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In this presentation you will see what Don Cacao has to offer. If you want to add even more value to your clients, then buying high quality cocoa beans from Piura is a must for you.

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Don cacao Presentation

  1. 1. Don CacaoManaces, a local farmer in Piura, Peru, Nelson, nephew of many other cocoafarmers & Hector, his cousin, started this project to take Solumbre’s cocoa to theglobal market because it is the right thing to do. Vision To establish peruvian cocoa beans in the peruvian & international market as a symbol of culture, excellence and high quality. MissionTo satisfy the high quality cocoa beans demand maximizing the added value to our clients and providers.
  2. 2. Cocoa beans from Piura, PeruIt is known that quality of cocoa beans relies on two key factors: genetics &procedures. It has actually been determinate that 50% of the quality relies ongenetics and the other 50% on procedures. Our beans have both factors covered: (1) Genetics: Piura’s cocoa beans  have been recognized as one of the best inthe world and has won contests such as the V Concurso Nacional de Cacao. (2) Procedures: Don Cocoa follows the proven principales in the industry thatassure an effective harvesting, fermentation, drying and storage.As seen on The New York Times, Reuters and International Chocolate Awards
  3. 3. Trust Commitment: The Real Fair TradeDon Cacao is a family local business that was started to add value to life ofthe local farmers, to the community in general and specially to Solumbre’s(located in Chulucanas, Piura)Before Don Cacao, smalls farmers were selling their production tothe local market without doing the fermentation and drying process. Thus, theprice they were getting from it was really low. Smalls farmers could not sell theircocoa beans to other organizations because they were far away, Don Cacao islocated in the farm itself.
  4. 4. Trust Commitment: The Real Fair Tradeü  We collect our beans 6 times a month what give the farmers the chance to harvest when their production when it is ready that way they have the money when they need it and we take care of the quality of the beansü  We pick the cocoa beans directly from the farms so that the farmers don’t need to spend time and money taking it to the fermentation center, this also give us the chance to control the quality betterü  We pay in advance to some local farmers when they need it, the amount depends in their level of production and their commitment to the quality of their beans.ü  We donate 10% of the profits to the local school so that children can have a better education and can have a better quality of life in the futureü  We provide technical assitance so that we the farmers can icrease their production and get more money out of their lands
  5. 5. High quality Cocoa beansü  We have standardized out procedures so that we have the same quality every timeü  Altough we do not have the organic ceritification, we follow the same principals because we plan to get the certification in the futureü  We supervise the harvesting process and control the collecting, fermentation and drying process
  6. 6. Our product: Dry fermented Cocoa beansu  Fermantion rate 70%u  Humidity 7%u  Weight 0.95gru  Porcelana (white) 30%We collect from 35 farmers throughout the whole year. produce around 10-15 thousand kilos from – December to June 7- 9 thousand kilos from – June to NovemberPrice $ 3.50 (USD) per Kilogram - Exworks -
  7. 7. Thank YouWe are looking forward to hear from youreally soon and serve you so we can bothenhace people’s lives trought our deliciousproducts! Our farmers want to thank you as well
  8. 8. LinksLocation of Solumbre in google maps:!ourcocabeans/c1mz5Our farmers thank you: of one of our reunion York Times article article Chocolate Awards