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360 degrees of Egyptian women is “tool kit” that fully integrates:
I- Social image,
II-Economic independenceand
III-Health wellness

These 3 dimensions act and interact together in a way that contributes to the over all quality of life of Egyptian Women.

Prepared by
Active Women from the
Media Sector, Economics Sector & Health Sector

Amman Summit
October 2012

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  1. 1. “360-­‐DEGREES  OF  EGYPTIAN  WOMEN”         Prepared by Active Women from the Media Sector, Economics Sector & Health Sector 11th-12th November, 2012 WCI-ALWANE Summit Amman, Jordon
  2. 2. I-­‐WHAT  IS  THE  360-­‐DEGREES  APPROACH   OF  EGYPTIAN  WOMEN?  360-­‐degrees   of   Egyp)an   women   is   a   “tool   kit”   that   fully  integrates:  I-­‐  Social  image,    II-­‐Economic  independence  and  III-­‐Health  These   3   dimensions   act   and   interact   together   in   a   way   that  contributes  to  the  over  all  quality  of  life  of  Egyp)an  Women.  The  Kit   includes   what   each   dimension   means,   an   assessment   that  women  can  take  to  know  where  they  stand  in  addi)on  to  Ips  to  enhance  themselves  in  each  dimension.      
  3. 3. II-­‐  TARGET  USERS  OF  THIS  TOOL  KIT  The   “360-­‐degress   approach”   addresses   women   who   are  willing   to   make   a   mark   and   all   they   need   is   a   path   to  follow  or  a  helping  hand  to  guide  them  through.      
  4. 4. III-­‐  VISION    We   envision   a   country   where   women   have   the   social  image,  economic  knowledge  and  support  and  access  to  the  informa)on  they  need  to  protect  and  enhance  their  health  and  wellness.    
  5. 5. IV-­‐  HOW  WILL  WE  ACHIEVE  THIS?  •  Online  access  to  the  info  via  Alwane  website  &   Alwane  G  page  •  Awareness  sessions  •  Mentoring  for  chosen  beneficiaries  •  Support  groups  •  Hotline  •  Fundraising  to  support  the  above  ac)vi)es  
  6. 6. V-­‐  DIMENSIONS      
  7. 7. Dimension  I:     Social  Image  a.  Standards  to  the  image  creators  so  that  women  are   presented  in  an  unbiased  way      b.  Tools  for  the  image  creators  (journalists,  media   people)  
  8. 8. Dimension  I:     Social  Image  In   our   journey   with   360   degrees   women   we   tried   to   tackle   those  issues  as  follows:    ü  Teach  women  in  rural  areas  about  their  economic  and  social  rights  ü  Teach  women  in  Media  on  how  to  u)lize  the  tools  they  learn  in  University   to  serve  women  causes  ü  Teach  women  in  Media  how  to  build  advocacy  campaigns  ü  Teach   women   in   Media   how   to   spread   the   right   literature   about   women   capable  of  balancing  their  cultural,  social  and  economic  obliga)ons  ü  Create  Role  models  to  be  followed      
  9. 9. V-­‐  DIMENSIONS      
  10. 10. Dimension  II:     Economic  Independence  a-­‐  Sustaining  your  business    
  11. 11. Dimension  II:     Economic  Independence  b-­‐  Time  Management  -­‐  Test  your  <me  skills         - Time Management tips
  12. 12. Dimension  II:     Economic  Independence  c-­‐  Finance:        How  to  turn  your  financial  life  around?  
  13. 13.  Dimension  II:     Economic  Independence  In   our   journey   with   360   degrees   women   we   tried   to   tackle   those  issues  as  follows:    ü  Teach   women   )me   management   skills   so   that   they   can   face   the   life/work   balance  challenges  thrown  in  their  way  by  culture  and  societal  norms.  ü  Teach  women  basic  economic  empowerment  and  sustainability  techniques.  ü  Teach   women   about   their   economic   rights   and   allow   them   to   iden)fy   missing  areas  ü  Work   in   increasing   womens   self   esteem   and   thus   their   capability   of   decision  making  and  communica)ng  ü  Teach  women  to  build  their  own  self  images  and  to  like  and  live  with  them  ü  Teach   women   the   power   of   networking   and   simple   market   outreach   techniques    
  14. 14. V-­‐  DIMENSIONS      
  15. 15. It is the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment. Dimension  III:     In short it is engaging the individual in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand their Health     knowledge and skills and help them discover the ! potential for sharing their gifts with others.a-­‐  Intellectual  Health   ii. Do you want to know where you stand? Take this intellectual assessment 1.  What  is  Intellectual  Health   Read each statement carefully and respond honestly by using the following scoring: Almost always = 2 points Sometimes/occasionally = 1 point 2.  Intellectual  assessment     Very seldom = 0 points No Aspect Score 1 I am interested in learning new things 2 I try to keep abreast of current affairs - locally, nationally, and internationally. 3 I enjoy attending lectures, plays, musical performances, museums, galleries, and/or libraries 4 I carefully select movies and television programs 5 I enjoy creative and stimulating mental activities/games 6 I am happy with the amount and variety that I read 7 I make an effort to improve my verbal and written skills 8 A continuing education program is/will be important to me in my career. 9 I am able to analyze, synthesize, and see more than one side of an issue 10 I enjoy engaging in intellectual discussions Total Score: 15 to 20 Points - Excellent strength in this dimension. Score: 9 to 14 Points - There is room for improvement. Score: 0 to 8 Points - This dimension needs a lot of work.   3. Tips  on  how  to  enhance  your  intellectual  health     ! 4!  
  16. 16. muscle tone. Your lungs need exercise to function the way they were made to function. Exercise and using the body is Dimension  III:     important to maintaining your health. Taking care of your body is a powerful first step towards mental and ! emotional health. Health   The mind and the body are linked. When you improve your physical health, you’ll automatically experience greater mental health. Similarly, as youb-­‐  Physical  Health   exercise your mind and spend time connecting with others, you’ll experience a huge emotional boost. 1.  What  is  Physical  Health   2.  A quick assessment tool ii. Physical  assessment     Assessment point Yes / No 1. Do you have an established exercise routine? 2. Do you eat a balanced healthy diet? 3. Do you get sufficient amount of sleep? 4. Do you know the important health numbers, like your cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels? 5. Do you get annual physical examinations? If you answered "No" to any of the questions, it may indicate an area where you need to improve the state of your physical wellness. 3. Tips  on  how  to  enhance  your  physical  health      
  17. 17. Emotional wellness is when you have such a high degree of emotional health that you radiate joy often. Therefore, emotional wellness refers to a Dimension  III:     state where you can have so much healthy, flowing energy that you have vibrant moments, peak experiences and peak performances. Health     Emotional!and!spiritual!resilience!that!enables!us!to!enjoy!life,! survive!pain,!disruption!and!sadness!and!cope!successfully!with! change.!It!is!a!positive!sense!of!wellFbeing!and!an!underlying!c-­‐  EmoIonal  Health   belief!in!our!own!dignity!and!worth!(MIND,!1998)! ! 1. Want to knows  Emo<onal  Health   do take ii. What  i where you stand emotionally please the following assessment: 2.  Emo<onal  assessment     Assessment point T/F 1. Negative feelings have a stronger effect than positive feelings 2. Good emotional and mental health means the absence of mental health problems 3. Successful people are happy emotionally healthy well beings 4. An emotionally healthy individual has the ability to make new relationships and maintain them 5. Suppression of sadness is one of the key elements of happiness The above assessment will help you figure out your level of awareness of your emotional health and happiness, as the key to being emotionally healthy is knowing what it is all about. 3. Tips  on  how  to  enhance  your  emo<onal  health       Answers “Clearing misconceptions”! 1. False for quite some time, research has indicated that negative emotions are
  18. 18. Dimension  III:     Health    In   our   journey   with   360   degrees   women   we   tried   to   tackle   those  issues  as  follows:    ü  To  raise  women’s  health  awareness  and  demys)fy  Myths.  ü  Provide  women  with  assessment  tools  that  they  can  take  in  order  to  know   what  they  are  missing  ü  How  women  can  enhance  their  health.  
  19. 19. VI-­‐  NEXT  STEPS      1.  Distribute   the   Toolkit   among   women   groups   and   NGOs   targe9ng   them  to  spread  the  needed  amount  of  knowledge  and  awareness.  2.  Create  Awareness  Campaigns  for  women  to  re-­‐direct  their  focus  on   building   the   right   image   for   Egyp9an   Women,   to   raise   their   awareness  about  their  economic  and  social  rights  (especially  those   in  the  informal  sector)  in  addi9on  to  raising    their  health  awareness   (in  collabora9on  with  government  en99es).    3.  Host  Debates  among  officials  and  beneficiaries  4.  Create   or   link   with   Advocacy   campaigns   to   promote   rights   of   women  working  in  the  informal  field  and  to  support  the  distribu9on   of  women  health  preven9on  methods  5.  Advocate  legalizing  tax  payment,  health  insurance  and  other  rights   given   by   the   state   to   all   those   officially   working   to   those   in   the   informal   field   by   promo9ng   a   new   system   of   payments   and   commitments