Top 10 most interactive car print ads


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The traditional ways for promoting products are using the print ads, internet and TV commercials. The print ads are the least attractive ones, because they contain just images that do not even move. To make these print ads more catchy, they have been developed by using QR codes and other new technological devices. QR codes which are black-and-white square codes that can be scanned are the most common, but although these codes make the print ad more interactive, they take the reader away from the page of the print ad.

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Top 10 most interactive car print ads

  1. 1. Top 10 Most InteractiveCar Print Ads
  2. 2. The traditional ways for promoting,the print adsproducts are usinginternet and TV commercials. Theprint ads are the least attractiveones, because they contain justimages that do not even move.
  3. 3. these printTo makemore catchy, theyadshave been developed byusing QR codes andother new technologicaldevices. QR codeswhich are black-and-white square codesthat can be scannedare the most common,but although thesecodes make the printad more interactive,they take the reader
  4. 4. New ways have been presented to get more information aboutthe ad and make it much more interactive and to know moreabout these magnificent ways, continue reading the print adspassages that presents the most interactive
  5. 5. that depends on using QR code to get additional informationprint adIt is aabout Toyota GT86 car. The code is surrounded by a square to make iteasy to scan it and it comes with a CTA that tell you the benefits ofscanning the code.
  6. 6. car through presenting a QR code. Scanning70promotes Volvo CThe print adthe QR code transmits the reader to showrooms and gives the ability todownload brochures.
  7. 7. Nissan’s campaign depends on turning its print campaign ” Nissan Altima – Innovation that Excites ” toan interactive campaign. It allows you through using Layar’s technology on your smartphone to get allthe needed information about the car in addition to getting schedule test drives. The campaign wasreleased by the collaboration of Nissan, OMD, PostMedia and TBWA. The campaign was verysuccessful to the extent that it increased the number of its viewers to be more than 8 million in justBest of Show atwonThe print campaign%.65one day and the rate of Nissan Altima’s test drives bythe Media Innovation Awards.
  8. 8. allows you to have the car making sounds, changing colors, turning on its headlights andThe print adplaying music on the printed paper through using a technology called CinePrint.This technology turnsthe print ad into a display screen through using an iPad and placing it behind the page of the print ad.
  9. 9. allows readers to test drive the car by placing their smartphonesThe print adon the mirror in the page of the print ad and going to will allow you to experience the power and speed of the car.
  10. 10. and exposes the safety that408promotes the new car PeugeotThe print adit provides as it features six airbags with eight protection points. The printad features an airbag that is inflated when you hit strongly a specific spot onthe print ad page.
  11. 11. allows the reader to test drive the car on theThe print adprinted paper after downloading an app on an iPhone mobile.The reader moves the iPhone over the car in the page to seemas if it is really driven. The reader can experience the laneassist, adaptive lights and adaptive cruise control mode.
  12. 12. In order to help the reader to get morereleasedAxa,the print adinformation froman app that can be downloaded on the iPhoneto allow the reader to discover what is hiddenin the print ad. The reader of the ad cansimply place the iPhone on the ad and afterthat the ad is displayed.
  13. 13. One of the bestcar printinteractivethat is presentedadsby fiat. It encouragespreserving theenvironment and theplants. Instead ofcutting plants to beable to drive yourcar, you can sowone. FIAT used aseed paper to printthe ad of PalioAdventure car. theseed paper can besown to beconverted to a plantafter watering it.