How to have a better run


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Study shows that running slows the ageing more than anything else. The reason behind this tips is that many people run often but find themselves not obtaining the results they want.

This tips will help you get the results faster and in a healthier way.

You are not tired because you run, you run because you are tired. Running will give you more energy than you ever thought it was possible ;)

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How to have a better run

  1. 1. For a better run
  2. 2. Have everything readyLeave the alarm clock in a place youwon’t be able to reach it while sleepingHave ready the cloth you will useHave the drinking water available“The easier you make it to run, the more you will do it”
  3. 3. keep yourself hydratedDrink plenty of water the minute youwake upIf you run for more than an hourconsider an hydration drinkDrink some water in the middle of yourrun“If you wait until you are thursty to have some water, you are killing yourself”
  4. 4. BreathBreath deeply 5 times before runningBreath consciously dureing the entirerunLearn how to breath better“Breathing correctly will be the difference between sucess & failure ”
  5. 5. Warm up & Cool downWalk fast or jog for 10 o 15 minutsbefore the actual runWalk fast or jog for 10 o 15 minuts afteryour run“If you don’t warm it won’t be a healthy run”
  6. 6. Have a purposeKnow your purpose, why are yourunning for?Have your outcome clear before running“Running is good for your mind, body and spirit”
  7. 7. Create the baseForget about speed at first, focus ondistance & timeGo at your own peaceOwn your time, then expand“Running for a long time at a medium speed is healthier than running a short distance fast”
  8. 8. Listen to musicSelect specific song you will listen to atthe beginning or end of your runHave at least 3 songs that will pump youup in the last minute.Go for instrumental“Music inspires you, relaxes and help you run better”
  9. 9. Have a partnerHave an accountability partnerRun with a friendShare this tips with your friend“Set yourself up to win”
  10. 10. Use sunscreenUse sunscreen either there is sun or notHave always one avilable“Skin cancer is common in runners that don’t use sunscreen”
  11. 11. Schedule it“If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen”Pick the days and time you will run andschedule it
  12. 12. SMILEYou are aliveYou are free
  13. 13. SHARE ITDid you like it?
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