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Key trends in ebooks & education enrichment


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This slide provides a mapping on the various trends today and moving forward which would be shaping the digital consumption of eBook content. There are ancillary products and channels which could arise, e.g. for children, education enrichment market opportunities. I look forward to share and engage with you on your take in your markets.

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Key trends in ebooks & education enrichment

  1. 1. Key Trends in eBooks & Education | Community, Ancillary eBook Content stores 1. Google cloud 1. Breaking the book eBookstore (3M (single chapters – travel free titles and guides, textbooks, seria hundreds of lized works – get a thousand of chapter a week) ebooks to buy 2. Rapid growth in 2. Amazon (1.8M children’s rich media eBook TechnologyConsumer Access free, >630k paid)– eBooks Format & Hardware destination for 3. Long-form content eBooks, Kindle reformatted for reading Direct later.1. Rapidly 1. eBook apps 1. Proliferation of 1. Bundling of 3. Apple iBooks 4. Social/Layer reading increasing overtake tablets and Internet (>200k eBooks) – 5. Transmedia production: numbers games in Apps smartphones service richness and reach EduGames, Video, AR2. Increasing Store. 2. Advent of 2. Emergence of (SoLoMo) willingness to 2. Richness of broad band and online buy eBook “always on” education Community online, mobile standalone 3. Tablet-PC-TV portals Portals Commerce3. Social apps versus convergence 3. Emergence of reading: ePub format 4. Tablets for tots, eBookstores – sharing (static page 5. Tablets for browser- 1. Emergence of 1. Comparison shopping reviews, com turners) students based, client book clubs for and meta-navigators ments, favouri readers reviews, social 2. Ongoing channel te phrase on network, special conflicts (traditional social deals versus online networks 2. Increased user-to- publishing)4. 1 in 4 adults user collaboration 3. Ads supported buy 3. Facebook Books eBookstore (24 audiobooks. Fan Pages symbols) 4. Parents forums on 4. Japan: subscription and kid’s education – ads drive novels eBook business models. Source: Nelson Wee | Twitter: @nelsonwee 5. eBook sharing /loans (Kindle)
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