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Experimental Travel Tutorial
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Experimental Travel Tutorial



Self paced short tutorial to teach about the game Experimental Travel

Self paced short tutorial to teach about the game Experimental Travel



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Experimental Travel Tutorial Experimental Travel Tutorial Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to the world of Experimental Travel by Nelly Aragon This exciting new field has gained much attention in the last year due to the publication of the new 2005 book titled “Experimental Travel.” Its a whole new look on travel that does not necessarily require a lot of money or even a plane ticket. (Link to more info. at end of tutorial)
    • We’ll show you:
    • The definition of experimental travel
    • The method behind its madness
    • Some fun examples that you can try
    • …And then how to pack for and record your journey
    Things to do List…
  • Experiwhat?
    • “ Experimental Travel is not about checking off the major sights or following your guidebook to the letter; it's a playful way of traveling, where the journey's methodology is clear but the destination is usually unknown.”
    • The idea is to use travel to find yourself. Escape from the constraints of reason by traveling automatically and see where your subconscious takes you .
    • Basically you start with a set of restrictions or rules that are different each time.
    • The only things all the experiments have in common are:
    • A hypothesis
    • An apparatus
    • A method to guide you on your way and
    • A creative way of recording your trip as you go
    The four ingredients
    • Let’s look at these pieces one at a time while we show you your first experiment example: “It’s a dog’s world…”
    • Hypothesis : It’s a dog’s world-
    • see it through their eyes
    • Apparatus : A dog
    • Method : 1) Find a dog.
    • 2)Let it take you for a walk.
  • Hypothesis
    • This isn’t as scientific as it sounds. The hypothesis of your travel experiment states its overall theme or mission.
    • The hypothesis of this first example is to help you see the world through the eyes of a canine companion.
  • Experimental Travel usually starts with a: You can do experimental travel in your own backyard so a plane ticket is not always necessary, try again. That's right! You start with your mission rather than your destination... This was true in one example, but what will you start with in every experiment? You will be journaling your experience but what do you need to start with before you get to that point? Correct - Click anywhere to continue Try again Submit A) Plane ticket B) Hypothesis C) Dog D) Journal
  • Apparatus
    • The tools you will need on your trip, like the method and hypothesis, are different for each experiment.
    • For example, in one experiment you are lead somewhere new by a friend while you are blindfolded. Therefore the needed apparatus would be: a friend, and a blindfold…
    • The apparatus you needed for the first example? Just a dog!
  • Method
    • The method of a travel experiment sets forth the rules or restrictions you will follow on your journey.
    • The method in this example is to find a dog and let it take you for a walk. That example was pretty easy because there was only one rule, let the dog guide you wherever he wants, be conscious not to force it one way or the other.
  • Match each of the following components i this travel experiment to its correct scientific name: Column 1 Column 2 Correct - Click anywhere to continue Try again A. Apparatus B. Hypothesis C. Method B Counter Travel C Travel with a camera, but don't take pictures of the famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Stand with your back to the site and snap that view instead. A Camera Submit Clear
  • Journaling
    • Because you never know what you’ll see or where you’ll end up during a travel experiment, its best to bring along a camera to capture precious moments or beautiful sights on your way . These could be as simple as flowers, children playing or a neat mailbox.
  • Journaling Methods
    • If you prefer you can instead bring a paper and pencil and write a poem about (or just journal) things you discover. Or bring along some paints and find a scene that inspires you. Another way is bring along a digital recording device to talk into and record people or other sounds you happen upon.
    • Whatever your creative choice, each trip should be recorded in a systematic but novel way.
    • Reflecting on it later will help you remember the experience, find meaning in the randomness of it all, and share your trip with friends.
    • Take pictures of the different trees you see along the way…
  • Recording your trip in an journal is done using a __________________process. Nope, there's a method to this madness- try again... Exactly right! This is one way, but since you can do poetry or sound recording, its not the only way. Try again. Correct - Click anywhere to continue Submit Clear A) Random and chaotic B) Systematic but novel C) Photographic or other visual
    • Keep in mind you can try this new kind of travel in your own hometown, although it is best practiced in an area unknown to you so you can discover new things! No need for a map, a guide or a passport, just your imagination…
    Destination: Unknown
    • This will leave some extra room in your bag to bring home souvenirs and other treasures.
    • You also might end up doing a lot of walking and being weighed down is a real drag.
    • Its not a good idea to bring valuables that you could lose, break, or get stolen.
    What do you bring with you on an experimental trip? The most important thing is to remember to bring only the essentials.
  • The main thing to remember when packing for a travel experiment is to: You might be a bit weighed down if you did this, try again... Travel experiments are not always done in other countries, try again. Very good, this will leave you room for souvenirs! This isn't a bad idea, but what should you remember about how to pack overall? Correct - Click anywhere to continue Submit Clear A) Bring two of everything, just in case. B) Remember your passport C) Just the essentials D) Put extra batteries in your camera
    • The last thing to remember is safety- Always bring a little extra cash with you. Since you don’t know where you’ll end up, you’ll want to secure yourself a way home. This is also practical in case you get hungry or want to buy souvenirs. Tourists are unfortunately the target of thieves in many major cities, so keeping your money hidden, like in a money belt, is strongly advised.
    Safety wrong right
  • When packing for an experimental adventure, you should ALWAYS bring: Exactly right! This will make sure you're prepared in case of emergency. This is a necessary apparatus for only some experiments, try again. Friends are great to bring along, but many experiments can be done by yourself- try again. You don' t always need to leave the country- try again. Correct - Click anywhere to continue Submit Clear A) A little spare cash B) A map C) A friend D) Your passport
    • If you do end up booking a flight for your trip, keep in mind the new airport rules following September 11 th … Nothing can be carried on board with you that could be considered dangerous or used as a weapon. For instance, nothing sharp or flammable can be taken in your carry on, although some small cosmetic items should be okay.
    • When packing a carry-on bag for your plane flight, which of the following items CAN you bring on board?
    A. B. C. D.
    • Now try answering a few questions to see if you get the “big ideas” behind experimental travel. Following these is a link to the Lonely Planets website so you can explore the other experiments from the book.
    Self Assessment
  • In experimental travel, the destination is usually unknown. Correct - Click anywhere to continue Submit Clear A) True B) False
  • Experimental travel is ideally practiced: Some experiments you do at night, so this is not right. Exactly, this is the best way to ensure you will discover new things. Since experimental travel usually goes against convention, this would not be right. Try once more. There is one example like this, but not all require this. Take another guess. Correct - Click anywhere to continue Submit Clear A) On a sunny day B) In an unknown territory C) On a holiday D) Blindfolded
  • An experimental journey ALWAYS involves a: This is one thing you won't be bringing, try again. You'll never have to hire one of these, guess one more time. Totally right! This is so you can record and reflect on your journey, as well as share it with others. This is one way to journal but is not always needed. Try once more. Correct - Click anywhere to continue Try again Submit Clear A) guide book B) tour guide C) journal D) camera
    • Here is a link to more information and the 41 experiments available to date, have fun!
    • http://www.lonelyplanet.com/experimentaltravel/contents.cfm
    The End