How to run a successful facebook Marketing Campaign


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How to run a successful facebook Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. How To Run A Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign Created By Cygnis Media:
  2. 2. Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign  Running a successful campaign on Facebook employs many different tools and techniques. You can read about what makes a successful campaign here, but there are some things that you need to understand about what makes Facebook the next big thing. Creating a memorable campaign on Facebook requires greater understanding of the platform and environment that it provides. In this post, you can read about 5 tips that will make you see Facebook in a new light and harness its power for your next promotion
  3. 3. Major Factors For Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign  It’s Fun to be Young  Get Personal  Empower Your Customers  Timing And Spacing  A Picture Speaks  Bonus Tip. Create a Hype
  4. 4. It’s Fun To Be Young • The first thing an advertiser should understand about Facebook is its psychology. The entire world of Facebook revolves around “fun”. It may be a small word but understanding what fun is to young people today is the key to creating a campaign that rocks on Facebook. “Fun” can be defined as a lot of things – surprise, achievement, win, triumph, collaboration, sensation. Simply put, Facebook is gamified social networking. That explains why campaigns that employ fun collaboration are an instant hit on Facebook.
  5. 5. Get Personal • Since Facebook is essentially an online social platform, you need to create very personal campaigns to penetrate into the mind-set of the people. Don’t be afraid to show the softer side of your brand to your customers. At the end of the day, they don’t want to be buying from a rich company or a brand name; they’re there to network with people and find someone with similar interests. Engagement is crucial. Get involved in conversations.
  6. 6. Empower Your Customers • The best way to make your customers feel special is to give them control and autonomy. The more they realise that you are allowing them to make a difference, the more they will flock to your campaign. Don’t underestimate the power of doing good. Humanity isn’t dead, it’s just needs to be given a chance; and if your campaign can do that, you’ve nailed CSR and promotion all in one go.
  7. 7. Timing And Spacing • Keep in mind that posting at the “right time” is necessary. Understand your customers’ behaviour and find out when they are most likely to be active on Facebook. “PageLever’s seminal research on this topic revealed that the average page only reaches 7% of its fans daily.” [Source:] When you’re competing against posts from 600+ friends on your customer’s News Feed, timing could make all the difference in the world. Also, plan out how frequently you will post reminders about your campaign for your customers to see. Too many posts can nag them and too little can make them forget all about you amidst the crazy photos from that party last week!
  8. 8. A Picture Speaks • You know the rest of the statement that follows, right? Adding big, crisp visuals to your posts acts like a flag flying high above the city skyline. It makes your posts more colourful and attractive. Facebook’s research shows that photo albums, pictures, and videos increase engagement more than a 100 per cent, more than content without visuals. Jackson Kayak, for example, added a photo of puppies jumping with excitement to tell its fans that “Weekend Is Here” – a post that generated 125 likes and 25 shares!
  9. 9. Bonus Tip. Create a Hype • Campaigns that motivate users to share content are the most successful because then customers become your brand advocates and people don’t trust anything more than a friend’s opinion. Keep the “virality” factor in mind when creating concepts and ideas for a Facebook marketing campaign. Put yourself in their shoes or test it out on a group of individuals similar to your target audience. Would you share it with a friend? Would they post it on someone’s wall? Why? • However, also bear in mind, that the concept alone may not make it viral. You need to put in a little more effort. Facebook lets you buy promotional spaces and sponsored stories in your customers’ News Feeds. Videos like PSY’s Gangnam Style didn’t just go viral because people shared it. They also went viral because people like Scooter Braun bought the rights and put in some bucks to make them appear on social media more than it normally would have.
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