: According to Comscore, in June 2008 there were over 60 billion searches conducted worldwide - equivalent to more than 2 billion searches per day on average
    • 5. Communication
      Now210 billionEmails & IMs sent per day
      Now1m postsUploaded daily by bloggers
      Source: Gizmodo, Dec 09
    • 6. Entertainment
      3.5 hours
      Video uploaded on YouTube per minute
      Equal to 235,000
      Full-length movies uploaded per week
      Source: Google data, Nov 10
    • 7. Community
      20 Years AgoPenPal and social clubs
      Now1.7+ billionglobal users on Social Media
      5,000 every second
      Number of tweets at peak time
      Source: Mary Meeker, Oct 09 & Apr 10
    • 8. Mobile
      Now5billion mobile subscribers
      Over 3B app downloads and counting
      Average Android user downloads 40 apps
      25% of iPhone & Android users spend2 hrs/day in apps
      Source: Google Internal Data, based on a basket of 20,000 keywords within the shopping category, AdMob May 2010, Complete Inc. 09, mocoNews 09
    • 9. Business
      of B2B customers search for products & services before purchase*
      Source: Marketing Sherpa B-to-B Marketing Lead Generation, Nurturing, and Conversion Stats & Tactics, June 2007
    • 10. Travel Searches in Vietnam
      32x GrowthTravel category Google search queries volume growth for Vietnam since 2005
      Sources: Google Internal Travel Categories Search Queries Volume Trend
    • 11. 11
      Shift in Media Consumption: Internet time is more than 2.5x time spent on TV
      Media Consumption
      Q: Approximately how many days in a typical week do you do each of the following activities/ Approximately how long do you spend doing each of these activities on the days that you do them?
      Base: All Respondents (Natural fall-out)
    • 12. 12
      E-Commerce is New and Growing rapidly in Vietnam
      Year Began Purchasing Products Online
      I have never purchased a product online
      Less than 6 months ago
      Had purchased online
      Have purchased online
      2 or more years ago (2008 or earlier)
      1 year to less than 2 years ago (2008-2009)
      6 months to less than 1 year (2009-2010)
      Q: When did you begin purchasing products online?
      Base: All Respondents (Natural fall-out)
    • 13. 13
      Shift in Media Consumption influences Purchase Behaviour
      Purchase Offline
      Purchase Online
      Research Online*
      ... But 98% of all purchases involve Online Research before purchase
      Research Offline**
      A vast Majority of Purchases are made In-Store...
      Base: All purchases made either online or at a store and used at least one source
    • 14. 14
      Online is Prime Medium at every step of the Purchasing Funnel
      Most Helpful Source at Each Phase
      General information gathering
      Percent Who Participated at Each Phase
      Evaluation & comparing
      Final purchase decision
      Internet/online sources are most helpful in every phase
      Friends/family are also helpful in the final decision phase
      Base: Mobile Phone Sub-Group who used at least one source
      Q: For every phase, please indicate the one source that was most helpful during that phase
    • 15. So what does this change towards online media mean to you?
      You can benefit and grow your business if you take advantage of online media
    • 16. 4 Steps to successfully grow your business
    • 17. #1 Internationalise your website
    • 18. International Website
      Use simple, clear language
      Use target market terms
      Eg. Cell phone vs. mobile phone
      Quote prices in target market currencies
      Consider Measurement units Eg. pounds vs. kilograms
      Consider getting your site translated
    • 19. Communication with international customers
      Specify your location and hours of availability
      Offer chat support if possible
      Go the extra mile to understand their concerns and provide answers.
    • 20. International Payments
      Payment methods you offer can be a deciding factor when buyers consider whether or not to purchase from you.
    • 21. International Postage
      Set expectations about delivery time
      Specify destination postage rates
      Offer a selection of postage services
      Explain custom duties and taxes
      Offer trackable postage service to increase confidence
    • 22. #2 Find Demand
      Google Confidential and Proprietary
    • 23. Search engine is a door to all sites ...…
      of internet users enter sites through a search engine
      The Internet is a complex world
      Ad Networks
      Social networks
      Behavioural targeting
      Rich Media
      Branded entertainment
      Contextual targeting
      Interruptive media
      Viral marketing
      Database marketing
      Video on demand
      Pre / post roll
      Brand channels
      Web analytics
    • 24. Europe: 91%
      Asia Pacific: 88%
      America: 92%
      Connect to Users – Wherever They Are
      Google’s Reach
      Source: comScore Custom Analysis, September 2006; comScore, January 2007
    • 25. Insights for search
      Select your keywords or products
      Select your countries / regions to compare
      View search query demand by country over time
    • 26. #3 Capture Demand
      Google Confidential and Proprietary
    • 27. Our Vision for Online Advertising
      Grow onlineadvertising to help everyonecapture more value
    • 28. How do advertisers fit Into Google’s vision?
      Publishers Advertisers
      Worry-free monetization Return on media spend
      Ensured through
      • Greater efficiency of ad operations
      • 29. Insights to your business
      • 30. Control over ads that appear on your properties
      Ensured through
      • Scale matched with precision
      • 31. Insights & accountability
      Engaged audiences
      Ensured through
      • Meaningful ad formats
      • 32. Targeted environments
    • Advertising (AdWords)
      hotels in ho chi minh city
      Organic Search
    • 33. Google Search Network
    • 34. Contextual target through several ad formats
      We understand the meaning of a web page.
      Various ad formats can be shown on relevant content.
      Page topic:
      Home & Garden >> Gardening
    • 35. Target your prospects through creative, rich media formats on Youtube
      If you don’t have video content
      If you have video content
      YouTube Channel
      InVideo Overlays
      Promoted Videos
      Display Ads on Watch
      Click to Play Ads
      In-stream Ads
      Display ads
    • 36. Reach out to overseas prospects through Google’s Display network
      Reach over 80%Internet Users
    • 37. Google Products
      Mobile Ads
      A comprehensive approach
      Search Partners
      Display Network
      Click to call
      Most Google products are also available on mobile
    • 38. Why it works
    • 39. #4 Measure & Refine
    • 40. Conversion Tracking: Measure ROI from your online campaigns
      See which campaigns get the most conversions.
    • 41. Google Analytics provides Answers to Difficult Questions
      How are users engaging
      with my site?
      Where is the traffic from?
      Am I creating
      effective content?
      Where and why are visitors abandoning my shopping cart?
      How do I improve site interaction?
      Google Confidential and Proprietary
    • 42. Case study – Song Huong Bookstore
    • 43. 40
      Key Takeaways
    • 44. Thank you
      Sergio Salvador, Head of Business Development Southeast Asia