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Social Media At NC State
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Social Media At NC State


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This is a snapshot of how social media is being used at NC State University as of March 2010. It was presented in ENG 583a Social Media and Technical Communication, a course in NC State's Master's of …

This is a snapshot of how social media is being used at NC State University as of March 2010. It was presented in ENG 583a Social Media and Technical Communication, a course in NC State's Master's of Science in Technical Communication curriculum.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. What’s this business about social media @NC State?
    John Martin
    Social Media and Technical Communication
    March 24, 2010
  • 2. Virtual
    YouTube EDU
  • 3. College of Management (CoM)
    Faculty avatars meet in Second Life for project discussions
    Meetings with IBMers in San Jose, faculty from France & England, a summit in Croatia, and a colleague in New Mexico
    One CoM professor has her marketing classes engaged in Second Life activities
    Mashup!: A blog posting about a Twitter Tutorial offered in Second Life
    2010 Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Conference
    Will be held completely in Second Life
    Presentations and demonstrations will be held on the five NC Education WeBIEE islands
    “You can attend from your home, office, library... anywhere you have a broadband internet connection—for FREE!!!”
    Virtual reality
  • 4. In 09/2009, the NSF awarded a $203,549 grant to a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from NCSU & IU
    Exploring virtual worlds to support business processes, such as product development involving team members often spread over corporate campuses, multiple time zones or even different continents
    Collecting data in two virtual world platforms—Second Life and Sun's Wonderland
    Research questions:
    How do we measure and understand the role of virtual presence in collaborative processes?
    Do people have psychological responses (e.g., increased heart rate) in virtual world events, particularly when they feel a stronger sense of presence there?
    Do virtual worlds improve performance or the experiences of remote collaborators?
    Virtual reality research
  • 5. University emergency alerts
    Campus closings
    Campus emergencies
    Sign-up via the MyPack Portal
    “Carriers’ standard text messaging rates apply”
  • 6. No university-organized presence
    Various colleges and organizations using
    NCSU ASB Trips (Nicarauga)
    NCSU Libraries Special Collection
    NC State MBA program
    Industrial and Systems Engineering
    Web Communications Team
  • 7. Wiki Commons
    Faculty (27) | Faculty Senate, Acronyms used at NCSU, Flu-Proof Your Course FAQs
    Students (19) | Residence Halls, Group Projects, GLBT Center, Union Activities Board
    Staff (20) | Department Info, Green IT, Faculty Activities, Money-saving Tech Solutions
    Course wikis
    Agriculture (9)
    Design (6)
    Education (57)
    Engineering (11)
    Humanities (37)
    Life Sciences (6)
    Management (11)
    Mathematics (3)
    Natural Resources (3)
    Physical Sciences (13)
    Social Sciences (13)
    Textiles (2)
    University Studies (1)
    Veterinary Science (3)
    Wikis (Wolfwikis)
  • 8. Blogs for the NC State Community
    For students, faculty, and staff
    Provided by NCSU Libraries
    In support of academic and curricular activities
    Weblog directory
    Recent entries
    Blogs (WolfBlogs)
  • 9. University-driven listservs
    List of lists
    Student organizations
    University service organizations
    Study groups
    Interest groups
    Technical specialty areas
  • 10. A partnership between Apple & NC State
    Career counseling, zoological movies, faculty lectures, student-produced movies and much more
    OIT Classroom Capture (podcast capture service)
    Podcast Capture Interface
    List of Available Podcasts by Author
    Documentation for OIT Podcast Capture
    Recent Statistics for OIT Podcast Capture
    Pockets of people producing a plethora of podcasts:
    On Campus
    University Colleges
    Extension and Engagement
    Distance Ed
    Help (for content creators and administrators)
    iTunesU: NC State Channel
  • 11. iTunesU: On campus
  • 12. iTunesU: Universite Colleges
    Course Podcasts: Audio and Video
  • 13. iTunesU: University Colleges (Audio)
  • 14. iTunesU: University Colleges (Video)
  • 15. iTunesU: Extension & Engagement
  • 16. iTunesU: Campus police podcasts
  • 17. iTunesU: Distance Ed & Help
  • 18. University’s official YouTube channel (
    Videos highlighting all things NC State
    Creative services-produced videos, and “Wolfpack-flavored” videos they find on the Internet
    User-created videos capturing personal, educational, and social experiences
    Historical footage (e.g., Jimmy V’s “Don’t Give Up” speech, President Clinton’s Millennium Speech)
    Links to content encouraged
    Comments about content encouraged
    YouTube: NC State’s Channel
  • 19. Organized by playlists
    Chancellor William Randolph "Randy" Woodson
    PackTalk - NC State Men's Basketball
    NC State Athletics History
    2009 Wolfpack Football
    Remembering Coach Kay Yow
    NCSU Libraries
    Office of Information Technology
    DELTA: Distance Education & Learning Technology Applications
    College of Engineering (and many others)
    Community, National and International Service
    Student Organizations
    North Carolina Language & Life Project (NCCLP)
    The Science House
    2008 Campus Moviefest at NC
    Greek Life
    Digital Games Research Center
    KrispyKreme Challenge
    YouTube: NC State’s Channel (cont…)
  • 20. YouTube: NC State’s Channel
  • 21. YouTube: College of Engineering
  • 22. No university-organized presence
    Pages & Groups
    Various organizational and service groups
    NC State University (22,862 fans)
    NCSU Wolftrails(118 fans)
    NCSU Benefits(136 friends)
    NCSU Career Center(319 fans)
    NC State Alumni Association(5,477 fans)
    NC State Bookstore(1,024 friends)
    NC State Wolfpack(13,602 fans)
  • 23. 85 NC State organizations tweeting
  • 26. Tweeting organizations sample
  • 27. Knowing official university feeds
    Multiple tweeters in a single organization
    Communicative purpose
    @oit_news(advertisements, announcements, industry news, community building)
    “Vetting” following/followers
    What’s news? What’s “official” news?
    Twitter challenges
  • 28. Wed, 01/06/10, N&O reports, “NCSU set to announce chancellor”
    Picked up by local radio & TV by 9:30
    People posted links to the story and tweeted about it
    Problem: Not confirmed by the university or the Board of Governors
    NC State’s CCO contends “it’s not news until it’s confirmed by a campus news source”
    CCO sends a missive to the campus communicators, and opens the incident up for discussion on his blog
    Social Media & “News”
  • 29. NC State is a social media player
    Strong presence (Wikis, Blogs, Listservs, iTunes, YouTube, Twitter)
    Dabbling/unofficial/emerging presence (Virtual reality, Texting, Flickr, Facebook)
    Minimal evidence of social media replacing traditional technical documentation
    Student Affairs Tech Support wiki
    IES (Industrial Extension Service) New Product Ideas wiki
    Flu-proof Your Courses FAQs wiki
    Agricultural and Extension Education wiki
    @sysnews, @ncsu_helpdesk Twitter accounts to enhance support
    “Strategy” in its infancy (e.g., @ncsu_oit, @ncsu_helpdesk, @sysnews)
    In summary
  • 30. Questions