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Art 10 portfolio
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Art 10 portfolio


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  • 1. Art 10 portfolio Name: Hind Fareed Art level: 10 Date: Jan.18 2012
  • 2. Pencil CrayonThis is a picture of an Art painter.I got 77%I was actually not sure that I was going to stay inArt 10 so I did whatever came to my mind. Itturned out good though !!
  • 3. Conte’• This is a picture of a Korean singer.• I liked this picture because it was not too complicated and not too simple for conte’.• I also drew it because he is my favourite singer and dancer!!
  • 4. Oil Pastel• This is a picture of a girl standing on a cliff.• I got 80% on this picture• I drew it because I liked the different gradations of the sky and I also liked how the girl’s hair is flying on her face.
  • 5. Chalk Pastel• This is a picture of a Korean singer.• I got 80% on this drawing.• I really liked the shades in this picture. I also liked how his hair blends nicely with the background.
  • 6. Ink• This is a picture of a guy with chains around him.• I got 83% on this drawing.• I drew this picture because I wanted to draw something without copying someone else’s work.
  • 7. Graphite (pencil)• These are pictures of a gloomy house and fighting monsters.• I got 78% on these drawing.• I drew these two pictures because I liked the shading on them and I felt that it’s going to be good for using a pencil.
  • 8. Collage• These are pictures of my name in Japanese and a dress.• I got 74% on these pictures.• I did these pictures because I’m not good at collage and I thought they are easy to do for a starter like myself :p
  • 9. Painting water colourThese are pictures of a flower and a floating couple.I got a 74% on these drawing. I really don’t think I deserve a 74% because I workedreally hard for them.I did them because I wanted to create a picture of my own not from the computer.
  • 10. TempraThis is a picture of two cute bunnies.I got 79% on this drawing.I drew this picture because I didn’t want to print a picture, I wanted to createsomething of my own. I wanted to put all my crazy ideas in this picture.
  • 11. AcrylicThese are pictures of a guy standing in front of a girl andthe other is a picture of the sea.I got 78% for both.I drew the guy in front of the girl because I like to draw myown anime, the other picture I drew because I liked thesun and the different colors of the water.
  • 12. Sculpture plaster of Paris This is a picture of my religions symbol. I got a 74% I carved the symbol because I thought I should do something not so complicated since it was my first time carving with that stuff.
  • 13. Paper macheThese are two cute characters.I got 78%I did these cute little characters because I thought they were cute and Ithought that I should start with something easy for paper Mache sinceI’ve never tried it before.
  • 14. Clay 1This is a frame of my name in Japanese with a cute bunny.I got 80%I did this frame because I thought it was a unique and cute something to dofor a frame 