Romantic marriages


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Romantic marriages

  1. 1. Romantic marriages Love is a process where the emotions come into play. When the emotions come intoplay, they make you think that you should get married to the person you love and spend therest of your life with them. Sometimes humans are blindfolded by their emotions and notthinking straight and about reality. People would think that they should get married to thatperson because they love them. Love makes them make quick and foolish decisions; they forgetthat marriage is a responsibility. They would start thinking that marriage is an easy and quickdecision to make. Besides loving someone and wanting to spend the rest of their life with them,they need to think about other things besides love. For example, a person’s behaviour orpersonality...etc. Also, they would have to think about the person and how that person wouldaffect their life if they got married. They need to choose someone who will be able to stand upwith them for the responsibilities and hardships they’re going to face in the future. Romanticlove is a poor basis for marriage. Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage. Love is not everything in marriage. Loving aperson doesn’t mean that they are the right person for us to get married to. Sometimes whenwe want to get married to a person we need to think about other things besides just love alone,because love is not what makes up a person. We need to think about the future of whether ourlove is going to last forever or not. Love doesn’t always last forever because sometimes we lovea person because we were attracted to them. For example, teenage love wouldn’t last foreverbecause you love a particular person for their looks or maybe other factors that attracted youto them. You wouldn’t think of the future ahead. When you get older you’ll start realizing andunderstanding life more clearly, which will lead you to better choose a person. You shouldn’tget married to a person just because you love them. Assuming that you are going to have agood married life because you love a certain person is wrong. Marriage has a lot ofresponsibilities, it’s not just love. When choosing a person to get married to, that person shouldbe reliable and can stand up for you when you have a hard time, rely on each others. Youshouldn’t only look for love to get married, look for other factors that would help you in thefuture and make you a successful married couple. Also, in the far future you’ll eventually startto like the person you’re with, even though you didn’t marry them because of love. Love is aweak factor to start marriage with. There is also another position to the argument, Romantic love marriages are sometimesneeded for a successful marriage. Sometimes when we love a person it’s hard for us to get over
  2. 2. them. Sometimes when we are in a relationship we feel that we can’t live our life without thatperson. Sometimes we can’t live without a certain person which might lead us to be miserablethe rest of our life. If we get married to a person who we don’t like, we wouldn’t have asuccessful married life because we are not going to understand each other or have the lovinghusband and wife relationship, this might lead to divorce. Married couple need to understandeach other. If you get married to a person who you don’t love it’s going to be like an arrangedmarriage. When people get married to love, they’re going to understand each other and knoweach other really well. Marring for love is more important than marring for other factors, suchas money, security, or following parents’ wishes, or status. Some people would argue that whena couple loves each other they can overcome any kind of challenge. Couples who love eachothers fight less and make a better atmosphere for each other. If there are children involved,this is particularly important. Without love what is the meaning of life? Therefore, marriage forlove is critical. Arguing for both sides have good points, I can’t say that one is better than the other.Therefore, marriage should include love and every other aspect that might affect both sides.