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  1. 1. Get Your Website Indexed by GoogleYou would think getting your website indexed by Google would be easy. Well, it can be, but sometimes it’s quite difficultThere is the good old “Add Url― option where Google allows you to add your url to their database for crawling, which isally means they will crawl your site once and add the home page url and maybe some of the deeper pages if you are luckyto their database which effectively means your site is indexed.But what happens then? Unless your website and web pages are of some value according to Google’s algorithms they woncrawling them very often or listing them in any search results……which is essentially what you wanted when you submittedrl to them.So, how do we ensure that Google indexes all your website pages and how do we ensure that your website gets crawledregularly?1. Setup a Google Webmasters accountgo to and register, if you don’t have a Google account. Then click the “Add Site― button. Yoify the site, either by adding a meta tag from your site’s home page, uploading an HTML file to your server, or linking to yr Google Analytics account.2. Create a Sitemap of your website and submit it to Google via your Google Webmasters accountA site map file is a formatted file with an XML extension. It contains the URLs for all of your pages in your website. Youcan use free online or offline tools available to generate your site map file.3. Create a Robots.txt file and add it to the root folder of your domain ensuring it gives access to SE crawlers likegooglebot.4. Create a few links back to your website so Google can find your site from multiple sources. (see quick index linksbelow)5. And finally, to appear in the search engine ranking results, make sure your web pages are well optimized for yourtarget keywordsQuick index linksThe best way to get some really quick and easy links to your site for indexing purposes is to submit your URL to thefollowing websites. These websites are crawled constantly by Google, so your link backs will get crawled very quickly.http://statswebsites.comhttp://webworth.infohttp://websitevaluecalculator.orghttp://websitevaluebot.comhttp://www.statsmogul.com
  2. 2. http://www.backlinkcheck.comhttp://www.esitestats.comhttp://www.quarkbase.comhttp://www.surcentro.comhttp://page2rss.comhttp://domainsearch101.comhttp://www.webtrafficagents.comhttp://websiteshadow.comhttp://www.aboutthedomain.comhttp://www.pageheat.comhttp://uptime.netcraft.comhttp://www.thegetpr.nethttp://www.quantcast.comhttp://www.backlinkcheck.comhttp://www.siteadvisor.cnhttp://www.alexa.comhttp://whois.uitat.rohttp://www.cubestat.comhttp://www.aboutus.orghttp://builtwith.comhttp://www.statbrain.comhttp://worth.imhttp://webrapport.nethttp://georanks.comIf you follow the steps above, your website and all its URLS should be indexed by Google in 2 or 3 days.Check Google by typing your website name in the search box with the word “site:― before the url.Example:     site: .
  3. 3. If it shows up in the result, it means that Google has indexed your website.Local SEO ServicesUsing Articles In Local SEOLocal SEO Services: Article Writing/Spinning Auto Approve Article Directories = Instant Backlinks Submitting yourarticles to article directories is probably the most cost effective way of getting top quality, high PR links to your website orBlog. It is a proven method of gaining high page rank backlinks to your site, whether that?s for ranking [...]Keyword Research Services Keyword research is one of the most important yet least implemented parts of Search Engine Optimization.When creating a website, most people instantly know which keywords they want to rank for in the search engines, butunfortunately these are the keywords that are usually unattainable or incredibly competitive.You have to be more creative and specific about your keyword choice when first starting out online. Go for the achievablelong tail keyword phrases first, but remember, the keywords must have some known search volume otherwise it ispointless, if no one searches for that keyword phrase, you will not receive any traffic despite the fact that you rank well forit.The secret to successful keyword research is to understand the following properties of the keywordSearch VolumeSearch TrendsVolume of CompetitionStrength of Competition (on-page seo and back link strength)Numberof authority sites in top 10…We can help you with your Small Business Keyword research in two ways:You can request a Keyword analysis report for the keywords you are currently targeting. We will provide you with searchvolume and competitor analysis to give you an idea of where you stand and what you need to do to out rank your contact us for a quote.Or, you can benefit from our wealth of experience in Small Business SEO and we cancompetition –do some Laser Targeted Keyword Research for you to find the best keywords for you to target in your niche (short termand long term). See below.…We will Analyse your website, look at your current SEO situation, Analyse your market and provide you with what *wethink are the best short term keywords to target and the best long term keywords to target. We will provide a brief report containing the following.Short & Long Term Keyword SuggestionsKeyword Analysis i.e. Search volume, Strength of competition, backlink dataetcSuggested Meta Tag and content info/requirementsBack link requirements / targetsProject summaryKeyword ResearchPackagePriceBuy NowPackage 1:3 Short Term & 3 Long Term Keywords Package 2:5 Short Term & 5 Long Term Keywords Package 3:10 Short Term & 10 Long Term Keywords Package 4:15 Short Term & 15 Long Term Keywords Plus Deep Linking Suggestions. (ideal for e-commerce sites and websites withlots of different products and services)
  4. 4. * We promise you will not be disappointed if you sign up to the WebSearch Keyword Research ServiceLocal SEO ServicesFully Search Engine Optimized BlogI don’t want to waste too much time on this post,cause at this price I will need to work all hours God sends to make any mey, so I’ll get straight to the point so you can cash in quicker. I will build you a fully optimized web-site (blog) for you (g wordpress) and you pay [...]GLOSSARY Of Local SEO Services TermsAn Attempt To Explain The Acronyms Used By LocalSEO ServicesSimilar to a lot of the most up to date technological disciplines, the Search Marketing and Local SEO Services communityhave come up with a stunning mixture of original phrases and acronyms to perplex us none geeks with. While we attempt not to participate in the action if possible, it is demanding at times! The List of a number of the languages utilized inlocalSEO services and SEM quarters lower down the page is an effort on our part to try and help present and potential clientsmake their path undamaged through the maze that is certainly "Search engine optimisation speak". The best of luck...we trust this is of some help Adwords The brand name of Googles Ppc advertising service. The ads are the web sites that appear as sponsored links within the phaded area directly above the organic google search results (places 1 - 10) and in many cases they appear inside the sidebarto the right of those results. Theyre paid advertising positions. CTR Click Through Rate, in the main talked about when utilizing Adwords in promoting your service or product. Google Adwords Googles Pay Per Click promotion platform Google Adsense Googles related advertising utilized by many web publishers to monetize their weblog. The Google AdWords ads that arego with the content of a host website. Google Analytics
  5. 5. Googles (free) site analytics assistance, a robust website statistics and analysis package. It has a user friendly graphical intface using graphs, ratios and other useful site performance enhancing features. Natural Search The outcomes actually generated by a google search, depending upon relevancy to your search phrase used, and not including paid for advertisements Organic (Traffic/Search Placement) The traffic for a site resultant from your natural listings on Googles search engine result pages rather than from usingPPC for traffic. PPC Pay per Click Google Adwords - Googles variety of PPC. ROI Return on Investment SEO Search Engine Optimization SEM Search Engine Marketing: Marketing a product or service by means of the major search engines for traffic. SERP(s) Search Engine Results Page SMM Social Media Marketing, Making use of social networking internet sites such as YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, FdFeed, and MySpace, as an example, to promote yourself and your busines. SNM Social Network Marketing, in effect exactly the same as SMM, Social Media MarketingEven though not an extensive listing, these should help explain the baffling array of phrases you may hear used when youbegin to look into using a Local SEO Service. If you ever stumble upon a word you dont recognize or need an acronymdeciphered and explained, leave a comment and we will bring up to date the list above and email you the solution.Local SEO Services in WalsallLocal SEO Services in Walsall Is your business showing on Google Places in Walsall? Local SEO Services For Businessesin Walsall You are letting new business and new customers slip through your fingers every day your business isn’t showng up on Google Places, and the numerous other local map based searches. How do you think [...]
  6. 6. Glossary Of SEO And SEM TermsGLOSSARY Of SEO Terms Our Explanation Of SEO Speak Similar to many of the latest technological disciplines, theSearch Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization community has come up with a dazzling mixture of originalphrases and acronyms to bamboozle us mere mortals with. Although we attempt not to take part in the game if [...]Local SEO Services in BurntwoodLocal SEO Services in Burntwood Is your business showing on Google Places in Burntwood? Local SEO Services ForBusinesses in Burntwood You are letting new business and new customers slip through your fingers every day your business isn’t showing up on Google Places, and the numerous other local map based searches. How do you think [...]Local SEO Services In LichfieldLocal SEO Services in Lichfield Is your business showing on Google Places in Lichfield? Local SEO Services ForBusinesses in Lichfield You are letting new business and new customers slip through your fingers every day your business isn?t showing up on Google Places, and the numerous other local map based searches. How do you think [...]Search Engine Results Pages: Your Businesses Position On Search Engine Results Pages Is CrucialSearch Engine Result Pages (SERPs) data published last year by iCrossing, a world-wide digital marketing company thathelps world renowned brands stand out on the web, proves conclusively what SEO companies have been saying for years,a businesses position in the search engine result pages could be the difference between success and failure. The difference[...]Local Search Engine Optimization: What It Is And Why Local SEO’s Important To Local BusinessLocal Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a structured means of increasing visitor numbersand targeted (quality/buying) traffic to a website. If people search for something you sell or a service you supply on asearch engine, like Google, Bing or Yahoo, you want your website to appear as far up the first [...]Local Search: Let Local Search Work For Your BusinessLocal Seo and Local Search Are your local customers able to find you? The fact is you are now missing out on newbusiness customers for every day you aren?t being seen on local search. With local newspapers dieing a slow death and the yellow pages and telephone directory hiding down the back of some [...]Local Search: How Local Search Can Dramatically Increase Your Local CustomersLocal Search Let?s take a look at how you can use Local Search to help you, as a local business, gain more local customers? I have asked this question before, ?How do you search for a local service?? Lets imagine you need a painter and decotor, do you type in Google (or Bing or Yahoo [...].pdf